Tiananmen Square is located on the central axis of Beijing and is the central square of the Republic. Many national symbols such as the Tiananmen Gate Tower, the Great Hall of the People, the National Museum, and the Monument to the People's Heroes are located here. Various large-scale celebrations are also held here. The flag-raising ceremony every morning attracts countless tourists to pay their respects.

Watch the flag raising ceremony

The flag raising (lowering) ceremony in Tiananmen Square is divided into festival flag raising ceremony and day flag raising ceremony.Every year on New Year's Day, Spring Festival, International Labor Day, National Day and the first day of each month, a festival flag-raising ceremony is carried out.

flag raising time

The flag raising (lowering) ceremony varies with the sunrise time of each day. For specific flag raising time, please check the official website of Tiananmen Square Management Committee.

Tiananmen Square implements a clearing system at night. The entrance will be opened about half an hour before the flag is raised, and the clearing will begin after the flag is lowered. Tourists can wait near the square half an hour before the flag raising.

Main Attractions

Tiananmen Square is located just south of Tiananmen Square. In the center of the square stands the Monument to the People's Heroes and the solemn and solemn Chairman's Memorial Hall. On the west side of the square is the Great Hall of the People, on the east side is the National Museum of China, and on the south side are two ancient city buildings with a history of hundreds of years. -- Zhengyangmen and Qianmen Arrow Tower, these majestic buildings, together with Tiananmen, constitute the current Tiananmen Square.

Today's Tiananmen Square is an important place for the Republic to hold major celebrations, grand rallies and welcome guests for foreign affairs. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, Tiananmen Square has experienced many military parades, witnessing the rise and rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

opening hours

5:00-22:00 all year round

must see tips

1. The security check in Tiananmen Square is very strict, and knives and sharp objects may be prohibited from being brought in. In addition, the queue at the security check may be long, and the entry speed will be faster if you do not bring a bag.

2. Tourists can make an appointment to visit within the next 10 days through the information in the appointment channel. Elderly people, primary and middle school students, and disabled people who are inconvenient to use smart terminals can have their relatives and friends make an appointment on their behalf, and if it is inconvenient for relatives and friends to make an appointment on their behalf, the staff can also provide on-site assisted appointment service. Tourists who have made reservations for the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, the National Museum, the Palace Museum, Zhongshan Park, Beijing Working People's Cultural Palace and other units open to the outside world can only show the valid reservation records to the on-site staff.

3. The appointment is divided into 4 periods: "flag raising", "morning", "afternoon" and "flag lowering". The "flag raising" period is from the opening time of Tiananmen Square every day (1 hour before the flag raising) to the end of the flag raising ceremony. The "morning" period is from the end of the daily flag-raising ceremony to 12 o'clock. The "afternoon" period is from 12:00 to the closing time of Tiananmen Square every day. The "flag lowering" period is from 1 hour before the daily flag lowering time to the closing time of Tiananmen Square at night. You can make an appointment once a day at each time slot.

4. After the reservation is successful, it can be canceled; each reservation can be canceled up to 3 times a day, and if the cancellation exceeds 3 times, it will not be possible to make another reservation on the same day. On the homepage of the reservation platform, click "Reservation Record", open the reservation record interface, find the reservation record to be canceled, and click the "Cancel Reservation" button.

5. If the verification is not completed after the appointment is successful, and the appointment is not canceled, it will be regarded as a no-show. Tourists who have made reservations for multiple time slots will not be considered as no-shows if they have one successful verification on the same day.

6. Tourists can make reservations for multiple days or multiple time slots in one day. Tourists who make appointments 3 times or more within a month will not be allowed to make another appointment within half a year.

(According to official public information, updated on December 15, 2021)