Fuding, the land of fortune, the place of prosperity. Fuding City is located in Ningde City, Fujian Province, where the mountains and rivers are beautiful and natural. World-class geological parks, national 5A-level tourist attractions, Taimu Mountain, a national natural heritage of China, Yushan Island, one of the ten most beautiful islands in China, and Chixi Village, the first poverty alleviation village in China, etc. The local characteristic culture here has a long history, and the customs are colorful. There are Taimu Mountain culture, She nationality culture, religious culture, marine culture, food culture, tea culture and other cultural landscapes. It is a golden resort for leisure and eco-tourism along the southeast coast of China. While visiting the mountains and rivers of Fuding, you can also taste the unique local delicacies of mountains and seas. If, let me choose a meaningful trip, I might as well choose the destination in Fuding.

Taimu Mountain Global Geopark is mainly characterized by granite peaks, forests and caves, and has diverse landscapes such as canyons, waterfalls, creatures, celestial phenomena, Buddha traces, and tea mountain experience. The "Four Wonders" are well-known far and wide, and enjoy the reputation of the fairy capital on the sea and the grand view of mountains and seas. Taimu Mountain is dependent on the mountains and the sea, the mountains increase and the sea expands, and the sea adds to the mountains. It is regarded as the most beautiful mountain on the Chinese coast.

There are more than 100 large corridor-style caves formed by the collapse of granite and rolling stones. They are different from the limestone caves in Kost landform. They are intertwined like a net and the caves are connected. In some caves, you can look at the sea and see the sun, in some caves there are continuous stone scenes, in some caves there are dark springs and bright waterfalls, and in some caves there are exotic flowers and plants growing. Said to be a joke with grandma's aerobics. Taimushan cave is a masterpiece of granite peak forest landform, which can be said to be unique.

Beautiful Village/Chixi Village

Chixi Village is located in the southeast of Fenxi Town, Fuding City, adjacent to Xiapu, 65 kilometers away from downtown Fuding and 23 kilometers away from the market town. Chixi Village is "China's No. 1 Poverty Alleviation Village", and it is also a minority She minority village.

Walking on the open and tidy streets of Chixi Village makes people feel more like walking in a market town. At the entrance of the village is a stone monument of "National No. 1 Poverty Alleviation Village" very eye-catching. Chixi Village in the 1980s was synonymous with poverty. Today, the developed Chixi Village has shed its cloak of poverty and has a new look. The village is dominated by agriculture. On the basis of the two major industries of tea and moso bamboo, Chixi Village relies on the excellent water quality of Jiuli River and Tianzhou River. , the development of freshwater aquaculture.

There is a newly built glass plank road on the mountainside near Chixi Village. The mountain is not too high, and hundreds of steps need to be climbed on foot. Looking at Chixi Village from the glass plank road, the houses with gray tiles and white walls, the yellow and green fields, and the surrounding towering peaks form an interesting contrast. The mountain is shrouded in thick fog, and the houses at the foot of the mountain look like a paradise.

The exciting glass plank road is different from what I have walked in the past. The glass plank road here can also walk on the outer circle, which is more exciting. There is no guardrail outside, but you need to wear enough safety protection measures. A safety rope hangs in the The waist is connected with a solid fence, which not only ensures safety, but also increases the sense of stimulating experience.

The green place under the glass plank road is Jiuli River. The road leading to Chixi is shaded by trees. The closer to Chixi, the greener the mountains. The water in the mountain stream is as green as jasper, which is very eye-catching.

Jiuli River is the first choice of eco-tourism resort for tourists, not only the scenery on both sides of the stream is beautiful, but also rafting on bamboo rafts is very interesting. "Bamboo rafts have been used for thousands of years in Chixi Village." According to villagers, bamboo rafts were the main means of transportation for Chixi villagers at the earliest, and many goods were transported to Xiapu Yacheng and other places through Jiuli River. After the opening of the road in the village, the bamboo raft gradually evolved into a tourist tool. On the green and open stream, ride a bamboo raft down the river, and feel the simplicity and tranquility of Chixi Village from a different perspective, which is very interesting.

Pearl of the Sea/Yushan Island

The Pearl of the Sea - Yushan Island. Dayu Mountain Island, known as the Pearl of the Sea, has beautiful scenery, such as the colorful Tianhu Lake, the Tianshan Mountains in the southern country, and the clear sky in the Cape. It is listed as one of the four major landscapes in the Taimu Mountain Scenic Area of ​​the World Geopark, and now Yushan Island has also been rated as one of the top ten most beautiful islands in the country.

Fuding is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with beautiful mountains and clear waters, mild and humid climate, and superior ecological environment. It has a total tea garden area of ​​more than 200,000 mu. It is one of the most important tea-producing counties and cities in the country and enjoys the reputation of the hometown of white tea in China. When boarding Yushan Island by boat, you can see a large white tea garden. The green tea garden is hidden in the thick fog, which is particularly eye-catching.

Yushan Island is located in the southeast sea area and consists of 11 large and small islands including Dayu Mountain, Xiaoyu Mountain and Yuanyang Island. On the island, there are 10,000 mu of grassland in Tianhu Mountain, the "Southern Tianshan Mountain", and mysterious big and small Tianhu Lakes on the top. The two lakes are more than 1,000 meters apart, each with springs, which are inexhaustible all year round, and the water is as clear as a mirror. Especially the 10,000 mu island pasture in Tianhu Scenic Area has charming scenery.

Dayu Mountain Island is very foggy, and the dense fog shrouds the sky lake and grassland in a light gauze. The reefs on the sea and the mountains in the distance become more and more ethereal, leaving only faint outlines, just like a Chinese painting of "clouds and cliffs are like tents, water and green mountains".

Most people who come to Yushan Island choose to travel around the island. Although the Tianhu Lake of Yushan Island is beautiful, the simple fishing village has its own characteristics. Rows of houses built near the island under the blue sea and sky have become a unique landscape.

Xiandu on the Sea/Taimu Mountain

As a famous scenic spot in Fuzhou, Taimu Mountain has an ornamental area of ​​92.02 square kilometers. It is a place featuring granite peaks and caves, integrating mountains, seas, rivers and cultural landscapes. It is famous for natural landscapes such as beautiful streams, rapid waterfalls, and magical clouds, as well as rich cultural landscapes such as ancient temple stone carvings and cliff inscriptions.

Exposure Dragon Pond is located under Exposure Dragon Peak, the pool is quiet, elegant and leisurely. Due to the abundant rainfall in Taimu Mountain, the rainwater from Baolong Peak converges here and gathers into a pool. There is a Yongcui Pavilion in front of it on the right, which means that the mountains are as green as waves.

The rock of Taimu Mountain is granite, which has been weathered for a long time to form more than 360 stone scenes of various shapes. Some resemble people, such as Husband and Wife Peak, Two Buddhas Talking about Sutras, Two Immortals Playing Chess, Maitreya Tanbelly, Shami Worshiping the Moon, Arhat Rock, Bajie Stone, etc.; Wall, Jade Monkey Looking Mirror, Golden Cat Fighting Mouse, Jade Rabbit Listening to the Tide, Golden Rooster Announcing the Dawn, A Piece of Tiles, Niubei Stone, etc.; , the rocks are all lifelike, and the scenery varies with each step. Predecessors once praised: "Grandma has no vulgar stones, all of them are divinely crafted, and everything is in the chest." Especially the two landscapes of "Nine Carps Facing the Sky" and "Two Buddhas Talking about the Sutra" stretch for kilometers. Imposing.

Going up the stone steps, you will arrive at the most interesting and distinctive gourd cave paradise in Taimu Mountain. There are also dozens of classic and peculiar attractions such as fairy sawing boards, fairy game games, golden cats fighting mice, and jade rabbits listening to the tide. Pictographic stone landscape. The stone platform behind is called Yingxiantai, with an altitude of 666 meters. It is said that the immortals of the East China Sea often gather here and got its name. The pavilion opposite Yingxiantai is called Juxian Pavilion.

Lanxijian is an exquisite and unique cave, about 50 meters long, because the spring water in the cave seeps out from the rock wall, flows along the cave, and flows into the Blue Stream with a murmur.

There are more than 100 caves of various kinds on Mount Taimu. It takes 28 days to go through all the caves, and it takes one day to enter and exit some caves. These caves have their own characteristics, and the most amazing ones among the caves are Yixiantian, Qixing Cave and General Shiba Cave.

Fujian is a place that worships goddess beliefs, especially the Taimu Empress of Taimu Mountain, Mazu Empress of Meizhou Island, and Chen Jinggu of Linshui Palace. Among them, Taimu Empress originated from ancient times and is the earliest goddess in Fujian. On Taimu Mountain, there is a Taimu Niangniang Temple, which is full of incense.

The Xiangshan Temple tourist area is mainly composed of Xiangshan Temple, Jiuli Lake, Five Hundred Arhat Hall and other landscapes. Xiangshan Temple was first built in the Ming Dynasty, and its original name was Miaoxiang Temple. It got its name because there are many orchids growing around the temple. When the flowers bloom, the fragrance of the orchids wafts with the wind, so it got its name.

Jiuli Lake is in the valley on the right side of Xiangshan Temple. It is small and exquisite, and the environment is quiet. The lake reflects the strange peaks and rocks facing the sky for nine miles. The lake and mountains are picturesque.


1. Fuding Food

In addition to the famous Fuding meat slices and flat meat swallows, Fuding delicacies are most famous for their seafood. Whether it is in the fishing village of Yushan Island or the top of Taimu Mountain, their fragrance can be found everywhere, especially in the urban area of ​​Fuding. , there are many specialty snack streets, and all kinds of freshly salvaged seafood are delicious on the tip of the tongue.

2. Scenic traffic

a. Wenzhou or Fuzhou has direct trains to Fuding City and Taimu Mountain, which is very convenient.

b. It is recommended to drive by yourself between scenic spots. In addition, Fuding City has a shuttle bus to Taimu Mountain every day, and you can also get off at Taimu Mountain Station and transfer to a bus to go up the mountain; self-driving can go from Shenhai Expressway to Taimu Mountain Interchange and pass through Taimu Mountain Town, enter the scenic spot along the Qintai Highway. To go to Yushan Island, you can take a bus from Fuding Bus Station to Yujing Wharf in Xiamen Township, transfer to a speedboat to Yushan Island, or take a boat from Sansha Town Wharf in Xiapu County.

3. Tips Whether it is Taimu Mountain or Yushan Island, the weather in the scenic area is unpredictable. You should carry items for cold, rain, heatstroke and insect protection, and it is best to have a flashlight on your body.