1. Hotel: Longquan Hotel, Royal Garden Hotel, near Tanzhe Temple, high-grade, good environment, convenient to visit

2. Itinerary: Breakfast at 9:00, departure at 10:00, get up early, don’t hurry, sleep until you wake up naturally, the itinerary is relaxed and comfortable

3. Car use: Form an independent group, use special car service, do not join the group with strangers, and the length of time to visit the scenic spots is up to you

4. Attractions: Covering characteristic elements such as humanities, history, nature, religion, monuments, architecture, etc., read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles.

5. Transparency: pure play, no shopping and hidden consumption, travel comfortably and at ease.

Day 1: [Place of Departure - Mentougou] After picking up the station at the agreed time and place, take a bus to Mentougou, visit the Baihua Mountain Scenic Area - Cuandixia, and check into the hotel [special car]

Day 2: [Mentougou-Return] Sleep until you wake up naturally, visit Tanzhe Temple in the morning, and return in the afternoon [special car]