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The trip to Shanghai that I made an appointment with my friends a few months ago has been delayed due to various busy and weather reasons. No, both of them happen to be free at the moment. Although the weather forecast shows that the next week will be rainy, they still decided to go this time. Such a firm heart is probably attracted by the magical charm of the magic city. .

Experience the historical sense of old Shanghai - Wukang Road

Small TIPS:
about traffic
Bus: Take bus No. 26, 911, 920, 926 to Huaihai Middle Road and get off at Wukang Road.
Subway: Take Metro Line 10 and Line 11, get off at Jiaotong University Station and walk.

According to the "Shanghai Xuhui District Place Names" record: "The road was originally named Fukaisen Road, named after the American Fukaisen surname. In 1943, it was renamed Wukang Road, named after the old county in Zhejiang Province. Wukang Road is known as "" The "Celebrity Road", which condenses the century-old history of modern Shanghai, has a total of 14 excellent historical buildings along the route, and 37 historical buildings are preserved.

Standing in a quiet corner of the city, looking at the trajectory of the plane passing by in the sky, all thoughts are brought into the city by the beautiful scenery in front of you. Shanghai hides all the tenderness and delicacy in the courtyard houses and alleys, turning Wukang Road into a never-fading Shanghai dream.

Departing from Hangzhou East Railway Station, when we arrived on the first day, the sky was drizzling with light rain, and the sycamore trees in almost every street had yellow leaves that had not yet fallen. Regardless of the weather, all the scenery and every streets are enough to make people stop and stay for a long time.

In Shanghai, the most interesting street is Wukang Road. Wukang Road is located in Xuhui District. It is known as a road of celebrities that "condenses the century-old history of modern Shanghai". I went to the former residence of Ba Jin and the former residence of Soong Ching Ling. Since the interior is not allowed to take pictures in order to protect the cultural relics, the photos here are skipped. Next time you have the opportunity to go to Wukang Road, you must also take a look to learn about the history and legends of the past.
PS: The former residence of Ba Jin at No. 113 Wukang Road is the former residence of the literary giant Mr. Ba Jin. It is free to visit and is a must-see attraction on Wukang Road.

Breaking into a small alley, every corner is also elegant. There are many foreigners coming and going on the road. There are a lot of foreigners living here. We chose to go there on weekdays. The foreigners are also so comfortable, walking their dogs on the street.

I have to praise the garbage classification in Shanghai, which is very good. I forgot what is dry garbage, wet garbage, recyclables, and there are classifications in public places such as convenience stores and shopping malls. The streets are also quite clean and tidy , it really is a metropolis.

Wukang Road is not long, we walked back and forth on Wukang Road and the nearby Yongfu Road and other streets.

Wukang Road was first built in 1907 and is now 1183 meters long and 12 to 16 meters wide. The whole road is arc-shaped and roughly runs north-south. It starts from the lilac garden of Li Hongzhang, an important official in the late Qing Dynasty, on Huashan Road in the north, ends at Middle Huaihai Road in the south, connects with Tianping Road and Yuqing Road, and ends at Wukang Building, facing the former residence of Soong Ching Ling.

This used to be the French Concession, and the streets are full of French plane trees and buildings left over from the colonial period. The Wukang Building is a landmark, and it was also one of the filming locations for the movie "Lust, Caution".
There are many tourists taking pictures on the opposite side of the building, and there must be a lot of wedding photos here. After all, the popularity of the Internet celebrity building is scary.

The part of the building was pretty good to shoot. At that time, I was a lazy person who was too lazy to change the lens when I fixed the focus, so I took it directly.

This is also a road full of online celebrity shops, and it is no problem to go shopping for a day. No, this music box and Internet celebrity ice cream shop and the coffee shop below are just the tip of the iceberg I found, and there are many others that I haven't checked in one by one.

Internet celebrity ice cream has been mentioned in many reviews and guides. It is not far from Ba Jin's former residence, next to the famous Romeo balcony, and diagonally opposite No. 109 Wukang Road. There were quite a lot of people on the day I went there, and it took a long time to line up. Wait for the next time to wait in a long line. This time, I took a photo of someone else's ice cream hahaha~

Flowers are planted at the entrance of the Internet celebrity ice cream shop, full of literature and art~

There are many online celebrity shops along the way, and those shops that must be checked in on the Internet have their own advantages and styles. For example, the cafe in the picture above has a very unique name and decoration style. At first glance, it is synonymous with literary and retro style. There are countless people who come here to take pictures.

Even this Starbucks at the intersection of Wukang Road and Huaihai Middle Road is beautiful, and its decoration is different from other cities, so I like it very much.

When you come to Wukang Road, don't miss the small roads around Wukang Road, such as Yongfu Road, Fuxing Road, Wuyuan Road, etc., you can take a walk to taste the food along the street.
The Spanish-style, French Renaissance-style buildings along the line are very distinctive, and it is one of the most European-style blocks in the central city of Shanghai. On Wukang Road where Wutong dances, there are about 30 former residences of famous celebrities. On both sides of the road are the most famous high-end residential areas of Westerners, dignitaries, celebrities, and merchants in Shanghai. I also came here a few years ago and learned about the past and present of many buildings here, and now I really feel that these buildings are "alive".

When I came to Shanghai this time, I felt the charm of "Shanghai Historical and Cultural Street" more carefully and deeply, and learned about some modern political and cultural history.

Looking at the old houses along the way, understanding the legendary stories here, I feel that I have seen many fields that I have never touched before, and expanded my knowledge. There are many gains from travel, both physically, psychologically and spiritually. are captured one by one.

This house is a retro exhibition hall, and it happens to be holding a personal exhibition here.

There are telephone booths standing on every street. Although most people now use mobile phones and few people use telephone booths, they have become a part of Shanghai's unique style and an indispensable component.

Retro telephone booths are very nice to take pictures, especially for filming. There are box-type telephone booths and semi-enclosed ones. Those who want to take pictures can choose according to their preferences.


No matter how the street scene is shot, it is very good, especially the place like the intersection.

Wukang Road is worth walking slowly to appreciate the architecture, history and humanity along the street, drinking afternoon tea, chatting in a daze, and tasting delicious food. I really want time to stay where it is at this moment, and wait for us to hold this century-old Wukang Road in our arms and experience it before letting go.

The little brother waiting for the bus was also depicted by me as a landscape.

I like this kind of snap photos very much.

This charming bookstore is directly opposite the former residence of Soong Ching Ling, and it is very easy to find. You can also cross the road and go directly to the former residence of Soong Ching Ling to listen to the legendary historical stories when you come out of the bookstore. Due to the limited time this time, the two of us did not go to the former residence of Soong Ching Ling, and we will make up for it next time.

Ancient alleys in memory, exploring Tianzifang at night

Reason for recommendation: A fashion + creative industry gathering area, where you can enjoy a quiet and slow life.
Location: Located at Lane 210, Taikang Road, Shanghai, China
Bus: 24, 96, 17, 41, 146, 786, 36, 869, 986, 932, 786, 933, take No. 17 to Ruijin 2nd Road and get off at Jianguo Middle Road, within walking distance.
Metro: Exit 1, Dapuqiao Station, Line 9

In my impression, Shanghai is a noble and romantic city. If you want to find your own quiet time in the fashionable metropolis, you must go to Tianzifang, which is full of literary and artistic atmosphere. There is a unique hidden here. Some quiet and slow life.

Tianzifang is a gathering area for fashion, creativity and leisure, and it is also a creative paradise for artists. Surrounded by many residential buildings, it is an environment of urban art and slow life, which endows it with a full of artistic beauty. In a leisurely afternoon, walking through the streets and alleys, quietly shuttling between every characteristic shop and art workshop, is like appreciating art, constantly refreshing the curiosity about the world, which is undoubtedly a good way to unlock also new things. attractive to foreigners. Wherever you go, you can meet foreigners in twos and threes in coffee shops and bars, enjoying their happy time.

The night here is very beautiful. We live in Yu Garden. We took bus No. 24 to Ruijin 2nd Road and Jianguo Middle Road and got off on foot. We arrived at Tianzifang at 3:00 p.m. , we ran into an amazing Tianzifang at night.

may you be true to yourself
Live and live seriously.
I really like this sentence, as if it is telling me that I am actually a person who is often confused in life, occasionally suffers from serious illnesses, and occasionally is full of boredom with life.
Traveling can really allow people to grab deeper meaning and thoughts from it. When you have seen all kinds of worlds, your vision, thinking, and perception of the world will change accordingly.

If you also feel temporarily lost in life, you might as well come out for a walk and take a look. Places like Tianzifang are the most suitable places for Wenqing to relieve their emotions and release their nature.

Look at how beautiful the night here is, every picture is full of fireworks.

If you want to experience the unique style of old Shanghai, and feel your own quiet and slow life, Tianzifang is a must-visit place when you come to Shanghai. It is a place where people can fall in love with Internet celebrities when they come .

There are all kinds of shops here, and it takes half a day to go shopping, and each shop is very good-looking, people can't stop taking pictures, and they can't stop at all~~~

Of course, there are also many western restaurants, bars, etc. Tianzifang has formed a circle of foreigners. In the afternoon, they like to drink coffee and eat snacks in the atmosphere surrounded by Shikumen, which is very comfortable. the way are Koreans, Europeans and Americans... Most Koreans come to go shopping, eat and drink, and most Europeans and Americans come to find a shop for a cup of coffee, a glass of red wine, or a western meal~ like This is the house, the appearance is outstanding, and the outside looks very cool!

Tianzifang has a strong cultural atmosphere and is the street sign of Taikang Road Art Street in Shanghai. The streamer above the sculpture will connect artists from five continents and four oceans together.
What Tianzifang brings to people is more of the friendly, warm and noisy side of Shanghai. As long as you take a walk in this most flavorful alley in Shanghai, it is not difficult to appreciate the unique personality of Tianzifang. Through the maze-like alleys, there are everything from teahouses, open-air restaurants, open-air cafes, galleries, home furniture to handicrafts, as well as many well-known creative studios in Shanghai.

Dangdang, let's take a look at the light of our country's proud domestic products - Feiyue cloth shoes.
A new domestic product that is wildly sought after by foreigners, especially Koreans, must have a pair, because a friend also has a pair, and the wearing comfort is highly rated. I couldn't help but buy a pair of classic models. The soles are thick and walking is not tiring. The most important thing is that it looks good and the price is affordable, only 59 yuan, OMG! I bought a pull back when I was in school and it is very durable. I found that the old Chinese brand is worthy of being the light of domestic products, let me be proud...

Those who pick the shoes are all Koreans, and everyone wears Feiyue on their feet.

Every corner of Tianzifang is worth recording with a camera, because it is so beautiful.

There are many markets here, including special sale markets, cultural and creative markets, etc., and the prices are not expensive. I found that the shops along the streets in Shanghai, whether they are clothing stores or daily necessities stores, are very affordable , and they are near the Bund. The price of the store is not expensive, which is really a bit of a surprise.

That's right~ wine is everywhere hahaha~ There are a lot of foreigners living in Shanghai, so there are really many shops about wine, and they are all business-minded bosses who adapt to the foreign market~~

There are also big white rabbit toffees here. If you like sweet white rabbits, go in and have a stroll.

Unexpectedly, there is also a super pink and tender doll catcher shop. From the first floor, the interior style is all pink and tender. I thought it was an online celebrity photo shop. When I walked to the second floor, it was even bigger and there were many doll catchers. It was all young people playing, and since we were doll-catching idiots, we took pictures and went downstairs.

Wow, I came to a shop with a white bear at the door, it's a coffee shop.

In the idle afternoon, eating and shopping with a few friends, the artistic conception of "stealing half a day's leisure" is immediately available.

We are also very good. We found a vintage shop when we were shopping. The shop is on the second floor. When we walked up the corridor, we really liked the decoration of the corridor. It is very Hong Kong style and super retro. The two of us took a lot of photos here. Haha for a while.

I have to say that the style of my friend's clothes and her handsome face fit perfectly with the aura of this place, and I had a great time taking pictures.

Let's take a look at me who is a snack lotus root again. I was dumbfounded and fully reflected the meanings.

OMG, I suddenly feel that this one is very similar to the places in Hong Kong dramas. Hey~~~~ That lighting, that retro taste!

Women in Shanghai seem to be the protagonists here. Almost a lot of stores sell this product. It's cheap and affordable, and I heard it's easy to use and smells good. So, I also bought a box hahaha.

Can you imagine that this is a nail salon, the appearance is so fresh, we were amazed, even the nail salon is so beautiful!

Ai Jiayi's decree, hahaha this book is really interesting.

Finally, let me talk about the old taste of this restaurant. It is at the end of an alley. We walked over to take pictures, and it just started to rain. The boss called us at the door, saying that the fried dough sticks and bean curds just baked, do you want to try it? After the delicious fried dough sticks, we sat down and everyone ordered a fried dough stick + bean curd.

I didn't ask the price at first, but when I thought about it, it's usually not too expensive, but when the boss brought it up, he asked the price, and he was shocked.
Fried dough sticks 15/root Douhua 15/serving The two of us spent 60 yuan this time, it's not important, the important thing is that I just had breakfast hahaha
But to be honest, the taste is still very good. I ordered the salted bean curd, which tastes very good and slightly spicy. The fried dough sticks are just out of the pan, and they are crunchy and delicious.

There is also their dog, which is also amazing. My friend was chatting with the boss and said that this is the biggest French dog she has ever seen, and the fat looks a little cute. It likes to follow the smell of fried dough sticks , maybe because the boss often feeds fried dough sticks to it. When we eat fried dough sticks, it still jumps up and looks at the food on our table.

With a melancholy expression on his face, why did he drop it?

This store is in front of the old taste, at the entrance of the alley. When walking out, many couples took pictures at the entrance of this store.

Tianzifang's delicacies include Teddy's House, White Moon, Bali Bali, etc. The per capita consumption level is different. You can try it according to your own washing choices. There are also many snacks to choose from, and you can eat while walking Shopping feels more fragrant.

Shiliyangchang Centennial Bund--Shanghai Bund

Time is like an arrow, while shooting into the unknown, it also leaves the past behind.

The Bund is the bank of the Huangpu River in Huangpu District, Shanghai, that is, the Outer Huangpu Beach, which is a Chinese historical and cultural block. Since 1844 (the 24th year of Daoguang in the Qing Dynasty), the Bund area has been designated as the British Concession, which has become a true portrayal of Shanghai's Shiliyangchang, and it is also the starting point for the old Shanghai Concession area and the entire modern city of Shanghai.

The Bund has a total length of 1.5 kilometers, starting from Yan'an East Road in the south, ending at Waibaidu Bridge on the Suzhou River in the north, facing the Huangpu River in the east, and the concentration of old Shanghai financial and foreign trade institutions in the west. After Shanghai was established as a commercial port, foreign banks, commercial firms, general associations, and newspaper offices began to gather here, and the Bund became the financial center of the whole country and even the Far East.

There are 52 classical revival buildings with different styles standing on the Bund. It is known as the Bund International Architecture Expo Group. It is an important historical site and representative building in modern China and one of the landmarks of Shanghai. Lujiazui in Pudong, opposite the Bund across the river, has Shanghai's landmark buildings, the Oriental Pearl Tower, Jinmao Tower, Shanghai Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, etc.

Looking from a certain alley behind the Bund, the Oriental Pearl Tower seems to be within reach.

There is also a very famous hotel beside the Bund - Peace Hotel. It engraves the history of Shanghai and is a sign of the times. No matter how the years change, the legendary past of Shili Yangchang is still there.

It seems that the Oriental Pearl can be photographed on every road behind the Bund. If you want to take pictures here, it is recommended to go to Jiujiang Road and Hankou Road. These are the small roads behind the Bund. Few people can take beautiful photos~~~

It is worth mentioning that, whether it is a photo tour or a general tour, you can take the city sightseeing tour bus in the picture above, which is divided into open top and canopy, and the fare is 40 yuan. We always said that we missed it by sitting. Later, we researched that there are many lines of this sightseeing bus. You can take any line for 40 yuan, and you can go wherever you want to go at the next stop. In fact, it is very convenient and cost-effective. There are also many cars, so you don't have to wait long.

The architectural style of the street profile in this section of the Bund is very individual, forming a collage scene effect. Neoclassical walls and baroque pediment, there are English style, Italian style, French style, Spanish style and so on.

I just want to say that every road in Shanghai is very beautiful to take pictures. There are roads with a street atmosphere and roads with retro buildings beside the Bund. It's hard to make too many pictures~~~

No corner can be spared on the ferry, and it is the most precious to record it as an image.

On the day before leaving, the sky cleared up, and the sun shone in through the window of the ferry. It seemed that this ordinary scene, which could no longer be ordinary, made people feel at peace immediately, and no longer turbulent with the undulating water surface of the ferry. .

Looking at the scenery on the other side through the window is also wonderful.

This piece of water is the water of the Huangpu River, please don't misunderstand the photo I put into the sea hahaha~ Are you gentle?

The staff stood at the gate of the ferry and looked down at their mobile phones, taking pictures of the scene.

Getting closer and closer to Pudong, I took a picture of the Oriental Pearl Tower on the ferry, and this picture can no longer fit it.

The color of the ferry should be freshly painted. The color is very tender and very eye-catching.

The building behind the Bund, Jin Jiang International Hotel....

As soon as the ferry exit comes out, there is a stop for the city sightseeing cable car. Shanghai has a very complete transportation system for tourism, which is very gratifying, but the only thing that makes people feel inconvenient is that I am used to using Alipay in Hangzhou. Taking the subway, Shanghai has to download an additional [metro Metropolis] app to bind Alipay or WeChat to deduct money~~~

Take a close-up shot, it feels like the building is huge~

Are these twin buildings? Why did we find these two buildings when we came to Pudong to look at the Bund on the other side?

Walking and walking to the Aurora International Building, Aurora is a bright star next to the Oriental Pearl~~
Aurora Tower is the nearest high-end office building with the best view near the Huangpu River in Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, Pudong, Shanghai. It is adjacent to Shangri-La Hotel, Shanghai International Convention Center, Oriental Pearl Tower and Shanghai Ocean Aquarium .

The bustling and noisy Nanjing Pedestrian Street satisfies all your shopping imaginations

There is a story behind every city, and a memory hidden behind every street.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street is a characteristic commercial street located near the Bund in Huangpu District, Shanghai. It starts from Tibet Middle Road in the west and ends at Henan Middle Road in the east, with a total length of 1033 meters. It takes 1 to 2 hours to walk around. A shopping paradise for girls~~~

The first time I visited Nanjing Pedestrian Street at night, the scenery at night is indeed amazing. The lights in every store are turned on, and there is a beautiful scene everywhere.

Famous places on this street include Century Plaza, Wing On Department Store, Xianshi Building, etc., as well as Giordano, Metersbonwe, Uniqlo, Hengdali Watch Store, and a super big MM Dou. I wandered around with my friends. It took a full half an hour to go shopping~~~

There are kiosks on both sides of Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, various fashion brand stores, specialty stores, etc. The bustling crowd on the pedestrian street, the very cute sightseeing train, and the uniquely designed urban sculptures all portray this urban place in the modern landscape of Shanghai.

There are sightseeing buses on both the east and west sides of Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, and the one-way fare is 5 yuan.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street also has some old department stores with a long history in Shanghai, such as: No. 1 Department Store, Yongan Department Store, No. 1 Food Store, etc. In addition to established department stores, there are many other large shopping malls and shopping malls on this 1033-meter pedestrian street, such as Hualian Commercial Building, New World City, Bailian Shimao International Plaza, Landmark Plaza, Hongyi Plaza and so on.

There is a dark red marble screen at the east and west ends of the pedestrian street, which is a symbol for group photos.
Nanjing Pedestrian Street Traffic TIPS:
Bus: 15, 17, 18, 20, 21, 37, 23, 55, 921, etc.;
Nanjing East Road Station, located at the east end of Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street (Metro Line 2, Line 10)
People's Square Station, located at the west end of Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street (Metro Line 1, Line 2, Line 8)
Sightseeing bus: There are sightseeing buses on both the east and west sides of Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, and the one-way fare is 5 yuan.

We live in Yu Garden, and every time we go to the Bund, we walk slowly. The photos below were taken on the way to the Bund.
Go straight from Yong'an Road, turn to Anren Street, and you will arrive at Yu Garden. I didn't expect that there are old Shanghai residential buildings hidden next to the Bund. The atmosphere of the market is strong. There are also many small shops, restaurants, grocery sellers, and a large wholesaler. The market, where trucks are loading every time they pass.

Speaking of Shanghai, the first impression should be that it is a bustling metropolis, with a luxurious feel like purple, drunk and golden. Little do they know that it actually has a simple, slightly market-like side.

These small roads made me feel the smoke and fire of the magic city, and everyone is working hard for a better life.

So glad we found this place, love the place, it feels down to earth.

Foodie's Paradise-Shanghai Old Town God's Temple

Shanghai Town God's Temple is located in the most prosperous and most prestigious Yuyuan scenic spot in Shanghai. It is an important Taoist temple in Shanghai and has a history of nearly 600 years. The wind and rain have changed, dynasties have changed, and the Shanghai Town God's Temple has also experienced rise and fall.

Shanghai Town God's Temple is a southern large-scale building with red walls and mud tiles. The main building in the temple is composed of the square in front of the temple, the main hall, the Yuanchen Hall, the God of Wealth Hall, the Cihang Hall, the City God Hall, and the Empress Hall.

People who are familiar with Shanghai often say, "You have to go to the Town God's Temple to eat snacks before you have been to Shanghai." It seems that the reputation of the Town God's Temple in Shanghai is far and wide. Town God's Temple covers the Old Town God's Temple, Yu Garden and Snack Street, and is one of the must-see places in Shanghai.

I also saw Zhang Xiaoquan's scissors here, which felt inexplicably familiar.

There are many snacks in Chenghuang Temple, such as crab roe buns, but now most of them are tourists, and they are in groups, and they are taken by tour guides. Once the snack street is combined with tourist groups like this, under normal circumstances, the price of snacks It won't be particularly expensive, but the quality will drop a lot.

Town God's Temple Snack Plaza, which can be regarded as the kingdom of snacks, the special snacks in Lubolang, the vegetarian buns in Songyuelou, the eight-treasure rice in Songyunlou, Nanxiang Xiaolong, Ningbo Tangtuan and Jiuniangyuanzi, etc., are all special delicacies worth trying .

In the Year of the Rat in 2020, a huge mouse is dressed up in a joyous manner, with big money characters on its chest. This is the rhythm of making a fortune~~ I hope I can make a small fortune in 2020~~ ~ The annual wish seems to be They all dream of getting rich.

The red lanterns are hung high, and this place is filled with this festive atmosphere, allowing tourists to feel the atmosphere of the New Year in advance~

All kinds of delicacies that challenge our taste buds seem to be interpreting the connotation of "Old Temple Snacks" and "Shanghai Style Dishes". ...

Of course, in addition to the food culture, there are also a large number of handicraft shops located here. They have inherited the exquisite skills of a hundred years, and they are carrying forward the only remaining ancient skills day after day. Every time I see this, I can't help feeling Thumbs up to such people from the bottom of my heart.

Looking for a trace of Korean flavor in Shanghai--Korea Street

Going to Korea, the Korean photo stickers that must be punched in are coming to Shanghai. Because of the high popularity, I directly found this store - Four Pieces of Life.
Price: 35 yuan/time, with 2 long photos at a time.
Coordinates: No. 40, 3rd Floor, Block B, Jingting Building, No. 1000 Hongquan Road, Korea Street
Subway: Walk a few hundred meters from Exit 3, Longbai New Village, Line 10

This store is quite special. There is no staff on site, and the whole process is self-service, but it provides a lot of props that can be worn for free to take pictures. It is a must for taking girlfriends and couples photos. It is quite amazing to see the effect of other people's photos posted on the wall! Love!

Since we didn't go at the right time and there were so many people, we went downstairs to shop and eat. Sure enough, food is more attractive to foodies.

I'm dying of laughter, this Korean aunt believes that everyone who chases Korean dramas is very familiar with her, and she also likes her a lot, she is amiable~~~

Come, come, come, let's go straight to the food~

Uncle's hot dog sticks are genuine, delicious and big. After eating this hot dog stick, my dinner is almost hopeless, full. The food that is freshly baked and waiting to be made is delicious. The crispy bread crumbs are topped with tomato sauce and cheese.

It also sells spicy rice cakes here, I knew I would come here to eat rice cakes. Because we went to a Korean side dish store, we bought a rice cake in the store and ate it, but the content is not as much as here , so I can recommend everyone to eat here.

Uncle is very busy by himself. There are a lot of Koreans here to shop and buy things. In a foreign country, this place should feel like home. It is as cordial as Chinese people going to Chinatown abroad.

Lovely and high-value milkshake, you deserve it.
100% like rate for taking pictures and sending them to Moments, and a very high rate of repeating them after holding them in hand. This is-Stair Room Coffee
The boss is a little brother from Korea, trying to speak Chinese at a slow speed~ I ordered three kinds of berry milkshakes, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. It's a good product, and its appearance is responsible.

Address: No. 1000, Hongquan Road (next to Supermarket W, Jingting Building)

You can also add free wheat cakes, we didn't add hee hee~~
The store is very small, because it is next to the stairs, so it is called the staircase room hahaha

This is a Hong Kong-style tea restaurant, which is very large. When you look at the decoration style, it is full of Hong Kong flavor.

There are almost several Korean supermarkets named G and W similar to ABC in Korea Street. They are full of Korean products. We also went shopping and bought a few bottles of drinks at moderate prices.

The packaging of this bucket of noodles is too cute, the uncle here looks so spicy, I really want to laugh hahaha.

It feels like every restaurant on this street is a Korean restaurant, and there are countless barbecue shops, snack bars, and small food shops.

The business of this Korean food supermarket is booming. When we bought rice cakes and drinks, the boss was too busy to leave us. We couldn't laugh or cry~

The side dishes are placed in the freezer, neatly arranged in rows, and an endless stream of people come to buy side dishes. Most of them are kimchi, which seems to be homemade. It looks very clean and delicious. variety here is too complete. It is a treasure trove of Korean food supermarkets.

There are basically all kinds of kimchi that I can think of. In addition to kimchi, there are also kimbap, sauce, soup, kimchi cakes, spicy rice cakes, etc. In short, Korean local snacks are very complete.

Well, I accidentally ate a lot of food while shopping in the afternoon, and my stomach is still very full. The original plan was to eat barbecue, but I planned to soak in soup, and finally ordered a portion of bibimbap that I wanted to eat, but I couldn't last after eating half of it. It's a sin~

written at the end

Life is a journey with no return. In this journey that seems to have no way out, whether you encounter the wind, the rain, or any life that passes by, it will bring profound meaning to the continuous life. Time never stops moving forward for anyone. When we chase time, life is given new meaning.

In just a few days in Shanghai, we witnessed the beautiful night view of the Bund, Tianzifang and Nanjing Pedestrian Street at night, saw the lofty ambitions of the Wukang Building, tasted local snacks in Shanghai and Korean food, all of which were worthwhile was recorded. I rearranged what I saw, heard, and felt during this trip, and weaved it into the current travel note, which also reflects my passion for life and freedom here. I hope that I can also have a little bit of love for you who are breaking free from the shackles of life. help.