Universal Beijing Resort is a widely anticipated theme park tourism destination, including the large-scale Universal theme park, Beijing Universal CityWalk, and two resort hotels. Universal Beijing Resort combines Chinese cultural elements to create a unique experience. It has seven themed scenic spots, 37 riding entertainment facilities and landmark attractions, 24 performances, 80 catering outlets and 30 retail outlets.

opening hours

December 23-December 30, Monday to Friday, 10:00-19:00; December 24-January 1, Saturday to Sunday, 10:00-20:00; the opening hours of scenic spots change dynamically , please refer to the business hours announced by the official applet of the scenic spot on the day of travel

Preferential treatment policy

child:Children under 3 years old (not included) (on the day of ticket purchase for accompanying tourists), free of charge; 3 years old (included) to 11 years old (included), about 25% off
elder:65 years old (included) and above, about 25% off
disabled:Provide a valid disability certificate, about 25% off

Service Facilities

PARKING LOT:[Parking Building of Beijing Universal Resort] Reference price: ordinary parking in Beijing Universal Resort is charged per use, the fee will not be superimposed, and is calculated based on the admission time; ordinary parking (opening time of the parking lot - 14:00) 100 yuan/time; ordinary parking Parking (14:00-18:00) 50 yuan/time; ordinary parking (18:00-parking lot closing time) 25 yuan/time; address: Beijing Universal Resort Parking Building; storage space: 6540; it is recommended to go in advance. There is a gas station near the park. In addition, the parking building of Universal Beijing Resort also provides charging devices for new energy vehicles. You can learn more about parking services through the official public account, and you can also choose valet parking services. ; [ground parking lot] reference price: 100 yuan/time, 150 yuan/time; address: next to the parking building; storage space: 2772; it is recommended to go in advance; [spare parking lot] reference price: 100 yuan/time, 150 yuan/time times; address: backup parking lot; warehouse location: 1447; it is recommended to go in advance
WiFi:Account: Universal; Password: You can enter your mobile phone number and get a verification code from the mobile terminal device login authentication page to register and connect to the WIFI network; scope: within the park
luggage storage:Reference price: Fee; Address: Theme Park Entrance, Beijing Universal City Avenue, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, Jurassic Flight, Decepticon Roller Coaster Entrance; Address: Theme Park Entrance and Beijing Universal City Avenue; Size Backpacks/containers exceeding 56cm in length x 36cm in width x 23cm in height can only be stored at the luggage storage service center and cannot be brought into the theme park.
stroller rental:Reference price: fee; address: theme park entrance
wheelchair rental:Reference price: fee; address: theme park entrance
smoking zone:Geographic location: The scenic spot has designated areas in multiple locations
Infant room:Address: On the right side of the entrance square after entering the theme park, there is a family center in the medical station of the Kung Fu Panda World's Land, which has a nursing room and a family toilet
ATM machine:ATMs within the theme park are located at Minion Land and Kung Fu Panda's Land of the Dead. \nCurrency exchange services are located at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China on City Avenue, the lobby of Universal Studios Hotel and the lobby of NUO Resort Hotel.
FOOD:Drifter's Restaurant, Flying Hunter Restaurant, Amber Ridge Restaurant, Zhijing Restaurant, Hammond Restaurant, Cybertron Knight Restaurant, Deviation's Secret Restaurant, Panda Grandma's Private Kitchen, Kung Fu Snacks, Luoxia Restaurant, Piye Coffee, Minions Come One Bite, Mengle Fast Food, Three Broomsticks™, Mr. Ping Noodle House, Food Court, Pig's Head Bar, Energy Crystal Replenishment Station, Myers Restaurant, Sweet House, Lao Nest Restaurant
Souvenir gift shop:Panda General Store, Devi and Benji Wizards™, Detective Parts Market, Minions Market, Mr. Ping Dragon Warriors Department Store, Fengya Wizard Clothing Store™, Darkroom, Honeydukes™, Agent Equipment Store, Universal Studio Store, Jurassic Fair, Owl Mail, Hogsmeade™ Station, Ollivanders™, Filch's Confiscated Store™
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