An anti-Japanese movie "Eight Hundred" brought the Sixing Warehouse, which stood silently by the Suzhou River, back to the public's attention, and became a popular check-in place at the moment, and even the Suzhou River was also on the hot search. On both sides of the Suzhou Creek, many of the dilapidated old warehouses and buildings have been transformed into memorial halls, museums, art studios, and fashionable ICON net red spots, which are quite petty bourgeois. It is worth finding a leisurely afternoon to spend an hour or two walking along the river, tracing the history, comparing the present, and enjoying the scenery of Suzhou Creek.

general route

Ziyuju Hotel on the Bund is also located on the bank of Suzhou River, under the Henan Road Bridge near Nanjing East Road, only 1.3 kilometers away from Sixing Warehouse. This section of the river happens to be the essence of the Suzhou Creek. only has many glorious historical buildings, but also has a beautiful river view full of brilliance. So there is this City Walk route starting from Ziyuju on the Bund.

Starting from Ziyuju on the Bund, walk back and forth along the Suzhou Creek from east to west, and finally return to Ziyuju on the Bund. The round trip is about 5.5 kilometers, and it takes 1 to 2 hours to walk. Two of them can take the subway bus, shortening the time and walking distance.

Attractions on the way:

 ①Former Site of Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce

 ② Riverside Building

 ④ Sixing Warehouse Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall

 ⑤ Four Elements World + Four Elements 195 Cultural and Creative Park

 ⑥ Former Site of Fuxin No. 1 Flour Factory (Suhe Art Center)

 ⑦Nansu River Creative Park

 ⑧ No. 8 Bridge Art Space 1908 Granary

 ⑨ Bailian Fashion Center (Yanqingli)

Former Site of Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce

The Henan Road Bridge at the entrance of Ziyuju on the Bund, across the bridge is the former site of the Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce.

After a hundred years, many firsts have been created here:

first commercial library

The first draft of the Commercial Code

The first monthly report of the Chamber of Commerce

The first commercial referee

China's first generation of industrial and commercial entrepreneurs


Today, the sixth Bulgari Hotel in the world and the second in China has been built here. The three-story building of the Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce, which once dominated the beach, has become the only Chinese restaurant in the six Bulgari hotels around the world - Baolixuan,Cantonese cuisine with one Michelin star.

The 48-story skyscraper next to it is the Bulgari Hotel. In the lobby on the first floor, there is the first Bulgari chocolate store in China, and each chocolate has Bulgari's LOGO. The price, one piece is 100+ pieces~

Riverside Building

Across the road from the Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce is the famous Hebin Building. This "∽"-shaped building covering an area of ​​7,000 square meters was built by Sassoon Matheson, the largest real estate company in Shanghai at that time. It was the apartment building with the largest total area of ​​a single building in Shanghai at that time. It was called "Far East First Apartment". The whole building can accommodate more than 700 households, more than 2,000 people, and there is a swimming pool on the ground floor.

riverside building isThe earliest "water view residence" in Shanghai

In the early days, it was mainly rented by Anglo-Americans and Spaniards, and later many

Anglo-American famous movie company, They were all stationed here until after the founding of New China. include:

Universal Pictures

Columbia Pictures


Motion Picture Association of America

RKO Pictures

United Artists

Gripen Films UK

After liberation, many senior intellectuals, historians, painters, etc. lived in the Hebin Building. There are luxury houses worth tens of millions, and there are also rental houses of seven or eight square meters. After more than 80 years, many places in the building still maintain their original appearance, with the original British retro style. Xu Anhua, Chow Yun-fat, Zhao Wei, Siqin Gaowa's movie "Aunt's Post-Modern Life" was also filmed at the Riverside Building.

Shanghai Postal Museum

If you want to say that the most beautiful building on the Suzhou Creek is the Shanghai Postal Museum, it is on the right side of the Riverside Building, beside the Sichuan Road Bridge. Formerly known as the Shanghai General Post Office, it is One of the top ten buildings in Shanghai at that time.

Ancient Roman Corinthian Column,

Italian baroque bell tower,

Greek mythological sculpture symbolizing correspondence and communication,

dreamy golden spiral staircase,

The "Far East First Hall" that can accommodate 6 basketball teams,


No matter how gorgeous you shoot, it is beautiful!

Shanghai Postal Museum is the first postal museum in China. It exhibits replicas of horse-drawn carriages, mail ships, automobiles, trains, airplanes, etc. representative of postal history, postal counters in the Qing Dynasty, and high-tech RFID mail sorting prototypes. , and also Ring Screen Theater (temporarily closed). The roof garden on the fifth floor can watch the clock tower and sculptures, overlooking the entire Suzhou Creek and the Bund. It is also currently closed.

In addition, many precious stamp postmarks are displayed in the museum, such as old penny black stamps with Maltese cross stamps, the first set of stamps in China, Dalong stamps, the first stamps of all countries in the world (top 50), and stamps of various special forms.

This is a rich and interesting museum, and the tickets are free. It is best to make an appointment in advance. The opening hours are from 9:00 to 17:00 every Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday, with no admission at 16 :00. The night view from the exterior of the museum is also beautiful!

Sixing Warehouse Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall

After visiting the Postal Museum, turn right when you go out, walk 300 meters west along Tiantong Road, take Metro Line 12 for one stop, and get off at Qufu Road Station. Walk another 300 meters and you will arrive at the Sixing Warehouse. Of course, if you are interested, you can also walk from the Postal Museum along the Suzhou Creek to the Sixing Warehouse, about 1.5 kilometers, and walk for 20 to 30 minutes.

The Four Banks Warehouse was jointly funded and built by the four banks known as the "Northern Four Banks" at that time, namely, Yanye, Jincheng, Zhongnan, and Mainland. The five-storey building with reinforced concrete structure, covering an area of ​​11,984 square meters, was the largest warehouse building with a solid structure on the north bank of the Suzhou River at that time.

Friends who have watched the movie "Eight Hundred" should be very clear about the history of the Sixing Warehouse Defense War. For those who haven't watched it, it is recommended to watch the movie before going. After looking at the traces of bullets and bullets left on the wall, the feeling will be very different.

The Sixing Warehouse Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall was established on the original site of the battle, which has become a big hit recently. Remember to make an appointment before going,

So as not to fail.

Closed on Monday!The exhibition hall is divided into 6 parts, starting with a letter written by Xie Jinyuan to his wife Ling Weicheng before going to the Songhu battlefield. The treasure of the town hall here is two sets of photos, namely "Sixing Warehouse in the Flames of War" and "Lone Army Withdrawing from the Sixing Warehouse".

Four Elements World + Four Elements 195 Cultural and Creative Park

On the right side of the Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall, there is a beautiful red building, which is "Sixing Tiandi". It was the former Bank of China warehouse built in the 1930s, which was later designed by the famous Chinese architect Lu Qianshou and transformed into a high-end industrial park.

On the left side of the Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall, about 130 meters along the river, is the Sixing 195 Cultural and Creative Park. The earliest creative park in Shanghai

-TS Creative Warehouse. This building is actually part of the Sixing Warehouse, one of the battlefields of that year. And is a famous Jewish designer who designed international restaurants

HudecParticipate in the design!

Fuxin No. 1 Flour Factory Site/Suhe Art Center

The industry of the famous Rong family is Rong Zongjing, Rong Desheng (former Vice President of the People's Republic of China)Rong Yiren's father

) opened the first flour mill. The trademark "Bingchuan" brand used is the first in the history of trademark registration in my country.

Registered Trademark No. 1. The Rong family eventually owned 12 flour mills, and the output accounted for about 1/3 of the national flour enterprises in the country. They were known as the "Flour King".

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, it was changed to Shanghai No. 1 Garment Factory. Now, it was founded in 2005 by Mr. Yuan Wener, a Norwegian Chinese, and his wife, Ms. Lisa. It mainly plans, organizes and undertakes various experimental and cutting-edge contemporary art activities at home and abroad.

Nansu River Creative Park

On the other side of Suhe Art Center, next to Jiuzi Park, is one of the representatives of Shanghai culture, Nansuhe Creative Park. by famous Taiwanese architects Deng Kunyan lead development.

Nansuhe Creative Park consists of three buildings in the southeast and north. The East Building is the former site of the Fifth Warehouse of China Textile Construction Corporation. North Tower, which used to be杜月笙的私家粮仓,获得过2004年联合国科教文组织颁发的"亚太地区文物遗产保护奖",yes中国大陆第一个获此奖的建筑.

No. 8 Bridge Art Space 1908 Granary

From the Nansu River Creative Park, head east along the river, and within a few steps, you will arrive at the 1908 Granary, No. 8 Bridge Art Space. You should be able to guess from the name, this is Another granular of Du Yuesheng . It is said that Du Yuesheng once owned three granaries on the south bank of the Suzhou River.

1908 Granary, built in 1908, was originally the second warehouse of China Commercial Bank. China Commercial Bank is the first bank run by the Chinese themselves, and also the earliest Chinese-funded bank in Shanghai. Du Yuesheng once served as the chairman and general manager of this bank, and was later used by him as his own private granary.

In the current 1908 granular, the first floor is a beer aunt (beer bar) with a hot business, the second floor is an art space with many works of modern artists, and the third floor is an empty granular. There is no charge on the second and third floors, and there are often many young ladies who come to take pictures.

PS: 1908 Granary is very close to Xinzha Road Subway Station of Line 1. If you can't go shopping anymore, you can take bus No. 19/64 directly at Exit 1 of the subway station and return to Ziyuju.

Bailian Fashion Center (Yanqingli)

If you want to walk the whole way, you can continue to walk east along the promenade along the bank of the Suzhou River. This section of greenery is well done. About 800 meters, after passing the Tibet Road Bridge, you will see a Huge old gray British warehouse, This is Yanqingli.

The owner of the warehouse in Yanqingli was one of the most resounding in Shanghai back then."Real Estate King" Zhou Xiangyun

, from a self-made real estate family in Ningbo. When he died, all the property of the Zhou family had reached

80 million

, ranked No. 5 among the taxpayers of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Two cultural relics collected by Zhou Xiangyun, Tang Huaisu's "Bitter Bamboo Shoot Post" and Song Mi Youren's "Xiaoxiang Wonders Picture", are currently

The Town Hall of Shanghai Museum, its strength is evident.

Today, the warehouse in Yanqingli has turned into "Bailian Group Yanqingli Fashion Center". Depend onChief planner of Milan World Expo, father of "Vertical Forest"

Stefano Boeri led the design renovation and won the 2019 MIPIM Asia Award "

Best Renovated Building Award

(BEST REFURBISHED BUILDING)" has become one of the outstanding real estate projects in the Asia-Pacific region. Some international big-name fashion shows, press conferences, art exhibitions, industry forums, and academic lectures are often held here, which can be said to be

Shanghai's Trend Center.

Get out of Yanqingli and continue east along the river to Ziyuju Hotel. Roaming around the Suzhou Creek for an afternoon, it is almost dusk now. As the sky darkened, the bridge lights came on. The design and lighting of each bridge on the Suzhou Creek are different, the quiet river water reflects the lights, meaning to the Bund in the evening breeze. A good night! After reviewing the history riddled with holes, I still feel precious.

Ziyuju Hotel (The Bund)

Ziyuju Hotel (The Bund) is located under the bridge of Henan Road, across the river from the Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce①. It is only 800 meters away from the Bund and Waibaidu Bridge. Therefore, you can also walk from Ziyuju on the Bund to the Bund along the south bank of the Suzhou River, and visit the Bund, churches, the Monument to the People's Heroes, and the Lover's Wall. Then cross the Waibaidu Bridge, go west along the north bank of the Suzhou River, and walk to the Shanghai Postal Museum③ to start shopping.

For the route guide of the Bund, please refer to my other guide: "Travel the Essence of Shanghai in 3 Days!" Just follow this strategy"

The Bund Store is the first store in Shanghai of Ziyuju Boutique Hotel Chain. The door is reserved The original Shikumen

, showing the old Shanghai

traditional lane culture

. The lobby is bright in tone and full of youthful atmosphere, reflecting the image of Ziyuju.

Young and international

. Before the epidemic, Ziyuju was

The Bund area is the most popular among foreign tourists one of the hotels.

The room design of Ziyuju on the Bund is also based on traditional hues

main, with surrounding

Lane Features

fit. The unique light and shadow of the panes of the old house, and the daily life of Shanghainese people in the alley next door, together create a retro atmosphere of old Shanghai.

Experience the feeling of living "in" Shanghai.

Stepping out of the gate of Ziyuju, time and space switched to modern Shanghai.

Nanjing East Road Pedestrian Street is within easy reach.

Local delicacies are open 24 hours a day,

Direct access to the airport and railway station,


The benefits of living in the most prosperous area of ​​​​Shanghai can be experienced without high prices!

In addition, Ziyuju Hotel Nanjing East Road Branch and Blue Mountain International Youth Hostel are also nearby. Whether traveling alone or with multiple people, there are suitable room types to choose from. Before the epidemic, the two also Nanjing East Road area on the Bund is the most popular among foreign tourists accommodation.

[Ziyuju Nanjing East Road Store]

at East Nanjing Road Subway Station

Port No. 6. In addition to standard rooms, there are also suites.

The bells of the Bund can be heard from the room.

The lobby is an elegant wine cafe, the coffee beans are award winning.

Americano Special price 9.9 yuan, the afternoon tea set (latte and cake) is only 30 yuan, which is delicious and affordable.

[Blue Mountain International Youth Hostel]

yesYHAMember of the International Youth Hostel Federation (the world's largest accommodation alliance for 111 years).

Before the epidemic, almost all foreign young people stayed here, and now there are still many foreigners (staying in the country), suitable for making friends and practicing oral English.

The coffee is the same as Ziyuju's,Large public space, with a book corner, tatami mats, billiards, a bar, and a large terrace.

In addition to standard rooms and suites, there are also rooms for 4-8 people double bed room, cheap, good choice for solo travel.

It is 300 meters away from the subway exit of East Nanjing Road Station.

The autumn wind blows, the night is cold,

After watching "Eight Hundred",

 Let's go to Suzhou Creek for a walk!