What impression does Shanghai give you?
Vibrant? Modern? lively? Western style?
Perhaps we all have many adjectives to describe the style of Shanghai's ten-mile foreign market,
But this time, I will go to the suburbs of Shanghai, Songjiang
To reveal the different face of the devil.

Nowadays, the types of scenic spots in China are becoming more and more abundant. From natural wonders to man-made characteristic scenic spots, people have a variety of scenic spots to choose travel destinations. And when it comes to man-made scenic spots, the most popular one is the film and television city. Not only can you see the scenes that appear on TV with your own eyes, you may even be able to chase stars, so now there is also a popular way of travel called Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

When it comes to China's film and television city, everyone will first think of Hengdian Film and Television City in Zhejiang Province. It is the largest film and television shooting base in China and is known as China's Hollywood. And in Shanghai, the magical capital, there is also a film and television base that is comparable to Hengdian Film and Television City. Various big-name domestic movies have been filmed here. This is the Shanghai Film and Television Paradise.

Shanghai Film and Television Park is located in Chedun Town, Songjiang. This town has also developed into a movie town because of the film and television park. Shanghai Film and Television Paradise was founded in 1992. It is not only one of the top ten film and television bases in China, but also a 4A-level tourist attraction. It mainly focuses on film and television shooting services. Now it has also developed into a comprehensive tourism with functions such as sightseeing, cultural entertainment, leisure and vacation. Area.

Many people's first impressions of Shanghai come from the ten miles of western style in "Shanghai Beach", "Lust, Caution" and "Deep Love and Rain". Most of the scenes of these TV dramas with Shanghai as the background are in Shanghai Film and Television Paradise framing. The film and television paradise has the street style of old Shanghai, and restores the buildings of Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s. Although it is a bit different from the real old Shanghai, it has everything that should be there, such as trams, Nanjing Road, Paramount Ballroom, Shikumen Lane, Waibaidu Bridge, etc., are simply a mini version of old Shanghai.

In Shanghai Film and Television Park, in addition to ancient Shanghai buildings, you can also see various styles of European buildings such as Catholic churches, medieval wineries, German villas, English villas and Spanish buildings. For example, the famous Kaisling Café is where Wang Jiazhi waits for Mr. Yi in Lust, Caution. Many tourists come here to punch in the seat where Wang Jiazhi sat in the movie.

The scale of Shanghai Film and Television Park is not very large, but it takes a long time to go, so it is recommended to take a battery car to visit the Film and Television Park in a more comprehensive way. For film and television fans, people who like to take pictures, and those who love the taste of old Shanghai , this is a good place to go. You can see many old Shanghai elements here, such as the billboards on the street in the 1920s and 1930s, which are full of a strong sense of time. These are hard to see in the urban areas of Shanghai.

In the past ten years, Shanghai has developed rapidly. Many old houses and old blocks have been demolished and various department stores have been built on the original sites. On the contrary, the film and television park has restored the style of old Shanghai. The old houses mixed with high-rise buildings in the old city are more charming. Shuttle through Nanjing Road in the film and television paradise, take a walk in Shanghai Shikumen, take a look at the European-style buildings, and take an old-fashioned ding-ding car. Travel back to the old Shanghai in the 1930s.

Of course, when you come to the Shanghai Film and Television Park, you have a great chance to see stars. There are many film crews filming here all the year round, especially on Nanjing Road and Waibaidu Bridge. You can read the news from the crew before you come. You can catch up with your favorite actors.

happy valley

When it comes to traveling in Shanghai, where do you think of? Is it the classic Shanghai attractions such as the Bund and Yu Garden? Or Wukang Road, Sinan Road and other exotic streets? There are a variety of scenic spots in Shanghai, among which the amusement park is the most outstanding, and as a classic among Shanghai's old amusement parks, Shanghai Happy Valley has always been loved by many big friends and children

Shanghai Happy Valley is located in Songjiang Sheshan National Tourist Resort. There are seven themed areas: Sunshine Harbor, Happy Hour, Shanghai Beach, Shangri-La, Happy Ocean, Gold Mine Town and Hurricane Bay. Happy Valley can be said to be the largest amusement park in Shanghai. One, just one day may not be enough to play, so when you are tired from walking, you can take this small train in the park.

There are three major roller coasters in Happy Valley, which are the longest wooden roller coaster, Gumu Youlong, the highest commanding height of the park, and the fastest blue moon coaster. , in addition to more than 50 advanced entertainment equipment, there are more than 20 dazzling performances in Happy Valley every day.

Gumu Youlong is the first wooden roller coaster in China, and the entire track is basically made of wood, with twists and turns, and the roller coaster goes through it. The roller coaster is like a dragon wandering in the valley. Because it is the most popular project in Happy Valley, come to Gumu There are a lot of tourists queuing up for the dragon tour, so the first item to enter the park is to seize the time to queue up for the Gumu dragon tour.

Jue Ding Feng is the second tallest roller coaster in China and the second tallest vertical drop roller coaster in the world. With a climbing angle of 45 degrees, it slowly climbs up a 65-meter high slope and dives down at an angle of nearly 90 degrees at a height of 65 meters. , Most of the time during the entire roller coaster can keep tourists in a state of weightlessness, which is very exciting.

If you want to play the roller coaster, it is best to come and get the number first, so that you will not waste too much queuing time, and you can play the most abundant items in the shortest time.

Blue Moon Speed ​​is the fastest roller coaster in Happy Valley. It is located in the Shangri-La Park. Looking at the appearance of this roller coaster, it is also very Naxi style.

There are not only many entertainment facilities in Happy Valley, but also various performances, such as the Bubble Carnival recently staged in the park. Blowing bubbles is our childhood memory, and the bubbles in Happy Valley use different props to blow bubbles of different sizes, just like entering the world of fairy tales.

Happy Valley is a paradise suitable for both big and small children. There are not only bumper cars and carousels full of childishness, but also very exciting pirate ships and big pendulums. It can be said that it is the favorite of people like us who like excitement. Walking next to the pirate ship, you can hear all kinds of screams and shouts, and playing these exciting projects is really decompressing.

Judging by the height of the big pendulum, it is almost over. If you are brave enough, don't miss the most exciting project in Happy Valley. These exciting projects are all in the Shanghai Bund Theme Park. Apart from the recreational projects, the whole park is full of the old Shanghai style in the early 20th century, and there are also buildings such as ancient grotto gates and the feasting and feasting Shili Yangchang.

There is also a karting field in Happy Valley, which is an extra charge. You can drive a karting and feel the speed and passion.

Walking through the go-kart is Hurricane Bay. The theme is the harbor that has been hit by hurricanes and earthquakes. The most exciting thing is the rapids. Remember to wear a raincoat when playing this project, otherwise you will get wet immediately. There are also projects in the park, such as Perfect Storm and Extreme Cyclone, many of which are related to water, which can be regarded as a must for cooling off in summer.

The Shangri-La Theme Park is located in the style of the Naxi people in Yunnan. It is an ideal kingdom surrounded by double-layer snow mountains. What I like is that it presents the authentic Shangri-La style, which makes me feel like I have really gone to Yunnan.

The gold mining town theme park is based on the North American gold mining town more than 200 years ago. There are abandoned trains, simple houses, old gold mining machines, mines, towers and other buildings in the park. Come to this theme The area is to start a gold panning trip, and there is also an observation deck here, where you can see the whole picture of Happy Valley.

Happy Valley is an ocean of joy. The amusement facilities inside are suitable for people of all ages. Different theme parks can find their own different happiness. The park is full of recreational facilities and many projects, and is very popular among tourists. It is a stop that many tourists should not miss when they come to Shanghai.


In the eastern coastal cities of China, the altitude is usually relatively low due to the terrain, while most of the better-developed cities in China are concentrated in the east, and the high-rise buildings in the city are higher than the altitude of the city. This is the most typical representative It is Shanghai. As a top international metropolis in China, the tallest buildings in Shanghai are higher than its mountains. Do you know which is the highest mountain in Shanghai?

The highest peak in Shanghai is Xishe Mountain, which is only 100.8 meters above sea level, but it is already the top of Shanghai. In fact, in Shanghai, the altitude of the mountains is not very high. Even many commercial buildings are taller than these mountains, but Sheshan has a very high status in the hearts of Shanghainese. Sheshan is the best choice for climbing mountains to exercise, or visiting the natural scenery of Shanghai.

The entire Sheshan area is very large, divided into East Sheshan and West Sheshan. Sheshan is the only natural mountain and forest resort in Shanghai. , you will find that the forest underneath is lush and lush. Behind the prosperous generations like Shanghai, there is such a natural resort.

On the top of Sheshan Mountain, there is an observatory museum, which not only has a special telescope for stargazing, but also can learn a lot of astronomical knowledge. It is a very educational place. The roof of the Astronomical Museum can also be climbed up. In the past, the extreme challenge was filmed on the roof. However, due to the epidemic prevention situation recently, the entire planetarium is closed.

Although the altitude of Xishe Mountain is not high, you still have to climb the stairs, which is just right for those who have been inactive for a long time to exercise. There are dense forests on both sides of the climbing steps. Now it is just in early summer, and the green leaves stretch out to the middle of the road. , although climbing the mountain, but also can feel bursts of greenery.

Although Sheshan is very short, the scenic spots and historic sites are no worse than high mountains. Halfway up the mountain, there is a Sheshan bell tower. Every year and festivals, many people climb up and ring the bell to pray for blessings. This Sheshan bell tower was also used as a location for extreme challenges, and it hides important customs clearance keys, which is deeply remembered by many people.

On the mountainside of Xishe Mountain, there is also a Moon Shadow Pagoda, which was built in the Northern Song Dynasty and is still well protected. It is a very historic building in Shanghai. The tower is seven stories high and has eight sides, about 20 meters high. They are all brick structures. The tower is slender and has a very beautiful appearance. It is hidden in this lush forest and is independent from the world.

The charm of Sheshan lies in its aura, not in how high it is, not how dangerous it is. Sheshan is more about giving us urbanites a chance to get in touch with nature, so that we can get out of the reinforced concrete fortress. Come out and blend with the natural landscape. Among the many famous mountains in China, Sheshan is not so beautiful. It is like a little girl next door, and people can see it from time to time.

On the Sheshan trail, there are many such thick trunks. These are pines and cypresses that have grown for thousands of years. The towering trees give Sheshan more aura among the tree-lined trails. Even in the summer, people walk under them Walking also feels cool and refreshing.

Sheshan is only 100 meters high, but it has also become a representative of nature in Shanghai, the magical capital. People who struggle in the metropolis are often overwhelmed by the fast-paced work. On weekends, it is like looking for a mountain that is not too far away. Scenery, to exercise and breathe fresh air, and Sheshan gave this group of people such an opportunity. So what do you think is the most attractive point of Sheshan?

On Sheshan, there is a forest hotel, a series of well-organized villas, which can accommodate more than 160 guests at the same time. The rooms are elegant, and you can enjoy the Sheshan Catholic Church and the swaying bamboo shadows. What kind of vacation life.

Far from the hustle and bustle of the city and return to the quiet nature, this is Sheshan Forest Hotel. There are ten thousand jade green bamboos on the top of the forest hotel, towering ancient trees underneath, gurgling waterfalls, and singing birds. It is suitable for people to live and gather.

The villas of Sheshan Hotel can be said to be quite western style, and they are reserved only for the reception of important people or leaders. The villas are three stories high, and the luxurious decoration is like a dream castle.

Of course, the most amazing thing is the dishes of Shanghai Sheshan Forest Hotel. There are "two festivals in January, a hundred bamboo shoot banquet in March-April, a cool month in July-August, and a local vegetable and food festival at the end of the year. You can taste a lot of local mountain vegetables.

This curry beef brisket can be said to be my favorite, it is so delicious, let me take one bite after another.

Pineapple with fresh shrimp is very delicious.

This fish soup can be said to be very thick and mellow.

The braised pork with vegetable rice is the highlight, and the shiny braised pork makes people look too appetizing. Moreover, the price/performance ratio of this table is really high. If a dozen people eat, the average per capita is only more than 60, and you can eat food comparable to Michelin.

The taste of boiled chicken is very delicious, it can be dipped in soy sauce or eaten directly.

Braised eggplant is very tasty.

The taste of this shredded eel is really good, thick oil red sauce, proper taste of Shanghai local cuisine, highly recommended.


In the eyes of many people, Shanghai is a very fast-paced city. Whether it is at work or people in a hurry on the road, people can feel the tension of this city. In addition to various highly developed modern facilities and skyscrapers, Shanghai also retains many classical gardens. Perhaps many people's perception of Shanghai is still in the bustling Bund and fashionable Xintiandi, but in fact Shanghai also has unique five A garden in the south of the Yangtze River.

Speaking of Jiangnan gardens in Shanghai, Yu Garden may be widely known to the public, but it is not Yu Garden with the longest history and the most poetic and picturesque, but Zuibaichi. It is not as famous as Yu Garden, so it naturally retains its share. Pure, not surrounded by commercialization like Yu Garden. Zuibaichi is also one of the most famous classical gardens in the south of the Yangtze River. It has a history of more than 900 years and can be said to be the oldest garden in Shanghai.

Zuibaichi is not in the urban area but in Songjiang, covering an area of ​​about 70 mu, more than twice the size of Yu Garden, but the entrance fee is only 12 yuan. The layout of Zuibai Pool is very interesting. With a square pool as the center, it breaks the traditional irregular pool layout and is somewhat similar to the style of Lingnan Gardens. On the east side are pavilion buildings, surrounded by various pavilions, pavilions and winding corridors, and the space is relatively closed. On the west side is a large open woodland, just like a garden, with irregular pools and pavilions that are hidden by flowers and trees, row upon row, forming an interesting contrast.

The garden layout of Zuibaichi has two styles, and you can feel different Jiangnan garden styles in different venues. Although Zuibaichi has a history of hundreds of years, it is still well preserved, and traces of history can still be seen from these garden buildings. Passing through these classical buildings, you will see stretches of lotus ponds and Zuibai ponds. The owner dedicated a large part of the garden to the meticulous care of Zuibai ponds.

The garden layout and beautiful scenery of Zuibaichi are attributed to two famous painters, Dong Qichang in Ming Dynasty and Gu Dashen in Qing Dynasty. The painter's superb artistic accomplishment and unique aesthetics make the whole garden exquisite and refined, just like moving an ink landscape painting into a real house. In order to commemorate these two painters, a Dong Qichang Calligraphy and Painting Art Museum was specially built in Zuibaichi, which displays Dong Qichang's past superb paintings.

Most classical gardens are named after the garden, but the Zuibaichi Garden is the opposite, named after the pond, which makes people feel very curious. There are two theories about the origin of the name of Zuibaichi. One is that Gu Dashen was proud of his garden in his later years. He often imagined that if Li Bai came to this yard back then, he must have been fascinated by the beauty of the garden. Another theory is that Gu Dashen admired Bai Juyi in his later years, so he named the garden Zuibaichi, hoping to have Bai Juyi's tranquil state of mind.

Today's Zuibaichi, after nearly a thousand years of wind and rain, has been rebuilt several times but still retains its original appearance. Among the many excellent classical gardens in the south of the Yangtze River, the style of Zuibaichi is very unique. In addition to the exquisite and unique garden landscaping, the literary and artistic atmosphere of the literati of the past dynasties makes the whole garden full of profound cultural heritage, making Zuibaichi a unique cultural attraction in Shanghai, the magic city. It will also be healed here.


The old granary has been transformed into a new landmark of Songjiang culture. The Yunjian Granary was originally Shanghai Liangda Warehouse Management Co., Ltd. It is a grain warehouse and factory that has been abandoned for many years, and it carries the memories of many old Songjiang people. Go straight in from the east gate, and the dense ancient trees on both sides cannot hide the traces left by time. Going a little further, you can see four large chimneys.

Now it has become a cultural and creative district in Shanghai. The renovation design of the park is based on the architectural characteristics of the plot, fully integrating the history and culture of Songjiang, blue bricks, red tiles, mottled walls, old doors and windows...following the principle of restoring the old as the old, here to the maximum extent To keep the historical traces of the old buildings, by improving the internal physical environment of the old buildings, endow them with brand-new urban functions.

Now the park is divided into the Wanguo Beer Culture Zone, the Art Exhibition Interactive Zone, the Science and Technology Creative Office Zone, the Coastal Life and Leisure Zone, and the Fashion Net Celebrity Check-In Zone, etc., where you can properly shoot industrial internet celebrity blockbusters.


In the childhood of every post-80s and early 90s, there should be a group of lively Smurfs. At this moment, there will be a group of Smurfs in my ears. They are mischievous and sensitive" singing. And now there is a Shanghai Shimao Fairy City theme park Smurfs Paradise with the theme of the Smurfs IP, located in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort.

This Smurf Paradise in Shanghai is the first Smurf Paradise in the Asia-Pacific region. There are several areas in it, such as the forest area, the village area, and Gargamel's home. The Smurfs must be the protagonists throughout the journey~ There is also a 17-card challenge. You can get a map of the park at the entrance, and you can exchange for a small gift if you collect all 17 cards.

Entering the Smurfs area, I happened to encounter a parade of floats. Papa Smurf, Sister Smurf, and Gargamel appeared one by one, and had an intimate interaction with tourists. It was so cute!

After watching the float parade, of course, I want to play the items in the park one by one. Next, I will focus on recommending a few interesting must-play items. Come and refer to them.

The first is the forest area, where the dense forest isolates the modern atmosphere. The first one to play is the forest maze, which is also the forest that appeared in the Smurfs animation, where children can play hide and seek together to see who catches the first.

The berry swing and the 360-degree "small pendulum" are really just right for children, and they no longer have to suffer from height restrictions.

Then there is the village area. It is said that the most fun and exciting project in the whole park is hidden here, the berry roller coaster. Sitting on the berry-shaped wrap-around train can feel the excitement of speed and passion. The park considers taking care of children. This roller coaster has been It is very gentle, but it also has its own characteristics! He can spin himself! While spinning, feel the fun of the roller coaster, which is something you can't feel except for the Smurfs Paradise!

Bakery Jam Cups, sit in each jam cup and help Bakery stir his jam! Feel the illusory yet real vertigo in the fairy tale world.

Drawing magic brushes, give children and parents a burst of artistic inspiration to be a little painter. When you see the colored sprites you drew "live" on the display screen, isn't it super fulfilling! For simple painting, this adds more sense of technology, and I feel that children can draw here for an afternoon.

Blue Sister Garden, the name is very small and fresh, and even the seats of the amusement facilities are flower-shaped, with a gentle rhythm of up and down, which is very suitable for little girls to play.

In the world of the Smurfs, there is the only villain, Gargamel, whose failures are always the source of joy for the children. Of course, there will be Gargamel's home in the Smurfs Paradise! The first thing I saw was the dark laboratory, a "scary" haunted house, where props of spider crickets would appear suddenly from time to time, scaring you, timid friends should go with friends.

In the Gargamel area, there is also a small jumping machine suitable for young children, the Azi cat jumping tower. For the safety of children, its frequency of going up and down is very gentle, and will not cause danger to children~

After completing a variety of challenges, help the Smurfs rescue the Smurfy who was captured by Gargamel. The rides here are also very exciting!

The last one came to Damao District. There are 8 educational and entertaining play items, which allow children to balance each other in play and growth. The most recommended is Wonderland Soaring. The combination of 180-degree star ring screen + sound and light, enjoy a different kind of shock blockbuster!

In the Smurf Paradise, there are many colorful play items, as if immersed in the sea of ​​flowers and leaves, or a small elf theater, where you can have a close contact with the Smurfs.

When you come to the world of the Smurfs, of course you have to bring some souvenirs back. In the fairy gift world in the park, there are all kinds of kawaii Smurfs on sale. You can take a Smurf home, or take it with you. My friends go.

The Smurfs Paradise is full of fairy tale atmosphere. Stepping into the paradise, it seems like a world away. You are really immersed in the world of the Smurfs. Various colorful designs are very beautiful in fairy tales, and it also allows children to play to their heart's content. .


Speaking of Chenshan Botanical Garden, everyone will think of the aerial photography of cherry blossoms in Chenshan Botanical Garden during the cherry blossom season this year. It is really beautiful, and many people regard Chenshan Botanical Garden as their first choice for travel. Chenshan Botanical Garden has always been a must-visit place for primary and middle school students in Shanghai in the spring and autumn. It has been more than ten years since I last visited.

This time, because of the rain, I basically visited the tropical greenhouse pavilion of Chenshan Botanical Garden. The Tropical Exhibition Greenhouse is a greenhouse group composed of three individual greenhouses, including the Tropical Flower and Fruit Pavilion, the Psammophyte Pavilion and the Rare Plant Pavilion. Among them, the Tropical Flower and Fruit Pavilion has the largest area, with a maximum height of 21 meters. There are various flowers and waterfalls growing in it.

Chenshan Botanical Garden is the largest botanical garden in East China, and it is also the second botanical garden in Shanghai. It has four major functional areas, including the sub-center display area, plant conservation area, five continents plant area and peripheral buffer zone. If you have the opportunity, it is recommended Be sure to spend a day visiting.


If you want to say which is the most popular restaurant in Songjiang District, it must be Uncle Xiao. The predecessor of Uncle Xiao's Restaurant was a well-known farmyard in Songjiang. After renovation, it was renamed Uncle Xiao, and it still insists on operating the traditional folk flavors around Shanghai, as well as some non-heritage delicacies. Smoked silk, yellow croaker noodles, Zhangze sheep, oil-fried shrimp, straw-stuffed meat, steamed crab with bad bones, local eel paste, fresh meat mooncakes... Jiaxing old wine, completely achieved the feeling of old Shanghai folk customs street.

Let's start with one of its signature dishes, braised organic fish with soy sauce, and also performed an uncovering ceremony, a very huge fish, fish head tofu soup with soul, tofu and fish meat are very tasty, five stars!

Chicken soup, made of local chicken, is authentic and very nourishing for the body.

Stir-fried rice cake with rice field crab is a highly recommended dish. Compared with crab, the taste has been integrated into the rice cake, and I am deeply attracted by the taste of the rice cake.

Fried shrimp tastes good too.

Crab shell yellow, the taste is very good, you can also buy it separately

Songjiang soft cake, Songjiang's special dessert, can't be bought outside.

The flavor of this sauced duck is also very rich, reflecting Shanghai's thick oily red sauce.

There are also a variety of delicious delicacies, each of which is unique and full of authentic Songjiang flavor, waiting for everyone to taste.


This time I stayed at Songjiang New Century Grand Hotel, which is located on the east side of New Century Square in Songjiang New City, adjacent to the Central Park, and close to Songjiang Sheshan National Tourist Resort. The transportation is very convenient. The hotel has a majestic appearance and a luxurious temperament, combining oriental culture and international standards.

The standard room is very spacious, with floor spreads, so you can walk barefoot in the room.

You can overlook the whole picture of Songjiang from the window, and the view and location are really good.

The bathroom is also the largest I have ever seen since I have stayed in so many hotels, and there are so many mirrors, it is really considerate for girls.

Enjoyed a delicious dinner at Songjiang New Century Grand Hotel, which is also a local seasonal specialty in Songjiang, which is very distinctive.

I like this beef diced dish the most. The beef is tender and juicy, very chewy, and I will never tire of eating it.

There are also a variety of Songjiang snacks, which make people feel the warmth of going home.


[Shanghai Happy Valley] 230 yuan
[Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden] 60 yuan
[Shanghai Shimao Fairy City Theme Park Smurfs Paradise] 160 yuan
[Shanghai Film and Television Paradise] 80 yuan