Shanghai, the magical capital, is a place that no matter how many times you have been there, you still want to go there again. There is no reason, no reason, just a kind of fate, a kind of thought. Walking in the streets of Shanghai is all kinds of memories from previous visits. There is a lot of traffic... It is precisely because of its magic that we chose to start again during this year's National Day holiday after going there many times. During this trip to Shanghai, because I chose four unique "niche" routes, I really managed to avoid the flow of people and slowly explore the magic of the magic capital.


1. North Bund

2. New Landscape of Pudong

3. Three "Street Sweeping Lines"

4. Creative parks in Shanghai

North Bund

Recommended route:Former Site of Moses Hall-Jiantou Bookstore-Yacht Club-North Bund Riverside Green Space-Gate of Music-Modu Matrix-Bewaidu Bridge-Zhapu Road Bridge

If you want to appreciate the beauty of the Huangpu River, but don't want to be "overwhelmed" by the crowds, try this niche route, there are surprises to be discovered everywhere↓

Regardless of whether it is a holiday or not, the Bund in Shanghai is always crowded with people and it is extremely lively. This may be the most Shanghai-style photo spot in Shanghai. However, in the North Bund not far from it, you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Huangpu River, the key is that there are still few people. Take Metro Line 12 and get off at the International Passenger Transport Center Station, and you will come out to the Magnolia Shopping Center, where there are many delicacies↓

Go out of the building, not far from the North Bund↓

The Moses Synagogue was closed early so I couldn't go in, so I walked directly to the Jiantou Bookstore in Jiayu Building on Gongping Road↓

Walking out of the bookstore to the riverside is the yacht club↓

The way yachts leave the port here is very special. They must first enter a closed lock, wait until the water level in the lock is equal to the water level of the Huangpu River, and then leave the port. It is a bit like the lock of the Panama Canal↓

The Riverside Green Space on the North Bund is 2.5 kilometers long. There is a plastic runway inside. It is good for walking or running↓

Located in the Gate of Music of the SDIC Building, the three balls are the iconic landscape of the North Bund ↓

The Magic Capital Matrix is ​​an outdoor climbing venue, facing the area that is being renovated and upgraded by the river, and the scene before the renovation is marked on the shielded glass wall outside↓

Lin Huiyin and Xu Zhimo met Tagore at the Huishan Wharf for his first trip to China↓

On the way to Baiwaidu Bridge, you can always see the "three-piece suit" and the Oriental Pearl Tower on the opposite side of the Huangpu River. They look more three-dimensional and charming in the afterglow of the setting sun. The light reflected from the outer wall echoes the waves on the river. A peaceful and prosperous picture↓

During the National Day, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, Shanghai Pujiang Music and Light Show will be held on the Bund and Lujiazui on the banks of the Huangpu River. From 19:00 to 22:00 in the evening, there will be official performances every hour and half hour, each time about 5 minutes. Tracks include: "The East is Red", "A Walk on the Bund", "My Motherland and Me", "Ode to the Red Flag"↓

Standing on the Zhapu Bridge, the front is the bright red Waibaidu Bridge, and the back is the bright yellow and orange Sichuan North Road Bridge, and the Zhapu Bridge at the foot is like a white bridge across the Suzhou Creek. From here, across the Huangpu River, you can see the "three-piece suit" of Pudong Magic City on the other side and the night view of the Oriental Pearl Tower. The Shanghai Postal Museum on the side of the Sichuan North Road Bridge is particularly cold in the night↓

If there are many people watching the night view at Baiwaidu Bridge and Zhapu Road Bridge, you can also go to Shanxi Road Bridge and Zhejiang Road Bridge.

Pudong new landscape

Recommended route:Pudong 1862 Fashion Art Center--Lujiazui Shanghai Center Building--Duoyun Bookstore--Guanfu Museum--Take Lujiazui Ferry to the Bund on the other side--South Bund Old Wharf


The Shanghai shipyard with a history of more than 150 years has now been transformed and designed by architect Kengo Kuma, combining structural space with modern fashion and art. It is a new type of commercial consumption place, with Internet celebrity coffee shops, restaurants, and high-end designer brands. There are also home furnishings and various art exhibitions, with a strong industrial style. Mottled red brick walls, rusty steam pipes, stainless steel metal mesh, plus the consistent light and shadow of the master, walking here feels like being lost in another world and space, feeling the memories of the years, and you can also look at the beautiful scenery of the Pujiang River↓

Take a taxi to Shanghai Center Building on Yincheng Middle Road. On the 52nd floor of the tallest building in Shanghai, there is a recently popular Internet celebrity bookstore - Duoyun Academy, a bookstore hidden in the clouds, with large floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Huangpu River. The view is beautiful, the bookstore is spacious and bright, and all the bookshelves are designed in a simple arc shape. Through the bookshelves, you can see the big glass windows and the cloudy sky outside. As I write this, I suddenly understand why the academy is named "Duoyun" . Imagine, if the weather is good, the blue sky and white clouds outside the window, sitting by the window reading a book, looking up is the charming Shanghai beach view outside the window↓

On the right side of the bookstore is the beverage bar, which has juice and coffee. Next to it is the entrance of the Cape of Good Hope. In fact, it is a viewing area by the window. You can overlook the Huangpu River and Pudong. You need to buy juice or coffee to enter. A cup is 50 About $↓

The bookstore is directly accessible by a dedicated elevator on the first floor of the building. Newly promoted Internet celebrities are very popular, so you need to queue up↓

The Guanfu Museum, located on the 37th floor of the same building, is the first private museum in New China. Ma Weidu is the founder and first curator↓

There are four fixed exhibition halls in the museum: Porcelain Hall, East-West Hall, Gold Ware Hall, Statue Hall, and a temporary exhibition hall↓

Pudong outside the museum window is really a place that reflects the new height of Shanghai↓

From the Shanghai Tower to the riverside, take a ferry at the Dongchang Road Ferry in Lujiazui to the Jinling East Road Ferry on the Bund on the opposite bank. The ferry ticket is 2 yuan and lasts 10 minutes. line difference.

The wedding scene on the ferry↓

If you want to take a night tour, you can buy a ticket for the sightseeing ferry at the nearby Shiliupu Wharf. The ticket price ranges from 80 to 150 yuan, and the difference lies in whether it includes meals and seats in the viewing area. There are sightseeing bus stops on the Bund one after another. The sightseeing bus with a terrace on the second floor can hop on and off within 24 hours. The fare is 100 yuan↓

The Bund is full of tourists no matter it is day or night, so it is recommended to go to the Bund or go to the North Bund or go to the South Bund. The old wharf is a renovated area on the South Bund. Walking in, it looks like Sinan Mansion and Xintiandi↓

The road outside is very good↓

The old houses being renovated, the empty streets, and the high-rise buildings in the distance create an illusion, and it seems to locate all the details about Shanghai in a flash↓

Shanghai, the magical capital, is a bustling place.

But when I turned around, I immediately met another more elegant Shanghai. On the old roads with falling phoenix trees, there are old houses with a long history, with the unforgettable old flavor of Shanghainese, and with the unique feelings that truly belong to Shanghai.

sweeping the beach

One of the routes: Yuanmingyuan Road, looking for old buildings in old Shanghai, old roads and old buildings a hundred years ago

In the neighborhood near the Bund, every walk is full of scenery. Avoid the section of Nanjing East Road in the morning and after ten o'clock in the evening. They are all quiet corners full of charm. The lights are dim, and with the zebra crossing on the road, each one is quiet and gentle. , a building located at the junction of Dianchi Road and Yuanmingyuan Road, many people come to take wedding photos.

Yuanmingyuan Road is close to the Bund but very quiet. It starts from Beijing East Road in the south and ends at Suzhou Road in the north. There are many old buildings. From the east side, they are: the former New Tian'an Temple, the British Consulate, and the Peninsula Hotel, and eight townhouses on the west side. The old bungalows are even more beautiful, such as Zhenguang Building, Lyceum Building, Xiejin Building, Hami Building, National Association of Chinese Young Women's Christian Association, Yuanmingyuan Apartment, Ampere & Co., Hui Mansion, and then go to Rockbund Art Museum (former site of Shanghai Museum)↓

Baiwaidu Bridge↓

The original new Tian'an Church skillfully combines Roman style and Gothic elements. There are two chapels on both sides of the central bell tower. It is the only remaining waterside church in Shanghai↓

True Light Building↓

Ampere & Co.↓

Yuanmingyuan Apartment↓

Rockbund Art Museum, you can see the opposite Oriental Pearl Tower from its rooftop↓

Line two:
Wukang Road to find the stories of the Republic of China in old Shanghai,Lamented that the deepest place in Wutong is the most Shanghai
Wukang Road, formerly known as "Fukaisen Road", is known as the "celebrity" road in Shanghai. It condenses nearly a hundred years of history. The European-style buildings are hidden under the dense plane trees. The most famous one is Wukang Building, which is covered with red bricks. The walls, corner balconies, triangular classical pediments, etc., have the charm of the French Renaissance. "Even if it is moved to Paris, it will definitely be a rare architectural masterpiece." The shape of the building is like a huge ship waiting to set sail, so it is not difficult to understand the origin of its "Normandy Apartment". Many people come here to see the style of old Shanghai, but after all, it is only a quick glance↓

"Lust, Caution" made Wukang Road popular, and photo shooters flocked to it. In fact, there are many streets with deep fame in the French Concession, such as the tile bungalows on Tianping Road, the lonely corner of Yongfu Road, and the music box shop on Wuyuan Road. The sweet-scented osmanthus wine ↓

Wukang Road, which is less than two kilometers away, hides half of the Internet celebrity landmarks of Shanghai, and the century-old story of old Shanghai. The European style and modern trendy design span time and jointly interpret the unique beauty of Shanghai. I ran into a crew who was filming TV. Is the script the most Shanghai in the depths of Wutong?↓

The Drops coffee shop has always been a quiet and good place. If you don't know this cup of cold brew coffee, you may think it's a bottle of foreign wine↓

The visitor center on Wukang Road is very well done. There is an exhibition of old photos of Wukang Road, and some Shanghai travel materials are distributed. If you want to know the stories of the Republic of China in old Shanghai, if you want to experience cultural inheritance, if you want to feel the touch of history while sightseeing and enjoying the scenery, then you must not miss this place↓

Wukang Road's many derivative trails hide the charm of Wukang Road. Only when you get close to it can you understand its story. Old restaurants, cafes, bookstores, designer stores, and French plane trees beside the road, this is Shanghai↓

The same scenic spot, different people have different feelings, every time you come to Shanghai, you must come here to see. All kinds of elegant and unique old buildings are integrated in the plane trees on both sides, giving people a quiet and elegant temperament. Shuttle in the former residences of historical celebrities, lamenting the time ↓

On Sinan Road not far from Wukang Road, Sinan Mansion is the only project in Shanghai aimed at the preservation and protection of garden houses. There are various architectural styles such as vertical garden houses, independent garden houses with inner courtyards, row buildings, verandah buildings, new-style lanes, garden lanes, modern apartments, etc. It is the concentration of modern residential buildings in Shanghai. On Sinan Road, enjoy the scenery intertwined with buildings and plane trees all the way↓

The former site of the Shanghai Office of the Chinese Communist Party Delegation nearby was built in the 1920s. It is a three-story European-style garden residence. It is the only well-preserved and open Zhou Enlai memorial site in Shanghai. After the Anti-Japanese War, the delegation of the Communist Party of China set up an office here. They made important contributions to the development of the Chinese people's liberation cause here, and wrote a glorious page in the history of Chinese revolution↓

From here and the site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Xintiandi, we can see that our party has a long-term vision and moved into the core location of Shanghai early in the morning↓

Shanghai Arts and Crafts Museum, commonly known as the "Little White House", is a low-key place with a "tall" charm↓

It has a spiral staircase comparable to that in the Vatican Museum↓

The Moller Villa at the junction of Yan'an Overpass and Shaanxi South Road is known as a dream castle, Nordic architectural style, a castle in a busy city↓

Rong Zhai is a famous garden house in Shanghai. PRADA teamed up with a group of skilled craftsmen to renovate it in 2011. Just imagine how luxury brands and industrial buildings are combined↓

Xintiandi, Shanghai, is still the most popular place due to many criticisms. It was originally an old Shikumen building area, but was later transformed by developers into a modern leisure area for dining, shopping, business, and entertainment. Brick walls and tiles reveal the street style and cultural heritage of old Shanghai. The Lingnan Xintiandi in Foshan was developed by the same developer. It feels more down-to-earth than the one in Shanghai. The same thing is that there are many good-looking men and women↓

Xintiandi is still expanding, and it is by far the best open-air bar area. More and more design stores, clothing stores and luxury stores are opening in Xintiandi, making it more and more like an alternative shopping mall, of course, under the name of Shikumen↓

Shanghai has always been compatible, inherited and developed↓

Route 3: Duolun Road reproduces the style of old Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s

Duolun Road, only about 500 meters long, has been refurbished to reproduce the style of Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s. Duolun Road, which has gone through a hundred years of vicissitudes, not only can you see many styles of buildings within a hundred meters, but it is still unwilling to be conservative, but keeps pace with the times, injects the connotation of the times, and continues to write cultural splendor. It has become a model for the accumulation of red tourism resources and the deep integration of culture and tourism↓

Someone once wrote an article on the Internet to comment on this well-known road as "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Short and Dapper". 500 meters, from the cafe where Wang Daohan wrote "The Cradle of Left-Wing Writers" to the baroque "Hengfeng Tea House", the Christian Church "Hongde Hall" that combines Chinese and European, and the "Shanghai Multi-cultural Museum" that combines modern art in Dantian. Lun Museum of Modern Art"↓

In addition to the above-mentioned places, there are also the "Xue Mansion" in the English Georgian style, the residences in the Japanese Western style period, the "1920 Mansion" in the neoclassical style of the small white building, the "Old Movie Cafe" in Shanghai's retro style, and the late Victorian style. The former dormitory site of the Chinese University of Arts in the Queen Anne revival style, the former residence of Bai Chongxi in the French neoclassical style, the former residence of Liang Hongzhi in the Roman Doric style, and the former residence of Kong Xiangxi in the Spanish Ottoman Turkish style↓

This Duolun Road has no knowledge of history, politics, or architecture. It only takes 15 minutes to walk around it, but young people with ideals, morality, culture, and discipline will surely be able to walk for 1 or 2 hours. There are many buildings with different styles; there are many former residences, but they are ten steps away;

Opposite Duolun Road is Lu Xun Park↓

Sweet Love Road, not far from Duolun Road, is a road of love that has become an Internet celebrity for no reason, reminiscent of le mur des je t'aime in Paris↓

Before coming to Shanghai, I happened to chat with a friend about Shanghai. The friend said that she likes the petty bourgeoisie in Sinan Road and Tianzifang, the luxury in Huaihai Road, and the concentration of brands in Nanjing Road. These feelings are just cold road signs, and the bustling business district is full of people. Strange and unreal feeling, every time I pass by Tianzifang in Shanghai Longtang, looking at the brand-new painted exterior walls (different patterns every time), and the neatly repaired Shikumen, I come here to visit Foreigners, tourists who come to check in in a hurry feel strange. ASE and Xintiandi are just the "fronts" of Shanghai, receiving batch after batch of guests. I feel that the Shikumen in my earliest memory is the old Shikumen from movies and TV shows. It is an alley made of bluestones, with traces of the brand of the times. There are spittoons, benches, and cattail fans at the door. The noisy mahjong sound, noisy noise, and the subei dialect that can never be heard clearly. The intersection of old and new buildings, the past and present of a city, people walking through it, both the scenery and the master↓


Friends who envy Shanghai, you can go to see the old Shanghai in the old days on weekends, walk around the old streets, meet houses with stories, drink afternoon tea, and taste the old taste.

Creative Park in Shanghai


Get off at Hailun Road Station of Metro Line 4 or Line 10. This is the slaughterhouse of the former Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Industry. It was funded by the Bureau of Industry of the then public concession, designed by a British designer, and built by a well-known domestic builder at that time. It was once the modernization of the Far East at that time. The slaughterhouse with the highest degree, largest scale and most perfect technology is called "the machine of the concrete industry". There are only three works of the same scale in the world, but the other two buildings in the United Kingdom and the United States have long since disappeared. Now it is "1933 Laochangfang" creative park↓

This unique old building, the basic structure of outer square and inner circle coincides with the traditional concept of "sky round place" in Chinese Feng Shui, "beamless floor", "umbrella style style", "curved staircase", " Many distinctive styles of buildings such as "Corridor Bridge" and "Cow Road" are integrated, and the infinite changes of light, shadow and space present a maze-like effect↓

At present, it has become a fashion creative design center and a national industrial tourism demonstration site. Because of the filming of "Little Times" and "Running Man", it has instantly become a gathering place for young people in Shanghai. However, with commercial development and the invasion of various stores, the original industrial atmosphere has been somewhat destroyed↓

2. Columbia Park
Get off at West Yan'an Road Station of Metro Line 3 or Line 4, a park reopened by Vanke, a new landmark park in Shanghai. It has a strong Moroccan style and a sense of vacation. It is another holy place for taking pictures. Since it is newly opened, there are still a lot of people, and of course it is not crowded↓

No. 50 Moganshan Road has an ordinary appearance, and it is easy to miss it. Only when you walk in can you see the great world. This light industrial park has multiple artist studios, large galleries and art spaces, and it is also a place for young people with unlimited creativity. Here you can take a photo with a flamboyant background in front of the graffiti wall, browse the bookstore in the old factory building, drink a cup of artistic coffee...↓

Located in Songjiang District, under Songjiang Xincheng Station of Metro Line 9, this place was originally a large-scale real estate, but the planning and design here is good, showing the appearance of a rather "authentic" European town. The church, the little red train and the famous Zhongshu Pavilion, and after years of development, are really full of a natural, not so fake European-style daily life atmosphere, and it has become a wedding shooting base↓

I like the convenience of Shanghai and am amazed by the changes in Shanghai.Walking in a hurry, with a natural state of mind, I share this memory with you.If the travel guide cannot be detailed, you can leave a message to inquire. I am very willing to share my experience and be your walking guide.