The vast majority of tourists who have just come to Beijing will regard the Forbidden City as a must-see. The Forbidden City, also known as the Forbidden City, was the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties, as well as a symbol and symbol of ancient China. When you are in the dignified and orderly courtyard with high walls, you can really feel its former glory. The long history has left large-scale precious buildings and countless cultural relics here, and it has become the main attraction of visiting the Forbidden City today.

Tour the ancient buildings

The Forbidden City is a relatively well-preserved and large-scale ancient wooden structure complex in China and even in the world. These magnificent buildings can be divided into"Outward court"and"inner court"Two large parts. With the Qianqing Gate as the boundary, the south of the Qianqing Gate is the outer dynasty, where the emperor handles government affairs.QianqingmenTo the north is the inner court, where the harem concubines lived, and it was the place where the emperor's family lived. Walking through the Jinluan Palace, Qianqing Palace, and Kunning Palace, and admiring the flowers and plants in the emperor's imperial garden, it feels like time travel to a costume drama.

Admire a large number of precious cultural relics

There are a large number of precious cultural relics in the Forbidden City, according to statistics, there are millions of them. According to the different types of cultural relics, it is divided into multiple exhibition halls. Among them, the Treasure Hall and the Clock Hall are very eye-catching. The Clock Hall11dot sum14There is a clock demonstration, where you can see all kinds of rare mechanical clocks and clocks with strange shapes collected by the Qing Dynasty, which will definitely open your eyes.

play route

The Forbidden City covers a wide area, with a total of large and small palaces.70There are many seats and many tour routes. If you want to take a good look around, you need to arrange a day. If you are just looking around, take a look at the main palace, aboutYou can go shopping in two hours.

  • 两小时游推荐路线:

If you only have about two hours, it is recommended to visit along the central axis of the Forbidden City. The scenic spots of the Forbidden City are basically on this line, and the walking time is relatively small.

1. Meridian Gate-Gate of Supreme Harmony-Hongyi Pavilion (Dynasty Ritual and Music Exhibition)-Hall of Supreme Harmony-Hall of Harmony-Palace of Preserving Harmony-Qianqingmen-Qing Palace-Jiaotai Hall-Kunning Palace-Imperial Garden-Shenwumen

2. Meridian Gate-Gate of Supreme Harmony-Hall of Supreme Harmony-West Veranda of Baohe Hall (Tianfu Yongzang Exhibition)-East Veranda of Preserving Harmony Hall-Hall of Harmony-Palace of Preserving Harmony-Qianqingmen-Qing Palace-Jiaotai Hall-Kunning Palace-Imperial Garden-Shenwumen

  • 半日游推荐路线:

If you feel that the two-hour tour is not enough, you can also visit the courtyards of the East and West Six Palaces, where the favored concubines of the Forbidden City once lived. Or go to the Clock Museum and the Treasure Museum to appreciate precious cultural relics.

1. Meridian Gate-Wenhua Palace (Ceramics Hall)-Gate of Supreme Harmony-Hall of Supreme Harmony-Hall of Harmony-Palace of Preserving Harmony-Fengxian Hall (Hall of Clocks)-Qing Palace-Jiaotai Hall-Kunning Palace-Hall of Mental Cultivation-Xiliugong District-Imperial Garden-Shenwumen

2. Meridian Gate-Hall of Martial Arts (Painting and Calligraphy Hall)-Gate of Supreme Harmony-Hall of Supreme Harmony-Hall of Harmony-Palace of Preserving Harmony-Qing Palace-Jiaotai Hall-Kunning Palace-East Liugong District-fasting palace-Ningshougong District, Former Dynasty (Zhenbao, Shigu Hall 2)-Ningshougong area back bedroom (Zhenbao, Xiqu No.2 Hall and Zhenfei Well)-Shenwumen

  • 一日游推荐路线:

The planned one-day tour route covers almost all the important palaces and exhibition halls in the open area of ​​the Palace Museum, but you also need to pay attention to the use of time when visiting and choose the exhibition display content that you are interested in. If you linger everywhere, I am afraid that one day is not enough to see the scenery.

Meridian Gate-Hall of Martial Arts (Painting and Calligraphy Hall)-Wenhua Palace (Ceramics Hall)-Gate of Supreme Harmony-Hall of Supreme Harmony-Hall of Harmony-Palace of Preserving Harmony-Qing Palace-Jiaotai Hall-Kunning Palace-Hall of Mental Cultivation-Xiliugong District-Imperial Garden-East Liugong District-Fengxian Hall (Hall of Clocks)-Ningshou Palace District (Treasure Hall, Opera Hall)-Shenwumen

classic attractions

  • 皇帝举行大典的场所--太和殿

Hall of Supreme Harmony, commonly known as"Golden Palace", is the place where emperors of Ming and Qing dynasties held grand ceremonies. On the day of the Grand Ceremony, there is a huge guard of honor from the Hall of Supreme Harmony to the outside of Tiananmen Square. Under the eaves of the Hall of Supreme Harmony is the Zhonghe Shaoyue, and inside the Gate of Supreme Harmony is the Danbi Dale. The prince stands above the Danbi. Up to the ninth rank, civil and military officials gathered in Danchi for display"Pinji Mountain"On both sides of the royal road.

  • 皇帝上朝的地方--养心殿

The Hall of Mental Cultivation is a"work"The glyph-shaped building is divided into two halls, the front and the back. After Yongzheng in the Qing Dynasty, the emperor's bedroom was moved to the back hall, and the front hall became the place where the emperor handled daily government affairs and received officials and workers.

  • 紫禁城里华美的石桥--gold水桥

In the square in front of TaihemenFivesThe Jinshui bridge, single-hole arched, beautiful in shape, contrasts with the majestic Meridian Gate Tower and the resplendent Hall of Supreme Harmony, which is fascinating.

  • 皇帝大婚的洞房--坤宁宫

Kunning Palace is one of the three rear palaces of the Forbidden City in Beijing. In the Ming Dynasty, the Kunning Palace was the queen's bedroom, but in the Qing Dynasty it was gradually changed into a place for worshiping gods.

  • 举行"palace test"的场所--保和殿

The Palace of Preserving Harmony is the essence of traditional Chinese palace architecture and belongs to a palace-style building in the Forbidden City in Beijing. Every year on New Year's Eve, the emperor entertained the princes and ministers of ethnic minorities here. Since the later period of Qianlong, it has become a place to hold"殿试"place.

  • 举世无双的各类珍宝--珍宝馆

The Treasure Hall is located in the Ningshou Palace area, and the collection of treasures is particularly rich, covering Buddhist supplies, accessories, daily utensils, and ornamental treasures. Among them, highabout fourteencm red coral lion, longabout one hundred and thirtyCentimeter Dongzhu Chaozhuand"Fengtian Treasure"Seals, etc., are rare treasures.

  • 造型精美的各式钟表--钟表馆

The clock museum is located in the Fengxian Hall in the palace. Most of the clocks on display are British products, and there are also clocks from other countries such as France and Switzerland. In addition to the timing function of these clocks and watches, the characters, birds, animals, flowers, etc. decorated on them will also make various movements, and the production is very delicate. in,Gilded copper writing clock,The gold-plated copper inlaid enamel gourd-top fisherman's plowing and reading clock, and the gold-plated copper turning flower running man's rhino watch are very rare.

opening hours

Closed on Monday throughout the year; April 1-October 31, Tuesday to Sunday 08:30-17:00 (last admission 16:10); November 1-March 31 next year, Tuesday to Sunday Sunday 08:30-16:30 (last admission 15:40); Ching Ming Festival, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day 07:30-17:00 (last admission 16:10), New Year's Day Spring Festival, Spring Festival 08:30-16:30 (last admission 15:40); statutory holidays are not closed on Mondays; closed time of admission includes the clock hall and treasure hall

Preferential treatment policy

minor:Chinese citizens under the age of 18 (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents and foreigners who have obtained permanent residence) (accompanied by guardians) need to make an appointment on the official website in advance, free of charge
elder:Age: over 60 years old (inclusive), discount
student:Students over 18 years old (including) with a bachelor's degree or below (including undergraduate, excluding adult education and postgraduate), with a student ID card or school introduction letter, discounts
the disabled:Free with disability certificate
soldier:"August 1st" Army Day, active servicemen with valid certificates, free of charge
Retired cadres:With retirement certificate, free of charge
Low-income people:For those who hold the city's social security fund collection certificate, with the original relevant valid certificate, half price
female:38" Women's Day, female audiences enjoy, half price
Accompanying parents under the age of 14:On Children's Day, children under 14 years old (including 14 years old) accompanying parents enjoy a half-price discount, half-price
Supplementary Note:Free tickets for minors (including the Museum of Treasures and the Museum of Watches and Clocks) need to be reserved in advance

Service Facilities

luggage storage:Reference price: on-site basis; Address: East side of Meridian Gate and Shenwu Gate; luggage can be delivered free of charge between Meridian Gate (South Gate) and Shenwu Gate (North Gate)
Scenic spot explanation:The Palace Museum provides electronic guide services. Location of electronic self-service: Taihe Gate, the address of the east and west sides of the Three Great Halls. Consultation hotline: Audience Service Center (End Gate): 85007938 Taihe Gate Consultation Office: 85007420
Explainer rental:Reference price: Chinese version and Cantonese version are 20 yuan each, and other languages ​​are 40 yuan each; deposit is 100 yuan each; address: inside Meridian Gate and Shenwu Gate
stroller rental:Reference price: Free; Address: Audience Service Center
bathroom:There are toilets in the scenic area, which are near the ticket office, visitor center, Lanting exhibition room, armory, Nanqun room, Chengqian gate and other facilities, and are marked with eye-catching signs.
Infant room:Address: There is a baby care center near the Longzong Gate of the Forbidden City
Disabled access:The Forbidden City has disabled access, and there are obvious signs. If you are not sure, you can ask the staff for help.
ATM machine:There are 2 ATMs in the Palace Museum, and the specific locations can be found on the official website of the Palace Museum.
FOOD:There are restaurants near Longzong Gate, Jingyun Gate, Jianting Pavilion, Hall of Mental Cultivation, and Shenning Palace (2).
Souvenir gift shop:There are 20 shops in the scenic area of ​​the Forbidden City, respectively in Wuying Hall (1), Wenhua Hall (1), Jingyun Gate (2), Yangxin Hall (1), Qianqing Palace (3), Jiaotong Qin Dian (2), Imperial Garden (6), Qianlong Garden (1), Huangji Store (2), and Shenwumen (1).
convenience store:There are convenience stores in the park, which are located at the entrance and exit of the scenic spot and on both sides of the road during the tour, near Kunning Palace, Jiaotai Palace, Shenwu Gate, etc. Alipay/WeChat payment can be used.

must see tips

1. Ticket purchase guide:Tickets for the Forbidden City are all pre-sold on the official website ten days in advance. There is no ticket window on site, and all tickets are purchased online, with a real-name system.

2. Tour route:The Forbidden City needs to be visited from south to north. Meridian Gate is the only entrance, and Shenwu Gate and Donghua Gate are the exits.

3. Guide service:If you want to learn more about the history of the Forbidden City, you can rent an audio guide or hire a guide. There are two kinds of guides: 20 and 40 yuan. The guide service is 250 yuan for the whole journey, 150 yuan for the middle and west roads, and 100 yuan for the middle road. If there are more than five people, an additional 10 yuan/person will be charged. Free Chinese and English explanations are provided in the exhibition halls such as the Treasure Hall, the Clock Hall, and the Calligraphy and Painting Hall.

4. Free storage package:The Forbidden City provides free bag storage service. Deposited packages are delivered between Meridian Gate and Shenwumen (that is: you can deposit packages at the entrance of Meridian Gate and pick up packages at the exit of Shenwumen). The working hours of the bag depository are 8:30-18:00.

5. Surrounding attractions:At the end of the tour, after coming out of Shenwumen, Jingshan Park is opposite. You can visit Jingshan Park on foot, or reach Beihai Park 600 meters west.