1. Hotel: Live in the mountain view room of Wang B&B Baihuashanshe, which is 1090 meters above sea level in Beijing. It is close to the scenic spots, the room area is large, and it is close to nature

2. Itinerary: Breakfast at 9:00, departure at 10:00, get up early, don’t hurry, sleep until you wake up naturally, the itinerary is relaxed and comfortable

3. Car use: form a group independently, use a special car as a guide, do not join a group with strangers, and the length of time to visit the scenic spots is up to you

4. Attractions: Covering Baihua Mountain, Lingshui Village, Cuandixia and other characteristic scenic spots in the west of Beijing

5. Transparency: no shopping and hidden consumption, comfortable travel

Day 1: [All over the country - Beijing] Lingshui Village - Cuandixia Village [special car]

Day 2: [Beijing - return trip] Baihuashan Nature Reserve - return to a warm home [special car]