1. Hotel: 4 nights in a four-diamond hotel in the city center, enjoy the colorful night scenery of Beijing, and experience the city's brilliant neon lights and history in the center of politics, culture, economy, and communication.

2. Itinerary: Depart at 9:00 am, no congestion, no rush, reasonable arrangement, in-depth experience. Experience the broad and profound culture of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, learn the breadth and depth of Chinese and world cultures, and experience the myriad of societies.

3. Car use: form a group independently, use a special car and a guide, do not join a group with strangers, and decide the time to visit the scenic spots by yourself, saving time.

4. Attractions: The Forbidden City in Beijing can see all the prosperity in a blink of an eye, through the history and culture of ancient and modern times, science and technology calligraphy and painting, the majesty of the three halls, the mystery of the six palaces in the east and west, and the beauty of the back garden. Forbidden swim, a new version.

5. Experience: The Western architecture of the Yanxi Palace in the Forbidden City blends with the Chinese style palace. Lama Temple, Qianlong Mansion, Confucian Temple Guozijian, the aura of the emperor giving lectures. The Zhongshan Hall in Zhongshan Park, the pioneer of the world for the public, inspires the world to strive for self-improvement. Baiyun Temple, the Quanzhen Sect jungle, the legend of Qiu Chuji stopping killing with one word. The Biyun Temple in Xiangshan, the Reclining Buddha Temple in Beijing Botanical Garden, and the Xitian Brahma in Beihai Park. Jietai Temple in the west of Beijing is majestic, with gorgeous peonies. Tanzhe Temple has verdant pines and cypresses, with cornices and painted buildings.

6. Transparency: No shopping and hidden consumption, comfortable and safe travel. The majesty of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest in the Temple of Heaven, and the panoramic view of the whole city from Jingshan Park.

The Forbidden City can reserve tickets with real names ten days in advance. In case of special circumstances such as legal holidays, closed on Mondays, summer vacation, sold out of tickets, or other policy closures, other scenic spots will be adjusted or the ticket price difference will be refunded

Day 1: [Beijing] Zhongshan Park - Beijing Forbidden City - Jingshan Park - Beihai Park - Shichahai [special car guide]

Day 2: 【Beijing】Beijing Lama Temple - Confucian Temple Guozijian - Baiyun Temple [special car guide]

Day 3: 【Beijing】Xiangshan Park - Xiangshan Biyun Temple - Beijing Botanical Garden - Beijing Reclining Buddha Temple [special car guide]

Day 4: [Beijing] Jietai Temple - Tanzhe Temple [special car guide]

Day 5: 【Beijing】Prince Kung's Mansion-Qianmen Street-Tiantan Park-IKEA Xihong Store [special car guide]