Gubei Water Town is located in the northeast of Miyun. It is an ancient town scenic spot reconstructed on the basis of an ancient village. The ancient town is built along the water, which not only has the majesty of the ancient towns in the north, but also has the characteristics of the water towns in the south of the Yangtze River. You can soak in hot springs, taste delicious food, climb the Simatai Great Wall, etc. It is a good choice for leisure and vacation in the suburbs of Beijing.

There is no traffic in the ancient town, which is very suitable for walking. Entering from the west side of the ancient town, many buildings are real ancient residential buildings moved from Shanxi and other places. The lintels and carvings are very old and exquisite, which can be savored carefully. In addition, roaming by boat is also a good choice. Sitting on the bow of the boat, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the ancient town leisurely and comfortably, which is very pleasant.

The night view of Gubei Water Town is a must. The town is like a dream world under the stars and lights. Among them, the water dance show is an indispensable and important scene in the night tour of Gubei Water Town. The music fountain in front of the Wangjing Tower in the ancient town is turned on regularly every night. The water column of the fountain swings with the music and lights, and from time to time there is a dazzling fire, which complements the beautiful Great Wall behind it, presenting a visual feast.

Must-See Attractions

In the Sima Small Distillery at the entrance of the ancient town, you can visit the ancient brewing process and buy wine on the spot. The Yongshun dyeing workshop next to the winery uses the ancient method of dip-dyeing in large vats to dye cloth. Visitors here can see huge floral cloths hanging to dry, which is very similar to the scenes in costume dramas, and it is also a good place to shoot blockbuster movies.

There is an old stage on Riyue Island to the east of the ancient town, where classic northern operas such as Hebei Bangzi are often performed. In addition, the Zhenyuan Escort Bureau here is the restoration of the original appearance of the ancient Escort Bureau, and you can understand the culture of escorting escorts. There is also an open-air hot spring pool at the entrance of the escort agency, where tourists who are tired from walking may wish to soak their feet and relax.

Visit specialty shops

In addition to the scenic spots in the ancient town, there are also many characteristic shops. Handicraft shops are generally concentrated on the west side of the ancient town. There are kite shops, New Year picture shops, shadow puppet theaters, tea shops and many other quaint shops where you can stroll around at will. To the east of the ancient town are cafes, sugar shops, teahouses, roast meat restaurants, biscuit shops and other gourmet shops. In these shops, you can taste the specialties of the ancient town, such as Miyun roast meat.

Dengsimatai Great Wall

The west end of the ancient town is connected to the Simatai Great Wall scenic spot. After visiting the ancient town, you may wish to climb the Great Wall to experience the steepness and beauty of the Simatai Great Wall.

Come to the hot springs in winter

When visiting this northern town in winter, you can also experience the characteristic hot springs here. Gubei Water Town is known as a hot spring town, with natural geothermal hot springs extracted from the nearby underground. Most of the inns in the town are equipped with good hot spring pools, among which the Duan Family Courtyard and Yushe Hot Spring are more famous.

opening hours

All year round Monday to Thursday, Sunday 09:00-22:30 (last admission 21:00) Friday to Saturday 09:00-23:00; cruise ship opening hours: Sunday-Thursday: 8:00 00-21:30 Friday-Saturday 8:00-22:00

Children's Playhouse opening hours: Monday to Thursday, Sunday 9:30-19:00; Friday and Saturday 9:30-21:00, the deadline for ticket purchase is 18:00

Children's Playhouse + Gubei Water Town opening hours: Monday to Thursday, Sunday 9:30-16:00; Friday and Saturday 9:30-18:00, the deadline for ticket purchase is 16:00, please make reasonable arrangements your itineraryTickets for Gubei Water Town: (November 2022-April 9:00-21:00, May-October 2023 9:00-22:00)Preferential treatment policy
child:Free for those under 1.2 meters (inclusive) in height; discount tickets for those between 1.2 meters (inclusive) and 1.5 meters in height (inclusive)
Retired cadres:With the certificate of honor for retired cadres issued by the State Council and the Central Military Commission, free
the disabled:Free of charge with the "Disability Certificate" issued by the China Disabled Persons' Federation
Persons disabled by war:With the "Disabled Soldiers Certificate", "Disabled People's Police Certificate", "Disabled Fire Rescue Personnel", "Disabled Reserve Personnel Militia and Migrant Worker Certificate" and "Disabled Personnel Certificate on Duty" issued by the Veterans Affairs Department, free of charge
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National Fire Rescue

:Holders of "National Comprehensive Fire Rescue Team Firefighter Certificate", "National Comprehensive Fire Rescue Team Cadre Certificate", "National Comprehensive Fire Rescue Team Student Certificate", discount ticketsService Facilities
PARKING LOT:[Parking lot outside Water Town Scenic Area, No. 1 2 3 4 5 No. 6 parking lot,] Reference price: 10 yuan per time for less than 7 seats, 20 yuan per time for more than 7 seats. ;Address: Branch line of Mabei Road, Miyun County, Beijing; Location: 5000; 10 yuan for less than 7 seats, 20 yuan for more than 7 seats
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