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【Tanzhe Temple】

 First there was Tanzhe Temple, and then there was Beijing City

Tanzhe Temple was built in 307. It is a temple built by monks after Buddhism entered Beijing. Because there is a dragon pond behind the temple and there are Zhe trees on the mountain, it has been called "Tanzhe Temple" by the people. prosperous. And surrounded by mountains, towering old trees, ancient and exquisite buildings, the scenery is very good.


More than 1,700 years of memory in Tanzhe Temple - Treasure Pot

One year there was a great famine, and the hungry people fled to the vicinity of the temple. With compassion, the monks hurriedly cooked porridge for the hungry people, but there were more and more hungry people, and it was useless for the monks to save money. Seeing that the food in the temple was getting less and less, not to mention the hungry people, the monks in the temple would also starve to death. The abbot was so worried that he wept, so he had to kneel in front of the Buddha statue to save the hungry and thirsty people. The green snake, the monk who is the green dragon next to the Buddha, has been enshrined by the temple since he was a child. This time the abbot came to pray for the Buddha. One of the green snakes listened to his prayer and nodded. Before everyone could respond, it swam into the big pot of porridge went. The monks were startled, and rushed to fill the porridge to save the green snake. At this time, a miracle happened. No matter how everyone filled the porridge, the porridge in the pot could not be filled. For a few days, it was not finished until the end of hunger. Since then, the pot has been preserved by the monks of the temple and has become the treasure of the temple.

Memory of Tanzhe Temple for more than 1700 years-Stone Fish

One year the drought was particularly severe. It is said that there was no rain until the end of the year. Soon the river stopped flowing, and then the wells dried up, and the crops gradually withered. More and more people died of thirst and starvation every day. The victims were helpless. We can only pray for early rain so that the remaining people can survive. The wishes of the common people are spread to the heaven, and the Jade Emperor will give the treasure fish that prayed for the rain to solve the disaster to the victims and solve the suffering of human beings.

That night, only a loud noise was heard. People heard the sound and ran around. They saw the broken stone fish falling in the Tanzhe Temple. The monks thought it was a treasure from heaven, so they asked craftsmen to carefully carve and repair it. Stone fish, when the craftsman was carving with a chisel, the stone fish collided with the chisel and made a crisp and pleasant sound. With this sound, the sky was gradually covered by dark clouds, and the air suddenly became cooler. After the stone fish was repaired, it rained heavily , After three full days of rain, the drought will be over. It is said that this kind of stone fish can also eliminate diseases, but if a certain part of the body is uncomfortable, touch the corresponding part of the fish's body, and the disease will be cured soon. That's it, This stone fish has been handed down, and it is still a treasure of the temple town.

Day 1: All over the country—Beijing—Pick up at the airport/station by private car and send to the hotel

Day 2: National Museum - Forbidden City - Jingshan Park

Day 3: Temple of Heaven—Shichahai Rickshaw Tour Alley—Prince Kung’s Mansion+Guozijian+Confucius Temple

Day 4: [Millennium Ancient Temple] Tanzhe Temple - Jietai Temple + Dingdu Pavilion

Day 5: Flag Raising Ceremony + Mutianyu/Badaling Great Wall (including cable car) + Summer Palace

Day 6: Full day of free activities - return to the sweet home