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Get to know each other while playing, and get to know each other while taking photos. The current acquaintance with the city can be summed up in the above two sentences. Sometimes it is a strategy, and sometimes it is discovered casually. Afterwards, when I make a summary and write a travel note, I will know more about this place. The same is true for me in Fuding. Now let me recall, what I remember most is the trip to the mountains and the sea. I climbed Taimu Mountain and went to Yushan Island. I like seafood, but I can’t name it, so it’s not easy to cook. recommend.

Memory reappears, beautiful pictures first

In fact, I took a lot of photos and videos this time, and posted some pictures to see if I can lure a few people to check in.

Trip to Fuding

Fuding three-day tour recommended itinerary:
D1 arrived at Fuding the night before, and there are many high-speed trains from Hangzhou to Fuding, which is very convenient. The next day, we will visit the Taimu Mountain Scenic Area;
D2 In the morning, go to Yushan Island and stay at the homestay on the island; there are not many boats entering and leaving the island, so please pay attention to the time.
D3 Continue to visit Yushan Island in the morning, leave the island at noon and go to Niulanggang Beach, go to Fuding Food Street in the evening, live in Fuding. Return to Hangzhou the next day.

Walking towards the mountains, memories of Taimu Mountain

Writing a travel note is a good record. Looking at the pictures and writing the text will bring back the memory of the scene at that time, such as the Taimu Mountain in Fuding last month. At this moment, the text and pictures have been restored little by little. Itinerary for a few days.

The reading of the mountain's memory begins with its name

Everything about Taimu Mountain is brand new. To know it, you must first read its name. I believe that many people will pronounce the word Lao as lao instead of mu. The characters in Tianmu Yin Liu Farewell are the same, and when they appear as place names, they are all pronounced mu.

Only after you know its pronunciation can you start to remember all of it. Taimu Mountain is located in Fuding, Ningde, Fujian, standing on the coast of the East China Sea, facing the sea on three sides, and you can clearly see the mouth of the sea from the mountain.
Known as the fairy capital of the sea, it naturally has its own unique characteristics. There are many strange rocks on the mountain, and the paintings are not too many to imagine. There are also vivid simulation paintings next to each painting, which is convenient for imagination.

Mountain's Memories of Strange Stone Cave

In addition to the strange rocks, there are also deep caves and valleys on the mountain. They enter from the line of sky and exit from the Seven Star Cave. People who travel through will always change different actions to pass.
If the light is sufficient, the light shining into the cave will have a special sense of atmosphere, outlining different scenes. All you need to do is record record record non-stop record.

There is also the heart of the grandma who has just entered the mountain on the strange rock. The plant roots on the stone are wrapped like blood vessels around the heart.

The memory of the mountain The mountain is too big

I am no stranger to the traditional tourism project of mountain climbing, but now I am unwilling to do this project. Because of being tired, because of laziness, especially when carrying heavy photographic equipment across mountains and mountains, especially through the caves of Taimu Mountain, it is really difficult to carry a bag.

Of course, the mountain is not high, and it is famous if there are immortals. For Taimu Mountain, it also has its own reputation. Such as tea, such as grandma.
After going all the way through the mountains, the memories now feel pretty good. For example, the sea of ​​clouds plank road, although the weather was not good at that time, but you can vaguely see the estuary in the distance, the vision is very wide, all the way along the plank road is a good viewing platform, you can stop and enjoy it at any time, if the sea of ​​clouds is sunrise, sunrise and sunset Meet at the mouth of the sea, it is really perfect.

The climbing road here is also very impressive. For example, the section under the Husband and Wife Rock extends from bottom to top. Some road sections are in the shade of trees, and some road sections are in the sun. They are curved and straight. , straight is a straight line climbing from bottom to top. Especially the aerial perspective has a feeling.

The Hanging Copper Temple of the Mountain's Memory

I have seen photos of this bronze temple before, but this time I saw the real scene. From a certain angle, it is really spectacular. The golden temple is in the middle of the boulders, which is particularly conspicuous.
However, it is difficult to find its unique angle in the mountains, so you have to use drones to see it.

Mountain's Memories: Sudden Weather

There are many seasons in the mountains. I think it can be described in this way. A day’s climbing road can be regarded as experiencing different weather. In the morning, the blue sky and white clouds, the mountains are very beautiful. In the evening, there was some sunset glow again, and the air was cool.

The tea here in Fuding is famous, and you can see the mother plant of Lvxueya on Taimu Mountain. There are also many stories about Luxueya.
There is a Lvxueya white tea base at the ticket office of Taimu Mountain Scenic Area. We will stay here at night and experience some culture about white tea.

Taimu Mountain tips

Take the bus or drive to the entrance of the scenic spot to buy tickets,
Tickets: 140 yuan (including scenic transportation)
The Taimu Mountain Scenic Area is relatively large and consists of seven areas. If you want to play it well, it will take at least three or four days. You can choose according to the attractions you are interested in. Look at the route map of the scenic spot. It is recommended to visit a tile tourist area. This time we It is also the main place to go, where you can punch in the Hanging Copper Temple, Tongtian Cave, Yixiantian, Nine Carps Facing the Sky, etc.

Taking pictures on Taimu Mountain

Taimu Mountain is a very popular place for filming. It is suitable for aerial photography to shoot large scenes. When the cave has light, it is also very suitable for exploring themes. It is suitable for shooting with wide-angle lenses.
When climbing mountains in summer, you should do sun protection and insect protection, bring water, protect your knees, etc.

Traveling across the sea, various thoughts of Dayushan Island

Tianhu on the Sea-Dayushan Island, was named the eighth most beautiful island among the most beautiful places in China by the "China National Geographic" magazine. It is located in the southeast sea area of ​​Fuding City, Ningde City, Fujian Province. At an altitude of 541.4 meters, Hongji Dongshan is the largest island in eastern Fujian.

The Road to the Island of Thoughts of the Island

From the first day on the island, I was curious about the road on the island
No circle around the island
But after crossing the big and small Tianhu Lake along the Panshan Road
Circled the peninsula and returned to the pier.
If it weren't for the drone looking higher
I always feel like I'm on an isolated island and I don't know where to go

Although it is called Dayushan Island
but not very big
Thirty minutes may be enough for a four-wheeled car to go around the island for a week

Along the way, you will pass through different environments near the sea, along the mountains, along the lake, and around fishing villages.

Each has its own merits, but this time it is a pity that we did not walk around on the reef at close range.

Thoughts of the Island: Entering and Leaving the Island

After 30 minutes by boat from the pier, I finally arrived at Dayushan Island. There are two boats to enter the island every day, one in the morning and one in the noon. It can be said that it takes at least half a day to enter the island.
I took a boat into the island with my luggage. It turns out that the deck is the storage location of the ship. The suitcases of tourists are crowded, or there are supplies that need to be transported on the island. I also saw a large refrigerator. It is true that transportation on the island is more troublesome than on land, which is one of the reasons for the high prices on the island.

During the boat ride, you will see that only one seagull followed at the beginning, and then a group of seagulls followed. These natural elves ride the wind and waves, have their own goals, and ask tourists for some biscuits. However, we basically didn’t bring any extra snacks (my first experience in the island was naturally less), and seeing that no one was feeding us, they moved their mouths to hunt for food.
You can see that they plunged into the water, and after flapping their wings a few times, they left the water with a small fish in their mouths. Their fishing skills are really amazing.

I can't help but feel that being a human being, I seem to have no strengths, and I always want to lie flat. Compared with these little elves, my life is a lot weaker in an instant.
Most of the fun of entering the island is given by boat, and the other is the freshness of getting off the boat. The pier on the island is relatively simple. There are sheds where the boat docks for people to rest. A little farther away is the waiting hall , there are obvious big characters on it, Dayushan Island.

That's about it for the island. Dejima's impression is blurred because he fell asleep in the boat.

Big and small sky lake

The area of ​​Dayushan Island is not large, but there are several scenic spots connected in series along the road. There are two freshwater lakes on the island ~ Big and Small Tianhu Lakes. The two lakes are separated by a small hillside, and they exist independently on the top of the island. Xiaotian The lake is narrow and long, and Datian Lake is round.
The car can drive to the edge of Datian Lake. It takes a long walk to go to Xiaotian Lake. You can’t see it without putting in some physical strength. It probably means that Xiaotian Lake is more attractive.

The surrounding area of ​​Xiaotian Lake is full of green grass, especially from the perspective of the drone, the grass illuminated by the light spreads like waves of green waves under the blowing of the wind.

The climate of the island is special, and the clouds on the big and small sky lakes are not easy to think about. It feels like staying here for two days, you will see a lonely cloud gather and disperse, and then float on the sky lake.

In my opinion, what is worth seeing in the big and small sky lakes is the green grass and the stone step road extending along the ridge. Maybe part of the soul of the island is played by the road.

The beauty of big and small sky lakes also depends on the weather, cloudy and cloudy, golden at sunrise and sunset, and the lake surface on sunny days can reflect everything outside the lake like a mirror, clouds, grass, tea fields, and tourists.

As I write this, I feel a bit tedious and haven’t talked about the beauty of the big and small sky lakes. Why don’t you take a look at the pictures to experience the geographical location of the big and small sky lakes, and the beautiful scenery.

Thoughts of the Island: Waiting for Sunrise and Sunset

Watching the sunrise and sunset on the island can be said to be yyds, but you need to encounter good weather. Our sunset was overturned this time, and the sunrise is not bad, but it is not perfect. Only regrets will have the opportunity to come again next time.
I wanted to watch the sunset at Xiaotian Lake, but it was cloudy and I didn't get what I wanted. The sunrise in Xiaotian Lake is also good, but I didn’t get up the next morning, so I watched a sunrise on the roof of the accommodation, jumping out of the sea level from the blues to the sun. The sun on the island is indeed very direct, which is much purer than in the city.

The Island's Bliss

Blessed are those who like to eat seafood. The island surrounded by the sea is naturally indispensable for seafood, all kinds of seafood, although I can’t name them, but they taste really delicious. Coming to the island can unlock a lot of delicacies, especially for a person like me who grew up in the northern mountains For landlubbers. All these are new things, I think, if you eat more and more, you will naturally remember their names.
I'm not a food blogger, so I can't say much, but since I'm here, just eat.

I have regrets about the small thoughts of the island

How can it be satisfactory, but I want to be worthy of my heart. Here is a record of this trip to Dayushan Island. It is hasty, rewarding, and regrettable. Regrettably, for example, I didn’t see the beautiful sunset, I didn’t go to the reef to take pictures and play, I didn’t ride a small motorcycle around the island, etc. These will also become the reason for the next meeting with Dayushan Island.

Thoughts of the Island and Others

In addition to the thoughts of the island recorded above, there are several other thoughts this time. For example, on the Golden Peninsula on this island, some of the lush grass is taller than a person, but it is very suitable for taking pictures, and then adjust the color tone that will last forever.
There are also lighthouses, air-raid shelters, Moon Bay, glass observation decks and more.
For such an island, it will take four or five days to visit the capital of flowers on horseback.

Dayushan Island tips

traffic self-driving
It takes about 30 minutes to arrive at Yushan Island by passenger boat from Yujing Wharf
The bullet train arrives at Fuding Station or Taimushan Station. There are direct trains from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. It takes about 4 hours by car. The traffic is very convenient.
How to get to the pier from Fuding?
Method 1: At Fuding South Bus Station, take the inter-country bus directly to Yujing Wharf. There will be a regular bus at 7:00 in the morning, and the journey will take about 1 hour;
Method 2: Another way is to take a taxi directly to Yujing Wharf, about 130 yuan, 40 minutes by car, the time difference between the two is not big, it is recommended to choose a bus.
Method 3: If you get off at Taimushan Station, you can take a bus or take a taxi. The taxi costs about 60 yuan and the journey takes 25 minutes.
Passenger boat from Yujing Wharf to Yushan Island Wharf: normally departs at 9:00 in the morning and departs at 14:00 in the afternoon;
Passenger boat from Yushan Island Wharf to Yujing Wharf: normally departs at 7:00 in the morning, at 9:00, and at 13:30 in the afternoon
One-way ferry ticket is 50 yuan/person, you can buy it on the spot

Accommodation on the island:
1. Tianhu Villa on the sea, it is good to watch the sunrise,
2. Xinghaiju, a very popular homestay in Yushan Island, has a 180-degree invincible sea view
3. There are other hotels where you can stay according to your own needs. It will be more difficult to book accommodation on the island during the peak season.

Breath adjustment after mountains and seas

In the first two days of the itinerary, I went up and down the mountain and went to the sea. My body and soul felt more or less on the road. On the last day, I went to the Niulanggang Seaside Scenic Area for a simple relaxation, which was regarded as a breath adjustment at the end of this trip.

Niulanggang Scenic Spot is located in Taimushan Town, Fuding, Ningde City, Fujian Province. There are many experience projects here, such as the popular camping experience projects, glass water slides, and the coastal scenic spots are naturally indispensable for beaches, reefs and lighthouses.
Especially in the evening, when the sun is sinking, the sun shines on the reef, the lighthouse, the crowds on the beach, and the sea breeze blowing, it is really comfortable.

Delicious food

If you are a foodie, you must not miss the food street here in Fuding, such as Tongshan Food Street, Shihu Seafood Food Street and so on.
Rows upon rows of small stalls are placed from the street to the end of the street, and the street is very lively with people coming and going.

Check out some food pictures of Fuding.

written in the back

For Fuding, the memory is not over, and the next time is probably about to start. I am Xiaoyuan who likes to take pictures and record. I look forward to the fate, and we will see you again.