Local Cuisine

A famous dish that is known to everyone in the ancient city of Lijiang, Yunnan. Water willow flower is a wild vegetable that grows in the lakes of Lij
cat ears
Cat’s ears are named after the shape of cat’s ears. It is a local flavor of pasta, also known as “Geduoer” and “Gezuo Noodles”. Press the small noodle
Roast Pork
Roasted pork is a representative delicacy of ethnic minorities in Jinghong area. When making it, mince fresh pork, add finely chopped natural spices,
Stinky Vegetable Omelette
Omelet with stinky vegetables is a famous special dish of Dai people in Jinghong. Stinky vegetables are local wild vegetables with a special smell. Wh
Apricot Peel Tea
Apricot skin tea, also known as apricot skin water, is a very common drink in Northwest China, and almost all restaurants in Jiayuguan serve it. Apric
Apricot Peel Tea
Apricot skin tea, also called apricot skin water, is made from apricot skin. The apricot skin tea that is simmered over low heat is brownish red, with
Xinjiang large plate chicken
As one of the top ten classic dishes in Xinjiang, Xinjiang Dapan Chicken is of course indispensable to the people of Urumqi. Oily chicken nuggets, sof
pork bone pot
Macau's pork bone stew, the soup base is carefully boiled with old hen, pork tube bone, trotter, chicken feet and shark's fin bone, supplemented by mo
african chicken
African chicken was introduced to Macau by the Portuguese, and after being improved by local chefs, it became a local delicacy in Macau. African chick
Salty porridge
Salty porridge is an ideal breakfast for Taiwanese. Taiwanese salty porridge is different from north to south, with meat in the north and fish in the