Yes, I went to Disney again! After Hong Kong, the United States (Los Angeles), and Tokyo, Japan, this time, I came to Shanghai Disneyland. From the 6 Disneylands around the world, 4 of them have been completed.

My little wish is to go to all the Disney parks in the world. This year, due to special circumstances, I cannot go abroad, so Shanghai Disneyland has become one of the check-in tasks that I must complete this year.

This time at Shanghai Disneyland, we did our homework in advance, and in order to avoid long queues, we bought the privilege card early and chose to sleep in the Disneyland Hotel in the Disney Resort, enjoying all the most convenient and comfortable arrangements , so compared to the two of us who were really tired in Tokyo Disneyland, Japan, this time Shanghai Disneyland was very comfortable, relaxed and happy! This time we really think of ourselves as a princess on the run.

Shanghai has always been my petty bourgeois city NO.1. Every time I come to Shanghai, whether on a business trip or on my own, I have to visit the beautiful old streets and cute cafes under the plane trees, and this time is no exception. Some friends said, wait for my Shanghai Raiders. I can only say that there is no way to check in all the cafes in Shanghai, so I think there is no way to do a full strategy in Shanghai. In fact, there is no way to do a full strategy in every place. It can only be said that at this moment, this place, this scene, this person records the current situation on the road.

So, friends who are going to Shanghai Disneyland, this is not a cheap strategy, but it is the easiest Disney strategy to play, and I will present it with all my heart.

About Shanghai Disney Resort Notice and Itinerary

Shanghai Disney is actually very big, and it is not located in the urban area of ​​Shanghai. It is located in Chuansha New Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. This area belongs to Shanghai Disney Resort. Shanghai Disney Resort has:

[2]Two themed hotels: Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and Toy Story Hotel;
Disney Town;
A subway station: Disney Station.

All visitors to Disneyland must pass through Disneytown. There is an artificial lake between Disney Town and Disneyland Hotel. Guests staying at the Disneyland Hotel can take a free shuttle boat (with the check-in room card) to and from Disney Town. It is really a pier built separately for the guests staying at the Disneyland Hotel. Moreover, there is also a canteen at the pier of the Disneyland Hotel, which is just for the guests who want to eat snacks. It is really a privilege.

You can also choose a free shuttle bus from the hotel to the park. We stayed in each of the two hotels for one night, just to be able to enter Disneyland at the earliest, and to rest immediately after leaving Disneyland at the latest, without fuss. The luggage was sent directly from the Disneyland Hotel to the Toy Story Hotel with the help of the staff. We just went to the park with confidence. When we returned to the Toy Story Hotel at night, the luggage was waiting for us in the hotel lobby.

As I write here, let me talk about our itinerary:

Day1:Chongqing-Shanghai Stay in Disneyland Hotel, Visit Disney Town, Eat Lumia Kitchen Buffet Dinner
Day2: 1 full day in Disneyland and overnight stay at Toy Story Hotel
Day3: Subway into the urban area, stay in a secluded hotel, drink seesaw cafe "Eight Hundred" Sixing Warehouse Shanghai Bund
Day4: Wukang Building, stroll around Wukang Road, Xian Noodle House "Thirty Only" Cafe Shanghai-Chongqing

Sleep: Shanghai Disneyland Hotel

There is no specific bus from Shanghai Airport to Disneyland Resort, you can either take a bus or take the subway. Since the subway has to go around many times, we took a taxi directly to the Disneyland Hotel to check in.

We ordered a 1-night stay in advance on the official website of the Disneyland Hotel, and checked in with an ID card at the front desk. 2300 yuan/night, including 15% service charge.

The hotel lobby is symmetrical, and the iconic sculpture in the middle is Disney's cartoon superstar - Mickey Mouse and his friends. I think the whole sculpture is a tribute to Mickey Mouse's "Mickey Fantasia". They play music and they are the first element to create our dreams.

The entire lobby has a high ceiling, retro, symmetrical and simple and elegant, with "Art Nouveau" as the design style.

There are two front desks on the left and right, and the back wall is full of photos of Disneyland cartoon stars, each of which is different, imitating the composition of world famous paintings, simulating the reconstruction of world famous paintings, but the protagonists are all Disney cartoon stars! Cute and miserable.

There is a small rest area next to the front desk, with a TV playing cartoons on a loop, and the benches on the opposite side are very small, and it looks like a seat for children.

The lobby overlooks the Disney Town and the big Cinderella Castle in Disneyland across the lake.

After we checked in, the front desk staff helped us send our luggage back to the room. We were not in a hurry to go back to the room, but waited in the lobby for the welcome ceremony of the Disney cartoon stars.

This is the part my sister is looking forward to. As soon as the symphony in the lobby started, before I could react, my sister got up from the sofa and ran to the center of the lobby to wait for Mickey, Donald Duck, Goofy and us on the second floor. wave welcome.

With cheerful music, four cartoon stars waved and danced on the second floor and the big and small friends in the lobby, everyone was very happy.

There is always music everywhere in the Disneyland Hotel, so entering the Disneyland Hotel has already begun to enter the fairy tale dream. The buttons in the elevator are all in the shape of Mickey Mouse, who is everywhere.

After greeting my beloved Mickey Mouse contentedly, we went back to our room.

Before we set off, my sister told me that there was a surprise in the room. Although she already knew about it when she was doing the guide, she still couldn't stop her from demonstrating the surprise to me almost enthusiastically:

I think the room has a strong American style, not a modern decoration, but more retro decoration of the castle series.

Why do we choose to stay in a Disney hotel? I have summarized the following 10 important information:

You can enter the park 1 hour in advance, and there is a dedicated channel.
Free shuttle bus to Disney Town, subway station, Toy Story Hotel; in addition to the shuttle bus, the Paradise Hotel can also take a boat to and from
[3]Mickey and Minnie in the hotel lobby come out to welcome guests once an hour on average
The unique lighting design at the head of the bed shows the castle and Mickey
With children, you can live on the executive floor. There will be Mickey's bedtime stories at night. Mickey will come out in pajamas. Good night
Lumia restaurant can interact with Disney friends
If you buy a lot of things in Disney Town, you can send them back to the hotel for free
[8]Hotel tourists can store their luggage outside the gate of Disneyland for free, and ordinary tourists will charge money
The hotel can choose an FP (fast ticket) for free when buying tickets for the next day
The two genuine Disney cups in the room can be taken away, and the room card can be kept as a souvenir without returning it.

There is also a large garden outside the hotel, just like walking into the garden of the castle, it is also very symmetrical, giving people a sense of meticulous delicacy.

Put on your gauze dress and become a fugitive princess here.

In the center of the hotel's fountain, there is a work with unique Chinese characteristics: a unique large-scale glazed peony sculpture surrounded by classic Disney elves; this traditional Chinese flower, peony, made in Shanghai, is the largest glazed peony in China. One of the flower sculptures.

Another reason to stay at the Disney Hotel is to have a buffet at the Lumia Kitchen on the first floor at night.

When you walk down the spiral staircase, you will see the classic "Beauty and the Beast" sculpture, which feels like you have come to the castle of "Prince of the Beast".

Lumia's Kitchen is the theme restaurant of Beauty and the Beast.

It has the same spiral staircase as the animation.

Booked a place in advance, and will send a text message to remind you when it is dinner time.

There are traditional Chinese sugar paintings made on site at the door, recreating Disney characters, and you can get them for free.

Of course I chose my favorite Mickey Mouse.

Came here for the buffet, mainly to meet cartoon friends. They will come to the dining area every half an hour to greet the guests, dance, and take photos. The meal time is 75 minutes. Anyway, I saw them four times, namely Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto.

In fact, the variety of self-sufficient meals is not rich compared to the price. It can only be said that it is mainly for watching "stars".

Of course, many young friends attended in costumes.

The desserts are more loving, and they are all in the shape of various cartoon stars.

Seafood is frozen, not fresh enough, very average.

The dessert area is all in the shape of Mickey, love it to death.

The Duffy family.

If a child celebrates his birthday, the waiter will come to the child with glowing birthday letters and sing birthday songs in front of the child, looking very happy.

The buffet does not include beverages, and beverages are charged separately.

Price: 388/person for adults, 268/person for children aged 3 to 10, plus 15% service charge.
Venue: Lumia Kitchen, 1/F, Shanghai Disneyland Hotel

After eating and drinking enough, we went for a walk in the garden, overlooking the daily fireworks ceremony at the Disneyland on the other side, and returned to the room early to rest and refresh ourselves.

Sleeps: Toy Story Hotel

Let me finish talking about the hotel situation in Shanghai Disneyland Resort in one breath. After playing in Disneyland on the second night, I stayed at the Toy Story Hotel, which also belongs to Shanghai Disneyland Resort.

Compared with Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, Toy Story Hotel tends to be cute. Its theme is based on the Disney Pixar series of movies "Toy Story", with 800 rooms. The appearance of the hotel resembles the number 8 and the "infinity" symbol. The number 8 means good luck in China, and the cloud pattern on the hotel's outer wall also contains the auspicious meaning of "auspicious clouds".

Adorable candy abacus decorations all under the reception table:

The whole hotel is rich in color, just like falling into a candy house, all are lovely colorful candy colors, and all the corridor columns are like toys spliced ​​together, very cute.

The price of the Toy Story Hotel is half that of Shanghai Disneyland, so there are more people staying there.

The carpets in the corridors of the entire room are all printed by the IP image of Toy Story.

I think the whole Toy Story mainly embodies the animation elements of "Toy Story" on the soft display. Apart from these decorations, the hardware facilities of the hotel are similar to many express hotels.

The single bed in the room is 1.4 wide;

Toy Story cartoon stars can be seen in almost every detail

For example, if you look carefully at the pattern of this lamp, it is a spring dog~

Even the curtain of the bathtub is a cartoon image, and the walls are red and white porcelain diamonds, so cute.

The cutest thing is that the bedside table is Rubik's cube design.

There is a children's playhouse on the first floor, where you can "store" your children and let the staff take care of them. The entire aisle is also full of hand-painted wall paintings of "Toy Story". Parents can also take their children to the on-site Family Activity Center for a variety of interactive activities featuring Disney Pixar, crafts, children's games and story time.

The cups in the room are also parent-child-sized designs of Baba-Mama-Waer, including Disney character-themed room cards, toiletries, postcards and stationery.

What are the benefits of choosing to stay at the Toy Story Hotel? Let me summarize the following points for you again:
1 The price is half cheaper than Shanghai Disneyland Hotel. Our official website is 1150 yuan per night, including 15% service charge
2 The distance is closer to the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, suitable for early entry for tourists without an exclusive card. Because even if you can't get up early and wait in line for the ticket, you can actually walk very close by yourself.
3 Of course, there is also a free shuttle bus between the hotel and the park. Enter the park 1 hour in advance, and there is a dedicated channel.
4 Buy tickets at the hotel concierge, there will be an exclusive ticket for popular play items
5 The room card/paradise card does not need to be returned and can be kept as a souvenir
6 Meet Woody, Triss, Buzz Lightyear and say hello to you
7 Goods purchased in the Disney store in the park (except the "Crystal Treasures" store) and in the Disney store in Disney Town can be delivered to the Big Bear Department Store in the Toy Story Hotel where they stay for free.
8 Luggage for hotel guests can be stored at the main entrance of Shanghai Disneyland or at the Toy Story Hotel.

There is a gift shop on the first floor of the lobby.

In the open-air "Woody Cowboy Garden", there is a larger-than-life "Woody", riding on his beloved horse Red Heart.

"Toy Story Hotel" consists of two parts, the Woody Cowboy Wing and the Buzz Lightyear Wing. When viewed from the air, it forms a symbol representing infinity, reminiscent of Buzz Lightyear's famous quotes full of courage and dreams : "Fly to space, the universe is infinite!"

In the "Buzz Lightyear Court", there is an oversized "Buzz Lightyear" welcoming guests.

Eat at the Sunshine Restaurant on the first floor, with Chinese kites themed on Toy Story animation stars flying above your head. These kites are inspired by the traditional kite-making process in Weifang, Shandong, the famous hometown of kites in China.

We had a Donald Duck waffle and Mickey ice cream at the dessert shop.

Park Purchase: Disney Town

After check-in at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel on the first day, I took the shuttle bus to Disney Town to complete the equipment first. "Disney Town" has seven Mickey figures made with traditional Chinese glazed crafts. These statues specially created for "Disney Town" are made by Chinese artists, ranging from 1 meter to 1.2 meters high. The statues in seven colors represent the five elements of China (gold, wood, water, fire, earth), and the dragon and phoenix, which symbolize harmony in Chinese culture.

Disney Town is just outside Shanghai Disneyland, on the edge of Wishing Star Lake, integrating shopping + dining + entertainment. This area is more than 46,000 square meters, so it feels a bit empty. It's not that there are not many merchants settled in, but there are still many, but because it is too big, it looks empty. Disney Town makes full use of the traditional Shanghai-style Shikumen architectural style, full of Shanghai style.

The most famous is the inflatable Donald Duck by the lake.

Disney Town consists of 5 major areas: "Town Market", "Baishixiang Street", "Broadway Avenue", "Broadway Plaza" and "Disney Town Lakeside".

Our first stop here is to go to the Disney World Store to complete the "equipment" for the next day's admission. The 3,000-square-meter "Disney World Store" looks like a nostalgic circular train yard, which symbolizes travel and adventure. .

Although there are merchandise stores in Disneyland and the Toy Story Hotel, the Disney World store in Disney Town has the most complete range of products, including clothing, accessories, accessories, digital peripheral products, toys, collectibles, badges, furs, etc. Plush toys, everything. There are also various boutiques. In D Trend, there are accessories and digital peripheral products; in D Xinyi, there are fashion and lifestyle products; in D Fashion, there are Disney trendy clothing.

"Disney World Store" is one of the world's most advanced Disney retail stores, including the iconic projection ball in the center of the store about 2.5 meters above the ground, and an interactive "magic mirror". Projection balls display Disney's exciting movie clips, and video walls and digital screens can be seen everywhere in the store.

Opposite is the world's largest Lego toy flagship store, and friends who like Lego can also go shopping.

There is also Heytea in Disney Town. There are still many restaurants in the town, and there is actually a cheese factory. On the day of playing in Disneyland, you can go out of the park to have lunch at Disney before entering the game.

Finally, a look at our loot:

Play: Shanghai Disneyland

After introducing the accommodation, catering and shopping in Shanghai Disney Resort, we will officially enter the theme-Shanghai Disneyland.

Before entering Shanghai Disneyland, you need to do two actions:

1 Download the official app of "Disney Resort" so that you can see the full time of queuing + performances.
2 It is best to buy a Shanghai Disney FP (Concierge Card)

Shanghai Disneyland is the only park in the world where you can spend money to buy FP more perfect enjoyment items, which may have something to do with the huge traffic of Chinese people. I was crippled by queuing at Tokyo Disneyland, and my feet don't belong to me. So I suggest to buy an FP, it is really not easy to make the body tired.

About the (FP) Hospitality Card:

Official purchase channel Shanghai Disney official website or APP, divided into classic suits and luxury suits
The classic suit is 960 yuan per person when purchased in September 2020 (the price will fluctuate slightly with the flow of people)

1. Exclusive admission to the park: Enter the park quickly at the entrance of Disney Town, and get the exclusive card on the day at the Walter Grand Theater with your ID card, and enter the park through a special channel
2. Soaring Over the Horizon, Drifting Thunder Mountain, TRON Lightwheel, Buzz Lightyear Rescue, Peter Pan, Seven Dwarfs Mine Car, The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Pirates of the Caribbean - Battle of the Sunken Treasure, 8 project FPs
3. Reserved viewing area: reserved viewing area for "Mickey's Fairy Tale Special Train" and "Light Up Dreams: Nighttime Phantom Show"
4. Enjoy fast food: Buy turkey legs and skip the line to pick up meals easily

It is precisely because of this concierge card that I have experienced almost every item worth experiencing except for those children's activities in the [Children's Paradise], and I have played the seven dwarf mine carts twice. .

In Shanghai Disneyland, there are a total of seven parks, Mickey Avenue, Garden of Imagination, Dreamland, Adventure Island, Treasure Cove, Tomorrowland and Disney Pixar Toy Story theme park.

Tomorrowland is the first area on the left when we enter the fast track. There are six interactive areas for play: TRON Lightning Wheel; Buzz Lightyear Interstellar Rescue; Jetpack Aircraft; Star Wars Expeditionary Base; Marvel Heroes Headquarters;

[Tomorrow's World]--Tron Light Wheel




[Chuang Speed ​​Light Wheel] is a project that completely rides a motorcycle on your stomach to feel the speed and passion. Entering the electronic network world of "Chuang", with the speed light wheel and the speed of steering, it really makes my face twitch! But so exciting!

My younger sister didn't dare to sit because she was afraid of throwing up, so I sat alone, and there was a mother next to her, and her baby didn't dare to sit either. So we sit together.

[Tomorrowland]--Buzz Lightyear Star Rescue



This game is an amusement project derived from the Disney Pixar movie "Toy Story" series. The project simulates an outer space scene, using animated targets and LED screens, and a new aiming system with real-time feedback. As the story progresses step by step, King Sock threatens to destroy the planet inhabited by aliens. Buzz Lightyear needs to summon more space troopers and recruit park visitors to join his newly established interstellar headquarters and take their own spaceships. Shoot enemies by firing personalized colored lasers. Visitors' ranking in the Buzz Lightyear Elite Flying Team will also increase with each shooting result.

"Tomorrowland" has a creative stage, which is a place for bands, DJs, artists and dancers to showcase their talents. Due to the epidemic, it is not open to the public.

There are some decorations that can blow bubbles in the whole park, which is pretty miserable.

[Tomorrowland]--Marvel Hero Headquarters



Get an adrenaline rush with life-scale Marvel heroes and their super gear! You can also learn about the splendor of the Marvel world through specially produced multimedia videos, and you can also buy various souvenirs and figures.

[Toy Story Theme Park]

The second area I went to was [Toy Story Theme Land]. Because it is "Tomorrowland" on one side, and leans against the castle of "Frozen: Singing Gala" on the other side, so it is here when you come out of Tomorrowland.

This area has: Spring Dog Round and Round; Woody Cowboy Carnival; Hugging Dragon Race (launch roller coaster). The Friendship Station is temporarily closed to the public due to the epidemic.

I think this area is cute and cute, full of building blocks, like walking into a miniature childlike world. The theme park was created by imagination engineers in Shanghai and the United States, as well as Pixar staff.

Toys are the masters of the park, and there are more than 400 kinds of Andy's toys. These toys are made to life size, and I feel that I am a "miniature" version of toys. It is said that when I walk into restaurants and other places, NPCs in various movies will kindly call tourists "new toys".

[Toy Story Theme Park] - Hugging Dragon Soaring Racing



People like me who dare not even sit on a pirate ship will definitely not play this. Because of this I would really vomit. I'm not afraid of heights, but I'm dizzy because I get seasick and I'm bound to throw up.

[Toy Story Theme Park]--Turn Around in Spring



Haha I think this dog is cute! ! !

[Toy Story主题园区]--胡迪牛仔嘉年华 (Woody's Roundup)



Choose the pony you like, get on the pony carriage, and the carriage starts to drive on the track with the music! The music comes from "Woody's Music Collection", including the classic theme song "You Are My Best Friend" from the "Toy Story" movie.

[dream world]
The fantasy fairy tale castle is in this area!
And there are really many interactive projects in this area.

This area includes: Crystal Flight, Seven Dwarfs Mine Cart, Spinning Honey Pot, Alice in Wonderland Maze, Peter Pan Sky Adventures, Frozen: A Singing Gala, Old Vine Tree Food, and Pinocchio Country kitchen.

[Dream World]--Seven Dwarfs Mine Truck



Go in indoors, run outside. The interior is made into a mine of gem light. Take a mine cart through the winding mountains, pass through ponds and waterfalls, and after leaving the gem mine, you finally come to the hut of the seven dwarfs.

Each cart is fitted with a bracket-like pivot that swings back and forth when changing tracks. Here, visitors will enjoy music and animated character performances from classic Disney films, and meet helpful forest animals. In fact, the degree of stimulation is average.

[Dream World]--Jingcai Qihang



Anyway, the character sculptures of the Disney Princess series on both sides of the cruise ship are really genuine! ! ! Well done!

Beauty and the Beast


Mickey Mouse

"Long Hair Princess"

"Hua Mulan"

The Little Mermaid

The cave under the "Fantasy Fairy Tale Castle" is immersed in magical music and colors with flickering lights and pool water.

[Fantasy World]--The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh


But I think this project is very naive and very general! Probably not the same as in Tokyo. The protagonist is the author Milne's favorite "little stupid bear".

After we entered the Hundred Acre Forest on a small train, accompanied by the music of Disney legends, the Shell Brothers, we met Eeyore, Gu Fu, Kangaroo Mother, Little Pig, Tigger and Xiaodou, and met Winnie the Pooh's wise old friend Owl and his nest.

[Dream World]-Peter Pan Adventures in the Sky


I had a particularly good impression of this project when I was playing in Tokyo Disneyland, because it was sitting in a spaceship suspended on the roof and traveling around the world with Peter Pan. But the interior design of Shanghai Disneyland is too dark, and many 3D projections can't be seen clearly. I personally feel that the experience is not as dreamy as Tokyo Disneyland.

En route to confront Captain Hook and his pirate crew, Wendy, Mike and John teach us how to fly.

[Fantasy World]--Disney Princesses in the Fantasy Fairy Tale Castle



Not only can you go in, but you can also move up and down the top floor along the spiral staircase, the ceiling is beautiful.

Follow the spiral staircase to the top floor of the castle and watch the story of Snow White.

The combination of images and actual scenes allows people to watch the entire story of Snow White from bottom to top along the stairs.

[Dream World]-Dreamwalking Wonderland Maze

Just at the foot of the castle, although I like the Red Queen very much, I didn't experience it. For a road idiot like me, I don't think I can come up with the design of the maze for a while. The time is limited, so I save it for other games.

As a result, I went again at 19 o'clock in the evening, and they were all closed! "Alice in Wonderland Maze" is a theme attraction specially designed for Shanghai Disneyland, based on the movie "Alice in Wonderland" directed by Tim Burton in 2010. Choose your favorite path from three routes to a crazy tea party as you traverse the winding maze of Alice in Wonderland. Along the way, visitors will pass through movie scenes such as Wonderful Garden, Red Queen's Garden, Hedge Maze, etc., and will also meet Miaomiao Cat, White Rabbit and mission sculptures in the movie.

[Dream World]--Rotating Crazy Honey Pot


We freely control the rotation speed of the honeypot by turning the steering wheel at the center of the honeypot. Every detail on the honeypot, including bilingual labels. From a distance, each honey pot looks like it is full of delicious honey. I think this project is very suitable for taking pictures. Blur all the background, you are the core of the screen! ! !

Note: If you want to watch every performance in Disneyland, you can check the detailed performance time and location on the app. We hit the show mostly by luck.

In the Pinocchio Country Kitchen, I bought a blind box cup of "Duffy and Friends" honey grapefruit flavor special drink. I don't know who the cup that means bought and opened belonged to Duffy and his friends, it all depends on luck. And since we went in September which happened to be Daffy month, the Duffy family around these mugs. But the theme of each month will change according to different characters and seasons. This one is especially well done. There will be something to look forward to.

Regarding Tamiflu, I was also popularized by my sister:

Known as: the cutest robbery-money-army-group in history. Originally an original doll character from Tokyo DisneySea. It was a gift from Minnie to Mickey - a teddy bear doll. Mickey Mouse thought to himself, "It would be great if I could take a walk with this bear." At this time, the wonderful fairy appeared and sprinkled wonderful star powder on the teddy bear. Teddy bears come to life through the magic of Fantastic Starbucks. Mickey Mouse was very happy and hugged the teddy bear tightly, so the teddy bear had the shape of Mickey Mouse on his face.

Previously, Duffy merchandise was only sold in Tokyo DisneySea. Now Duffy and his friends are in Disneyland all over the world. They are the most popular characters right now and their merch is selling like crazy!

There are now 5 characters in Disney Ocean's friends:

・Duffy: male, is Mickey's favorite bear doll
・ShirleyMay: Female, Duffy and ShirleyMay are often considered lovers, but they are actually friends
・Geratoni: Male, cat with a beret who is good at drawing [Italian cat...]
・Star Delu: Female, a lavender-colored bunny who debuted on July 3, 2017 and dreams of becoming a dancer
・Ke Qi'an: female, good at making desserts, like pink.

Many celebrities, such as Ouyang Nana, are also carrying "Duffy" schoolbags.

[Adventure Island]
There are Thunder Mountain Rafting; Story Stage: "Tarzan: The Call of the Jungle"; Heritage Exploration Camp; Soaring Over the Horizon; Tribal Abundance Hall. Among them, the two most popular items with the longest queuing time are: Leiming Mountain Rafting and Flying Over the Horizon. It is best to have express tickets for these two items, otherwise the queue will be 1-2 hours +

[Adventure Island] - Soaring over the horizon


[Adventure Island]--Thunder Mountain Rafting



After playing the two classic projects in this area, we didn't experience the other three projects, and went straight to Pirates of the Caribbean.

[Treasure Bay]
"Treasure Cove" is the first pirate-themed park in Disneyland worldwide.

Here: Pirates of the Caribbean - Battle for the Sunken Treasure; Explorer Canoe; Van Diego Theater; There is also a Barbossa Grill.

[Treasure Cove]--Pirates of the Caribbean - Battle of the Sunken Treasure



This feeling of letting our whole ship directly enter the underwater world is great! ! ! ! !

The story is that I steal the most precious treasure of Captain Davy Jones in a joyous adventure led by Captain Jack. Three giant multimedia domes, projection effects, theater-level sets, and complex light and shadow effects really make people feel completely immersed in the underwater world, which is great!

Dive from the surface to the bottom of the sea. All kinds of realistic pirates, mermaids, and North Sea giant monsters

Even the octopus pirates are as lifelike as they came out of the movie.

I originally wanted to play for the second time. Although I didn't have an express ticket, I really liked it so much that it was worth queuing up. In the end, I actually met another fugitive princess from my industry in Chongqing who was also at Shanghai Disneyland, so we took a photo together, and when we were about to go back to line up, we found that there were too many people, and we had to go to see the parade in the afternoon. Among those who were at Disney that day, there were three Chongqing media friends who were at Shanghai Disney. Everyone wanted to go together, because the children were busy starting school on the first weekend of early September, so we adults and children hurried to come and play!

The weather in Shanghai is perfect, with blue sky and white clouds, neither hot nor cold, which really makes the whole Shanghai Disneyland beautiful.

I met the performance again in Treasure Bay, and the performance of the two actors was very good.

This huge chicken leg costs 80 yuan/piece, and there is still a long queue to eat it. And because we have a concierge card, we can enjoy it immediately without queuing.

The highlight of the afternoon is the parade of floats--[Mickey Call Special Train]
Because I bought a concierge card, I reserved an area for us in advance. The biggest difference between this area and other places is the shade covered by big trees. The purpose of many tourists coming to Shanghai Disneyland is to watch the parade of floats and fireworks at night. Therefore, many people came to occupy their seats early, sitting and waiting for the parade of floats and laying picnic mats, waiting for hours. Wait from morning until 15:30 in the afternoon.

The advantage of downloading the official app is that the time of the float parade, the display time of the fireworks, and the time of each performance of the Caribbean and Frozen will be announced every day. Please click on the specific time when you enter the park that day.

There are two parades and fireworks at special times like National Day every day. When visiting Disneyland, there is no way to make a guide that is completely accurate, because it will always change, because of the season, because of the weather, because of the festival, because of the equipment, and it is always changing, so downloading the app is very important.

Watching the parade at Tokyo Disney, everyone is still very conscious and keeps sitting on the ground, because this will not block the tourists sitting behind watching the floats. But not in Shanghai Disneyland. When the music started, everyone stood up, and the tourists behind couldn't see it if they didn't stand up. All huddled in front of the fence, there was no way.

To be honest, Shanghai Disney's float parade in the afternoon is much simpler than my evening float parade in Tokyo Disneyland. Really, the word is simple. A lot of Mickey and his friends walked out on foot. Some of them are as shown in the picture below. A checked luggage cart comes out, which really looks a bit shabby.

The daytime theme parade "Mickey's Fairy Tale Special Train" belongs to the park of [Garden of Imagination]



Ah, the dwarf is waving at me~


Long Hair Princess


Hua Mulan

[Garden of Imagination]--Dumbo


Although it is a little childish, sitting on Dumbo can see a corner of Disney Castle, which is very beautiful.

Another highlight is taking a photo with my favorite - Mickey Mouse. Now because of the epidemic, we can't get close to each other, we can only take a photo together in front of the two of them, but the two really cooperate well, and adjust their cooperation at any time according to the posture of the tourists, professional!

While waiting in line to take photos with them, these vintage framed Mickey Mouse classic animation scenes are mobile versions. It's the screen playing the video.

[Garden of Imagination]-Fantasia Carousel


In September, Shanghai Disneyland got dark very early, and the sunset was already around 17:00. The Disney Castle at sunset is really beautiful.

The highlight of the night is 'Light Up the Dream: Nighttime Phantom Show'. The official website of Shanghai Disneyland writes that the time is 8:00 pm, but it is actually uncertain. The exact time of the fireworks display can only be known after entering the park.

[Garden of Imagination]--Light up the fantasy dream: night light phantom show

The concierge card we bought is the more expensive one, so we are really in the nearest area at the front of the castle, where we can sit on the ground and watch. How close? Every time the fireworks are sprayed out, the face can obviously feel the heat, hahahaha

This show is not just fireworks, but also a laser show: Disney's classic cartoon images are projected on the fantasy fairy tale castle. The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Nemo, Aladdin, Mulan, Frozen, and characters from "Zootopia" are accompanied by different themes. Really excited and happy! ! ! ! !

I couldn't win with both hands, and I wanted to record and take pictures, and I couldn't help but cheered "Wow! Wow" from my mouth.

The beauty of watching a fireworks show can only be experienced on the spot.

[Mickey Street]





[Mickey's Friends Delicious Bazaar] has four restaurants: "Mickey's Kitchen", "Tony's Restaurant", "Daisy's Cafe" and "Three Knights".

"Master Xiaomi's Bakery" is a French-style bakery based on the character Xiaomi in "Restaurant", offering a variety of breads, pastries and muffins, as well as fresh desserts made in the restaurant's kitchen. Very cute! ! ! !

After watching the fireworks and laser show, my 13-hour "battle" at Shanghai Disneyland was over.

上海住宿--隐居 繁华酒店

I stayed for 1.5 days to roam around in Shanghai. I have always liked Shanghai, it is very bourgeois, very international and full of stories.

This time, I deliberately chose a hotel built in a century-old building on Wukang Road - the secluded and prosperous Wukang Mansion.

No. 100 Wukang Road, an old duplex house. This building, built in 1918, was originally an apartment built by the American Texaco Petroleum Company for its senior staff, and later became the former residence of the famous scholar Wang Yuanhua. A century later, in 2018, the building was redesigned, remodeled and decorated, and transformed into a "reclusive and prosperous Wukang Mansion".

The front entrance of the bungalow, the Hermitage Group restored the three-storey English-style country house almost as it was.

Seclusion has three types of resort hotels. The first category is the bustling series, which focuses on high-end urban resort hotels, such as Wukang Mansion and Wuxing Road Mansion. They are located in the bustling area of ​​Shanghai and have both European architectural features and Shanghai-style style. We have chosen this type of hotel for a long time.

Of course, we chose the cheapest and smallest room type, and it also costs 1k/night for old age.

Small but complete.

The brand characteristic of Shanghai Seclusion is to "lead and create a secluded world parallel to the real world, where it is warm, quiet, beautiful, free, fascinating and full of happiness", and it is a place to "escape into a rich spiritual world and The balanced space that fills the material world".

I saw that Zhang Xiaohui was being interviewed at this hotel, so I planted grass in this hotel for a long time and decided to stay for one night.

The washstand is made of pure copper, and all the toiletries are stuffed into a cosmetic bag to meet storage needs.

The tone of the whole hotel is relatively calm.

The embossed wall complements the old staircase full of history, elegant and timeless. The entire interior, and the aisles leading to each room, are slightly dimly lit. So each door is equipped with a small lamp. Moreover, the housekeeper also prepared flashlights in each room, which is convenient for entering and exiting at night.

Corner guest lounge area.

The color scheme of gold, brown and green in the conference room is more noble and luxurious

The brass wire mesh gauze-covered chandelier set in the meeting room draws inspiration from Chinese classical wind lamps.

A secluded hotel, there are only 20 rooms hidden in 4 western-style buildings. The bricks and tiles of the old western-style houses exude a strong sense of history.

Behind the detour house, there is a small garden decorated with green plants.

In the morning we had a western breakfast here.

"To make a hotel that conforms to the tonality of old buildings and has an Art Deco style, it needs to be contemporary, and any renovation of an old building needs to be contemporary."

--Said Sun Yun, chief designer of the Secluded Bustling Mansion on Wukang Road, Shanghai.

There is not only the "Shanghai style" tone of old Shanghai during the Republic of China, but also the tough romance of the French industrial era.

An art hotel remodeled from an old bungalow, it is quiet amidst the hustle and bustle, feeling a little hidden from the bustle.

The hotel also has a luggage butler service. We left our luggage at the hotel when we checked out, and the hotel helped us send our luggage to the airport. This really saved us time. We could go shopping and go directly to the airport.

This balcony with a view of the outdoor garden is very good.

Hotel name: Haiyinju Bustling Yaji Mansion Wukang Road Branch

Hotel Address: No. 1-4, Lane 100, Wukang Road, Shanghai

The area around Wukang Road is full of sycamore trees, which is so beautiful, and high-end trendy shops and lifestyle buyers live next to each other, and Baodao design grocery stores are next to local ceramics across the street. So this place has become a gathering place for all kinds of trendy people to check in and take pictures.

It used to be the French Concession in Xuhui District, Shanghai, where the shadows of phoenix trees danced. Really good shot.

The complex and intricate cultural characteristics of Shanghai style engrave the past time, retreat to the depths of the bustling city, and enjoy the joy of meditation in the city.

There are really many old bungalows in this area, standing quietly.

Notes about Wukang Road:

Located in Xuhui District, Shanghai, formerly known as Route Ferguson, named after American missionary John Ferguson, it was built by the Shanghai French Concession Board of Directors in 1907 (the 33rd year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu).
Wukang Road is known as the "Celebrity Road" that "condenses the century-old history of modern Shanghai". There are a total of 14 excellent historical buildings along the route, and 37 historical buildings are preserved.
On June 11, 2011, Wukang Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai was selected as the third "Chinese Historical and Cultural Street" approved by the Ministry of Culture and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.

These roads, which used to be the French Concession, are lined with fancy western-style buildings from the 1920s, and along the way are old Shanghai buildings, which are very suitable for strolling.

In the movie "Lust, Caution", after Wang Jiazhi let Mr. Yi go, he got into a rickshaw with relief: "Go to Fukaisen Road"! Fukaisen Road here, once the French Concession, is now Wukang Road. The 1,183-meter-long Wukang Road leads from the former residence of Soong Ching Ling to Li Hongzhang's Lilac Garden and the former residence of the literary master Ba Jin. This road has gone through the years and still retains the charm of literature.

Famous historical and cultural street play - Wukang Building + corner ice cream

Wukang Building, the filming location of countless film and television dramas, such as "Lust, Caution" and Takeshi Kaneshiro's "Like You".

Wukang Building is located at the junction of Tianping Road, Yuqing Road, Xingguo Road, Wukang Road and Huaihai Middle Road. It is also called the Normandy Apartment. It was built in 1924 and is the work of the famous architect Hudec.

It is also a French Renaissance-style apartment building. After liberation, some people in the literary and art circles, such as Zhao Dan, Qin Yi, Sun Daolin, Wang Wenjuan, etc., all lived here. There are too many people taking pictures here, so they can only stand on the side of the road. In fact, it is quite dangerous, everyone pay attention to safety!

George Bernard Shaw once said: "Walking into Wukang Road, people who can't write poetry want to write poetry, people who can't draw want to paint, and people who can't sing want to sing. It feels wonderful."

There are too many "net celebrity shops" on Wukang Road. If you really want to visit one by one, 3 days is not enough. %Arabica, the Internet celebrity brand in the snack food and coffee world, is hidden in the deepest part of the Wukang courtyard. Wonton shops and ice cream shops are all in the surrounding snacks and wandering routes. Wukang Road is a "celebrity road" that condenses the centuries-old history of modern Shanghai.

On the ground floor of the Wukang Building, there is an online celebrity ice cream shop - CORNER CONE GELATO cool mine handmade ice cream.

The most famous one is "Kiki Coco". As a loyal fan of Mickey Mouse, he was only in Disneyland yesterday, and today he must match Mickey and Minnie.

American handmade ice cream Corner Cone was once popular on ins, with more than 10 flagship stores around the world.

Its ice cream focuses on 100% natural ingredients, which are handmade on site, and even the cones are freshly made every day.

CornerCone's ice cream will change its flavor every 10 days, and each time it will launch 3 types, 1 classic and 2 shapes.

Because it is 100% milk ice cream, it is very easy to melt! Take pictures quickly!

The peach-flavored Minnie is so cute and pink, and the bow on it is made of biscuits.

Dark chocolate-flavored Mickey, dark ice cream, the whole mouth and teeth are black after taking a bite, it's huge and funny, don't buy Mickey if you don't bring a napkin.

After paying, you will be given a cup and spoon. Because the ice cream melts very quickly, you can pour it upside down into the cup and eat it by yourself. It's really funny that your mouth is full of black.

In fact, it is still worth buying here, after all, it is cute and not unpalatable.

Brand: CornerConeGelato (Wukang Building Store)


We went to this place because we went to the cinema to watch "Eight Hundred" before going to Shanghai, and we had to travel with the movie. We made an appointment in advance for a time slot to enter and visit. In fact, the most shocking wall is full of bullet holes. It is just beside the road and you can see it without an appointment. The entire warehouse is now turned into a museum, so you need to make an appointment to visit. If you just go for this wall, you don't need to make an appointment.

The Sixing Warehouse is a warehouse building located in the south of the former Zhabei District of Shanghai, on the north bank of the Suzhou River, and at the northwest corner of the Tibet Road Bridge. From October 26 to November 1, 1937, the Sixing Warehouse defense battle that took place here revived the morale of the Chinese soldiers and civilians who had declined due to the setback in the Songhu Battle. Its end marks the end of the Songhu Battle, a major battle in China's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. The Chinese soldiers who participated in this defense battle were called "Eight Hundred Heroes"

A letter from home at the entrance comes from a letter written by Xie Jinyuan, the vice-regiment of the Eight Hundred Heroes, to his wife Ling Weicheng before he went to the Songhu battlefield. You can feel his great country feelings of sacrificing for the country and his yearning and guilt for his wife. Moving.

Originally, this movie was very popular, so a lot of tourists came here especially for its name.

This is the place where the defense of the Sixing Warehouse, the iconic battle of the Songhu Battle, took place, and it is also the place where the eight hundred heroes in the movie "Eight Hundred" fought.

There are many old historical photos and letters in the exhibition hall, as well as sand tables of the Sixing Warehouse and its surroundings at that time, as well as many battle scenes restored with wax figures of people.

The most touching thing in the movie is the scene where some of their strong men willingly turned into death squads, strapped with grenades and jumped one by one to die with the enemy, while the citizens of the French Concession on the other side of the river were as ironic and amused as they were watching a "reality show". Helpless, sad and angry.

According to the textual research of various historical materials, the memorial hall displays a list of more than 300 of the eight hundred heroes. In fact, the number of 800 was only suitable for the rhetoric used to confuse the enemy at that time. In fact, there were only more than 420 people.

In September 1985, the Sixing Warehouse was included in the Anti-Japanese Memorial Site. On August 13, 2015, on the occasion of the 78th anniversary of the Songhu Battle, the Sixing Warehouse Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall was completed and opened. The Sixing Warehouse Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall includes six parts: the preface hall, "Blood in Songhu", "Stick to the Four Elements", "Lonely Struggle", "Immortal Monument" and the end hall.

The west-facing wall restores the bullet holes and gun holes left by the battle, revealing the mottled and old appearance of the red brick wall, which is a rare place in the city to restore the historical appearance.

Seeing this wall, I have to sigh: The so-called quiet time is just someone carrying the weight for you.

The citizens who came to visit offered their own sacrifices to the heroes who died in this battle in front of the wall full of holes.

A narrow Suzhou Creek, on one side of the river is hell, on the other side is heaven. The war scenes that are real and shocking enough restore us to the dusty battle that took place in the Sixing Warehouse in Shanghai.


The world's fifth and Asia's first "M Bean Chocolate World" flagship store is located in Bailian Shimao Plaza, East Nanjing Road, Shanghai.

The operating area of ​​the flagship store is 1,900 square meters, and the first floor sells clothing, souvenirs, gifts, collectibles and other commodities. Near the entrance, there are mostly small commodities and accessories. The price is in the range of 20-50 yuan.

This group of m spliced ​​into the wall of the word "Shanghai".


Located on Nanjing East Road, it is one of the most prosperous pedestrian streets in China, and you must pass through here when you walk to the Bund.

上海这家巧克力长城拥有132根玻璃长罐,是全世界最长的 M&M'S 巧克力墙.

This latest model is really like Serenity!


The lantern garden on the other side of the second floor is composed of countless hanging lanterns. Just walk up and interact with the touch screen, and these lanterns will turn into the M-bean color that best matches your personality.

There are too many people upstairs and downstairs, and I really can't find a clean and empty place to take pictures.

巧克力长城拥有132根玻璃长罐,是全世界最长的 M&M'S 巧克力墙.

I don't know whether it is like tranquility or tranquility is like it.

Although I have been here countless times, every time I come, as long as I have time at night, I still have to take a look at the Bund.

On the first weekend in early September, I was intimidated by the flow of people on the Bund.

The Bund has a total length of 1.5 kilometers, starting from Yan'an East Road in the south, ending at Waibaidu Bridge on the Suzhou Creek in the north, facing the Huangpu River in the east, and concentrating the old Shanghai financial and foreign trade institutions in the west.

There are 52 classical revival buildings with different styles standing on the Bund. It is known as the Bund International Architecture Expo Group. It is an important historical site and representative building in modern China and one of the landmarks of Shanghai.

These buildings, where classicism and modernism coexist, have become symbols of Shanghai.

Waibaidu Bridge is one of the landmark buildings in old Shanghai. It is located at the mouth of the lower reaches of Suzhou Creek, on the west side of Huangpu Park.

Here is a memory of "Love is deep and rainy"

Waibaidu Bridge is an all-steel structure bridge with two spans of 52.16 meters and a width of 18.3 meters. It is an important passage connecting Shanghai's northern and eastern Shanghai. The flow of people and vehicles across the bridge is very high.

Take one last look at the Oriental Pearl Tower and head back home.


For a bowl of the time-honored beef tongue noodles that have been open for 30+ years, they have traveled across most of Shanghai. The two Shanghai office workers sitting on the other side of me said that I didn't even eat breakfast in the morning just to eat this bowl of noodles, and I silently muttered: Isn't it, me too.

In the old streets of Shanghai, there is a two-story single-family old house. Before I approached it, I saw many people queuing up. It turned out that we first lined up at the window on the first floor to pay the bill, get the face, and then find a seat to sit down. You can sit on the first and second floors. I quickly checked the strategy, and immediately made a decision when it was my turn to scan the QR code to order: beef tongue noodles + beef soup = 35 yuan. The chefs in the window are busy cooking noodles, cutting beef tongue, scooping ingredients...

The noodles are very thick and have already been picked and prepared. Scoop the beef tongue and beef according to the needs of customers. There is a lot of beef tongue, one slice is thin, and there are 15 slices in a bowl+

Then in the autonomous area, you can choose to add green onions + coriander + mustard + and special potato spicy sauce.

After mixing well, I didn't expect it to be so delicious, and I don't know where the taste comes from. Chongqing people are used to a bowl of small noodles with a rich mix of 10+ seasonings. In fact, this kind of noodles has very few seasonings, and the taste should come from the beef tongue with sauce. The potato chili sauce is a major feature, it is not spicy but makes the whole bowl of noodles more layered.

The beef soup is average, and the beef is also cut very thin, but it is not as tender as the beef tongue, but it is a bit old.

In short, one bowl was quickly eaten, and there was not one left. comfortable!

Store name: Xianwei Noodle House

Address: No. 57, Lintong Road, Shanghai
Transportation: Exit 4, Yangpu Road Station, Metro Line 4
Recommendation: Beef Tongue Noodles
Per capita: 15 yuan - 35 yuan / person

上海咖啡--RAC coffee+买BM

Since I lived on Wukang Road on the last night of my stay in Shanghai, I walked next to Anfu Road. Originally wanted to check in at their internet celebrity restaurant, but there were so many people. So I can only drink a cup of takeaway coffee.

The predecessor of RAC coffee was Paras, a popular online green cafe on Shaanxi Road. RAC is composed of coffee shop and restaurant bar. RAC is composed of coffee shop and restaurant bar. The area where this small coffee shop is located is located at the entrance of the whole property. It used to be a security booth, so a small window , buy and go.

The RAC coffee shop covers an area of ​​less than 10 square meters, which only meets the needs of coffee making and basic storage functions. The designer makes full use of the advantages of the street and designs the side facing the street as a "coffee window", which is not only convenient for baristas to deliver coffee directly to consumers, It is also like an invitation sign, attracting passers-by to step into the atrium and find out.

The window is also thoughtfully designed with free self-service lemonade, which is probably for those who line up.

It is said that referring to the culture of "standing and drinking coffee" on the streets of Europe, a small wooden bar is set up to lean on, and the bag hook is intimately pressed, which cleverly solves the disadvantage of no seating area in coffee shops. Today, the RAC coffee shop has become a gathering point for residents of nearby communities to meet.

Coffee is not cheap, regular latte is 35 yuan a cup, the taste is not amazing.

Brand: RAC coffee

Address: Building 1, No. 322, Anfu Road, Shanghai
Transportation: 1.1km walk from Exit 1 of Shanghai Library
Consumption: 25 yuan + / person

The area of ​​Anfu Road itself is very easy to visit. It is less than 100 meters away from the coffee and you will come to brandy melville. A green jeep is parked at the door, the first floor is mainly display windows, and the shopping is concentrated on the second floor.

This store in Shanghai is the first offline store in mainland China. Their clothes are notoriously small. Most of the clothes are one size, which is a paradise for skinny girls.


An American girl named Brandy and a British boy named Melville fell in love in Italy~ Attracted by Brandy's American LA lifestyle, Italy's Silvio Marsan and his son Stephan Marsan founded Brandy in Europe in 1970 Melville. This California-style Italian brand has become very popular in the United States in recent years, and its casual, comfortable and girly style has attracted a lot of Brandy girls. This brand represents the sunshine and enthusiasm of California, the freedom and unrestrainedness of LA, and the flamboyant girlishness.

品牌名声大噪的一个原因就是:坚持one size.无论是什么款式的衣服,都是只有s码.这真的对女性身材要求很高.大多数衣服又小又短,根本看着都穿不进去呀!但反而这却让这个牌子越来越火,越来越多的少女们为了想要穿上她们的衣服而去减肥,觉得能穿上Brandy&amp;Melville的衣服代表自己身材好.

Brandy Melville uses low-saturated tones of black, white and gray as the basic color, and uses floral, stripe and ethnic prints to exude a Californian girly atmosphere. The casual and casual style is matched with soft, comfortable and elastic fabrics, allowing teenagers to present their most confident selves in the most comfortable way. Also in line with Girl Style is Brandy's price positioning. For Brandy's target customer group-young girls from high school to college, they can buy quality fashion sense at a slightly cheaper price.

I also managed to squeeze in a cardigan sweater with difficulty. I am also here to buy this plaid sweater.

The brandymelville clothes tags are only in English, and you can see the RMB price in CNY. The male and female salespersons in the store are really good-looking, and they are all tall and thin.

I quickly took down two plaid sweaters, 230 yuan/piece, three headbands, 18 yuan/each, and an old-fashioned necklace, 48 yuan/piece.

Brand: brandy melville
Address: No. 308, Anfu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai


surprise! I didn't expect this coffee brand to be delicious! This open coffee shop should be said to be an area vacated from the aisle as a coffee drinking place, with a high-altitude glass ceiling and a floor-to-ceiling glass curtain wall. When the weather is good, the view is really transparent, the mood is comfortable, and it is full of people.

☕️Brand: seesaw coffee

🕓Address: Shanghai Pudong Kerry City Store (2nd Floor)
🚇Transportation: Exit 1, Huamu Road Station, Metro Line 7

I don't have to go to the store I went to to recommend this coffee, because this coffee brand can be found everywhere in Shanghai, and you should be able to buy it in any nearby business district when you go shopping.

The overall style is very simple, gray tables and chairs, friends say the color is good-looking, full of texture. In addition to coffee and cakes, there are lunch for one person, afternoon tea for two and other packages to choose from.

I ordered a new product-coconut oatmeal latte specially adjusted with Ethiopian fruit. Ethiopian SOE+coconut oil+old brown sugar+oat milk, really surprised me at the first bite! Unlike Xingbaba's oatmeal, it really tastes like a mouthful, except for the small cup, the taste is perfect!

The name of the coffee and the introduction of the ingredients are served together with the coffee

Later, I found out that this coffee brand originated on Yuyuan Road in Shanghai, and now it has more than 20 stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Suzhou and Hangzhou.

The founder was born in the construction industry with a unified style. It should be very simple and pay attention to the sense of space transparency. There are also green plants embellishment, this is vitality!

Another must-order item is the heated caramel cinnamon tea box. Cinnamon has a strong flavor.


Followed "Thirty Only" to check in at the Shanghai filming restaurant and came to this coffee shop of Wang Manni's ex-boyfriend.

This cafe is HORIGUCHI COFFEE in the Bund source.

This coffee shop is the only overseas branch of Toshihide Horiguchi, the "father of Japanese specialty coffee". His family introduced the red wine brewing system into coffee production for the first time. Horiguchi coffee, read "ku".

This is a global chain coffee shop, founded in 1990, there are only four in the world, and the first overseas store came to China, located on Yuanming Road in Shanghai. The price is really not cheap, the cheapest latte I ordered is 88 yuan/cup.

The hand-brewed coffee with blended beans is divided into numbers 1-9 according to the roasting depth, and the taste will also range from sour to bitter. I chose 7, which I think is too sour.

Almost everything in the store is shipped from Japan, and the coffee beans are roasted in Japan and shipped in by air.

Each set of coffee cups and saucers in the store is specially fired by the masters of Arita ware, with different patterns. Of course, the price is not cheap, the price of the cup starts from 1,000 yuan +

The marble parquet on the ground, the logs on the roof, and all kinds of retro furniture that look quite tonal make this store look unusual.

The seats and coffee cups are the same as in "Thirty Only", but the arrangement of the seats is different.

The attitude of the waiters is also very good.

If you like authentic Japanese hand-dripped coffee, you can choose this place, which is slightly more expensive.

The building where the coffee shop is located was formerly the YWCA building, which belongs to the area of ​​the Bund. The building was designed by Chinese-American architect Li Jinpei. It has a cement brick exterior wall and a Xumizuo-style foot carved with lotus flowers and stone lotus petals. It was built in 1933.

When passing by, I saw a lot of Internet celebrity street shoots on this street who were shooting new season clothing. When I went there in early September, I was still wearing short sleeves, and the models were already wearing down jackets of the new season for fashion photos.

Next door is actually % Coffee, very close.