New member of Relais & Châteaux——Beijing Xitan Boutique Hotel

Exquisite combination of historical sites and hotels

"Xitan" means "achievement" in Sanskrit, and what is achieved is a kind of sympathy with those who come.

This "mysterious" hotel, which has been meticulously crafted for 8 years, is located at the former site of Yuan Village, Yangpo, Mentougou, in the western suburbs of Beijing.

The hotel covers an area of ​​13,000 square meters and connects 17 courtyards through winding paths, with only 38 rooms

All the garden landscapes in the hotel park are designed by the famous Japanese gardener Nomura. The overall layout is leaning against the mountains.

It fully fits the original topography's high and low distribution, and "hides" the building in the valley in line with the natural landscape. Accompanied by morning bells and evening drums, it continues the historical charm of the ancient village & the texture and scale of the ancient village.

There are seven centuries-old ancient trees and two cultural relics in Xitan Hotel, which are preserved and integrated into the overall design of the park

Visitors can get a glimpse of the vicissitudes of the past thousands of years, and they can also search for a dialogue between man and nature, ancient and modern.


Yayin national style design & one household one soup

The guest room is no longer simply a "sleeping room", but a "space where you can stay"

Semi-outdoor design lobby

Belgian artist mixes modern painting techniques & ancient Beijing cloisonné craftsmanship to create a large wall with vitality

Meditation room, tea space, coffee shop, swimming pool and 20-seat cinema, restaurant, gym, yoga room, SPA, whiskey bar, library & conference room

13 functional areas, 38 guest rooms and 17 courtyards with different landscapes

Each room is equipped with independent indoor and outdoor soaking pools, one household, one soup, one courtyard, one view


Sun Wing Kee Private Banquet Enjoyment

Xinrongji, which pays attention to authentic materials, set up Beijing Rongfu Banquet in Xitan, showing a warm family banquet atmosphere


Under the Cuan

Cuandixia Village is also known as Chuandixia Village. The village is mainly old buildings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The movie "Tou Ming Zhang" was filmed here. Cuandixia Village is not big, the main road in the village is about 600 meters long, the ancient buildings are mainly on the north side of the road, and the first-line Tiantian scenic spot is about one or two kilometers beside the village. You can drive into the village from Monday to Friday, and you can only park in the parking lot at the entrance of the village on Saturday and Sunday, but you can walk when you visit. Generally, the main activities of tourists to Cuandixia Village are to take a walk in the village to watch the old buildings, take pictures of the sunrise and the panorama of the village at the viewing platform, and experience rural life in the farmhouse, etc. The visit time is about 1-2 days.


Ancient buildings are the characteristics of the village. There are more than 70 courtyards in the village, and there are nearly 700 buildings inside, most of which are old buildings from the late Qing Dynasty. On the bottom of the valley, it constitutes the simple and quiet charm of the village. It is very pleasant to take a stroll in the village and take pictures. The old buildings in the village can also be visited, such as the rich man's courtyard, Wudao Temple, Guandi Temple, etc.


Day 1: Private car pick-up within the 5th Ring Road in the urban area (fee included) 🚗 Cuan Bo Bo 🚗 check-in at the hotel

Day 2: Tanzhe Temple 🚗 special car back to any place within the Fifth Ring Road (fee included)