Fujian Fuding, where mountains and seas blend together, collects all the romance to love you.

The scenery here is not inferior to Huangshan and Sanya. It brings together the "Sea Fairy Capital" and China's eighth-ranked island. This Fuding free travel guide, hurry up and put it away!

【A pledge of allegiance】

The sum of all the romantic love words in this world can't compare to a "Mount Oath" that can take you to feel.

Fuding, Fujian, is a place where many romantic colors in the world are gathered, and it has a wonderful pledge of eternal love.

Here you can not only climb mountains to see the sea, but also taste various delicacies.

"Taimu Mountain" and "Yushan Island" are like two lovers who can grow together, clinging to each other and growing old together.

Mountains and seas, soft and strong.

The long-awaited trip to Fuding finally came true this summer.

Fuding play line:

DAY1: Home - Fuding

DAY2: Fuding - Taimu Mountain

DAY3: White tea base - tea house - Dayushan Island - big and small sky lake

DAY4: Dayushan Island - East Cape of Good Hope - Twelve Constellation Homestay - Niulanggang

DAY5: Fuding - Return

Our first stop came to Taimu Mountain, which is known as the fairy capital of the sea. This is the most beautiful mountain in China's seaside. "Integrated with the cultural landscape, with "precipitous peaks, strange rocks, secluded caves, and illusions of fog" as the "four musts", each place can be an independent scene, but complement each other, it is very worth visiting.

Taimu Mountain is very big. If it is a good tour, it will take 2-3 days. We chose the best section this time and spent a whole day.

Starting from the husband and wife peak square at the entrance, looking from here, you can see a pair of rocks standing on the top of the mountain.

Along the way, you can see the ancient Guoxing Temple, which looks dignified and quiet, just like a scene in a martial arts novel.

After crossing Sagong Ridge, we arrived at Pulongtan and Dapanshi, which is one of the essences of Taimu Mountain. After that, there are also scenic spots such as a line of sky, a piece of tile, nine carps facing the sky, and sea-watching plank road. You can see the most beautiful scenery of Taimu Mountain. Shocking scene.

Fuding, as Taimu Mountain, which is dominated by granite peaks and stone eggs, is a natural "strange stone museum", with 360 stone scenes, lifelike, and every big stone has traces of time.

"Secret caves" is a major feature of Taimu Mountain. These caves are deep and tortuous, with different shapes. Some are crumbling with huge boulders on them; some are as narrow as a line, and only one person can pass through. Inside the cave is a wonderful sight, cool and comfortable, such an interesting "cave", naturally the experts will not miss it.

In these caves, what you must not miss is the narrowest "line of sky". Some people say that if you don't drill into the sky, half the landscape will be lost.

Yixiantian is an inclined fissure, geologically called a linear valley, which is developed by vertical joints affected by weathering. The cave is more than 60 meters long and more than 40 meters high. Two stone walls that reach the sky straight up to the sky cracked a gap less than one foot apart, exposing a line of skylight. The narrow cave wall can only allow one person to walk slowly against the wall.

When you enter, you have to do sideways exercises, and then you need to bend over. If you have a backpack or something, you will definitely not be able to pass. It is extremely difficult, and it is better to pass by holding your breath.

Along the way, sometimes the sky is like a thread, and sometimes the hanging rocks are crumbling. Time to side, time to squat, time to lie down, time to crawl, time to squeeze, time to bend, time to look up...mobilize the whole body's ability, go through all kinds of climbing and rolling, and complete a set of "Grandma's fitness exercises" before you can see the beautiful sun and blue sky again .

At noon, eating a bowl of plain noodles at the "Pianwa" Zen Temple on the mountain seems to wash away the dust all the way.

There is a large golden copper hall behind the Zen temple, which was built in the cliff of nearly one thousand meters. It is said that it cost more than 15 million. This golden hall cost 150 tons of copper, which is extremely spectacular.

When going down the mountain, head back in the direction of Taimu’s scenic spot. At this time, the Husband and Wife Peak has become a mother-son stone. Go up the plank road and you can see the sea not far away.

At this moment, a burst of dark clouds overwhelmed the top, connecting Taimu Mountain and Dadonghai, like the opening chapter of a movie, magical and dreamy.

After a burst of rain, the sky returned to its original state, and we came to another wonderful Zhanggu "Seven Star Cave". It is formed by the erosion of running water along the joints. It runs from north to south. The length of the cave is about 40 meters, the height is about 20 meters, and the average width is 95 centimeters.

The ridge road goes up slowly, like an alley in a mountain city. There are seven crumbling round stones inlaid on the top of the alley. Looking up, it seems that seven stars are dotted in a line of sky.

In the last section of Taimu Mountain, we walked the sea view plank road. From the entrance of the gourd cave to the exit of Yixiantian, the total length is 1000 meters, just like a giant dragon walking between the peaks. This plank road is backed by the mountain on one side and looking at the sea on the other, winding and winding, with excellent scenery. The geological features such as granite eggs, stone waterfalls, and rock veins along the way are very typical, which is called a geological gallery.

Standing on the plank road, you can also overlook Qingchuan Bay and Yushan Islands in the distance, and appreciate the artistic conception of "the mountains add to the sea, and the sea adds to the majesty of the mountains".

In the evening, stay in the nearby Lvxueya, which is not only a homestay, but also a large tea garden and a tea house, where you can rest and drink tea.

Fuding is also known as the "Hometown of White Tea in China".

As a national middle-level tea artist and lover of traditional culture, one very important thing for Lai Fuding is to taste the authentic Fuding white tea and feel the preciousness of white tea in this unique land.

Early the next morning, we went to the white tea base near the hotel to experience the joy of tea picking with the tea picking girls.

Large tracts of tea gardens, rolling up and down, can't see the end at a glance.

The blue color of the distant mountains and the green color of the tea garden seem to bring a coolness to this summer and wash your eyes well.

Start with the tender buds with one leaf and one heart, and the light and shallow tea fragrance permeates the tip of the nose.

Pick up the tea basket and shuttle among the clusters of tea trees. Against the backdrop of green tea gardens, it looks like a dark green oil painting.

Pick a basket of tea leaves and go back to the tea house of Lvxueya Tea House, and sit quietly with everyone to taste tea.

The owner of the tea house brewed a pot of white silver needles for us. The aroma, color and unique taste of Fuding white tea need to be felt slowly to appreciate the difference.

Such a quiet and elegant time seems to have returned to the days when I just took the tea art teacher exam more than ten years ago.

Leaving the tea house, we are going to another gem-level scenic spot in Fuding-Dayushan Island.

All the romantic words can't be worth one sentence: I want to take you to see the sea.

The sea, romantic, free, and full of affection, seems to be a born poet.

Dayushan Island, known as one of the ten most beautiful islands in China, is beautiful and romantic, without excessive development, and looks like the original ecology, with the small freshness and romance of Kenting, soft and strong.

We first went to the accommodation to put our luggage, and then went straight to an island tunnel connected to the sea.

Passing through a narrow and winding tunnel, at the end is the blue sea, which is very dreamy.

After exiting the tunnel, we went to the most famous scenic spot of Dayushan Island: Big and Small Sky Lake.

I came to this small island ten years ago when I was playing photography. It was also a summer. I remember that the sky was very blue, the grass was very green, and the whole island was natural and beautiful, which made people fall in love at first sight.

In the evening, I came to the big and small Tianhu Lake, and followed the memories of that time, all the way up.

The amazing thing about Dayushan Island is that there are two large freshwater lakes in the center of the island. Looking from the top of the mountain, you can see the layered and interesting scenery of the mountains, seas and lakes, from far to near the sea, mountains, lakes, grass Dian, very interesting.

The blue sky is connected to the sea, and the rolling 10,000-acre grassland floats on the blue water. Lakes, tea gardens, villages, horses and sheep, in a trance, mistakenly think that they have arrived in the pure mountains of Switzerland.

It's a pity that the weather was average that day, and the sunset was not particularly amazing.

Passing through the 10,000-acre meadow, you will arrive at the top of Tianhu Lake. They walk in the green grassland, take the most beautiful photos with the grassland and sea as the background; or find a quiet place, look at the sea in the distance, let the sea breeze raise their hair, and enjoy the quiet time here.

Go back to our homestay "Shanghai Tianhu Villa" for dinner in the evening, and stay here tonight. There is a row of seats at the entrance of the homestay, where you can wait from sunrise to sunset, which is definitely not boring.

Early the next morning, we came to the big and small sky lakes to shoot again. Today, the colors of the sky lakes and the sea are completely different from yesterday, turning blue and blue. Against the backdrop of the sun, it looks particularly elegant.

Then came to the top of the mountain known as "East Cape · Cape of Good Hope", and walked through a series of steps to the viewing platform on the top.

Looking out from here, you can see the vast scenes of the Dayushan Peninsula, whether it is shooting landscapes or portraits, it is very good.

There is a Moon Bay beach not far down the road, which is very beautiful and natural.

There is also a Zodiac B&B here, each room is named after a constellation.

The window of the room looks out to the sea. The really white building matches the blue sea. It is really worth living from the outside.

Two days passed quickly, and we were about to leave the wonderful Yushan Island.

At the last stop, we came to Niulanggang, a niche seaside scenic spot that is not inferior to Sanya.

It is known as "the blue sea and golden sands are good for summer" and attracts tourists from all over the world. He is surrounded by mountains and faces the sea, facing Yushan Island across the sea.

There are not only various entertainment facilities, but also an internet celebrity glass slide, and the most important thing is a tent camp, where the hearts of young girls explode, and it looks good no matter how you shoot it.

In the evening, there is no direct sunlight here very early, the long sandy beach is accompanied by the cool sea breeze, and the surrounding reefs are of different shapes.

Many parents of children took their bare feet to dig sand on the beach, looking at the happy and satisfied smiling faces, they sighed that this is really a good place for parent-child outings!

There are two directions at the entrance of the scenic spot. If you go down, you can go directly to the beach. The beach here is very soft, and the sun is gone after 4 pm. Children play in the sand, little fairies ride the waves, and it is especially suitable for taking beautiful photos. If you go up, you can go to the tent camp. There are many places where Internet celebrities check in. The photos are super popular, so don’t miss them.

There is also a pink viewing pavilion along the coastal walkway, which is also very suitable for punching in. There is also a pile of rocks on the edge of the beach with a lighthouse on it, which is especially suitable for taking portraits.

Tickets here: 40/person, except for the amusement facilities, most of them can be played!

When it comes to Fuding, the first word that many people think of is: eat! The masters are no exception, rushing into the food street in unison, looking for the delicacies of this small town!

This small southern city not only has beautiful scenery of mountains and seas, but also has more than 300 kinds of gourmet snacks, 26 of which have been rated as famous Chinese snacks.

Sliced ​​meat, chicken wings, swallow meat, fish fillets, seafood, grilled skewers... Once they pick up the camera in their hands, they can't stop taking pictures. After eating a mouthful of hot food, the fatigue of the journey will be relieved all at once. be dissipated.

Fuding is also China's first "Gourmet Landmark" city, where endless mountain and sea delicacies are waiting for you.

The fusion of mountains and seas has created the diverse and pure nature of Fuding's countryside. This is the natural fusion of mountains and seas, and it is the unique romance that truly belongs to Fuding!