The Beijing Aquarium is located in the Beijing Zoo. In the museum, you can watch all kinds of marine animals in different shapes, as well as wonderful animal performances such as dolphins and sea lions. It is a good place for children to learn about marine knowledge.

The aquarium is a huge conch-shaped building with two floors. It is divided into seven areas: Rainforest Wonders, Shark Town, Undersea Tour, Bering Strait, National Treasure Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium, Whale and Dolphin Bay, and Ocean Theater. After entering the aquarium, follow the indicated route and visit one by one in order. It takes about 3 hours to play the whole museum.

Wonders of the rainforest: feel the strong tropical style

The entrance of the aquarium is on its south side, and after entering from the south side, it is the rainforest wonder area, which is the epitome of an artificially constructed Amazon jungle. Walking among the winding paths, there are trees, rockeries, waterfalls, etc. on both sides, and you can feel the rich tropical scenery. There are various tropical fish species such as strange-looking seven-color angelfish, African prince, and red dragon on display. One watch.

Shark Town: Delivering a high-impact thrill

The Shark Town is adjacent to the wonders of the rainforest and the Bering Strait exhibition area. It consists of two parts: the Shark Pavilion and the Fishing Port Town. 1400 tons. Its design comprehensively considers the species, quantity and body length of sharks, the bait structure required by sharks, water quality requirements, swimming habits, living habits, and future tourist participation and interaction. Opposite the Shark Pavilion, a modern fishing port town has also been built, showing tourists the unique style of "Fisherman's Wharf".

Bering Town: Watch the lovely beluga whale up close

Next to the beach is the Bering town area, which is small in size and is a paradise for two polar beluga whales. You can see the lovely beluga whales in the water through the large panoramic glass windows, and you can also see the breeder feeding the beluga whales and A romantic image of dancing with a beluga whale.

National Treasure Chinese Sturgeon House: See the scene of feeding Chinese Sturgeon

Walking through the town of Bering, in front of you is the National Treasure Chinese Sturgeon Pavilion. The interesting science popularization display boards in the Chinese Sturgeon Pavilion help tourists learn about the story and living habits of the Chinese Sturgeon. Many national treasure Chinese sturgeons are raised here, and you can watch this rare fish up close, and you can also see the scene of feeding Chinese sturgeons.

Undersea tour: walking in the romantic underwater world

Coming out of the Chinese Sturgeon House, the entrance to the underwater tour is here. Walking underwater along the tour route, you will pass through multiple separated areas such as the South China Sea, the Western Pacific, the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean. The species in the area are also different, each with its own characteristics, and a variety of fish swim above the head, which can be enjoyed to the fullest, and the scene is also very smart and romantic.

Whale Bay: Say hello to sea lions and dolphins

After that, visit Whale Dolphin Bay. The main fish here are sea lions and dolphins. You can see the scenes of animals training and playing in the water. It makes people feel cute and beautiful. After the animals are trained, they will go to the Ocean Theater for performances. .

Ocean Theater: various interesting animal performances

The Ocean Theater is the last stop of the tour route. There are wonderful performances every day. The clever and clever performances of dolphins, sea lions and other animals will make tourists laugh, and the soft lighting and animal dancing scenes are also very romantic. There are multiple performances every day, please refer to the official website for specific times.

In-park dining and shopping

If you want to eat in the aquarium, there is a Haoweidao fast food restaurant next to the Chinese sturgeon. In addition, there are shopping stores at the entrance of Bering Town and Ocean Theater, and souvenirs of the Oceanarium are also sold. However, the price of dining and shopping inside is relatively high, so it is recommended to go out to eat after visiting.

opening hours

April 1st-October 31st 09:00-17:30 (stop ticket sales at 16:30, last entry at 17:00); November 1st-March 31st of the following year 10:00-17:00 (End of ticket sales at 16:00, last admission at 16:30)

Preferential treatment policy

child:Half price for those over 1.2 meters (inclusive) and under 18 years old (not included) with valid ID; free for those under 1.2 meters (not included) (accompanied by an adult who purchases a ticket according to regulations)
elder:60 years old (inclusive) and above with ID card, half price
soldier:Active military personnel with military ID card, half price
student:Half-price for full-time college, middle and primary school students with student ID card (excluding adult education and postgraduate students)
Supplementary Note:1. Please go to the scenic spot to buy discounted tickets

2. Each adult ticket is limited to 2 children under 1.2 meters to enter the museum, and more than 2 children need to buy discounted tickets to enter the museum

Service FacilitiesPARKING LOT:
[Beijing Aquarium Parking Lot] Reference price: ¥12/hour; Address: Beijing Aquarium (North Gate of the Zoo), No. 18 Gaoliangqiaoxie Street, Haidian District, Beijing; Location: 195luggage storage:
Reference price: freewheelchair rental:
Reference price: free, a deposit is required; address: at the entrance of the scenic spotbathroom:
There are toilets in the scenic area, near the ticket office of the scenic area, etc., and marked with eye-catching signs.Infant room:
Address: After entering the North Gate Scenic Area of ​​Beijing AquariumFOOD:
There is a restaurant in the park, which is marked with eye-catching signs near Whale Dolphin Bay.Souvenir gift shop:

There are souvenir shops in the park, which are marked with eye-catching signs near each exhibition area in the museum.

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