1. Hotel: hotels in the urban area are economical and affordable.

2. Itinerary: Exquisite itinerary design, simple but not simple, get up early, don't hurry, sleep until you wake up naturally, live slowly, true temperament, relaxed, study tour.

3. Car use: special car service, private butler tracking service, independent group formation, no joining a group with strangers, free control of the duration of the scenic spot tour, and a dedicated guide to explain the core scenic spots for you.

4. Attractions: Humanities, history, architecture and other characteristic elements are combined with urban green public relations, and there are many and varied flowers. From the end of March to May, Tanzhe Temple will usher in the flower viewing period. Famous trees and flowers such as ancient magnolia, ancient lilac, peony, Tanchun, and Xifu crabapple will bloom one after another. The wind is warm and the sun is warm, and the spirit of spring is strong in Jietai Temple. Forsythia, magnolia, peach blossom, elm plum, and cherry blossoms are rushing to bloom first, conveying the breath of spring. Come to Jietai Temple to start a trip to enjoy spring flowers!

5. Transparency: pure play, no shopping and hidden consumption, comfortable travel

Day 1: Jietai Temple - Tanzhe Temple - Beijing [private car without guide]

Day 2: Beijing Garden Expo Garden - World Flower Grand View Garden - Beijing [private car without guide]