Fuding City, Fujian Province, has belonged to the Minyue Kingdom since the Western Han Dynasty, and has a history of more than 2,000 years. The rich history makes Fuding City have a temperament of accumulation and development. At the beginning of the founding of New China, a large number of tourists came to travel. The beautiful scenery and attractive seafood delicacies of the local area have won the praise of all the people who have been here. I also came to Fuding for the first time. I saw the prosperity of China's first poverty alleviation village. I visited Dayushan Island, one of China's top ten most beautiful islands. I went to Taimu Mountain named after a woman. I also tasted the ingredients. Fresh seafood food, but this is one-tenth of the beauty of Fuding. If you have the opportunity, you must bring your favorite person and slowly feel the charm of Fuding. Such a wonderful experience will be unforgettable for a lifetime .


Day1: Fuding Station - Chixi Village

Day2: Dayushan Island

Day3: Taimu Mountain

Day4: Urban area, Mother River - Fuding Station

Chixi Village: China's No. 1 Poverty Alleviation Village, Like a Paradise

China is a large agricultural country. Most of the agriculture is unpretentious, and some are flourishing. Chixi Village is a representative of thousands of poor rural areas who get rich first. Driving 65 kilometers from Fuding City, Chixi Village, located in Fenxi Town at the foot of Taimu Mountain, has woken up in the early morning. The sun is shining, and the green hills are in the distance. The villagers nearby are self-sufficient and leisurely, like a paradise.

Chixi Village used to be impoverished. Among the more than 1,800 people, ethnic minorities accounted for about 45%. In the 1980s, people nearby shook their heads when they mentioned Chixi Village. Every household was poor. Later, after discussions and investigations in the local area, they vigorously developed agriculture, planted tea and bamboo, and used the excellent local water quality to develop aquaculture. Finally, they got rid of the hat of poverty and became the first village in China for poverty alleviation.

Walking in Chixi Village now, there is no trace of poverty in the past, as if walking in the market, the clean concrete road, and the two rows of two-storey buildings behind the green plants are arranged in an orderly manner. A road goes from a distance to the village. The crape myrtle is in full bloom in the eighth month of the lunar calendar. The local people are simple and kind. They saw me holding a camera and showing a shy smile. I took a look and saw that the tea leaves they plucked were green and green, and the moso bamboo they pruned were neat and bright. They worked at sunrise and rested at sunset, and they were isolated from the bustling outside.

In addition to planting and breeding, Chixi Village also vigorously develops tourism. Relying on the excellent water quality of the Jiuli River in the village and the beautiful scenery on both sides, it has developed a tourism project of taking bamboo rafts. Bamboo rafts have a history of thousands of years in Chixi Village. , Chixi Village is located in the east and south of China, with a warm and humid climate and abundant water, which is very suitable for bamboo growth. After the bamboo grows, the bamboo is cut down to make a bamboo raft, which was used as an important means of transportation thousands of years ago to transport goods to Xiapu Yacheng and other places through Jiuli River. Later, Chixi Village developed, and the once muddy path became a bright avenue, carrying more traffic functions. Bamboo rafts are preserved as one of the items of tourism. After putting on life jackets, tourists sit on bamboo rafts, and the early autumn wind blows evenly, and the bamboo forests on both sides of the river sway with the wind, creating a dynamic and beautiful scenery.

In addition to bamboo rafts, an Internet celebrity tourism project, the Glass Sky Bridge, was built near the village. The glass plank road with a total length of more than 1,000 meters is built against the mountain. The volley under his feet made people tremble. It's really thrilling, but it's very fun to experience.

Coming out of Chixi Village, the stone engraved with "China's No. 1 Poverty Alleviation Village" at the entrance of the village stands between heaven and earth, and according to the list released by the Fujian Provincial Rural Tourism Service Quality Registration and Evaluation Committee, Chixi Village has been rated as a four-star village As a tourist village, perhaps in the near future, in addition to a well-to-do Chixi Village, we will also see a thriving tourism industry in Chixi Village... She is beautiful and peaceful, attracting more people to come.

Dayushan Island: "One of the ten most beautiful islands in China", the collision of the island and the grassland creates a beautiful scenery

Life is not only about the present, but also poetry and the distance. If you don't go out, you will never know what kind of surprise you will encounter at the next corner. It's like suddenly encountering an alpine meadow only in the northwest on a southeast island. Such a surprise can only be encountered on Dayushan Island.

Dayushan Island is located in the southeast sea area of ​​Fuding City. It is the second largest island in eastern Fujian. With a diameter of 5 kilometers, the island is lined with trees and dense vegetation, where thousands of migratory birds live. In 2005, Dayushan Island ranked eighth among the top ten most beautiful islands in China selected by the magazine "China National Geography". At that time, it was also evaluated that "it is located in the southeast, but it has the scenery of alpine meadows in the northwest; it is an island, and the sky lake is as clear as a mirror".

The world's magnificence, eccentricity, and extraordinary view often lie in danger and distance. There are only two ways to board Dayushan Island, one is to take a ferry at Guzhen Wharf, and the other is to take a ferry at Yujing Wharf. The transportation is not very convenient, so there are not many people on Dayushan Island. Walking on the island at will, with the fishy sea breeze blowing over, it is very pleasant to stroll. Walking all the way to the grassland, you will see rolling mountains and grasslands along the sides. There are two freshwater lakes in the middle of the blue sea, which are like mirrors on both sides. This is the only "sky lake" in the northwest.

Dayushan Island covers an area of ​​21.22 square kilometers and consists of 11 large and small islands including Dayushan, Xiaoyushan, Yuanyang Island and Yinyu. Located in the middle of the vast expanse of the sea, the climate of Dayushan Island is unpredictable. There is a heavy fog in the morning, and the visibility is less than ten meters. It is like groping forward in a fairyland. Although there are foggy days Beautiful, but the mood is still not so surging, only the lamb on the island smiled at me heartlessly, seeing you so cute made me happy instantly. After a while, the sun came out, the fog dissipated, the sky revealed a faint blue, and the scenic view of the sea and sky in the distance could be seen clearly. The different island scenery is a visual feast.

There are not many original residents on the island, and there are several large and small villages. Some villages have very cute names. There is one called "Fish and Bird Village". How can fish and birds be together in the water and in the sky? The special feature of Yushan Island is not only the grassland Tianhu in the eastern Fujian area, but also the love between fish and birds. Because it is located on an island, typhoons often come, and the houses on the island are reinforced with bricks. As time goes by, the houses are mottled and old, and the sense of age eroded by the sea wind can be seen everywhere.

Dayushan Island is surrounded by the sea, and the food is naturally mainly seafood. The very authentic seafood is made, and the taste is very good. I also ate cuttlefish. There is really "ink" in my stomach. I have been living inland Very surprised. After eating one after another, I hope there will be more "ink" in my stomach!

The comfortable sea breeze makes me always want to drive a flat boat, make a pot of tea and start sea fishing. It doesn't matter how much or how little I catch, I just want to feel the calmness between heaven and earth. Come to Dayushan Island, let's go fishing together, and eat the fish we caught ourselves at night. Live the life you want.

Taimu Mountain: Strange rocks and beautiful scenery, it is a good place for gods to meet

The mountain area centered on Fuding Peak in Qinyu Town in the south of Fuding City is the core area of ​​Taimu Mountain Scenic Area and one of the three famous mountains in Fujian and Vietnam. Known as the "Sea Fairy Capital", it is one of the most famous scenic spots in Fujian Province.

Legend has it that in the time of Yao, the old mother planted bluegrass in the mountains. She hung a pot to help the world and saved all living beings. In 2012, this legend was listed as the second batch of intangible cultural heritage protection list in Fuding City. The scenery on the mountain is beautiful, and different weathers have different temperaments. What I like most is the stones on the mountain, each with its own origin.

There is a poem from the ancients that said that the stones on Taimu Mountain are "Taimu's non-vulgar stones, all of which are miraculous, and they can be known according to people's will, and everything is in the heart." Indeed, in Taimu Mountain, every stone has to be imaginative to see the artistic conception. The stones have different shapes, most of which are strange. I am a science student and I don't have enough imagination. The only thing I can see is the "TV flat" stone. It really looks like a flat-screen TV. I don't know if it is showing a promotional video of Taimu Mountain.

The climate on Taimu Mountain is unpredictable. It may be full of fog at one moment, and it will be cloudless at the next moment. When it is foggy, a deep breath is like a fairy, and every inch of the ground in the clouds and mist is the steps of a fairy. , everything on the mountain seemed to have just been fished out of the water, wet. After a while, it cleared up, the fog dissipated, and everything was just fine again. At this time, it showed a different beauty. The sun hits the waterfall, and the small waterfall is crystal clear and beautiful under the sunlight.

There are many scenic spots on Taimu Mountain, and the height of more than 900 meters above sea level makes every scenic spot within reach. The most impressive thing for me is "One Line of Sky", which is a very unfriendly scenic spot for fat people. The mountains and rocks on both sides are very close , only a ray of light shines down. Walking in, it is difficult to move, and you have to suck your stomach to pass. Very much a test of a person's figure.

There are also many temples on Taimu Mountain, and there is an endless stream of pilgrims. As long as the people who come here are devout, their wishes will come true. The temple is very quiet, and when I came here, I immediately calmed down and prayed for the people around me.

Taimu Mountain is surrounded by the sea on three sides, and the other side is backed by the mountain. Looking far away, it can be "a bright moon growing on the sea", or a sea of ​​stars. Nearby, you can see Jieshi in the east, or you can pick stars by hand. Different places have different scenery. Although climbing the mountain is very tiring, it is really worth seeing so many scenery. (Some pictures of Taimu Mountain are from the organizer)

The mother river of Fuding breeds a city

A pool of clear water passes through the city and finally flows into the sea. Fuding Tongshan River, because there used to be many tung trees on both sides of the river, so it is called Tongshan River, also known as "Tongjiang". For thousands of years, she has nourished the people of Fuding City and is the mother river of Fuding City.

Walking on the bank of the mother river, tall buildings stand tall and the bridge lies like a rainbow. The nearby river is clear and green, and the green hills in the distance are still the same. The wind blows over the warm and moist years of early autumn. Many local people regard this mother river as their patron saint. Whether it is walking or feeding fish, there is always a way to let People find their inner peace by the mother river. After a long time, the years of Fuding City slowly flowed into the distance like a river.

No matter how long people have traveled abroad, as long as they see the red bridge on the mother river from a distance, they will find their homesickness and make their dreams come true. Maybe at a certain moment, I can always think of enjoying the half-day leisure time with my friends by the mother river.

Seafood, Fuding on the tip of the tongue

Fuding is located in Ningde, Fujian, with the East China Sea in the southeast. The local people rely on the sea to eat the sea, and the food style is mainly based on the unique flavor of Min and Zhejiang. Sea fish, shrimp, cuttlefish, etc. are common foods. This time when I came to Fuding, I basically ate seafood. In coastal cities, the taste is very light, cheap and delicious, and I can eat all kinds of seafood that I have never seen before.

Fuding's seafood recipes generally adopt the simplest method, only adding a little seasoning, which will never cover the taste of the food itself. For example, crabs are different from the spicy crabs I used to eat. Generally, fresh crabs are washed and steamed. The crabs are completely red, which means they are cooked. You need to be careful when eating them, and they are served with the seasoned sauce. Excellent preservation The fresh fragrance of crab.

Because it is close to the sea, many foods such as razor clam, Pipi shrimp, sixty-year-old carapace, and small yellow croaker are common in the local area. Just order a fried noodle, in addition to the vegetables and eggs that are often seen, there is also shrimp and body fragrance. There is no chili dish, but it can't be too fishy. It's a test of cooking skills. There are many local seafood products, and many gourmets from the surrounding areas drive thousands of miles just for that seafood meal. They will leave only after they are full of wine and food. I also ate to my heart's content, very happy. Will definitely try again next time.

Some people travel to see, some travel to relax, and some people travel to feel the culture at that time like me. I hope that in the next spring, you will bring your favorite person and make an appointment to go to Fuding, Dayu Mountain, and Taimu Mountain Island, facing the sea, and waiting for the spring to bloom.