Travel Notes

"Guizhou" trip to find autumn, colorful Guizhou autumn tour for four days
about this trip Surrounded by mountains, thousands of years of time seem to have abandoned this place. The ancient style, rhyme and ancient songs her
Guizhou Xingyi, Zhenfeng and other places 4-day tour
At 5 o'clock in the morning on April 27, we set off from Dujiangyan, took a minibus to Shuinianhe, Chengdu, and organized a group to participate in th
2020 self-driving tour: Beijing - Hunan, Hubei and Guizhou (continued - the 4th stop - Wanfeng Forest, Maling River Canyon, Qingyan Ancient Town)
On November 17, 2020, I got up in the morning and had breakfast, went to the hotel's own waterfall viewing point, then left Huangguoshu Hotel, and dro
Charming Qianxinan
A short and powerful trip, the seven-day trip, for Guizhou, which has many good attractions, ended before it even started. It is great to go to Guizho
Tiandong scenic off-road vehicle
Let’s go to Tiandong on May 1. The travel strategy of Tiandong Scenic Spot is here. I went to Tiandong on May 1. The weather was very good that day, t
Rural Tour in Central Guizhou·Longli County Chaxiang Village │ Prickly pear yellow all over the mountain, a beautiful picture of autumn harvest
autumn is a season of romance it hides in every corner used to the hustle and bustle of the city Come to the village to enjoy the autumn scenery L
Two people choose one city - Stone Forest
The high mountains are the valleys and the mausoleums, and the seabed was traveled 300 million years ago; it is a pity that the previous humanities ra
December 30, 2018-January 6, 2019 Shilin Jiuxiang & Yuanyang Terraced Fields & Jianshui Ancient City 8-day tour
foreword Busy and busy, I didn’t expect that it took more than a month to write this travel note~ The starting point for this trip is to see that the
2021 Caiyunzhinan self-driving tour diary 1
202103 Caiyunzhinan self-driving tour diary The original plan for the spring of 2020 was completely postponed for a whole year by the new coronavirus
Beautiful Xishuangbanna (2)
Folklore Tour January 20, 2015 Before 8:00 in the morning, Master Xia was already waiting for us in the hotel lobby, and we agreed to leave at 8:00. A