Where do you go during the 11th holiday? Many ideas in the past were finally finalized in Songjiang Shimao Intercontinental on the 3rd to 5th day of November. We ate in the deep pit, played in the deep pit, and lived in the deep pit. The whole family is in a bucket, Wang is the leader, and the group consists of Ying, Ping, Ting, Lan and me.


On Monday, 10.3, Guangfulin Cultural Heritage Park was the first scenic spot we encountered. Ping and I, who were farthest away from the scenic spot, became the earliest pathfinders. At 9:15, we parked in Guangfulin's lake bottom parking lot , 9:25 sitting in Duoyun Academy to enjoy the aroma of a cup of coffee and books, what is left to Wang and others is the time and the location of the academy.

Fulin Zhaobi, Ping and I just noticed the introduction of Guangfulin's general appearance. Turning around, we saw the Duoyun Academy, a high-rise building in the Ming Dynasty, and the iconic half-cave underwater building on one side. We just left a shadow.

A tall house in the Ming Dynasty, a typical Huizhou old house, high house, deep well, Mingtang, hall, not only whitewashed walls and black tiles, but also horse head corners, the gatehouse is even more exquisite, many wooden components, such as cornices, rafters and jues , Wall tiles, and vertical lotus columns are all replaced with brick carvings and stone carvings. From then on, the pink walls are lively and vivid to create a three-dimensional hollow relief. The current plaque lives in Duoyun Academy, which is really suitable for the scholarly family, Hanlin Mansion, Dafudi, where the bamboo buds are luxuriant, and the purple air comes from the east. We are touched by our own academy, Duoyun Academy, which has its own golden house in the book. There is Yan Ruyu in the book.

We have a very ceremonial entry, code and card swiping, accurate to the individual, the first hall we enter, distinguishing entry and exit, we opened Duoyun's reading mode from the right.

On the right side, it is completely transparent, without the traditional separation of wing rooms, and the carved beams and painted buildings that cannot be moved are in the middle. Most of the books displayed here, and a few ink treasures, among them, the readers, the popular ones, the open shelves, and the small ones, are displayed in the niche window.

Ping and I came to the turning point of the academy unconsciously. Seeing the tea and coffee being sold, we guessed that this should be the third entrance hall of the ancient courtyard, and the second entrance? Then you have to order and see you later.

There is a hurdle that we can't get around. We ordered latte and American style before crossing the high hurdle and entering a courtyard, and going one step further is the tea room coffee bar. There is a men's and women's coffee break at the c position near the center. We chose a position on the right side away from the door opening to enjoy the aroma of coffee.

I am free, and I looked at the location. This should be the second entrance of Gaofang. Between the two courtyards, the courtyard in front is called Songshijing, and the courtyard in the back is Shuiyun Township, outside Bixing. It is not difficult to guess the implication of "Songjiang Yunjian" in ancient times.

Remembering that there are wang, ying, ting, and lan who haven't arrived yet, I take a quick swipe, and lan replies: I'm stuck on the way in. And ting is an understatement: slept through, just set off. Haha, slept, dreamed, came, time passed.

From now on, it will be reading time. The first one is "Hockney's Pictures"; the second is "This Is China". As soon as you pick it up, you can feel the freshness of Hockney's decoration, a cup of bitter coffee, the bitterness is sweet, and the eyes are full of Hockney's bright and clean colors. Sometimes I think of Gauguin, and sometimes I think of Van Gogh.

At this moment, there is a beep from Wang's WeChat: We (wang, ying, lan) are here. I checked the time subconsciously, 10:40, we have been sitting in Duoyun Academy for an hour.

Drinking tea, the seats became crowded instantly, Fenghuang Dancong, plus refreshment snacks, teacup teapot tea sea, and tea lotus tea leaking tea, immediately filled the entire tea table. It's time for my book to move.

Wang warms the cup, wakes up the tea and brews the tea, the teacup is immediately filled with the fragrance of the tea. After taking a sip, the bitterness and astringency are separated.

"This Is China" was moved to Ping, and then moved to Ping's hands. After reading a few pages, I lamented that the GDP of a big country ranked second, and at the same time lamented the ranking of the country's per capita ranking. Wang said casually, it was not easy, and he was in the top 60.

Ting, who arrived at the latest, was full of confidence, because there were people inside, and the waiter couldn't stop him at all.

At 11:45, we left Duoyun Academy. The gatehouse of the high-rise building in the Ming Dynasty became our focus again. The same scene touched me twice. Duoyun Academy, I really admire you!

For the next scenic spot, there is no clear guideline. Everyone unanimously decided to follow the fate and get what you encounter. Today is a hot day, so we have to take it easy, go first and travel lightly.

Heading north, after Yunzhengxiawei Memorial Archway, there is a long bridge. The scenery is not on the bridge. We took photos of the east side of the bridge.

As for the scenery on the west side of the bridge, we have to walk for a while. After crossing two small bridges in succession, the brick-red Guangfulin Archaeological Site Exhibition Hall is in front of us. The quantity actually attracted us to pay to visit, feeling as if we have been hit by a voodoo.

During the walk, wang began to learn about archaeological science and literacy. The roots of Shanghai and Qingpu Songjiang each hold their own words. Songze culture and Guangfulin culture. Jiabang culture is connected to Liangzhu culture; Guangfulin culture is just a node between Liangzhu culture and Maqiao culture. Now Songjiang has worked hard to carry it forward, and it can be regarded as grasping the root.

If you increase your knowledge, they are all treasures, such as jade cong, jade bracelet, stone plow, and stone fan. Footnote from wang: Jade cong, round inside and square outside, piercing through heaven and earth. The stone fan is a stone mold, a female mold and a male mold. This may be the earliest source of the word model. The No. 12 building site should be a ground-level building, not a semi-underground building.

Seeing the temperament, Wang taught Lan one-on-one privately, the so-called geological time, the so-called Chinese era.

In the entire exhibition hall, we entered at 12:15 and exited at 12:45, half an hour of archaeological enlightenment, we benefited a lot, this trick is worth it!

It is already lunch time, but we have nothing else to do, and we are still on the road to find the scenery. In the subsequent third scene, although we didn't put in much effort and didn't take long, it was our intention. We pretended to be in Kyoto, and the Fulin Pagoda turned into a three-story pagoda of Kiyomizu Temple; , no matter how you look at it, it looks like Sanjusangendo, it's getting hotter. In fact, we also want to pretend to be in Chang'an, pretending to be in Yiluo, but the buildings in the Tang Dynasty are too much wood, with different bricks and stones, so it is difficult to survive to this day. The road to Yiluo has been long for ten years, and it is worrying not to see Chang'an!

Tips for knowledge: According to the type, the pagoda can be divided into: Pavilion style, dense eaves style, Lama style, King Kong throne style and tomb tower style, etc.; according to the building materials, it can be divided into wood shape, masonry shape, metal shape, glass shape, etc. . The number of floors of the tower is generally very particular, and most of them are singular numbers, and the numbers on each floor have different meanings. For example, the 7 layers represent the 7 treasures: gold, silver, glass, clam, agate, pearl, rose. The thirteenth floor represents the thirteen sects of the Chinese sect, and 13 is an auspicious number in Buddhism, and the thirteenth floor represents the completion of merit and virtue. As the saying goes, saving a life is better than building a seven-level pagoda, and the seven-level pagoda refers to the seven-story pagoda. The plane design of the pagoda mainly includes square and octagonal shapes, as well as hexagonal, dodecagonal and circular shapes. It is generally composed of an underground palace, a base, a tower body, and a pagoda.

Fulin Pagoda, a triple pagoda, with the Tasha pointing directly at the sky, this is the most outstanding scene of Guangfulin. The whole pagoda is calm and elegant, reserved and hidden, quite down-to-earth. Those of us who realize the Tao are only waiting for the day when our sincerity reaches the golden stone. At that time, we have already walked from the kingdom of necessity to the kingdom of freedom. Thinking about it quietly, suffering and happiness are not in vain. It is also a joy. Haha, I can really laugh out loud, our realm is not high, we can't go very far, and we are still in the Three Realms.

At this moment, my mobile phone beeps: need to stay seated for the west bank steak? No, I have to rush to the meal appointment at Lushanren Japanese Food Store (Songjiang Impression City). After going through all kinds of hardships, we still haven't given up our love for life in rich clothes and good food!

what about ying? Of the family of six, Ying was the only one missing, who was probably still in the Sanyuan Palace, Lan put aside her own business and went looking for it. To be honest, Ying likes to take pictures, but in the end we rarely get to see pictures of her, how strange? !

At 13:00, we finally gathered enough people to leave, leave a photo, leave a little thought, goodbye Guangfulin!

We thought of booking a table, but we never thought of booking a parking space anyway, so we went around for a long time, and the three cars were parked at different locations in the east, west, north, south, and north of Songjiang Impression City, but this time it was Ting and Lan's turn to catch up We were at the front, followed by wang and ying, and ping and I didn't catch up until after 13:50.

This is the beginning of the family feast. Lan has a well-thought-out plan and orders. The boutique set meal for four provided by the store is very cost-effective and can be used as a group! Then it's a happy decision, order from the four-person set meal, plus two stir-fries. My drink is Coke, and the rest is oolong tea.

By the way, I noticed the cutlery on the dining table. Japanese tableware has always been exquisite and has a decent handle. Sushi chopsticks, saucers, dinner plates, and bucket-shaped bowls. Except for wooden chopsticks, all of them are made of ceramics. I have seen bowls and bowls before. Another way of writing, the bowl, is completely wooden, so the skin-friendly bowl endows it with an extraordinary appearance, sensibility, and even spirituality. It is really the so-called great food for men and women.

The waiters served the dishes one by one. I forgot the order, but I only remembered two orgasms.

One is the climax of mouth satisfaction, live sea bream + sashimi seven fights + red wine foie gras, the softest part of the taste is red wine foie gras, which melts in the mouth, except for the faint smell of wine, what can't be melted away is Sai Guo Creamy cheese flavor. Lao Taowang's comment: It tastes good, but the red wine foie gras is not a whole piece, it's all leftovers, and it's a collection of bits and pieces, which makes it delicious. The hardest part of the mouthfeel is dace sashimi. Except for the snowy and windy feeling of fish roe, the rest is hard. The yellowtail is delicious, the salmon is plump, and there are also tuna, sea bream, peony shrimp, and arctic shellfish. Xiaotao lan's comment: Salmon, if you want to love it, you must love big belly. Later, when lunch came, besides the ice cream, I really got a big belly, which was a bit difficult, but Lan and I still contracted it.

The other is the climax of childlike innocence, the wagyu sukiyaki pot, the pot was served early, we called the waiter to add more fire, the wagyu came late, after a while of rushing, the wagyu was the same as shiitake mushrooms, tofu, konjac, baby vegetables, It's all cooking, the time is already 15:40, most of the waiters have rested, at this point, eating and drinking are no longer important, the remaining dishes are sea bream, a whole live fish, made into one or two tenths of sashimi, Everyone can't see it being wasted, and put the raw sea bream into the pot as a boiled food. Wang is still the leader, ying, ping, and ting are yelling and booing, and Lan is watching coldly. But I have obtained the permission of the waiter. Others laugh at me for being too crazy, I laugh at others for not being able to see through, we are young at heart, our curiosity comes just in time.

Paying the bill, the waiter smiled and charged Alipay. We are too full for this meal!

If you eat too much, you will have to cause trouble, so we made an appointment to go to the hotel and go for a swim.

Shimao Intercontinental Hotel

The hotel we booked, Shimao InterContinental, also known as Shenkeng Hotel, is a big internet celebrity. It is open-minded all the year round, allowing many foreign guests who have never stayed in the hotel to enjoy the hotel's facilities and services, such as Cantonese cuisine in Caifeng Building, such as Yun Afternoon tea at Feng Jiu.

We don't care, even if it is a pit, we have to enter! In our three-car convoy, Wang's car got in early, and the other two were blocked, and there was a long queue in the inner lane. My car was right next to Ting, and Lan, who was on the side, was in a hurry and uploaded the hotel reservation form. It reminds you to plug in as soon as you can, and insert it in a detour. This trick is quite effective, simple things are not complicated, we fell into this deep pit like swimming fish, at 16:50.

Wang and Lan checked in in the lobby, and the rest waited in the corridor aisle. While enjoying the water curtain show in the lobby, we also felt the disdain from the eyes of men and women during the tea break. We were in the way of them! When the water curtain show is over, our check-in is also completed.

We officially entered the pit. The deep pit of Shimao Intercontinental is really a pit. It is definitely not in vain. The check-in time is too tight and too European. It can only be done at 15:00 and later, and there is no possibility of earlier. At the gate of the hotel, many foreign non-resident vehicles blocked the driveway, and we had to enter illegally. After finally entering the hotel and checking in, the last dozens of steps get stuck at the elevator entrance. In such a huge hotel, there are 15 basement floors plus G and UG. Even during the peak hours of staying and dining, there are only 4 elevators operating at most. We gentlemen, courteously entered our respective garnet-themed rooms, ting and lan in room 621, ping and I in room 627, wang and ying worked hard, and the agreed room 628 is still being cleaned.

Our room 627: The room is neat and the facilities are quite satisfactory. Although it is a superior room, it does not have the sense of luxury as imagined. The room is equipped with a smart small system that can control the curtains, air conditioners, and music by voice. Moving to the terrace, we can sit or talk freely. As the sun sets, the opposite cliff shows a moving landscape oil painting of the Hengshan Waterfall, from which we can interpret the red, orange, yellow and green, and the neon lights of wind and rain.

As for the bathroom, I have one thing to say, I personally don't like the rectangular washbasin, the water is too shallow, and I can't enjoy washing my face on a hot day.

After taking a shower, Ping and I rested for a while, about 18:00, Wang outside the door asked about swimming, I missed the appointment. Shimao InterContinental provides a wide variety of sports activities, such as rock climbing, paddle boarding, karting, fitness, and swimming. Wang chose swimming.

Later, Ping and I went down to the viewing platform on the 14th floor, which is also the stage for the drone performance of the light, shadow and water curtain show. At first, there were only three or two people sporadically. When Ting, Lan and Ying joined, the crowd suddenly became enthusiastic.

Taking pictures is a must. At this moment, Wang is splashing in the swimming pool in the above picture, which has a strong sense of image substitution. Afterwards, Wang said that he swam 10 laps in one breath, which is amazing, my king! Continue tomorrow!

At 19:30, the water curtain light and shadow show started on time. During the grotesque sound and light show, I almost mistook a deer for a horse. I fixed my eyes, came back to my senses, and saw that it was a deer. All of a sudden, God deer, the love of the children, ran around Run, the children are overjoyed. As adults, sensationalism gives way to rationality, so we lose this whimsical and immersive experience. Keeping a distance may be our last stubbornness.

The subsequent drone performance, the changing geometric patterns in the air, it is said that this is a group gymnastics of 42 drones, square dance, can you take us to play together? I can contribute a DJI share.

This is of course a joke. It is now close to 20:00, and the top priority should be to manage our dinner. I uploaded a group meal for 6 people in Caifenglou on WeChat. Everyone agreed that there is no power, the dishes are too rich, and they are afraid of stomach puffs. Can't handle it. In the end, it was decided to go to the Caifeng Building on the UG floor for a drink.

Caifeng Building does not mean that you can enter just by entering, you have to wait until the day lily is cold, and at 20:20, the usher will lead us to the table. Order, one per person, or dish or rice, after a while, roasted cabbage heart with truffle sauce, Wuliang Yuye tender bean sprouts, roasted bran, Maqiao tofu in bamboo shoots and chicken soup, Caifenglou rice cake braised pork, taro bacon Vegetable rice, fried rice with beef pine, made up a table, but someone ordered an extra one. Wang, Ying and I each had a beer, while Ping, Ting and Lan had tea. During this meal, we ate the burnt bitterness of truffles, the rich fragrance of bean sprouts, the earthy bean flavor of Maqiao tofu, and the fat but not greasy rice cake braised pork. In the end, we drank the wine and drank the tea. He packed the braised pork and made a reservation for tomorrow's dinner. Most importantly, Wang put the meal fee into the room card.

Make an appointment for the buffet breakfast at 8:30 in the Ming Dynasty, and then everyone will go back to their residences and have a rest! Ping and I really took a break, and maybe we still can't take a break, guessing about their current status, or fitness, or articles, or chasing dramas, or making money.

On Tuesday, 10.4, Wang woke up early, and Ping and I had a late episode. wang Two small bowls of preserved egg porridge + some Ouzao noodles, the buffet breakfast was finished at 8:00, a certain person in the deep pit was walking on the viewing platform in the center of the earth, wang thought it was me. In fact, our dawn is quiet, at this moment Ping and I are still sleeping in a dream, let Wang think about it like this, and wake up. Ting was puzzled and couldn't figure it out: it's very abnormal, this is not the original style! The wind has turned? Northwest wind? Cooled down?

At 8:30, Ping and I were queuing up at the G layer source coffee restaurant, waiting for the table arrangement of the buffet breakfast, and all around us were all the high-end faces with greasy faces. After a while, the table has been reserved, and not far away, I saw Ting and Lan who were eating, and after greeting each other, they went about their business. Ying came to the cafeteria to order at 9:00.

The young lady in the camera is beautiful and beautiful, calm and calm, we are envious and jealous, that hates it!

Let's do what we need to do with peace of mind. Let's have a meal. It's not as good as it sounds. We first have Chinese food, preserved egg porridge + pickles + spring rolls + deep-fried dough sticks. After tasting it, it feels good! Followed by western food, croissant + oat milk + coffee, it is considered as an extra meal, full of happiness! Do you have lunch? Natto + sun eggs, quite satisfactory, better than nothing!

Finally with the fruit disc, we also finished our respective buffet breakfast.

At 9:45, we made an appointment for the afternoon tea at G Stratus and Nine Peaks. This is the item that best reflects the sense of ceremony in Shenkeng Hotel. It is not an option, but a must-have bonus item! And meet at 11:00, starting to climb Sheshan.

There is still time, we are looking for the deep pit of the hotel on the G floor, a glass plank road, a suspended cableway, and a Ferris wheel. We saw the beginning of the glass plank road, but did not see the end.

Xishe Mountain

Today is the Double Ninth Festival, the weather is not very good, and there is light rain in the cool weather. Our focus is to climb the Chongjiu and climb Xishe Mountain. At 11:00, we set off on time. It took us an hour to get to the Sheshan parking lot not far away. The National Day and the Double Ninth Festival are double festivals, and there are many tourists. This is the scene we have estimated.

Sheshan distinguishes East and West Sheshan. Our trip is West Sheshan, which is 98.8 meters tall. The main building is the Catholic Church on the top of the mountain, which can be easily seen by the naked eye. We followed the flow of people, detoured the east gate, and entered the north gate on the Waiqingsong Highway. Health code, itinerary code, location code, adding codes layer by layer, after temperature measurement, there is also a visual inspection. Our leisure, a lot of time, and a lot of energy are nothing. They can all be used as consumables to be consumed.

Picking up the ladder, ping is assisted by trekking poles, and the rest depends on foot strength. Wang walks in front and I walk behind. Ying, ping, ting and lan are connected in the middle. During walking, the ear canal floats into Xiaodu's prompt Voice, auditory hallucination? I asked about ping, and I heard it, it's true! Following the sound, the mother of the little girl who was holding hands smiled, oh ha, the voice of China, dubbed by Xiaodu.

Wang stopped at the Pagoda of Xiudao, which is a scene of the middle way. The forest pagoda; the temple, has long since become an empty shell, just a bell tower, and a couplet in front of the door: Jinde, Taoism, wood, stone, and Nian, benefiting the world, economics, clouds and water. It is catchy, but has the feelings of flowing water.

A resting place displays the celebrities in the ancient Songjiang area, the most famous of which is Lu Ji Lu Yun who came out of Kungang. The earliest celebrities in Songjiang and even Shanghai in my thoughts are Songze people, Liangzhu people, Guangfulin people, and Maqiao people. It is these ancient people who created the brilliant Songze culture and Liangzhu culture. Guangfulin culture, Maqiao culture. As for individuals, it started from the Western Jin Dynasty of the Three Kingdoms. As for Huang Xie, the emperor of Chunshen in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods, he was not an old man from Shanghai. From the beginning of the Three Kingdoms, Western Jin Dynasty and Erlu Xinghuo Liaoyuan, Lu Zhi and Huang Daopo passed on the torch, and then there were Xu Jie, Dong Qichang, Xu Guangqi, Xia Yunyi, Xia Wanchun and his son, Chen Zilong, Qian Daxin, etc., shining like stars.

Continuing upward, there is the Sheshan Astronomical Museum, the old observatory, which was closed due to the lack of darkness caused by too much light stimulation, and now it is specialized in science education. Sheshan Observatory is the west wind of the natural science system, and it is the first in China.

During the tour, we had a discussion. Among the many ancient celebrities in Shanghai, Wang most admired Xu Guangqi from Xujiahui. The reason why Xu Guangqi made great contributions was that he surpassed the inevitable logic of the feudal empire and pointed out another possible way for China's development. The approach, from conservative, introverted and stubborn, to open and flexible development, is an innovation at the soul level. The most terrible enemy of civilization is closure. Although it was abandoned halfway, fortunately, it was continued in the late Qing Dynasty, and an era of constant awakening began.

Xu Guangqi was a scholar-bureaucrat, a Christian, and a pioneer beyond his time. Wang was eloquent, and we all were stunned for a while, followed by the enlightened enlightenment of Jinde and Taoism.

Xujiahui is the hometown of Xu Guangqi and the Xu family. At that time, Xu was a poor and remote pioneer. The Tianyao Bridge Road that runs through Zhaojiabang is the bridge and smooth road that Xu built to lead to heaven and light. The key is open, and it is you. in my hands.

Some of us asked: Why were the early churches in remote areas? Generally speaking, the central city has a relatively high degree of secularization, and the early missions can reach marginalized areas that are not as good as the mainstream. If you love to travel, there are too many churches in western China, most of which are missionaries. Not necessarily low income, most of them work part-time, have too many vests, besides preaching, part-time exploration, archaeology, who are blessed with the halo of naturalists and geographers.

We have reached the highest level. The Sheshan Catholic Church, the miracle of a tiny place, also known as the Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is the main pilgrimage site for Catholics in China. Today there is no formal pilgrimage, so we can focus on it. We have visited Sheshan Catholic Church many times, but we don't have so much experience today. It may be that we have experienced Xu Guangqi's explanation from Wang. Three people, there must be my teacher; six people, there is my star sea.

At this moment, Ping's foot hurts and he puts it down. We all remember a name, Xu Guangqi.

Back to the parking lot, it was already 13:00, looking back at Sheshan, the mountain is still good; man, you have worked hard!

Ting the mobile phone to search for the next scenic spot, Shanghai Poly Yunjian Theater, Songjiang Old Town, 10km away, need to drive for half an hour, the mobile phone still has content, there is a parking violation, yesterday Impression City, most of the first to enter the Japanese food store, all There is a price. Want to go to the Cloud Theater? Lan is categorical: Go, of course!

Shanghai Poly Yunjian Theater, whose official name should be Yunjian Hall Culture and Art Center, covers Songjiang District Cultural Center, Library, District Cultural Resource Distribution Center, Yunjian Theater, Yunjian Hall Art Exhibition Hall, and small theater. At 14:10, we parked in the underground parking garage of the Culture and Art Center. We couldn't see the north and the south, so we followed the security guards through the unused library, breaking the door.

On one side is the entrance and exit of Zuibaichi of Metro Line 9, while Yunjian Theater is located to the east. The building here is like a bamboo slip from the pre-Qin period that is slowly opened. It is thick, cultural, and has a sense of age. Passing the central man-made pool is the Yunjian Theater. Ting, Lan, and I only focused on the exterior scenes; while Wang, Ying, and Ping entered the Yunjian Theater to inquire about the inner details. Hurry up and don't be moved.

Hairy children don't feel the plot of children's dramas, and prefer the fun of pebbles sinking into water. The good show is still on the way, but the security guards stop it alive.

Our good plays are "The Earl of Wulong Mountain", "The Thief Wants You", "Guess How Much I Love You", "A Floating Life" that Yunjian Theater will star in. It is already good to have a good play, Four movies came out at once, this is us, our character has exploded!

I asked why not go to lunch, iron man! In fact, don't worry, this is our preset stalk, and the matter of lunch will be resolved in the afternoon tea when we return to Shimao Deep Pit.

Shimao Intercontinental Hotel

Leaving half an hour on the road aside, at 15:20, we were already sitting at Nine Peaks in the Clouds on the G floor of Shimao Intercontinental, enjoying the long-awaited afternoon tea. Black tea and coffee, we each take what we need, remember I am American, the afternoon tea culture originated from England, there should be more British elements, but our afternoon tea is not British, there is no embellishment of shiny silverware and skinny British Against the background of porcelain, the surrounding atmosphere is not suitable for the scene. The noisy tourists are all tourists waiting to check in. Only now can we empathize and understand the white eyes we encountered yesterday.

Our messy dining table, the waiter blessed with fresh fruits and drinks, three layers of snacks, not well-dressed, from time to time we have to support the fallen macarons, we officially start eating at 15:30, wang, ting and lan are in the afternoon The ruthless character of the tea hunt, wang started from the bottom layer of Ferrero-style crispy crisps. Ting and Lan popularized the tea guide, desserts and salty dishes, generally from salty to sweet.

It's so complicated, how come the remaining three noobs have seen this situation, they look at each other in blank dismay, they are no longer British, and they are eating too much!

Lan said that the crab meat tower and the sturgeon roe were delicious, Wang said that the hazelnut crispy tube was too crispy, and Ting thought that the mascarpone balls were still silky, one bite a piece of happiness. The ping shi dim sum was too sweet and greasy. Ying stole the plate and pushed the last macaron to me. I ate the most.

Today, Jiufeng among the clouds, our afternoon tea is different from others, it takes the least time. At 16:10, we bid farewell to Pharaoh next door and went back to our rooms to rest.

After a full meal, I have to walk around. Ping and I digested on the terrace, watched the scenery and read a book, and chatted with Ying Narrative next door. The idle book around me is "Beautiful Tuscany". As I read it, I shared a thought with all of us:

If you are free, read a paragraph of "Beautiful Tuscany": the world is getting smaller and smaller, and we are gradually converging. Can we keep the footsteps of thousands of years ago? We have come to Tuscany. In Tuscany, our warmth is always met. In fact, there is no need to go so far. We can feel the warmth of Sheshan Shimao right now.

Boom, boom, open the door, Ting and Lan call: Venus? Cephanil or? Just after afternoon tea, even five-star dim sum can't bear it! Then put it away, and eat it when you think of it. Thank you! After sitting for a while, Ting and Lan sent warmth to Wang and Ying who were next door to Room 628.

At 17:30, Wang invites me to swim. I can't miss the appointment this time. I went down to the swimming pool on the 14th floor. After registration, I warmed up. Wang showered with hot water and steamed first. I got wet in cold water and entered the pool first. By the way, I asked other swimmers , The temperature of the pool water was 28 degrees. After thanking him, I leaned into the pool.

The swimming pool was too small and too shallow. After swimming 4 laps, Wang also entered the pool. After one more lap, I said goodbye and went to rinse, and the wang continued.

At 18:00, passing the gym, I saw Ying and Ting walking fast on the treadmill, and Lan playing on the bicycle, so I greeted them. The little girl at the side gave up the treadmill and said that her exercise today was over. I'm so sorry to see me make a fool of myself on the treadmill and walk away quickly.

Ying and Ting walked for more than half an hour, and I persisted for 15 minutes. After we all finished exercising, Lan continued. The little girl just now was full of envy and muttered, Miss Sister, you are amazing! Exercise is addictive, exercise produces dopamine, exercise makes people more beautiful!

Dinner or the 6-person group meal booked last night at the Caifeng Building on the UG floor? It was very hot, and everyone was thinking about the braised pork that was packed yesterday, so they flinched, and Ting said that they would order takeaway later.

After exercising, I went back to my residence to take care of it. I pinged and told me that I got back the phone call for group meals in Caifeng Building.

It was 19:30, and the hotel's light and shadow show started again. This time I felt that I cut corners a lot compared to last night, and after a short show, I could only hear his voice, but not see his shadow.

Under the ting and lan floors, someone set off hand-held fireworks. We have pictures and the truth.

Takeaway is ready! Ting slightly; the takeaway is here, dear friends, you can go to room 621 to have a group meal! Ting slightly for a second time, this is very much like a dinner party with classmates in school days. The secretion of our digestive glands is delayed for an hour from the head phase to the stomach phase.

For dry rice, Ting chose two restaurants for takeout, Haring Noodle Restaurant and Jiangnanli New Zhejiang Cuisine Restaurant. Haring's signature bullfrog noodles, tomato beef noodles, and fried pork chops; Jiangnanli's black truffle beef fried rice, And garlic broccoli, house-roasted broad beans. We enjoyed the light and shadow show while eating noodles, laughing and laughing, looking at the pots and pans, looking at what was in the bowl, thinking about what was in the pot, the atmosphere was far more relaxed than last night. We exchanged all kinds of worries when eating, wang was afraid of being full, ying was afraid that it would not be spicy, ping was afraid of being greasy, lan was afraid of getting fat, and I was afraid of not being full. Ting summed it up. Do it yourself in the future!

This is the first time in my life to eat takeaway in a five-star hotel. From the beginning, I doubted that takeaway can go deep into the pit, until I had enough food and drink, and made an express delivery order. We, who are troublesome and afraid of trouble, experienced the joy of takeaway once: No The threshold is high, we have a variety of choices, you can order a la carte, you can fusion cooking, although it slightly lowers the taste and the beauty of the presentation, but it keeps us away from the pain of cleaning and saves precious time to do what we like Why don't we do it? !

This topic between us can also become a topic for those who are interested. Conduct research and report, and the proposed title can also be out of the circle, that is "After the backstab, the way of getting along with five-star hotels and takeaway food".

If you are not dedicated, you can go to the bar if you have the ability. No, Ying and I have to go down to the red bar on the 14th floor. It is so abrupt that TV dramas dare not do this! Sure? Ying and I are very sure! This really surprised wang, ping, ting, and lan, who ordered takeaway together.

When we arrived at the Red Bar, it was already 21:40 at night. Except for the waiter, there were only three or four patrons, including ying, including me. Ask ying, just beer. Let's get a Heineken first, and the waiter will take Fill the glass.

We were indoors, randomly choosing a location next to the window, and Ying said that he had never been to a bar, which I did occasionally. This is a place to relax and listen to. Twelve out of ten, parents who gossip and gossip forget about the short stories, and the children who feed and lick the calf vaguely remember the love of their children, but this is a matter of privacy and will not be included in the document.

It seems that Heineken ordered another one, and the two drank it separately. The bill was settled at 23:00, and it was settled on the room card.

On Wednesday, 10.5, Ping and I woke up naturally, finished grooming, and at 7:30, I sent a thank you message in the family bucket WeChat circle:

Any passionate travel, what you see and hear, what you think and feel, what you see, and what you can reach are all soft extensions and indulgences of the self again and again, as long as they are not too hard, taking into account the differences between each other And connected. Thoughts can be wild, but the heart is as quiet as a mirror. Thank you to all the friends who traveled together on this trip, and even more grateful to the instigator of this trip, who is the name of the instigator? Our wang, yes!

At 8:00, our buffet breakfast starts. This time we don't join the table, we don't sit together, and the whole family sits around a large dining table. This is a very ceremonial breakfast dinner. Every one of us , all feel the close maintenance and care from the family like a Cancer, this is affinity, this is cohesion, we share joys and sorrows, we jointly manage our own home, this home is the root of our emotional relationship .

After breakfast, we are free to do our own activities. It is expected to check out at 12:00. Our focus today is to visit the head of the Pujiang River.

The head of Pujiang

At 12:00, we checked out on time, set the route, and set off with a convoy of three vehicles, headed towards the head of the Pujiang River, a newly popular spot in Songjiang. The Songjiang area in Shanghai is known as the root of ancient civilization Shanghai, and it is also a geographical depression. Here, rivers and branches intertwine and lakes are dotted with stars. We take Chenhua Road, Kunming Highway, Songzheng Highway, Sanxin Highway, Minta Highway, Film and Television Road, drive for 45 minutes, stop at a farm alley with a little trouble, and leave a phone call. It takes about 20 minutes to walk to the head of the Pujiang River.

Knowledge Tip: In Shihudang Town, about ten kilometers away from Xiaokunshan Town, there is a scenic spot, the head of the Pujiang River, which is a national 3A-level scenic spot. Xietang, Yuanxiejing and Hengliaojing are the three major tributaries of the upper reaches of the Huangpu River. Among them, Hengliaojing, an inland B-class channel, runs through the whole town and can pass 500-ton ships. It goes east to downtown Shanghai, south to Zhejiang, and north to Suxi. There have been two theories about the source of the Huangpu River: one is at an altitude of 1,350 meters on Longwang Mountain in Anji County, Zhejiang Province; the other is at Dianshan Lake in the Taihu Lake Basin. In fact, the main stream of the Huangpu River was formed in Songjiang, Shanghai. Two of its three major tributaries come from the Yuanxiejing and Xietang Rivers meandering from the Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions, and converge in Dongxia Village, Shihudang Town to form a delta, commonly known as the Delta Ferry, like a giant ship breaking into the river. Heart. After the confluence of Yuanxiejing and Xietang Rivers, it grows into Hengliaojing, which is more than 300 meters wide, that is, Huangpu River. Here becomes the starting point of the main stream of the Huangpu River, that is, the zero kilometer of the Huangpu River, which is now called the head of the Huangpu River.

This hike is full of people, and the scenery is not monotonous. In the woodland of the natural oxygen bar, there are slow walking trails leading directly to the scenic spot. The windmills are made of paper; Mom is happy, and the little family is happy. A horse in the middle of the road froze past, but what was even more frightening was the mounted policeman on horseback, with a corgi dog with a big butt beside him, the boss was not happy, and growled at the horse. What is your name? watermelon! We are happy to eat melons, our buttocks are clear and full, with big ears, such a cute big watermelon!

Yuanxiejing, which is off the shore on the right, is open to ships traveling from south to north all year round. We used the camera to zoom in on the head of the Pujiang River. It is very friendly and does not feel strange at all.

It comes at your fingertips, and the buildings that appear in the camera are the Shuliuyun Pagoda, also known as the Fenshui Dragon King Temple, and the Chunshen Hall. Looking back is the Xuanxingjing Bridge across Yuanxiejing.

After passing the Pujiang Shoufan Archway, we officially entered the scenic spot. On both sides of the path, there are stone sculptures of ancient water control people. I remember, there are Qian Liu, Ren Renfa, Hai Rui, and Lin Zexu.

A fork road connected the flower path and plank road. We hesitated a little, but the overall goal was Shuliuyun Tower and Chunshen Hall.

While walking, a long convoy behind took a shortcut and parked at Chunshen Hall. It is said that the leader went all the way to investigate and investigate, and is currently on duty at the head of the Pujiang River.

Chunshen Hall, as the name suggests, commemorates Chunshen Lord Huang Xie. The plaque "Chunshen Hall" is in the middle, and the left and right lintels are inscribed with "Yongzhi Chulan" and "Chengen Haobo". What we see is completely in the style of the Tang Dynasty, with a single eaves and hipped roof, five ridges and four slopes, the main ridge is very short, and the two sides are decorated with owl kisses. The hipped roof is the highest level of Chinese architecture, and it is only used in the royal family and the Confucian government. Lord Chunshen was a courtier of the King of Chu until his death, and the King of Chu was only a viscount entrusted by the Zhou royal family. It is obviously an arrogance for Lord Chunshen to enjoy the courtesy of the verandah and the main hall. Perhaps the contemporary people are used to unconventional operations without the restriction of the standard level, but since it is a high imitation of the real one, and it enshrines famous ancient figures, we think that the head of the Pujiang River is a bit too much.

Inside Chunshen Hall is a water culture exhibition hall, which tells the stories of Shanghai ancestors drawing water, managing water, controlling water, and choosing water to live in, focusing on Chunshenjun's deeds of dredging Huangpu. The large-scale woodcarving of Huang Xie's water control map is located in the center of the exhibition hall, with a couplet on the left and a couplet on the right: No matter how old the peach is, the dawn is flat and the cloud is shaking. Others listed include restored wells of the Han Dynasty, polders of the Tang Dynasty, ancient boats of the Song Dynasty, sluices of the Yuan Dynasty and city scenes of the Qing Dynasty.

The Shuliu Liyun Tower stands at the head of the Sanjiang Ferry at the head of the Pujiang River. In addition to offering sacrifices to the Dragon King, the most important thing is the brightest light in the dark night, indicating the direction of sailing for ships traveling from south to north. Wang said, here is a group photo, Lan, who loves feathers very much, is actually leading the way. Who knows that Qiuxia is full of sorrow, and the misty forest is full of wild thoughts. Today, the four seas are home days, so the old base is Xiaoxiao and Ludiqiu. Young people are strong, we are strong!

The whole family's barrels are ready, the sound of eggplants is broken, and the tourists on the side help to take photos.

There are two mother rivers in Shanghai, one is the Su River and the other is the Pujiang River. Once standing at the head of the Waibaidu Bridge, looking at the confluence of the Su River and the Pujiang River at this place, it is inevitable that there will be ups and downs in our hearts. The grandeur and far-reachingness of the great rivers and oceans.

In terms of geography, the Su River has a longer body, and the name after the confluence should follow the Su River. This kind of reason should only exist before the Ming Dynasty. After the Ming Dynasty, the Pujiang River, which was a tributary, suddenly grew up and became the main stream. Fengshen became the top stream, and the traffic played the biggest role. This seems to be a hidden arrangement. Suhe only connects the past of Shanghai, and Pujiang, which is the traffic star, anchors the future of Shanghai.

History has had a big collision here. The world trend is mighty and mighty. Those who follow it will prosper, and those who go against it will perish. The big ship of the ancient empire was overwhelmed. China era.

Many thoughts happened in an instant, and many inspirations appeared in front of the head of Pujiang. Let us witness, witness and witness, the growth of Pujiang, the progress of Shanghai, and the development of China that are now in progress.

Walking back, along the side of the Xietang, I joked with Lan: You live at the head of the Pujiang River, and you live at the end of the Pujiang River. But the poetry made Lan angry: oppose fakes, insist on originality.

Afterwards, I will relax and take a break. This place has not yet reached Shenyuan Lake, and the willows and reeds in front of me make the Anlong Stone Bridge arch and the Jiuqu Stone Bridge twist, and it is abruptly packed into the North and South Lakes.

Ting's cell phone rang, and I wanted to press and hold it, but the ringing sounded intermittently. It was a mobile phone call. Ting had to rush to deal with it first, and Wang had to wait for Ying and Lan who were lagging behind. Our trip ended on the Pujiang River. The first draw has come to a full stop, with a slight flaw, it is considered complete!

scenery on the road

The rail transit in Songjiang New City, one of the driving device shooting:

On the way to Xishe Mountain, the second part of the driving camera shooting:

On the way to the Yunjian Theater, the third shot of the car:

Yunjian Theater, Driving Camera Shooting Part 4: