The mountains and the sea embrace each other here, the fragrance of tea wafts far away, and the delicacies gather here... This is Fuding. There are scenery, poems and distant places, good mountains and rivers, good luck! Take you 72 hours to enjoy the "Sea Fairyland" and "Gourmet Landmark" - Fuding, picking white tea, climbing fairy mountains, visiting islands, tasting delicious food, drifting and camping... Enjoy a summer! Eat, drink, have fun and live in Fuding, if you have this guide, you will be GO!

On the days when I can’t travel far, I like to drink tea at home, especially the mellow and soft white tea. Brew a pot of old white tea, and after drinking it, the sweetness will return, just like a breeze from afar. A seemingly ordinary piece of tea is full of stories of distant mountains and seas.

It was the first time I came to Fuding, only to find that this is the hometown of white tea, one of my favorite "six famous teas in China" and known as "treasure of tea". In addition to white tea, Fuding's scenery is as fascinating as its food.

1. Fuding, a thousand-year-old tea fragrance——Visiting a thousand-acre white tea garden

The white tea in the world is in China, and the Chinese white tea is in Fuding. Fuding, which is surrounded by mountains and sea, has about 305,000 mu of tea gardens, mainly distributed in Fuding's Doudou Town, Bailin Town, Fenxi Town, Guanyang Town and Taimu Mountain. Fuding white tea, which has been passed down for thousands of years, is not only a famous local product, but also exported to Europe and the United States as early as a hundred years ago, becoming famous all over the world. It has also entered the "Top Ten Most Valuable Public Brands in China's Tea Region" for ten consecutive years, which is indeed the pride of Fuding people.

We visited Lvxueya Manor located at the foot of Taimu Mountain in Fuding, where about 1,500 mu of tea gardens are hidden. "Taste the tea in the cup and finally feel shallow, and you must practice it if you know the taste." Put on a bamboo hat, lift a tea basket, and set foot in the mountains with three or five friends. One bud, one leaf, one scent, one person and one basket are busy picking tea. Only when I came to Fuding, the hometown of white tea, did I realize that every tea and every leaf is hard to come by. Although picking tea is very hard, everyone enjoys the harvesting process very much.

After tea picking, we returned to the manor to taste the tea. The skilled tea artisan carefully brewed the silver needles for us. The buds are fat and the taste is sweet and refreshing. It is said that if classified according to grade, Baihao Yinzhen can be selected as the first-class product in white tea. The second class is white peony, and the third class is Gongmei Shoumei. In fact, I think tasting tea is like life: thousands of people, thousands of teas, thousands of teas, thousands of flavors. There is no need to wait and see, just feel it with your heart.

It is worth mentioning that the Bailin production area near Taimu Mountain was a famous tea export base as early as the Qing Dynasty. The "Bai Lin Kung Fu" black tea produced here was once exported all over the world. Nodding Town in Fuding is the local white tea distribution center, and the largest camellia trading market in eastern Fujian is also here. The co-existence of tea fragrance and flower fragrance is really romantic.

Detailed address: Fangjia Village, Taimushan Town, Fuding City, about 850 meters southwest of Taimushan Scenic Area.

Intimate tips:

1. When you come to the tea garden in spring, you can also see cherry blossoms. At that time, the scenery is the most beautiful and the tea leaves are the best, and the fragrance of flowers and tea is tangy.

2. When experiencing tea picking, take personal protection, bring mosquito repellent spray, and take sun protection measures.

3. The aerial photography of the tea garden is very beautiful, and friends with drones can fly it.

2. Look at Fuding with infinite scenery - Taimu Mountain in a dreamland

"Tianmu stretches toward the sky, and pulls out the five mountains to cover Chicheng. The rooftop is 48,000 feet long, and it is about to fall to the southeast." A poem "Sleepwalking in Tianmu, Remaining Farewell" by Li Bai, a poet, has made Fuding Taimu Mountain famous for thousands of years. Many years ago, when I came to Fujian for photography, I passed by Taimu Mountain. This time, I was fortunate to follow the footsteps of poet Li Bai and visit Taimu Mountain, the legendary "Sea Fairy Capital".

Taimu Mountain faces the sea on three sides and the mountain on the other side. The main peak is 917.3 meters above sea level. Although the mountain is not high, it is full of fairy spirit. Dangerous peaks, strange rocks, interesting caves, and illusions of fog... Here you can see the shock and beauty of the fusion of mountains and seas, and experience the minds of ancient and modern literati. This is the first stop you must check in on your trip to Fuding.

It is worth mentioning that there is a copper temple sandwiched between the cliffs on Taimu Mountain. It is said that this is the place where the gods of the East China Sea gather, so it has the reputation of "the fairy capital on the sea", which is quite a bit like a "palace in the sky". Sense of sight. It is said that the short video shot here not only became popular all over the Internet, but also became popular abroad. You must not miss the chance to become popular!

Taimu Mountain Scenic Area is very large in scale. The main attractions are Sea Fairy City Observation Deck, Jiuli Lake, Nantian Gate, General Rock, Yiyiwa Temple, Sea View Plank Road, Taimu Mountain Dinosaur Park, Pingxing Temple, Taimu Heart, Yingxiantai, Yixiantian, Xiangshan Temple, Tailao Niangniang Statue Square...etc. If you want to read it carefully, it will take at least 3 to 4 days. My personal recommendation is the shocking Hanging Copper Temple.

Detailed address: Taimushan Town, Fuding City, Ningde City, Fujian Province.

Transportation: Ten minutes by train from Fuding Station to Taimushan Station, the fare is 7 yuan per person.

Ticket price: online adult ticket + round-trip transportation to the scenic spot 130 yuan/person, college student ticket + round-trip transportation to the scenic spot 90 yuan/person.

Intimate tips:

1. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for mountaineering, preferably with a backpack.

2. Taimu Mountain is very large and there are many routes. It is impossible to play in one day. Please confirm the route before going up the mountain.

3. Sun protection and mosquito repellent must be done when traveling in summer.

4. Mountain climbing is recommended to bring a bottle of mineral water or sports drink in your bag.

5. The scenic area implements a real-name system, so bring your ID card.

6. Gourd Cave is only suitable for young people, not recommended for the elderly.

3. Immortal Island in Fuding——Sea Pearl Yushan Island

Here is the end of the land, here is the beginning of the sea! There are islands in the sea, lakes in the islands, and endless prairie beside the lakes... This is Fuding Yushan Island, which was rated as one of the "Ten Most Beautiful Islands in China" by the "China National Geography" magazine.

Although I have lived by the sea since I was a child, I am still attracted by Yushan Island, which is "half grassland, half sea". Colorful tidal flats, 10,000 mu of meadows, reefs, dense vegetation, islands in the sea, lakes in the islands, and grass beside the lakes, you can watch the sunrise and sunset, and taste delicious seafood... Yushan Island is called " "Island of Immortals" really deserves its name!

If you are traveling to Fuding Yushan Island for the first time like me, I recommend you to experience the following places:

A small village that maintains its original style - Mazu Village. This is the core settlement area of ​​the entire island. The small village is full of human fireworks everywhere, and it is the first stop on the island to rest.

The lake in the middle of the sea - Tianhu. As the name suggests, the lake is like falling from the sky. The lake is clear and there are ten thousand acres of grassland. Layers of greenery slowly spread out, a real Tianhu grassland. If you are lucky, you can also see the spectacular tumbling sea of ​​clouds and the gorgeous fire clouds here.

The only beach on the island - Moon Bay, friends who like to play in the water must not miss Moon Bay. It feels so cool to contract a whole beach, isn't it? But remember to wear sunscreen!

The first choice for island sunrise viewing - glass viewing platform, friends who like photography can take beautiful blockbusters here. It is recommended to wear solid-color clothing and straw hats when taking pictures, so that you can take pictures like cartoons in minutes.

Since Yushan Island has not yet been fully developed, tourists should not expect too much accommodation on the island. Choose a place that is clean, has a good view, can take a shower, and has air conditioning. At present, there are many homestays and inns on Yushan Island. Friends who like literary and fresh styles can choose "Fish and Bird Inn", and friends who like to watch the sunrise with a sea view can choose "Shanghai Tianhu Villa". The sunrise there is very beautiful. You can watch it from the viewing platform, and the seafood and breakfast in the villa are also very rich.

We stayed at the "Fish and Bird Inn" full of literary style. It is transformed from a local traditional dwelling. The outer wall is a stone wall that has been eroded by the sea wind and soaked in mottled years, which is very island-like. The inn is divided into upper and lower floors, the first floor is the book bar, tea room and reception, and the second floor is 8 guest rooms, which are exquisite and beautiful.

Every corner of the inn is decorated with care, art and connotation. The vestibule is full of succulents, and there is a small coffee house next to the yard. There is an oversized wooden table in the middle of the yard. Sitting here with relatives and friends to drink coffee, eat delicious food, and drink some wine at night in the cool summer... It is really pleasant.

The location of the inn is very close to the place to watch the sunrise and sunset on the island, but it is farther from the beach. If you want to go to the beach, you can contact the boss to arrange a car. There are a lot of kittens in the inn, they are very clingy and clingy, petting cats casually is very healing!

Traffic Raiders:

Sansha Wharf - Yushan Island

Entering the island: 9:30/12:00/14:00, leaving the island: 7:00/13:30/14:00

Yujing Wharf—Yushan Island

Entering the island: 9:30/10:30/11:30/14:00/16:00, leaving the island: 7:00/8:00/13:20/15:00

Ferry ticket: round trip 85 yuan/person

Tickets: Tianhu scenic spot ticket + transportation 476 yuan / person

Intimate tips:

1. Pay attention to sun protection and anti-mosquito when traveling in summer.

2. There are often cloud and mist wonderlands on the island, and the probability of seeing it in the early morning is the highest.

3. Check-in landscape on the island: Tianhu Scenic Area, Moon Bay Scenic Area, Dongjiao Village...etc.

4. Fuding tastes the best in the world - visit a food street and taste 378 kinds of snacks

It is no exaggeration to say that "food is in Fuding"! According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 300 kinds of snacks in Fuding, 23 kinds of which have been awarded the title of "Chinese Famous Snacks", and 59 kinds of which have been awarded the title of "Fujian Famous Snacks". No wonder the little Fuding was selected as the first "Gourmet Landmark City" in China.

When traveling to a place, in addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery, the highlight must be the food. Every region has its own unique flavor. As a foreign tourist, if you want to enjoy Fuding’s specialties in the shortest possible time, you must not miss it—Fuding Tongshan Food Street.

Tongshan Food Street can be said to be Fuding's "food landmark", and it is an old street full of fireworks. At night, almost every shop facing the street is full. The food street at night is crowded with people and dimly lit. A wide variety of snack bars tantalize the taste buds of diners from all over the world. It is said that there are as many as 378 varieties of snacks on this street! It’s really not enough for a T-memory stomach!

Fuding’s must-eat delicacies: Fuding pork slices, honey sauce chicken wings, Jiuwen Bao, nodding rice noodle soup, Shejia black rice, taro cake, sea stone flowers, pot stickers, pork meat, chicken racks, Wuji water fried buns, wheel cakes, beef Balls, pearl steamed dumplings, Zheng Kee pan fried cakes...etc.

Fuding pork slices: Fuding pork slices must be tasted, which can be said to be the representative of Fuding snacks. With yellow pepper, rice vinegar, and coriander, the entrance is Q-bomb and smooth, it is really delicious in the world! In addition to meat slices, you can also taste Fuding fish slices.

Pan-fried buns: The outer skin is crispy, and the meat filling is fresh meat and shallots with a rich soup. It must be eaten while it is hot, and it will satisfy you in one bite.

Honey Chicken Wings: The chicken wings are firm and have a sweet and fragrant taste. I can eat 3 pieces in one go.

Detailed address: Located on Xiyuan Road and Longxi South Road on both sides of Longshan Creek in Fuding.

Fuding, backed by mountains and facing the sea, has been rich in seafood since ancient times. Seafood can be said to be an indispensable delicacy on the table of every household in Fuding. And for the way of seafood, Fuding people have their own unique taste. As a tourist, if you want to taste authentic Fuding seafood, you must go to Shihu Seafood Street!

There are many specialty restaurants on Shihu Seafood Street. The locals recommend Laofuding Seafood Restaurant, Laoer, Yirong Seafood Food Stall...etc. My friends and I chose the Yirong Seafood Food Stall. The dishes here are very special, and the seafood is very fresh, and many seafood are not seen in other places. You can also taste the special food of Fuding: Drunken Crab , Drunken Shrimp, Hanging Cream Taro...etc.

Drunken crab and drunk shrimp: fresh crab or shrimp, marinated in advance, and mustard, yellow pepper, millet pepper, coriander, etc. are added to it. Can't stop after one bite.

Salt-baked razor clams: the iron plate is covered with salt, and then the razor clams are baked on the iron plate, which completely locks the moisture in the razor clams. The simple method is so delicious that one person can eat a plate .

Secret pig's trotters: unique sauce, Q bomb taste, loved by diners, sold out very early every night.

Sea fish: There are many types of fish. Wild small yellow croaker is more popular, as well as hairtail, grouper, etc. No matter what fish is simply steamed, it is good.

Other seafood: You can choose seasonal seafood according to your own preferences, such as swimming crab, small octopus...etc

Detailed address: Shihu District, Fuding City, Shihu Seafood Street.

Traffic strategy: By car, you can directly navigate to Shihu Seafood Street or Yirong Seafood Food Stall, and the car can be parked next to the nearby road.

Intimate tips:

1. Friends with a bad stomach should try to avoid eating raw seafood.

2. The Yirong, Laofuding and Laoer stores on this street are all good.

5. Play in Fuding for a refreshing summer——Niulanggang, a resort for punching cards and playing in the water

When traveling to the beach in summer, how can we not have less time to play in the water? When you come to Fuding, in addition to climbing the fairy mountain, picking white tea, visiting the island, eating snacks, and tasting seafood... don't miss the niche summer resort Niulanggang. Niulanggang and Yushan Island face each other across the sea, which is a quiet and beautiful bay.

There are soft sandy beaches, beautiful lighthouses, and long plank roads, where you can play in the water, camp, raft, play roller coasters, beach off-road, sea speedboats, etc., only you can't think of it, and you can't play it without you. The sand on the beach is fine and clean, which is very suitable for bringing children. Whether it's playing in the water with bare feet, or walking to pick up shells, it's very healing.

There are many distinctive reefs on the seaside of Niulanggang, and it is very beautiful to take pictures. The blue sky and white clouds with a lighthouse are also very good. There is also a gazebo for viewing the sea on the reef by the sea. The camera position here is very shocking, and you can take pictures of the spectacular scene where the mountains, sea and reefs are connected together.

It is worth mentioning that there is a Chaoyin Cave in Niulanggang. When the tide is low, you can take pictures of the "Holy Elephant Heavenly Gate". It's a blockbuster if you take it casually, girls who like to take pictures, don't miss it!

Detailed address: Niulanggang Village, Taimushan Town, Fuding City.

Traffic Raiders: Friends who drive by themselves can directly navigate to the Niulanggang Seaside Scenic Spot. Train—Taimushan Station—Bus—Niulanggang.

Tickets: 40 yuan/person (it will be cheaper to buy tickets online) 80 yuan/person for rafting.

Intimate tips:

1. If you want to play in the sea, those who play water sports should prepare swimsuits, beach shoes, sunglasses, towels, etc. in advance. Friends with children can bring sand digging tools, tents and other practical items.

2. In the high temperature in summer, take sun protection and anti-mosquito measures.

This summer, always go to Fuding! Look at the sea and mountains, smell the wind and listen to the rain, taste the thousand-year-old white tea, find the delicious food on the tip of your tongue, hold your hand, and blow away the vast mist. Enjoy Fuding in 72 hours, pick white tea, climb fairy mountains, visit islands, taste delicious food, and enjoy rafting and camping for a summer! Let's go with your beloved TA! !