I am full of admiration for the gods and Buddhas in Southeast Asia, and every trip is a pilgrimage!

The winter in Hangzhou is especially wet and cold, so I prayed in front of the Buddha: Allow me to travel, I want to go to a place closer to you, I want to bask in the sun!

So Ferno took me on a trip, the surprise came suddenly, and the itinerary was surprisingly simple and smooth.

travel preparation

1. Documents and photos: ID card, passport, 4 color photos with white background (Thailand and Laos use 2 each)

Our itinerary includes two countries, Laos and Thailand. The round trip is Pudong International Airport and Laos Vientiane International Airport. Laos visa on arrival is very convenient, and we only need one flight to handle it at night.

Laos visa on arrival

Laos visa on arrival (commonly known as B3 visa) refers to a visa that does not need to be applied in advance, and can be processed directly after arriving at the airport or port in Laos. The price is USD20, and the length of stay is 30 days. It can be done with a passport, and you can pick it up immediately.

1. 1-2 color photos with a white background taken within the past 6 months, with a size of 2.5x3CM;

2. Passport must be valid for at least 6 months;

3. Arrive by plane;

4. Carry 5,000 RMB or equivalent foreign currency (none of us were randomly checked during the actual itinerary, if we are drawn, everyone can make up the money)

Laos entry and exit card filling reference

Reference for filling out Thailand immigration card

Laos and Vientiane are only separated by the Mekong River. If you want to cross the border personally, you need to pay 4,000 kip to take the transit bus. The bus only goes to and from the departure hall of Vientiane, Laos and the entry hall of Nong Khai, Thailand. However, the people who travel to these two places are generally groups Well, the bus of the travel agency can directly carry passengers across the border, which is very convenient.

2. wifi and phone

These days, I feel that I will be suffocated without wifi, but the solution of going to Laos and Thailand is very convenient.

Option 1: Carry a portable wifi, which is actually a very good choice. It is most convenient to pick it up at the airport before boarding and return it directly at the airport when you come back.

Option 2: Open international roaming, such as opening [Belt and Road data package] in China, etc., use the daily data package in Laos or Thailand that comes with the mobile phone, the current cap of each operator is 25-30 yuan, but I am thinking from Thailand To Laos, should the two days from Laos to Thailand be counted as one day of each country? Friends who have experience in using it are welcome to comment at the end of the article.

Option 3: It was also my choice. I entrusted the tour guide to purchase unlimited phone calls in Laos. The data card in Laos is valid for 1.5G for 7 days and costs RMB 50 a set. The happy card in Thailand has unlimited data for 7 days and costs RMB 20. If you are busy and can save trouble, you can leave it to the tour guide. Facts have proved that these two traffic cards are very useful.

3. Currency exchange

I also entrusted full authority to the tour guide. I really didn't bother with anything except documents and clothing.

In Laos, the old currency is used. The scientific name is "LAK". .

The Thai baht used in Thailand can be used with Alipay and UnionPay cards at 7-11 convenience stores. The Thai baht is used in night markets and temples, and it is exchanged for 500 baht of 120 yuan. The estimation of the use of Thai baht is divided by 4, which is equal to how much RMB.

4. Special carrying items

Thailand and Laos are the best places to travel now, because it's really not too hot! The daily temperature is between 27 and 32, and summer clothes are mainly suitable for comfort, lightness and leisure. Because the air conditioner in the car is very cold, it is necessary to prepare a long-sleeved dress.

In addition to daily travel necessities, you should pay special attention to sun protection when traveling to Laos and Thailand, including hats, umbrellas, sunglasses, sun protection clothing, sunscreen, mosquito repellent water, anti-itch water, etc.; seafood meals in the two places are mainly , so if you have a bad stomach, prepare laxatives; including personal standing medicines, you can consider carrying a small amount.

5. Other matters needing attention

1. Free baggage allowance: 20kg for checked baggage, 5KG for carry-on

2. Laos and Thailand time difference: 1 hour later than China

3. Socket: The voltage in Laos and Thailand is 220V, and the socket and socket are basically the same as those in China, so there is no need to bring a conversion plug

4. Long trousers, long-sleeved shirts, shorts, swimming (clothes) trousers are required, women can wear skirts.

5. When visiting temples such as That Luang, Simon Temple, Grand Palace, Xiangtong Temple and other temples in Laos, please pay attention: men are not allowed to wear vests, shorts, and slippers, and women are not allowed to wear sleeveless tops, short skirts, and slippers.


D1 Hangzhou-Shanghai-Vientiane, Laos

D2 Vientiane (Nannu Lake) - Udon Thani, Thailand

D3 Udon Thani (Red Lotus Flower Sea, Ban Chiang Cultural Museum, UD Town Night Market)

D4 Udon Thani (cliff temple Papugong Temple), Nong Khai (Sala Cave) - Vientiane (Night Tour: That Luang Temple, Arc de Triomphe, French Street)

D5 Vientiane (Simon Temple, That Luang Temple, Redwood Museum) - Shanghai

D6 Shanghai - Hangzhou


At 15:35 pm on January 1, 2020, I boarded the bus to Shanghai Pudong International Airport at the airport terminal of Hangzhou East Railway Station. This was the first big easter egg I met in the New Year.

This is a new car that has just been put into use today from Pudong Airport to Hangzhou Wulin Gate and the East Railway Station Terminal. There are four cars in total. We are the first passengers to enjoy this Easter egg!

This is the Weichai Yaxing "Vitstar" bus. It has a black body and no nails at all. The new Witstar bus is about 14 meters long and nearly 4 meters high. It can carry 66 people. Among the same type of buses in China, It is a veritable "Big Mac". Its body and front all adopt the European yacht design concept, which not only has a beautiful appearance, but also fully considers safety. Yaxing experts conducted a computer simulation test on vehicle impact, and the results showed that the impact force was dispersed, reaching the international leading level. "At present, the service life of ordinary passenger cars in society is 15 years, but this passenger car can reach 20 years."

With a length of 13.7 meters, the giant high-end bus that can carry 66 people is only equipped with 23 business seats. The tilt angle of the seats can be adjusted through the smart button on the armrest. Even if the height is 1.8 meters, it can be nearly lie flat. WIFI, video system and headphones are provided free of charge. 220-volt power outlets, car refrigerators, water dispensers, storage boxes, and toilets are all available. If you don't say that this is a long-distance bus, at first glance you might think it is the first class cabin of an airplane.

Encountering such a big easter egg on the first day of the new year made all the riders in the car very happy. Our fare this time is 120 yuan. It takes three and a half hours from Hangzhou East Railway Station Bus Station to Shanghai Pudong Airport, and there is a half-way service stop once. According to the staff, four of these models are currently in trial operation, and the most likely time to take them is the last two shifts at night.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

I arrived at Terminal T2 of Shanghai Pudong Airport at about 7:00 pm.

After passing the security check, the first thing to do is to go to the legendary Sunshine Duty Free Shop. Obviously, the Double Eleven is a bit full, and I really didn't buy anything, but it is still necessary to keep abreast of the times and watch the market.

It's still early to board the plane, so I need to find a place to go to work. The VIP Hall of China Eastern Airlines Plaza No. 77 is very close to my boarding gate.

The food in the VIP lounge of China Eastern Airlines is too good, but the result is distraction. I am a foodie. When I arrive at the VIP lounge of China Eastern Airlines, I will definitely not miss "a bowl of noodles of China Eastern Airlines". You can choose noodles or rice noodles in the noodle stall. Two delicious big fish balls, in addition to minced meat and plain rice, as well as various coriander, green onion, sauce and other seasoned rice are also added by myself, it is super enjoyable to eat. There are half and half Chinese and foreign guests in the VIP room of China Eastern Airlines, so the configuration of Western-style cakes and desserts is also rich. There are many kinds of bread and cookies, and they are all very attractive; there are so many foreign wines. , so did not try.

Boarding at 23:45, the flight time is about 3:5 hours, the visa-on-arrival form must be signed and handed over to the tour guide together with the passport before the plane lands, and the tour guide will handle it uniformly after the plane lands. After picking up the luggage, we left the airport hall. This red bus was sent by Lao Haipi to pick us up. The Lao driver is really awesome. In the next few days, he will be the one who needs to load the luggage. It helps each of us to pick and place, no need to do it yourself!



到达中国绿地集团旗下万象铂骊套房酒店The Qube Hotel & Suite Vientiane,随着中老友好年的到来,接下来会有很多老挝的基建工和会由中国企业承接,这也是作为中国人的骄傲了!

Everyone slept late, so the next day's itinerary departed at 10:00. Before that, you can enjoy the hotel's rich breakfast, thank you for the first meal in Laos.

During breakfast, the industrious teacher Jindan also went out to take aerial photos. The Vientiane of Laos under the aerial photography lens is as beautiful as a fairy tale. Note: All the aerial photos in this article are from my friend "Jindan's travel".

south russian lake

In the morning we went out to the Nan'er Lake Scenic Area. It took about 2 hours to drive from the hotel to the scenic spot. It was lunch time when we arrived at the scenic spot at 10 am. Therefore, the tour of the Nan'er Lake Scenic Area is accompanied by the Chinese-style meal on the yacht, which is free and easy.

The meals on the boat are very suitable for my taste. As a food blogger, I especially like the original ecological food. In Laos and Thailand these days, every egg we can eat is golden, that is because we On the side of the road, you can see chicken coops and free-running chickens, and this fat fish comes from Nan'e Lake, which is easy to thorn, and the meat tastes very plump.

In Laos, even if it is a common meal, there are two world-class treasures. One is Lao beer, referred to as Lao Beer, one of the top ten beers in the world. The wort concentration of the old beer is 12%, and the alcohol content is about 5 degrees. It is highly recommended to add ice cubes when drinking it, and the taste is very cool and neat;

Another one is the glutinous rice in Laos. Laos is known as the "hometown of glutinous rice". Glutinous rice has become the staple food of Laotians. Laos is also a country in the world where glutinous rice overwhelms ordinary indica and japonica rice. Lao people eat glutinous rice for three meals a day, usually soaked in water for one night, steamed the next day, kneaded into rice balls, and eaten directly with fish sauce. This habit has a history of thousands of years. An important point for us is: Laos is still a country without chemical fertilizers, so the crops here are all organic. The glutinous rice in front of us is packed in a small bamboo basket. The fragrance is a gift from God!

When the meal on the boat was almost eaten, our yacht also sailed to an unnamed island. This island is in the middle of Nan'e Lake, which is very convenient for aerial photography and also suitable for shooting some humanistic content. We came this time They are all photography enthusiasts, so everyone is in their place.

There is a very interesting bamboo weaving shop on the island. The craftsmen at the door were weaving there from the time we went to the island to when we left. With human hands, it covers a wide range of categories and a large number, which is staggering.

In addition to bamboo weaving, there are also a lot of seafood piled up there for sale. I feel that these bamboo weaving or seafood should not only be sold to tourists like us, because tourists don't buy many, such baskets and baskets. And this seafood is not easy to bring. The language is not easy to communicate. Laos can really learn from us in doing business. It would be great if there is a tasting or an introductory text.

After seeing our Chacha melon seeds, I have seen a lot of food exported from my country in supermarkets and convenience stores in Laos and Thailand these days. In small shops in Laos, there are a lot of puffed foods.

Everyone is full of curiosity about this place, and will look at all the bamboo weaving one by one, and even the way of hanging is fascinating. I will also buy a few small baskets that are easy to carry, such as the small bamboo baskets used to pack glutinous rice for meals on the boat just now are very popular.

While we were playing in the shop, several teachers' aerial blockbusters had already been born. Nannuo Lake, formerly known as Tara Reservoir (also known as Qiandao Lake), is the largest lake in Laos and the largest artificial lake in the Mekong sub-basin. It is located 60 kilometers northeast of Vientiane in the lower reaches of the Nannuo River. It is adjacent to Niujiaoshan National Forest Park. A typical forest lake, from a distance, the mountains are wrapped around the water, and the water is around the mountains. The Nam Nga River originates from the Xieng Khouang Plateau and flows from north to south. Within a short distance, it flows from the mountains to the plains. The downstream has many meanders and flows into the Mekong River in the northeast of Vientiane. In 1971, Laos built the first large-scale reservoir on the Nam Nue River. The dam is 66 meters high and 300 meters long. The reservoir capacity can reach up to 8.5 billion cubic meters. The water level of the dam was raised, and most of the mountains on both sides of the river were flooded. , the hills out of the water have become small islands with beautiful and charming scenery. The maple leaf-shaped lake covers an area of ​​390 square kilometers, which is about equal to the European island country of Malta, or close to half of Singapore. There are many islands in the lake, with a total of more than 300. , so it is also called Qiandao Lake. The beautiful Nannuo Lake is called the "Laos Sea" by the inland Laotians.

I am from Hangzhou. Qiandao Lake is one of my favorite places to go on vacation. Nan'e Lake is really similar to Qiandao Lake.

When we left Nan'e Lake, there was also a small market outside the scenic spot, selling some dried fish.

What impresses me the most is the pile of chicken coops on the side of the road and the chickens running around. I am envious. You must know that Hangzhou is a city without live poultry. All chickens and ducks are chilled. In Hangzhou, I basically don't buy chickens and ducks. I only buy chickens and ducks when I go to the countryside during the holidays. The delicious taste of chickens and ducks is a long-standing childhood memory. achievable.

hall of mirrors

The next drive will be the longest in the past few days, about 3 hours, we are going to Thailand. Laos and Thailand are only separated by the Mekong River. When going through the border, people and vehicles need to be separated. We need to hold passports, 2-inch photos and entry-exit cards to queue at the border checkpoint. However, the process is actually very smooth. After exiting the border hall, After a while, the bus will drive over, get on the bus and go to the restaurant for today's dinner.

After the tea in Thailand is served, an ice bucket will be brought at the same time. In short, whether drinking or drinking in Thailand and Laos, ice cubes are inseparable.

In the evening, I ate Thai food, and Tom Yum Kung soup is very representative of Thai food.

Thai food is quite similar to Laotian food, or Thai food will have more flavors of natural spices.

The beef fried rice is very delicious, mainly because Thai rice is really worth eating a few more bowls. We finished the white rice first and added fried rice.

In Thailand or Laos, watermelon, papaya, pineapple, and mango are the most commonly eaten fruits.

After dinner, we excitedly checked in at the 7-11 supermarket. Haha, I think the 7-11 is what I like most in Thailand. This time I bought the salted egg yolk Pepsi potato chips strongly recommended by the golden egg teacher (there is no such thing in China, no Reasonable!), as well as my favorite fresh milk, instant crab sticks... Payment is no problem, Alipay swipes out and shows dual currency baht 90.50, RMB 20.99, excellent at a glance!

Brown House Hotel Udonthani

Stay at Brown House Hotel Udonthani at night

Brown House Hotel Udonthani is located in Udon Thani (Udon Thani), the hotel also provides free tuk tuk service to UD city and Central Plaza Udon (Central Plaza Udon), which is quite interesting. You can experience the unique tuk tuk in Thailand, and the open-air swimming pool of this hotel is also very charming. When we went, someone happened to be having a lawn wedding by the pool the next day. There was a veil on the lawn, and it looked very romantic when we woke up in the morning.

Show me the room, today's trip is over, good night and sweet dreams, and I will continue to share the story of the new day with you tomorrow!


Brown House Hotel Udonthani酒店

Waking up at 7:00 on the third morning, there is a 1-hour time difference between Thailand and China. At this time, the sky is still bright from the balcony. If it is not for the girls, it will take more time to wash, and you can go out to catch up with the sunrise. Because I will continue to live in the Brown House tonight, there is no need to pack my luggage. After washing up, I will take my equipment and go to the restaurant on the first floor for breakfast

The buffet breakfast at Brown House also has Thai characteristics, especially the glutinous rice in the big bamboo basket. I heard a few photography teachers in Shanghai say that you can put some sugar in the rice balls, it must be delicious.

Red Lotus Sea (Red Lotus Lake)

After breakfast, depart for Red Lotus Lake. Red Lotus Lake is located in Gongpawadi County in the south of Udon Thani City. Nong Han Lake in the county is the place where red lotus blooms.

At Honglian Lake Wharf, there are several kinds of boats. If you like to take personal photos, I highly recommend the 2-person flat boat, which is all wooden. The most popular one is the cruise boat we took. Each boat can carry 6 passengers. Electric Yes, the boatman will drive the boat to the most beautiful place in the middle of the lake where the red lotus blooms. When we reach the center of the lake, we will stop and change positions several times to let tourists take enough pictures.

European and American tourists are more familiar with Honglian Lake. CNN once made a special report on it. In a selection of the 15 wonders of the world, Honglian Lake ranked second. Therefore, many European and American tourists, especially photography enthusiasts, will make a special trip to check in. The flowering period of the red lotus sea is from December to March of the next year. In December, there are mostly buds. From January to February, the red lotus blooms the most. The best viewing time is 06:00-11 :00, because the most beautiful time for red lotus to bloom is in the morning.

The lotus is a symbol of holiness. Many Bodhisattvas sit on the lotus. Avalokitesvara holds a lotus to represent the purification of all troubles. And the sea of ​​red lotus flowers really feels like a dream, as beautiful as a fairyland outside the world.

A selfie with the boss of the boat on the PO. By the way, it is recommended to use sun protection in place when going to the Red Lotus Sea. The temperature in Udon Thani in January is not too high, so you won't sweat profusely, but the UV index is the same all year round.

By the way, there is a long line of snack streets near the Honglian Lake Wharf.

Grilled fish and grilled chicken are the two most common grilled items. The grilled fish will be coated with thick salt, which will be similar to the taste of salt baked.

Many locals will eat here. In fact, the life of Thai and Lao people is quite leisurely and slow, so although the income index may not be high, the happiness index is still quite high.

The restaurant at noon, Chang~

There is also a lunch at noon, a table for six people, the dishes are very rich, there are two pots on the table, one contains chicken mushrooms, and the other contains cabbage, eggs, tofu and mushrooms, and there are many other dishes, don't ask The name of my dish, when I eat, I also rely on "seeing" and "tasting" to imagine the name of the dish. In short, I think it is very suitable, and it is very disappointing to eat!

This magical fish tastes plump, with few thorns and big roots, and is easy to take out. The meat can be eaten with the vegetables on the side and dipped in sauce. I asked the local tour guide sister in Laos what kind of fish it was, and she even ran to it. Ask the clerk, the result is that I don't know, haha.

After-dinner fruit watermelon, pineapple, papaya, and salad dressing.

Ban Chiang Cultural Museum (Ban Chiang Ruins)

The museum is not too big, and the exhibition hall area is a two-story building. The environment of the entire museum area presents the unique natural features of Southeast Asia.

The Ban Chiang site is located in the Udon Thani region of Thailand. It has been unknown before. In the 1960s and 1970s, since a prehistoric cemetery, a large number of bronze objects and prehistoric human remains were discovered underground, this small town that was unknown in the past It suddenly attracted the attention of the world and became an important page in the history of Thailand. Ban Chiang is regarded as the most important prehistoric settlement in the Southeast Asian excavation area, and it is the center of human culture, society, and technological progress.

The main exhibition items of the museum are all kinds of excavated pottery cultural relics, and the prehistoric sites of the cultural relics period are also restored through painted sculptures.

At the same time, the venue also specially displays the scenes of archaeological discoveries made by American archaeologist Chester, who was the director of the joint expedition team at that time, to commemorate this great archaeologist.


I really like the itinerary of free foraging in this night market. After the day's itinerary, we returned to the Brown House Hotel. Everyone had a rest. When night fell, we set off for UD town together. Today's dinner is consumed by ourselves.

On the way to the night market, I exchanged Thai baht with the tour guide. 120 yuan was exchanged for 5,000 baht. The tour guide didn't have change, so I exchanged 240 yuan for 10,000 baht with the two of us. The result was that I couldn't use the money at the night market because it was too big. The peddlers couldn't find it. Later we went to the Tesco supermarket first, bought some snacks and scattered the money before going back to the night market to buy food.

I have been to Thailand several times, and my impression is that there are so many supermarkets, convenience stores, and night food stalls. When the tourist bus shuttles through the city during the day, I feel that there are really few people. When I arrive at the night market at night, I find that there are really many people! Large supermarkets in Thailand are very comfortable to visit. They are usually a whole separate building, unlike some of our supermarkets that are located on the basement. There will also be many small individual shops around the supermarket.

At night, we saw that the local banks in Thailand were open, but the Japanese company Citibank was closed.

In this Tesco supermarket, I really didn't go shopping well. I feel that it's not as attractive as 7-11 to us, and we were hungry, and found that there was no deli area. We bought some small packaged snacks and quickly left... ...

The night market is really big, with several areas. The open-air area is basically juice and skewers. I strongly recommend freshly squeezed juice. Avocado milk is 40 baht, which is equivalent to RMB 10. The super large cup is super thick and pure! My 10,000 baht was all rejected in the open-air area, because the items here are really cheap, and they are all tens of baht. By the way, traveling to Thailand is really getting better and better now. Thai universities have opened Chinese classes. Many young people in Thailand can speak Chinese very well. I met them at the night market. We wanted to buy juice. They Just help us talk to the owner, it's really great!

At first I thought that I only ate the one in the open air, but later I found out that the night market here is huge! There are several night markets, there are several gourmet snacks, as well as grocery and clothing areas.

The gourmet snack area is simply the paradise I yearn for!

The seafood here is really tempting, you must try the grilled fish at this time! A whole box of crabs costs 400 baht~

When you finish ordering, remember to take the number plate, after burning, the store at the stall will find the number plate and send it to the table for you!

The powder stalls, noodle stalls, etc., the seasonings will be placed in the obvious places of the stalls.

The tableware will be fixed in a few positions throughout the night market, and you can pick it up by yourself. There will also be a seasoning table next to it. The tableware feels very clean to me.

This bowl of noodles is 40 baht, RMB 10, cheap and delicious!

After eating, I casually strolled by. I remember the first time I came to Thailand alone many years ago. When I went to KFC to eat, I laughed at myself secretly. I went to Thailand to eat foreign fast food. Now I feel different when I see KFC. This is our country's brand. Papa Ma, who was rejected when he went to KFC to apply for a job, has now bought all the foreign shares of KFC, amazing! It is farsighted for the next generation to love KFC so much, knowing that one day this will belong to the hometown style, and it will no longer be a foreign fast food.

I went to 7-11 again, continued to buy a lot of small things, and began to collect things to take home...

At 20:30, the traveling companions scattered in the night market met to walk back together, and everyone brought different harvests!


Cliff Temple (Wat Pa Phu Kon)

The aerial pictures are from my friend "Journey of the Golden Egg", and the pictures of the reclining Buddha statue are from the Internet.

After breakfast and check-out, we went to visit Thailand's dreamy cliff temple, Papugong Temple. Papugong Temple is surrounded by a vast forest. It is a believer who protects forests and implements forest and biodiversity resource conservation advocated by the King of Thailand. built and passed on the concept to future generations. A 20-meter-long white marble reclining Buddha is enshrined in the main hall of the temple. The marble is imported from Italy. At night, the marble reclining Buddha is extraordinarily gorgeous under the light. Although I have always felt that shooting Buddha statues and making more people admire them through pictures and articles will also be a kind of spiritual charity, but influenced by public opinion, I am still timid. I will not shoot until no one can give a correct answer. buddha statue.

Papugong Temple is located on the top of the mountain, and the mountain road is twists and turns. After the tourist bus arrives, you need to change to a tuk-tuk to go up the mountain. Papugong Temple is very beautiful. I have been to many temples in Southeast Asia. Most of the colors are gold and red. This is the first blue temple I have ever met, hidden under the blue sky and white clouds. The beauty is fascinating, but the performance of the camera is a little distorted. In fact, the sky is blue and blue at this time, and the clouds are floating above the head. It feels like you can touch it with your hand.

There are spirit beasts guarding the gate of the main hall.

The corridors outside the main hall are guarded by gods and beasts.

Remember to wear slippers when entering the temple, and girls should wear knee-length skirts, don't make loud noises, and don't step on or touch the items in the temple with your feet. In Thai culture, feet are impure, and it is very, very impolite to step on things in temples (including thresholds) or even kick them. Don't give money directly to monks when giving alms, but give food, flowers or small gifts. If you want to give money, you need to find a special place to put money, or buy some souvenirs in the temple; if you want to take pictures in the temple Remember not to compare hands with scissors, you can use Namaste.

When you meet monks, you must respect their beliefs and habits, and you must be courteous first. If a girl meets a monk, she must not have physical contact with him. If a monk is accidentally touched by a woman while he is reciting a long scripture, then his previous efforts will be wasted and he must start all over again. Conversely, when a boy meets a nun, he must keep a good distance.

Don't go for the special seat for monks. In Thailand's public transportation or some rest spaces, there will be monk seats. Please be careful not to sit on the monk's seat or next to the monk.

When I entered the temple, I imitated the locals and stuffed 20 baht into the fund-raising box in front of the monks, and then took away a yellow cloth for offerings. There was also a portrait of the reclining Buddha on the yellow cloth to replace it. Incense, follow the local crowd and circle around the reclining Buddha three times, silently praying in my heart, then make a wish in front of the Buddha statue, and after making a wish, put the yellow cloth in front of the Buddha, the portrait can be taken away, of course I don't know if the talisman I made is not In line with the rules, I followed suit. Many local people came to Papugong Temple, and they were all praying devoutly. Therefore, I did not take any pictures in the whole hall. The door is directly opposite The jade reclining Buddha, the Buddha statue's expression is very comfortable and peaceful, once entering the main hall, the whole person will calm down immediately, and the heart will be very comfortable. Behind the reclining Buddha is a row of photo exhibitions, showing all the major events after the temple was built, and the live photos of some conferences attended by eminent monks, political leaders, and well-known social figures.

The Papugong Temple is built on the top of the mountain. The design process is based on the topography of the mountain, so the building is not symmetrical, which also reflects the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. By the way, this time our aerial photography was applied by Lao Haipi. If you go, you need to be approved before you can take aerial photography, so as not to cause unnecessary disputes.

There is no admission fee for Wat Phra Korn.


The restaurant is by the Mekong River. The lunch is delicious. The dishes are rich and refreshing. Our team this time is all photographers from Shanghai except me. The meals arranged by Lao Heipi are quite suitable. , By the way, since you can't miss old beer in Vientiane, you can't miss LEO in Thailand. I think the food is delicious, the rice is good, and the beer is delicious; the temperature and ice cubes are the key. The taste is related to the comfort of the climate.

The restaurant is right next to the Mekong River. After eating, everyone wandered around the river as they wished, throwing small stones into the river and splashing water. This section of the Mekong River is really not wide, and you can pass it if you can swim, but it is absolutely not allowed now. In the past, it was decided to smuggle. The tour guide said that tourists used to like to put Kongming lanterns on the banks of the Mekong River, but now it is not allowed. , because if the Kongming Lantern floats past, it is also a violation.

SALA KAEW KU - one of the Seven Wonders of Thailand

"Sara Cave" is the most worthwhile attraction in Nong Khai Province. It is one of the seven wonders of Thailand. It was built in 1978 and took more than 20 years to complete. Its story is also very touching.

These more than 200 statues were made by one person. The sculptor himself was from Nong Khai in Thailand. Nong Khai used to belong to Laos. More than 300 statues in Laos Xiangkun Temple were his works, but later because of his political insight At this time, Nong Khai belonged to Thailand. After his relatives finally rescued him from prison and returned to Nong Khai, he could no longer see his work Xiangkhun Temple. This person is very It was very painful, so someone gave him another piece of land and asked him if he could build another temple like Xiangkun Temple, which rekindled his ideal. The construction began in 1978. It took more than 20 years to build and spent countless money , to form the current scale. It's just that when he sculpted more than 200 Buddha statues at the age of 72, he fell down and passed away. Later, people named the temple after him.

As soon as you walk into the sculpture park, the most impressive thing is that the seven giant snakes shield the Buddha who is practicing, full of imagination.

There are more than 200 statues of different sizes in this ancient Brahman temple, with different expressions, exquisite carvings, and vivid expressions, and each statue has a moving legend and story, and each story is long. I think I will write this time's travel notes in separate chapters, because I have heard too many stories in the past few days. I really want to share these amazing things with everyone. I feel that I also have the ability to tell stories by looking at pictures, but It is really limited by the space, and I still hope that everyone will have the opportunity to listen to it in person, take a look, and recognize the inner peace and beauty that this Buddhist country brings to you.

Tickets for this attraction are 20 baht for Thais and 40 baht for foreigners. The tour guide told us that this is essentially a sculpture park. Locals like to shoot while worshiping Buddha. There is no ban on aerial photography. Tourists from all over the world are welcome to take pictures. I think it is true. The creator has worked so hard to let people all over the world see his works. Knowing that he admires him may be a kind of comfort for his regretful life.

There are also four-faced Buddhas enshrined in the religious caves. I also invited fragrant flowers, offered Buddhas, and asked for lottery.

The Sala Cave has a fantastic imagination, which inspires the determination to find the other six wonders of Thailand.


In the evening, we returned to Vientiane, Laos. We said that the most people in Laos in recent years are Koreans, so the influence of Koreans on Laos is also great. For example, the restaurant we are going to at night specializes in Korean side grills. .

Dabianlu originally belongs to the Cantonese cuisine of our country, Cantonese-style hot pot, the main ingredients are sashimi, squid slices, raw shrimp slices, etc. The main cooking process is boiling. After arriving in Korea, you can't do without barbecue anyway, so the Korean-style side grill has become a middle roast, which looks hot in a circle. When it comes to Laos, the Korean-style side stove has three dishes of dipping sauce, which still tastes like Laos. of.

The side stove here is self-service, that is, if you don't have enough ingredients, you can continue to add more. Generally, a table with two large plates of ingredients is enough to eat. Old beer and Coke are also available in this store, and the business is really booming.


It was only two or three hundred meters walk from the restaurant where we had dinner to Taluan. We went to Taluan after dinner and bought fresh coconuts at the nearby coconut shop. Then we went to the Arc de Triomphe. The Arc de Triomphe in Vientiane is located in the very center of the city. Built to commemorate the liberation of Laos in 1975, it is a landmark building in Vientiane. The appearance is similar to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, and it is also connected to the bustling streets, but the inner structure has a strong Buddhist culture. The statues of Buddha carved on the door and the characters in myths and stories are full of religious color.

The English name of the Laos Triumphal Arch is: Patuxay is 45 meters high and 24 meters wide. It is located in the center of Vientiane, near the Prime Minister's Office, and is far away from the Chairman's Office. Construction began in 1960 and was basically completed in 1969. It is a large monument. It was originally to commemorate the victims of the war. When it was liberated in 1975, the people of Vientiane celebrated the victory parade through here, and it was called the Arc de Triomphe to commemorate this historic event.

On the side of the Arc de Triomphe is the Prime Minister's Office. In the late 1960s, the Chinese government donated 10 million RMB to help the Lao government renovate the Arc de Triomphe and the square, making it a beautiful open park like it is today. Next to the fountain in front of the Arc de Triomphe stands a small stone flat, engraved with the national flags and characters of the two countries, so that people will always remember the friendship between China and Laos. Climb to the Arc de Triomphe to have a panoramic view of Vientiane.

Seeing the beautiful building next to it, I quickly pressed the shutter, and later found out that this is the Prime Minister's Office of Laos.

French Street - Petty Bourgeoisie in Vientiane

The team itinerary for the day is over, but we still have more to say. The old guide said that he is willing to take the teachers among us who are "more than enough to learn" to go to French Street and let us experience the different style of Vientiane. Speaking of French Street is also Laos, a country that can never lose its historical memory, because Laos was once a French colony for 47 years, so French architecture has been left in many places in Laos. This French Street in Vientiane will be a gathering place for tourists or permanent workers from many European and American countries in Vientiane (we also walked past the EU embassy in Laos near French Street).

There are the most sensual western restaurants and bars in Vientiane in French Street. It is very romantic here. In fact, it is very pleasant to have a few drinks at the bar and soak up the night. There was old beer next to the singer, and he occasionally moistened his throat. Seeing a group of photographers go in to take pictures, the singer was a little shy, but very happy.

Moon Island Hotel in Vientiane - the hotel that has received headsless from all over the world

I finally enjoyed my shopping and took two tuk-tuks back to the hotel. It is a high-end hotel with a story in Vientiane, because our family has lived here before! The location of the hotel is very good and beautiful, our balcony is facing the Mekong River. The good scenery will be shared in the early morning and tomorrow.


Moon Island Hotel

In fact, I had expectations for this hotel at the beginning of the itinerary. The old guide told us on the first day that we would stay in a hotel that hosted leaders of many countries in Vientiane. When we arrived at night, we felt When I arrived at the hotel, I was very generous. Although the hotel has a sense of history, the details are full of honor.

An annex to the side of the main building.

There is a magnificent square on the front of the hotel, which is really suitable for large-scale ceremonial receptions, and the location of the hotel is also very good, with the Mekong River at the back, and our room is a river view room.

The breakfast is super rich. From the breakfast guests, you can also find that the occupancy rate of this hotel is really high. Most of the guests are Koreans and Japanese.

The old happy guide told us the day before that we can go to the Mekong River or the temple opposite the hotel by ourselves in the morning. I seem to be the only one who chooses to come to the temple. I come earlier in the morning and the main hall of the temple is closed. There was no one in the whole temple, and I walked alone in a magical and bright morning light, feeling as calm as a spring breeze.

I worshiped the main hall and walked around the hall. There are thousands of years old trees in the temple. I actually picked up a beautiful and intact plumeria flower on the road, and I put her in a bun.

Simon Temple

Simon Temple is the most prosperous temple in Vientiane, also known as Shencheng Temple. Every day, many locals and tourists come here to pray for blessings, especially among Thai tourists.

The Simon Temple was first built in 1536. It is said that when the temple was first built, a pregnant woman named Si Meuang volunteered to lay the foundation, so she jumped into the pit where the core stone pillar (City Pillar) was placed. Si Meuang has always protected local believers, and Simon Temple has become the "mother temple" in Vientiane.

So here is a special reminder to everyone: the local people think that praying at Simon Temple is very effective, but they cannot pray for children and grandchildren at Simon Temple, and other wishes are fine.

The gate of the Simon Temple is guarded by two huge Vajra statues on both sides. After entering the temple, you can see many Buddha statues, Vajra statues and legendary figure sculptures. On the temple CityPillar, there lived an eagle who never left the stone sitting Buddha, which was very magical; beside the stone sitting Buddha, there was a statue of Si Meuang, which blessed the local people. Next to the City Pillar is the main hall of the temple. The main hall is uniquely divided into two rooms. The outer room is for people to exorcise evil spirits and pray for blessings. There is a monk who will help you chant scriptures and tie the rope. The rope is a local custom. Take it off to keep you safe; there is also an emerald jade Buddha and wishing stone enshrined here. You can also ask for a lottery here. If you are lucky, you can see that the newlyweds will come out here, and the monks will tie the rope and recite gold for them. In addition, in Laos, motorcycles are the most important means of transportation for a family. When they buy I bought a new motorcycle, and I will also come here to invite monks to recite gold on a rope. We happened to see such a scene.

There is a gorgeous altar in one of the rooms, on which many Buddha statues are enshrined, and people can also offer incense and pray here. On the square outside Simon Temple, there is a statue of King Sisavangvong.

That Luang Temple - National Symbol

The Tha Luang Temple that appears on the Lao currency is also a symbol of Lao Buddhism and the country. Tha Luang is translated as "big tower" or "imperial tower". It is located in Tha Luang Square about 3 kilometers northeast of Vientiane, the capital of Laos. The crystallization of Laos is regarded as a national treasure of Laos. Of course, there are still many ups and downs in the history of Laos, so temples across the country have been repeatedly destroyed. The current Ta Luang has also been repaired. It is a Buddhist building complex with brick and stone structure. It is a group of tower buildings. prestigious. Covering an area of ​​more than 8,400 square meters, the entire building is square, with a gray brick structure and a unique architectural style. The bottom of the main pagoda is composed of 3 floors of huge square seats, and there are worship pavilions in the middle of the four sides; it is divided into three floors, meaning that the Buddha said the three realms.

Outside the west gate of Taluan, there is a bronze statue of King Saitatila. Outside the south and north gates, there are South Taluan Temple and North Taluan Temple, where monks often live. Every November, the Taluan Grand Fair is held here, which is the largest folk temple fair and the most solemn and grand religious festival in the country. In addition to offering sacrifices, people will also buy small caged birds at the door and release them in front of the Buddha statue to pray for blessings.

The surrounding corridors have exhibitions of sculptures, steles, and pictures.

In fact, I would like to recommend the small market at the exit of That Luang. The handicrafts inside are not expensive, and the embroidery is really superb. On the contrary, the accessories such as zippers imported from my country are dwarfed by comparison. Also, the durian popsicles sold by the hawker at the door have a super strong durian flavor, and it feels like there is durian pulp in it. It is delicious and costs 5,000 old coins.

Laos Rosewood Museum

The Laos Rosewood Museum is now also known as the Shenmu Museum. Frankly speaking, when I saw the itinerary plan, I was a little disdainful of this kind of wooden museum. It was probably all carvings. First of all, the Redwood Museum is a private museum. He belongs to Mr. Pixi, the richest man in Vientiane, but it can also be said that he has nothing but wood now, because he has used all his property to collect wood. He loves wood like life, and he is also a person who saves wood. Ordinary tourists visiting the inner hall here are not allowed to take pictures, and the second floor and above are not open to ordinary tourists.

These woods are discarded from other people in the primeval forest, the leftovers were cut down or burned by fire, buried in the soil and leftovers fished out of the water, after ingenious carving and Design and then display it in front of people. And every piece of work condenses the story of collection and creation.

I was very fortunate to visit the whole museum, and even took pictures of a camera memory card. Every piece of work here is a rare treasure, and there is even the legend of the agarwood in the town hall. I will slowly sort it out and share it with you in a separate article. .


Time flies, and at the end of the itinerary, Lao Haipi said that he would take us to a super famous meat and bone restaurant, but when we arrived at the store after the meal, the clerk said that the meat and bones were sold out, hahaha~ I have some regrets More reasons to come next time!

So I ordered a beef platter and rice noodles. It was delicious. We each ate two large bowls of rice noodles. Some teachers wanted to add noodles separately, but Laos are not so flexible in doing business. There is no rice noodles. As for the full portion, Mr. Jindan and I are a perfect match. He only wants rice noodles, and I only want soup and ingredients. We hit it off! There is a vegetable basket in the center of the store, which contains all kinds of washed fresh vegetables, which can be soaked in rice noodles by yourself. Unfortunately, I found it late, and the soup was too late to put it out when it was cold.

After the meal, I also drank coffee from Internet celebrities in the store. The coffee in Laos is really delicious, but I also want to tell an interesting thing here. If you buy a drink in Laos without ice, the clerk will give it to you. Half a cup of pure drink, haha, people are so real!

Lao Airlines

The round-trip flights are all operated by Lao Airlines. The direct flight between Shanghai Pudong Airport and Vientiane Airport, the meals for the outbound journey are prepared by Pudong Airport, and the return journey is prepared by Laos Vientiane Airport. Don't forget the last opportunity to experience Laos. For drinks, you can choose old beer and ask for ice cubes!


The flight landed at Shanghai Pudong Airport at 23:05. I booked an express hotel near the airport. The hotel has a pick-up service. When I got out of the airport in the evening, the hotel's pick-up car was already waiting for me. This is actually shared by several hotels around the airport. The shuttle bus runs every half an hour between the hotels and the two terminals of Pudong Airport. The next morning, I still took this shuttle bus to T1 terminal, took Line 2 to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, took the high-speed train at 9:40, and returned to Hangzhou at 10:00 am, perfect for the appointment at noon that day! related itinerary recommendation:

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