Beijing Wildlife Park
1. Overview of Beijing Wildlife Park
Beijing Wildlife Park is located on the banks of the beautiful Yongding River. It raises more than 200 species and more than 5,000 rare wild animals from all over the world on more than 3,600 acres of land. It is a national 4A-level scenic spot in one.
2. Introduction of the exhibition area
Beijing Wild Animal Park is 42 kilometers away from the urban area, and has more than 80 themed zoos and pavilions. The park is divided into three animal tourist areas: self-driving tour area, walking tour area, and beast experience area.
1. Self-driving tourist area:
On May 1, 2015, the self-driving tourist area was officially opened. Covering an area of ​​more than 1,200 mu, with a 10-kilometer tour line and seven animal exhibition areas, more than 60 animal species and more than 800 animals are exhibited. There are two tour modes in the self-driving tour area, self-driving tour and small train tour.
Animals live in the original ecological natural environment, forming a unique "animal and natural landscape", 360-degree unobstructed viewing. Let you experience the primitive, real and natural animal world from Asia to Africa, from grasslands to plateaus in a full-day self-driving tour. Indulge in the wildness of wild animals.
2. Pedestrian tour area
 The environment of the walking tour area is elegant and rich in oxygen. The overall design highlights the open concept, and there are more than 30 animal venues, which have the characteristics of novel venue design, various viewing angles, and visual barrier-free. Shorten the distance between people and animals, increase the contact between people and animals, and reflect the intimacy and harmony between people, animals and the environment. The walking tour area also has interesting animal training, bird behavior training and large animal behavior display. While watching the program, tourists can not only feel the interactive fun but also feel the surprise and excitement.
3. Beast experience area
The beast experience area has eight exhibition areas, exhibiting 8 kinds of beast animals, a total of more than a hundred heads. Each exhibition area is designed according to the wild living environment of animals. Animals live in an open natural environment. Amphibian modeling feeding experience sightseeing car for viewing, you can experience the ferocious stimulation of carnivores while feeding the animals yourself. This area uses steep terrain to create and restore the wild habitat of animals. While taking a sightseeing car to watch the beasts at close range through mountains and rivers, you can fully experience the dynamic visual experience of the integration of people, wild animals and nature.
4. Wonderland
Wonderland is Beijing's first animal-themed children's playground. The tourist area is divided into: Slow World, Long Tongue, Mengbao Kindergarten, Jungle Hospital, Big Ears, Aquatic Animal Exhibition Area, Dinosaur Mountain and other themed exhibition areas. Each exhibition area is named after the outstanding characteristics of the exhibited animals, and restores its real living environment, so that everyone can experience the real living environment of the animals personally. The animals here are not divided into families, genus and regions. Most of them are mild animals with strong ornamental and interactive features. Visitors can participate, interact, experience and entertain here.

opening hours

April 1st - October 31st 08:30-17:30; November 1st - March 31st of the following year 09:00-17:00; [Operating Hours]

Park operating hours 09:00-17:00

Ticket sales time in pedestrian area 09:00-15:30Ticket sales time in self-driving area 09:00-15:00[Tour bus ride time]
Small train operating hours [weekdays 10:00-15:00/holidays 10:00-15:30]The operation time of the beast experience area [weekdays 10:00-16:00 / every Monday morning for half a day, open for business at 13:00 pm]Opening hours of self-driving area [09:30-15:30]
Preferential treatment policychild:
Children with a height of 1 meter and below can enter the park free of charge accompanied by a ticket-buying guardian. Each ticket-buying visitor is limited to one child who enjoys the free-ticket policy. ,freeelder:

Elderly people over 65 years old who hold the "Beijing Pass-Pension and Disabled Card" can enter the park for free when accompanied by tourists who purchase adult tickets. Each adult ticket visitor can only bring one elderly person who enjoys the free policy. When purchasing a ticket to enter the park You need to show your valid ID and buy it together with the accompanying tourists. Discounts are not available for those without proof. ,free

student:Student tickets are applicable to undergraduates and below (excluding graduate students, excluding adult education), and valid student ID cards (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) must be presented when purchasing tickets and entering the park. Discounts are not available for those without proof. ,discount
the disabled:Persons holding a disability certificate; the holder's ID card and valid disability certificate can be exchanged for valid tickets at the ticket office of the scenic spot. ,free
Service FacilitiesPARKING LOT:
[Beijing Wildlife Park Parking Lot] Reference price: small car 20 yuan/day, large car 30 yuan/day; address: at the main entrance of the scenic spot and on both sides of the exit of the self-driving tour area; storage space: 7000; free parking within 30 minutesluggage storage:
Reference price: freePark traffic:
Reference price: chargestroller rental:
Reference price: free, a deposit of 200 yuan is required; address: visitor centerbathroom:

There are toilets in the scenic area, which are near the visitor center, reptile hall, parrot rainforest, rare animal hall and other facilities, and marked with eye-catching signs.

Infant room


Address: There is a mother and baby room near the tourist center of Beijing Wild Animal Park Scenic Area