The Summer Palace was originally the palace and garden of the emperors of the Qing Dynasty, also known as the Qingyi Garden. It was built on the basis of Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill, and was built according to the design techniques of Jiangnan gardens. It is a very large-scale and well-preserved royal garden in my country. It is elegant and has many precious cultural relics. It is known as the "Royal Garden Museum".

Regional overview

The Summer Palace has a large scale, and the whole garden can be divided into three areas: the political activity area centered on the Hall of Renshou; the empress living area centered on Yulan Hall and Le Shou Hall; Yuanyuan Tourist Area. About three-quarters of the entire park is occupied by Kunming Lake. There are more than one hundred and three thousand buildings such as pavilions, terraces, buildings, pavilions, corridors, and pavilions beside the lake. , Seventeen-Arch Bridge, etc. are well-known and representative buildings, and they are also must-see places when visiting the Summer Palace.

Boating on Kunming Lake

To visit the Summer Palace, in addition to visiting the magnificent palace buildings, take a cruise ship in the scenic area and go boating on Kunming Lake. There are 8 cruise ship wharves in the park: Bafang Pavilion, Wenchang Pavilion, Yulan Hall, Paiyun Temple, Shizhang Pavilion, Tongniu, Shifang and Nanhu Island. There are 5 different types of cruise ships: pedal boats, rowing boats, and batteries. boats, dragon boats and large painted boats. The price and route of the cruise ship are different, so you can choose what you want.

Dining in the park

The Summer Palace has a large area, and it takes at least 4-5 hours to complete the tour. If you are tired and hungry, you can sit down and replenish your energy. There are three fast food kiosks in the park, located at Zhichun Ting, Paiyun Dian Dongjiujian and Shizhang Ting. They mainly sell daily meals and pasta, and the prices are relatively reasonable. If you want to meet the occasion, there is also a time-honored restaurant in the park that specializes in royal meals: Tingli Pavilion, where you can taste court-style food, but the price is more expensive than daily dishes.

opening hours

April 1-October 31 06:00-20:00 (last admission 19:00); November 1-March 31 next year 06:30-19:00 (last admission 18:00) :00); Foxiang Pavilion, Dehe Garden, Wenchang Courtyard, Suzhou Street, Yishou Hall, Jiqingxuan, Nanhu Island Inner Courtyard, and Gengzhitu Water Exercise School are closed on Mondays (except legal holidays). The specific daily opening hours of the scenic spots are subject to the scene of the scenic spots.

Preferential treatment policy

child:Children under 6 years old (including 6 years old) or under 1.2 meters (including 1.2 meters) in height, free of charge (including the garden in the garden)
elder:Visitors with their own "Beijing Tong-Pension and Disabled Card" enter the park by swiping their cards; tourists aged 60 and above from other provinces and cities enter the park with their ID cards; foreign tourists aged 60 and above enter the park with their passports; free of charge
the disabled:Free with a valid certificate for the disabled
retirees:With retirement certificate, free of charge
soldier:Active soldiers, retired soldiers, and armed police officers and soldiers are free of charge with valid certificates
Provincial and ministerial-level model workers/hero models:Provincial and ministerial-level model workers and hero models, with valid certificates, free of charge
minor:For minors aged 6 (excluding 6 years old) to 18 years old (including 18 years old), discount
student:Full-time undergraduate and below degree students, with a valid ID card or student card, discount
Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan personnel:Inbound tourists from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, etc. can go through the formalities of purchasing tickets and entering the park with valid identity certificates such as "Hong Kong and Macau Residents Traveling to the Mainland", "Taiwan Residents Traveling to the Mainland" or student certificates.
social security personnel:Persons who hold a social security payment certificate can enjoy discounts with valid certificates
Supplementary Note:On March 8th Women's Day and May 4th Youth Day, discount tickets can be purchased for group visits to the park with a letter of introduction from the unit; on the day of "Six First" International Children's Day, children can enter the park free of charge. Children and elementary school students who visit the park in a group can also enter the park free of charge if the teacher leading the team does not exceed 10% of the children. Tour guides who bring a group to the park must present the official tour guide certificate issued by the state, the travel agency itinerary, and the dispatcher can enter the park for free. Undocumented tour guides or those whose certificates do not meet the requirements shall purchase tickets to enter the park;

Service Facilities

PARKING LOT:[Summer Palace Main Entrance - Parking Lot] Reference price: ¥9/hour; Address: Inside the Summer Palace, No. 19, Xinjian Gongmen Road, Haidian District, Beijing; Storage space: 102; Sectional billing, different sizes of vehicles
WiFi:Account: mybeijing (registration required); Password: no password; Range: panoramic area
Scenic spot explanation:1. The tour guide service of the Summer Palace includes three types: electronic audio guide, mobile phone guide app and tour guide's explanation. 2. Electronic audio guides are located at the East Palace Gate, North Palace Gate, North Ruyi Gate, Xinjian Palace Gate, and South Ruyi Gate (you can only turn off the phone), and the explanation languages ​​are 19 languages. 4. Mobile phone guide You can download and install the official website of the Summer Palace or search for the keyword "Summer Palace" in major online application stores to download the "Summer Palace_Official Edition" mobile application and install it. 4. Tour guides' explanations The reception stations are distributed in the East Palace Gate, North Palace Gate, and Xinjian Palace Gate area, and can provide Chinese, English, Russian and other multilingual tour guide services for Chinese and foreign tourists.
Park traffic:Reference price: hand rowing boat: 60 yuan/hour (4 seats), pedal boat: 60 yuan/hour (4 seats), pedal boat: 80 yuan/hour (6 seats), battery boat: 120 yuan/hour (6 seats), antique Type battery boat: 180 yuan/hour (6 seats); address: 1. Bafang Pavilion (hand rowing boat, pedal boat) 2. Wenchang Pavilion (battery boat, pedal boat) 3. Yulan Hall (pedal boat) 4 . Paiyun Temple (battery boat, pedal boat); cruise ship types: ferry boat, hand rowing boat, pedal boat, battery boat
stroller rental:Address: Visitor Center
wheelchair rental:Reference price: free, a deposit of 500 yuan is required
bathroom:The ticket office and tourist center of the scenic spot are equipped with restrooms and are marked with eye-catching signs. All bathrooms in the Summer Palace are equipped with barrier-free facilities: 6 barrier-free independent toilets, namely Yangyun Pavilion, Banbi Bridge, South Entrance of Xidi, Nanhu Island, South Gengzhitu, and North Gengzhitu.
Infant room:Address: There is a mother and baby room near the tourist center of the Summer Palace Scenic Area
FOOD:There are drink shops and restaurants in the scenic area

must see tips

1. Tour guide service: East Palace Gate, Wenchangyuan Gate, North Palace Gate, North Ruyi Gate, and Xinjian Palace Gate can rent electronic guides; East Palace Gate, North Palace Gate, and Xinxin Palace Gate can hire tour guides; "Mobile guide APP, you can check the map of the park, the route of the park and other practical information at any time.

2. When Kunming Lake freezes in winter, an ice rink will be formed. Visitors can exercise and entertain on the ice in the designated area, and experience multiple ice entertainment projects.