Fuding, which means the place of prosperity of well-being, is located in the coastal center of Fujian and Zhejiang. It is surrounded by Taimu Mountain, a world geological park, the coastal gold coast and the pearl island chain, especially Yushan Island. It attracted me deeply, and I planted grass for a long time, and finally I was able to take a trip this summer to see its beauty.

1. Flying over the fairy capital on the sea, exploring the strange stone and secret cave of Taimu

Friends who plan to come by train can choose Fuding Station or Taimushan Station (closer). Both train stations have direct bus buses to Taimushan Tourism Distribution Center. The highest point of Taimu Mountain is 917 meters, and the car can reach 550 meters. As long as there is enough time, most people can enjoy traveling around.

Standing on the coast of the East China Sea, Taimu Mountain faces the sea on three sides and faces the mountain on the other side. If you climb up here and look far away, you can have a panoramic view of strange rocks, sea of ​​clouds, mountains, islands and other scenery. It has the reputation of "Mountain and Sea Grand View" and "Sea Fairy Capital".

Viewed from the Couple Peak Square, Taimu Mountain looks like a huge natural bonsai. The "Couple Peak" in the middle is one of the iconic rocks of Taimu Mountain. From a distance, it looks like a couple who have reunited after a long absence, cuddling each other. Love, the gusts of sea breeze wafting in my ears seemed to be the whispers of the two of them, which happened to be heard by me.

The Guoxing Temple not far from the square was first built in the fourth year of Qianfu in Tang Dynasty (877). There are seven stone pillars, which have not lost the style of the past, and there are many stone carvings, stone wells, stone troughs, etc., especially the Maitreya seat, which is extremely rare in China.

The Longtan Lake behind Guoxing Temple has more than 3,000 square meters. The Eighteen Arhat Rocks in the distance are reflected on the sparkling lake, creating a mirror dream. When tourists walk on the dam, they seem to be in the middle of a painting. Unfortunately, there is not much water during this time. , otherwise it will be another scene.

"Taimu has no vulgar stones, all of them are divinely crafted, and they can be understood according to people's will, and everything is in the chest." It is a good interpretation of a major attraction of the strange stones of Taimu Mountain. In the middle, the scene changes step by step, full of wit and wit. For example, the natural stone beside the road is shaped like a heart, and the entangled vines tightly wrap around the stone heart, which are endless like blood vessels, and are called "the heart of the grandma" by the locals.

For example, Tianzhu Peak is also the essence of Taimu Mountain. It is very similar to the Dinghai God Needle in the fairy tale. This giant stone pillar is 40 meters high, thick and proudly standing upright, guarding the mountain. There are large and small stone eggs on the top of the stone, shaped like a golden cat. Rat, the overall feeling is precipitous and spectacular. When standing next to the railing and taking a photo with Tianzhu Peak, people who are afraid of heights will definitely shake their legs. It's blowing, it's really a bit unfounded.

Taimu Mountain, which is full of strange rocks, faces the sea on three sides and is shrouded in clouds and mist all the year round, so it is known as the "Sea Fairy Capital". Today's temperature is relatively high and there is a lot of water vapor. Shout a few times, there will be a lot of echoes, as if special effects are turned on. The naked eye is not enough, so I can't help but fly my drone, hover over various classic peaks, forests, mountains and rocks, and overlook Jiuli Lake, Jiuli Chaotian Peak, Dapanshi, Xianren Saw Board, etc. from the air. Such visual beauty.

Taimu Mountain is a peak forest mountain made of granite. In addition to strange rocks, another major attraction is the cave exploration here. There are more than 100 caves in the entire Taimu Mountain. The famous ones are Hulu Cave, Yixiantian, Jiangjun Cave, and Dripping Cave. , Qixing Cave, etc., you can choose according to your own preferences and abilities.

You must know that the narrowest part of some caves is only about 20 centimeters. It is really difficult to squeeze through if the head is big or the body is slightly fatter. , you can walk through the narrowest places, and some places inside are completely dark, and you need to slowly move your body sideways. The sudden enlightenment is indescribable, especially in Hulu Cave, where we happily filmed for nearly an hour before going out.

There will be quite a few post stations along the way to Taimu Mountain, providing tourists with a place to replenish energy and rest. It is also a different experience for us to choose to eat melons on the top of the mountain. For lunch, you can eat a bowl of plain noodles at a tile temple, the price seems to be around 20-25 yuan. After eating vegetarian food, you can go to the Grandmother Temple to pray for blessings, watch the magical white tea tree "Lvxuebud" from a distance, and drink tea in the Tongtian Cave of Hongxue Cave.

There is also a magical suspended copper hall behind Su Zhai, which is very spectacular. Its architectural style is modeled after the Tang Dynasty. The copper hall is 12 meters high, with a construction area of ​​160 square meters and a total copper consumption of more than 150 tons. In the history of the temple building, it is the highest record in the country for the height of the suspended and single body. The entire copper hall is backed by Jiuli Chaotian Peak, with Feixian Peak on the left and Lianhua Peak on the right. The two peaks are narrow and stand in the air. Under the sunshine, it is shining and resplendent; if it is cloudy and foggy, it looks like a mirage or a palace in the sky.

At the foot of Taimu Mountain, the sculpture of Taimu Empress on the square of Yuhu Tourist Area is kind and majestic. It is also an ideal place to watch the sea and watch the sunrise. Standing under the sculpture and looking ahead, you can have a panoramic view of Qingchuan Bay and Fuyao Islands. It's a pity that we were not very lucky, and we didn't get that transparent beauty due to the weather. This regret can only be saved for the next time we climb Taimu Mountain.

2. Yushan Island, how many people's dream island?

In a broad sense, Mount Yu is actually an archipelago consisting of about a dozen islands, and Dayushan is the largest of the archipelago. Yushan Island has always been known as one of China's top ten most beautiful islands because of its "Sea Lake and Tianshan Mountains in the South". It has been planted on travel websites for a long time. After descending from Taimu Mountain, we took a taxi directly to Yujing Wharf to take a boat. It took about 30 minutes to get to Yushan Island. Now there are only two boats a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

What fascinates me most about Yushan Island is the Tianhu Grassland. It is very rare to have such a large natural freshwater lake on an outlying island. Because it is located at the intersection of warm and humid air from north to south, the water in Tianhu Lake does not dry all year round. , the locals say that this is all formed by the dewdrops on the grassland on the hillside by the lake, which is really a spectacle. This large and small Tianhu Lake is sandwiched between high mountains, with the sea and small islands in the distance. Walking on the grassland, take an island adventure, which is very similar to the scene in the Lord of the Rings movie, and you can shoot blockbuster films of various styles.

The fusion of mountains and seas has created the pure natural scenery of Yushan Island. The shape of the sea breeze is best known to this pasture. A friend saw the photo I posted and commented: "I want to bring dozens of sheep up. The sheep will eat grass, and I will eat the sheep. Until the grass is gone and the sheep are finished eating, I will leave! Go find it, next Paradise on earth!" This romantic energy made me, a hunk, cry.

"How many detours do you have to go through before you can grow into a real man?" I especially like the two photos taken by my fellow Ludeng brothers. The curves are more beautiful than the straight lines, and the road of life is more complete only when there are bends.

There are still many air-raid shelters on Yushan Island. These are the places where the ancestors fought hard. After passing through the deep caves hundreds of meters away, it suddenly becomes clear, with a sense of paradise and bright flowers. The islands and cargo ships in the distance are fighting against the sea breeze. Dance with.

A few girls in our company booked a homestay by the sea in advance. Because of this, the missed sunrise on Taimu Mountain was made up on Yushan Island. Before five o’clock, I was awakened by the morning light outside the window and walked quickly Clothes on the terrace, set up a tripod, and took a time-lapse shot of the sunrise. I also greedily took out the drone to record the extremely fast-changing sunrise. At this time, everything is silent, only the howling sea breeze, a group of like-minded people waiting for the sunrise on the sea, giving people a different sense of happiness.

Dongjiao Village is the largest and most populous fishing village on Yushan Island. The village covers an area of ​​3.56 square kilometers and has more than 100 large and small ships. There is a 270-degree glass viewing platform on the mountainside at the entrance of the village. Standing here, you can enjoy the whole view of the village. It's a great check-in place.

Not far from Dongjiao Village is Moon Bay. You can understand the origin of its name from this aerial photo. This beautiful arc, under the beating of the sea, sparkles with sparkling waves from time to time. It is very beautiful, Moon Bay Beach has many entertainment facilities to experience, and there are also a few small homestays run by locals hidden in the nearby village.

3. Weaver Girl Waiting for Camping in Niulanggang

After returning from Yushan Island, we went to a beach that locals love to go to: Niulanggang. Niulang Post is located in the southeast of Taimushan Town, Fuding City, about 23 kilometers away from Taimushan, and faces Yushan Island across the sea. The beach of Niulanggang is flat, surrounded by mountains and trees, and there are natural landscapes such as Yuanyang Reef, Zhinu Cave, and a line of sky on the sea.

One of the iconic experience items in Niulanggang is air rafting. This is a project that adults and children can experience together. Sitting in a "boat" and going down the open-air pipe from the mountain, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the sky. Can feel a little speed passion.

There is a bubble camp on the mountainside of Niulanggang, and tents of various sizes and styles are arranged among them. There is also an area designed as a garden-style camping area "exclusive to exclusive users". I especially like the "Sky Gate" covered with vines and flowers, which looks good no matter what you take.

In the afternoon, the whole beach was full of people, some building castles, some taking a speedboat, some swimming in sea water, all trying to bring coolness and happiness to their midsummer. There is a wooden plank road on the rock, winding up, walking beside the white lighthouse, under the compression of the telephoto lens, it looks like a picture in a movie.

4. Fuding Food Landmark

Fuding's unique location and the blend of mountains and seas have created its diverse and pure natural flavors. In addition to being known as the "Hometown of Chinese White Tea and the Hometown of Chinese Sea Bass", Fuding is also China's first "Gourmet Landmark City". There are many kinds of seafood, some of which I can't even name. Whether in the streets and alleys of the city or the food stalls on the island, there are endless special delicacies waiting for us to taste.

In addition to the well-known Yirong big-name stalls, there is also Xixi Snack Food Street, which is a food gathering place built by the local area. It will be more lively at night. Selected representative delicacies from other parts of the country, as well as lifestyles and online celebrity check-in stores that young people love today, this small town is using its own actions to create a happier life for people.

5. Travel Tips

Transportation: If there is no direct high-speed rail or the journey is far away, you can choose a plane. Fuding is 230 kilometers away from Fuzhou Changle International Airport in the south and 100 kilometers away from Wenzhou Longwan International Airport in the north. After arriving at the airport, take the bullet train to Taimushan Station or Fuding Station.

Taimu Mountain Scenic Area is famous for its "precipitous peaks, strange rocks, secluded caves, and magical fog". It takes 1-2 days to visit all the scenic spots. The scenic spot implements a one-ticket system, and the ticket is 140 yuan/person (including the scene delivery fee).

Tickets for Yushan Island Scenic Spot are 40 yuan per person, boat tickets are 50 yuan for one way, and the sailing takes 30 minutes. Now there are only two boats a day.

The boarding and lodging on Yushan Island is already small, but the public transportation is slightly inconvenient, especially the roads around the island are narrow, and mobile phones often have no signal. It is not recommended to rent a car and drive on the island. People often camp in the Tianhu Grassland to watch the starry sky and sunrise. It is recommended to form a team and have some outdoor experience. The wind here is very strong and dense fog often appears, so do what you can.

Niulanggang Seaside Scenic Area, ticket: 40 yuan/person, rafting: 80 yuan/person once.

Recommended souvenirs: Fuding white tea, seaweed, betel nut taro, etc.