The islands of Weihai, the water of Zaozhuang, the mountains of Tai'an, the sanctuary of Qufu, the sea of ​​Qingdao, the springs of Jinan... Every city in Shandong has its own unique beauty, and the beauty of Shandong is far more than It lies in the scenery, but also in the long history and culture.
I have always heard from my friends that Shandong in winter has a different kind of beauty. The reputation of "hospitality in Shandong" and the enthusiasm of Shandong friends also aroused my curiosity about Shandong's winter trip, although the beginning of this trip really caught up with Shandong. The biggest snow in recent years, the unexpected winter snow also added a lot of extra fun and beauty to the whole trip. So how "beautiful" is Shandong in winter? Please follow my footsteps to see these cities that make people feel warm when they mention their names.

The most joyful spring in the world

Majestic Mount Tai in Tai'an

Confucian Cultural Holy Land Qufu Confucian Temple

Appreciate the wind of Confucianism and enjoy the visual feast of the holy land of Nishan Mountain in Qufu

Zaozhuang Taierzhuang Ancient City, the No. 1 Scenic Spot in the World

Red tiles and yellow walls, blue sea and blue sky, Qingdao

Looking at Weihai after the snow

Shandong Cuisine, the eight major cuisines of China with profound taste

As the saying goes, one side's water and soil support one side's people, good mountains and good waters have nurtured the hospitable Shandong people today, and the coastline that stretches for thousands of miles has also created countless natural landscapes in Shandong. Here is the majestic Mount Tai, the most joyful spring in the world, the warm and sunny winter days described by Lao She, the blue sea and blue sky with red tiles and yellow walls, well-known time-honored brands at home and abroad and countless delicious food... ..

itinerary planning

Day1: Shanghai→Weihai→Tianmu Hot Spring→Weihai Tianmu Hot Spring Resort
Day2: Weihai Tianmu Hot Spring Resort → Yandunjiao Swan Lake → Weihai Tianmu Hot Spring Resort
Day3: Weihai Tianmu Hot Spring Resort→Qingdao→Catholic Church→Tsingtao Beer Museum→Taipingjiao Badaguan→Qingdao Mercure Hotel
Day4: Qingdao Mercure Hotel → Trestle Bridge → Signal Hill Park → Badaguan (Huashi Building, Princess Building, etc.) → Zaozhuang → Taierzhuang Ancient City → Taierzhuang Mansion
Day5: Taierzhuang Mansion→Qufu→Nishan Holy Land→Confucian Temple-Qufu Sankong Scenic Spot→Qufu Ji Hotel
Day6: Qufu All Seasons Hotel → Qufu Sankong Scenic Area → Tai'an Tianwai Village → Taishan Scenic Area → Jinan → Feiman Hotel Hang Lung Plaza
Day7: Feiman Hotel Hang Lung Plaza Branch→Jiefang Pavilion→Baishi Spring→Black Tiger Spring→Quancheng Square→Baotu Spring→Daming Lake→Jinan West Railway Station→Shanghai

Highlights of the itinerary

★行程重点推荐打卡景点为Yandunjiao Swan Lake, Rongcheng,Tsingtao Beer Museum,枣庄Old Town of Taierzhuang,曲阜Nishan Holy Land,泰安Tarzan风景区,济南Baotu Spring,da Ming Lake风景区等.

Traffic Raiders

Airplane: There are several flights to and from Weihai or Jinan every day. If the air ticket price is reasonable, of course, the plane will be preferred.
Train: Whether you are going to Weihai or Jinan, it is more convenient to arrive at Jinan High-speed Railway Station first.
Suggestion: If you start to play from Weihai, it is recommended to choose the plane first, the time is short, and the price of normal air tickets is similar to the price of high-speed rail.
If you start to play from Jinan, it is recommended to choose high-speed rail first, there are many shifts, and the price of high-speed rail is similar to the price of air tickets.
The high-speed rail between cities in Shandong is also very convenient, but the scenic spots in each city are relatively scattered. It is recommended that it is more convenient to rent a car and drive by yourself in the province. There are car rental counters at each airport high-speed rail station. Returning the car is very convenient.

About food:

Shandong cuisine is one of the four major cuisines in China. It has a long history, is fresh, salty, crisp and tender, and has a unique flavor. It is well-known at home and abroad. Among them, "exploding, frying, burning, and collapsing" are the most distinctive. Taste "Shandong cuisine" and get acquainted with enthusiastic Shandong people. Every place has its own signature dishes, and authentic local snacks can be tasted everywhere in markets and temple fairs. "Pancake roll with green onion" is a representative way of eating in Shandong. Drinking alcohol, dipping in sauce, eating green onions, and eating pancakes are similar to the bold and simple character of Shandong people.

In Shandong, "no fish, no banquet, no wine, no banquet". Wang Xizhi, Li Qingzhao, Xin Qiji, as well as Li Bai, Du Fu, Su Shi, etc. who lived in Shandong, all aroused great pride due to wine. Shandong people are bold and generous. They are not the ones who drink the most, the fastest, or the most violent, but the rules of drinking, stubbornness and routines of "persuading them to drink" are enough to make you remember them for a lifetime.

The sudden heavy snow made people surprised and delighted!

Usually, the travel that is said to go is often accompanied by changes in the plan. Of course, the meaning and surprise of travel are also derived from this.

First stop: Weihai

Liugong Island, Huaxia City, Chengshantou, Xixiakou... How many of these famous scenic spots have you been to that make Weihai people proud?

Almost everyone who loves to travel has a dream of meeting the sea. And when it comes to seaside cities, if you haven't been to Weihai, you haven't been to every corner of the world. However, if your impression of Weihai is only limited to the sea, then I would like to say: Weihai has thousands of faces, and you have only seen a part of them.

Weihai Tianmu Hot Spring Resort

Address of attractions: Zhangjiachan Town, Wendeng District, Weihai City

Hot spring price: 138/person/single time

Regardless of whether it is a group trip or a free trip, every meeting with friends from all over the world is a very exciting thing in itself, so the first stop is the well-known Tianmu in Weihai. spa.

The slight chill of getting off the plane and the ice and snow in front of us really gave people a lot of surprises. I didn't expect that the snow scene we had been thinking about let us meet on the first day. For children who grew up in the south, even if they have just had an ankle The snowdrifts are also enough to make people dance. However, I really didn't expect that this was actually just a slap in the face. The blizzard in the next few days was so heavy that even the locals rarely saw it. Although it also disrupted some original travel plans, even if you like to watch snow scenes, But when you really meet a Blizzard day travel, it is actually a completely different matter.

The drive from the airport to the hot spring hotel is about 30 kilometers, which takes about half an hour. After a simple check-in procedure, we chose to go to the outdoor pool of Tianmu Hot Spring for the first time before our friends came. have a look.

Weihai Wendeng Tianmu Hot Spring Resort is a five-star hot spring resort invested and built by Zhuhai Tianmu Group in Zhangjiachan Town, Wendeng City, Weihai. Because of its special geographical location, it often receives not only domestic tourists, but also Japanese tourists. Of course, due to the impact of the epidemic, basically foreign tourists are indeed rare, and there are also many domestic tourists who come here to waste their time.

The indoor and outdoor hot spring area surrounded by mountains and rivers focuses on "bathing in forest hot springs, staying in water-friendly guest rooms, eating green food, and breathing fresh air", and enjoys a high reputation in Weihai and even Shandong.

The resort also has a large indoor hot spring hall and an outdoor hot spring area, including characteristic fish therapy, Chinese herbal medicine series, beauty and beauty series, SPA series, world style bath, four beauties soup, Tai Chi eight soup as many as 66 featured functional baths , It takes an hour to walk around, and it is not a small challenge to walk all the pools at once.

As a national chain group, Tianmu's hot spring service is very systematic and standardized. Even in the freezing winter, it still makes people feel very warm. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, the waiters will greet you at any time. They are very active and conscious when assisting in changing bath towels, serving tea and water. When the outdoor temperature is low and the bath towel is cold and uncomfortable after being wet, the waiter will take the initiative to replace the bath towel for you at any time.

Although some outdoor pools are not open due to the low outdoor temperature and for the safety of tourists, they are quite attractive no matter from the orderly corridors or the main outdoor pools. The weather is good Under such circumstances, it is not an exaggeration to say that this kind of hot spring that is completely integrated with the natural mountain forest is comparable to a Japanese-style bathing pool.

On the second floor of the bubble pool, there are special rest areas and SPA functional areas for tourists to rest.

The guest room area of ​​the hotel is also a highlight. The room types from standard to mid-to-high end are arranged in an orderly manner on the mountainside. The overall number of rooms is quite large, and it is an unexpected surprise for guests to be able to directly enjoy the lake view or snow view from the guest rooms. .

In fact, there is another factor why you choose to stay here. Each guest can experience two baths for free every day. This benefit is not something that ordinary hot spring hotels and resorts can do. The price of two baths alone is enough to earn back the price. Yes, and the hotel's breakfast is much richer than expected. In addition to the regular pasta, there are also hot stir-fried dishes and snacks. The overall cost performance is quite high.

Play Tips:
1. After checking in, the hotel will directly give each person a two-time entry and exit hot spring ticket, and you can freely choose the time to enter during the business period.
2. From the guest room, you can walk into the hot spring area seamlessly. It is recommended to change your clothes and go there in a bathrobe.
3. The hotel parking lot is well located and is very close to the hotel lobby.
4. There are no other restaurants or shopping malls around the hotel, and there are special Korean restaurants and small supermarkets for tourists to choose.

Baolongxuan.Private Kitchen Pavilion

The hotel itself is also equipped with local special Korean dishes. After the follow-up friends arrived, they learned that local friends helped book a private restaurant in advance. I heard that it was quite mysterious. With curiosity about the restaurant, we braved the heavy snow and set off. One meal has to be said, it is amazing and worth it!

This is a private restaurant that is hard to find in most gourmet apps. It can be seen that the owner is quite self-willed. Not only do you need to reserve a seat in advance, but what you eat depends entirely on the ingredients of the day. That is to say, you only need to tell the store your Budget, other dishes and what to eat are completely up to fate. But the scale of this fate is indeed far beyond the imagination of the friends. The restaurant is located under a viaduct in the urban area of ​​Wendeng. If it is not based on the navigation and positioning, it is difficult to find it by driving on weekdays. The "meaning" of this private house is too absolute.

The restaurant is located in a courtyard. Just by looking at the facade, it can be seen that it is definitely not an ordinary family's private kitchen. Cheerful, with a combination of Chinese and Western styles, the soft drinks from various countries in the freezer have attracted everyone's attention. The soft drinks from Russia and Thailand are so cute that people can't put it down. The first day's attempt to start with Tsingtao Beer suddenly changed to soft drinks up.

When pots of all kinds of "private house signature dishes" were served on the table, it was even more amazing. I can only say that the quantity and variety of dishes are so affordable that they don't want to make money. The four "hospitality Shandong" The words appeared in front of my eyes again, which made people excited.

Compared with the full "sashimi" feast I had in Weihai before, the quality and presentation of private kitchen dishes are much more refined, and there are even long-lost starfish. This dish has always belonged to me for so many years. Dare to look at the status of dare not taste, the courageous little friends still bravely tried it, the taste is "it is said to be very similar to the taste of dry crab roe", as for the actual taste, you should try it yourself if you have the opportunity. Can be expected will be unspeakable.

When you come to Weihai, oysters are definitely indispensable. The carefully selected oysters are full of weight, and there are more than two per person. I have to say that the feeling of eating oysters in a land rich in oysters is indeed too satisfying.

After drinking and eating, we drove back to Tianmu Hot Spring Hotel again, just in time to take a break in the pool for the second time. So far, the winter trip to Shandong has given people too much beauty, and we have long forgotten the snow outside the window. The impact!

The bird's nest delivered to the guest room at night can just fill in the blank of supper, which doubles our good impression of the hotel.


I got up early in the morning and learned that the Xixiakou and Liugong Island scenic spots that I originally planned to go to were closed due to the heavy snow the next day, so I temporarily decided to go to Yandunjiao Swan Lake, which is not far from Wendeng City. It is said that this is also the most recent An Internet celebrity check-in attraction that has gradually emerged, and local friends also highly recommend it to see it. Adhering to the feeling that we can't miss it when we pass by, we set off on the road with trepidation.

The snow-capped town looks a little dreamy under the blue sky and white clouds. Apart from the previous visits to Japan and the three northeastern provinces, this is the first time I have seen such a snow scene in other cities.

After stopping the car, I turned around and did not see the legendary Swan Lake. Did I drive in the wrong place? Fortunately, following the bursts of swan calls and walking towards the sea, it was better to come early than coincidentally. I happened to meet the staff feeding the swans, and hundreds of swans from Siberia gathered here for the winter. The picture is actually very spectacular. It is said that this place was just an ordinary bay. Occasionally lost swans stopped here to rest, and the local kind people fed the swans. It became a choice for more swans to spend the winter. There are also some publicity among swans, which is really down-to-earth.

As more and more swans come here to spend the winter every year, it also drives the economy and tourism of Yandunjiao Town itself. Attracting more photography enthusiasts and travel enthusiasts to check in here, it can be said that this is a real check-in spot for Internet celebrities through artificial maintenance.

Compared with the swans seen in parks or scenic spots in the past, the distance to watch swans here is closer, and the swans themselves are full of wildness, playing with each other and competing for food everywhere.

The snow-white swan looks extraordinarily holy under the golden sunlight.

Because the weather changes very quickly near the beach, sometimes it is stormy and snowy, and sometimes it is sunny, which makes our mood constantly change with the weather. The overall feeling is of course a worthwhile trip.

After watching the swans, you can choose to have a meal at a nearby farmhouse or return to the urban area. At present, there is no transitional commercialization in the scenic area, and all the merchants are relatively affordable, and you can choose freely according to your preferences.

Play Tips:
1. At present, there is no direct tour bus to reach the scenic spot. It is recommended to drive or charter a car.
2. The scenic spot is completely free and open. The swans will be fed at a fixed time every morning. It is recommended to go in the morning. When the tide rises in the afternoon, the swans will fly away one after another to change their habitats.
3. There are many homestays and restaurants in the scenic area, and you can also contact the store for pick-up if you book in advance.
4. The temperature near the seaside is relatively low, and the wind is relatively strong, so pay attention to keeping warm from the cold.
5. The parking lot is located at the back of the town. Of course, there are free parking spaces on the road.

Myeongdong Korean Restaurant

For dinner, I chose to dine at a Korean restaurant in the urban area to make up for the regret of not eating Korean food on the first day. The local price index in Wendeng is still relatively close to the people, and with group purchases and other specials, the per capita price is less than 100. All the ingredients are also authentic, no wonder the locals are not so afraid of the cold, the food itself is very high in calories.

After the snow has cleared, the weather is often exceptionally brilliant. The sun rises and the white moon gradually disappears. The next day, the expressway has just opened and we can't wait to go to the next stop-Qingdao.

Second stop: Qingdao

When it comes to Qingdao, it must be linked to romance, elegance, and a sense of history, whether it is the landmark building Catholic Church, Zhanqiao, or Tsingtao Beer, which is very representative in the entire Shandong, or a collection of architectural features from all countries. The Badaguan, so that everyone has to love the city of Qingdao.

For lunch, I chose a seafood buffet restaurant next to the trestle bridge. The ingredients and taste are quite local, because I want to hurry up and see more scenic spots that can be walked, so although it is a buffet, I have no intention of fighting. The beautiful scenery and delicious food are often You can't have both... I don't know which one is more attractive to you than the beautiful scenery or the delicious food?

(St. Michael's Church)

Attraction address: Gaogang, the northern end of Zhejiang Road, Shinan District, Qingdao

Ticket price: 10 yuan / person

Every trip to Qingdao is often the first to check in at the Catholic Church, which is also the favorite place for many tourists and couples.

As the largest Gothic building in Qingdao, it is also the only consecration church in China, and it is also a masterpiece of Christian architectural art.

Even on the coldest day of the year, there are still many tourists who come to check in. This Catholic church built on the mountainside is one of the few churches in the country that are free and open to allow photography, and it is quite friendly.

The decoration of the church adopts the style of the Italian Renaissance. The spacious and bright hall that can accommodate thousands of people is equipped with grotesque and exaggerated huge ribs and colorful glass windows. An ethereal and mysterious feeling.

Tickets of 10 yuan can enter freely to watch and take pictures, which fully reflects the inclusiveness of the city of Qingdao.

The most important festivals of the Qingdao Catholic Church are Easter and Christmas every year. Every time here, the Catholic Church will hold grand celebrations and solemn celebrations. Compared with the history and stories of other scenic spots However, people are often still attracted by the magnificent building itself.

Play Tips:

1. Weekday mass at 6:00 a.m. and Sunday mass at 8:00-9:00 every Sunday. The organ is only used during Sunday mass.

2. No matter whether you use a camera or a mobile phone to take pictures in the church, there are no restrictions.


Address of attractions: Tsingtao Beer Museum, No. 56, Dengzhou Road, Shibei District, Qingdao

Ticket price: 60 yuan / person

It's interesting to say that it's completely unexpected that more girls than boys visit the Qingdao Museum, because here you can taste a limited amount of Qingdao original puree every day, which is incomparable to the draft beer or other original puree in ordinary stores. mellow. Therefore, all the girls in Shandong can drink very well. If you are not sure, don't try to compete with the girls here, remember!

If you just want to appreciate the museum itself, you can also enter Hall A area without buying tickets. Here it mainly displays the past and history of Tsingtao Brewery, as well as the honors it has won, and there are many modern image displays that combine many high-tech.

Only the area of ​​Hall B needs to check the ticket, because you can taste the real Tsingtao puree for free with the ticket here. This mainly shows the brewing process and modern production methods of Tsingtao Beer. In the second half, you can directly see Tsingtao Beer packing and leaving the factory the process of.

Although the first half of the journey seemed a bit too theoretical, almost no one can keep calm when facing Tsingtao beer puree. To be honest, this puree is better than the draft beer or beer from other manufacturers As far as the taste is concerned, the taste is too pure. It is no exaggeration to say that if you have not tasted Tsingtao raw beer at the Tsingtao Beer Museum, you will not have drunk the real Tsingtao beer.

I thought that as a museum, most of the production lines should be based on education and display. In fact, it is not the case. The second half of the production line is completely real, which can be described as an immersive feeling.

At this point, if you just think of this place as a museum, it is really naive. There are also special souvenir shops, professional bars and food courts at the final exit. Of course, it is very representative of the whole Shandong and even China. As far as brands are concerned, such a scale is also common sense, but the ornamental and high-tech content of the entire museum is still beyond my imagination.

Play Tips:
1. Tickets for scenic spots can be purchased online in advance, and you can directly enter the museum on the same day without making an appointment.
2. Each ticket can correspond to a free tasting of a cup of puree and a cup of draft beer. Because the number of tourists affected by the current epidemic is limited, in fact, as long as you drink enough, there is no clear tasting restriction for visiting tourists. Haha, I like it If you taste the puree, you will definitely have a good time visiting in winter!
3. The museum is divided into two parts, A/B, and the tour takes about 1-2 hours.
4. There is not much space in the parking lot in the museum, first come, first served. You can also park at the entrance of the restaurant opposite the museum.

It's getting late, and there is limited time left to choose to go to the trestle bridge to watch the sunset or go to the Badaguan in Taipingjiao to see the ancient buildings, it all depends on your preference.

The Mercure Hotel (Qingdao Zhanqiao Branch) I stayed at that day was also a newly opened hotel last year. The style of the whole hotel is very European and American, and the biggest advantage is that it is very close to the Zhanqiao, and there is free parking, which is quite convenient.

I asked the clerk about the surrounding restaurants. The Momofuku Kitchen located not far from the left front of the hotel is quite down-to-earth. After traveling for a day, everyone rushed to visit the Wu Zang Temple. The boss was also very enthusiastic. He reminded me repeatedly when ordering, We don't want to order too many dishes when we are small, almost one is enough for each person, and we can order more if there is not enough.

I have to say that it is really a restaurant that has not stepped on the thunder at all. The taste of all the main dishes is quite in place. Although it is not as exquisite as private dishes, but the price is affordable, and the dishes are also plentiful. From a certain point of view It is said that it is more smoky than the seafood buffet at noon.

Zhanqiao, the windfall of Badaguan

Get up early the next day, in order not to affect the follow-up itinerary, go to the trestle bridge and Badaguan area that you didn't finish watching yesterday. Sure enough, this choice is more clear than last night. There are not many tourists on the trestle bridge in the morning, but the number of seagulls is super large, so coming to the trestle bridge to feed the seagulls has become a highlight of the trip to Qingdao.

Maybe the local residents are already accustomed to everything in front of them, but seagulls of this size are fatal to any tourist. The originally reserved 1 hour play time has been extended a lot invisibly.

A couple on the beach near the trestle bridge caught my attention, and following them along the way made me feel the unique romance of Qingdao in winter. Looking at the warm moment in front of you, do you feel your heart beat?

You can buy some small snacks to feed the pigeons at the side of the trestle bridge. Of course, you can also bring some sliced ​​bread yourself, otherwise the behavior of empty-gloved pigeons will not be effective in front of these "smart" little guys.

While feeding the pigeons and taking pictures, the time passed quickly, and all of us finally left here reluctantly.

Signal Hill Park

I still vaguely remember seeing the scenery of Qingdao in Signal Hill Park, so everyone decided to take a look. However, there are many one-way streets near Signal Hill Park, and parking will be a bit difficult. After this village, there may be no such shop.

The climbing process is easy and enjoyable, but, before December 31st, Signal Hill Park was completely free and open, and tickets will be charged from January 1st, everyone who goes there should pay attention, of course, whoever comes here Don't really care about these either.

The sightseeing tower on Signal Hill is also the best place to enjoy the city view in the urban area. Whether it is sunrise or sunset, it is the best choice to enjoy the sea view and city view of Qingdao.

Memory of the Eight Great Passes


It is strongly recommended to go to Huashi Building. The ticket price of 8.5 yuan is really very conscientious. Whether it is the scale of the building itself, its ornamental quality, or its popularity, it is the most worthwhile check-in point in Badaguan.

Huashilou (No. 18, Huanghai Road) is the most famous and representative villa in Badaguan. Its architectural style is a typical European castle style, and it also incorporates Greek and Roman styles, as well as Gothic styles. architectural features. Because it is built with granite and pebbles, it is named Huashilou.

There are also many legends about Huashilou. Of course, it is an indisputable fact that many party and state leaders have stayed here, but as for those stories, it can only be seen by the beholder. This mysterious and quaint building has always attracted many film and television crews to film here.

Huashi Building overlooks Qingdao's second bathing beach. Living here, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Qianhai in the island city without any shelter. How can you not be envious?

The Princess Building on Juyongguan Road is also one of the more famous foreign-style buildings in Badaguan. It is said that Prince Joseph of Denmark and his wife Princess Margaret lived here in the 1920s and 1930s.

The Princess Building is surrounded by foreign gardens with the theme of Andersen and the characters and contents of his famous fairy tales. Statues of Andersen, the daughter of the sea, the ugly duckling, the emperor in the emperor's new clothes, the princess and the pea, etc. are all over it.

Although this fairytale villa, covering an area of ​​nearly 1,000 square meters, was originally prepared for the Danish princess to live in Qingdao for summer vacation, in fact the Danish princess never lived there. His name is indeed widely spread.

Play Tips:
1. Signal Hill Park is very close to the trestle bridge and can be reached on foot.
2. The pigeon food near the trestle is about 1-2 yuan per pack. Of course, it is more convenient to bring your own sliced ​​bread.

3. Badaguan is not a single scenic spot, but an area. Some European-style buildings represented by Huashilou are still very worth seeing. If you want to visit most of the open scenic spots, you need to buy tickets separately. It is recommended to buy a joint ticket for sightseeing More favorable.

The third stop Zaozhuang

When it comes to the words "hospitality in Shandong", people can always think of Zaozhuang except the provincial capital, and this must be inseparable from the ancient city of Taierzhuang, which is known as "the most scenic spot in the world". Taking advantage of time, we hurriedly left Qingdao and rushed to the next stop, Taierzhuang Ancient City, because the ancient city is most famous for its night view, we were afraid that we would not be able to see it when we arrived late, but later found out that the lights of the scenic spot were actually on until 11 pm, unless we were in a hurry Watching the performance, otherwise, arriving early or late will not affect the night view of the ancient city.


Scenic Spot Address: East Section of Huaxing Road, Taierzhuang District, Zaozhuang City
Ticket price: 160 yuan / person
Special offer:
Minors: Minors under 18 years old (including 18 years old) can enter for free (with their ID card or student ID card in conjunction with the account page).
Children under 1.2 meters in height (including 1.2 meters) can enter for free.

Taierzhuang Ancient City is the largest ancient city in China. It is a national AAAAA-level tourist attraction and has the reputation of "the most beautiful water town in China". It is called "the living ancient canal" and "the only remaining heritage village of the Beijing-Hangzhou canal" by the World Tourism Organization. Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty once came to Taierzhuang to play and granted it the title of "No. 1 Village in the World". You can see the five characters "No. 1 Village in the World" bestowed by Emperor Qianlong on the gate plaque at the highest point of the Taierzhuang City Tower.

When the lanterns first come on, thousands of lights are shining brightly, and fire trees and silver flowers are everywhere. The day I went just happened to catch up with the New Year's Eve performance. The wonderful cultural performance and iron flowers are really exciting to watch, adding a lot of festive atmosphere and peaceful atmosphere to the ancient city.

All kinds of bars built near the river are full of feasting and feasting, which are fascinating. The dreamlike space not only has the simplicity and elegance of the past, but also the prosperity and romance of today.

The neon-flashing bar street gathers ancient buildings with the characteristics of various ethnic minorities. I feel that if I want to walk around the entire scenic spot during the day and night, it may not be complete for three days and three nights. No wonder the tickets for the scenic spot are set up to be valid for 3 days and can be entered and exited repeatedly, which really greatly facilitates the needs of tourists.

The Taierzhuang Mansion I stayed in can be said to be the highest-level hotel in the scenic area. I thought it was for convenience, but later found that it was not convenient to walk on the stone road with luggage. Of course, I must live in the scenic area to enjoy the night view and morning view. It will be more convenient.

There are also a lot of restaurants on the main street. Of course, if you don't want to eat according to the rules, you can try local delicacies and snacks. All kinds of pancakes and steamed buns are very Shandong-style. This meal also makes up for the lack of time to go to the previous stops. It's a pity to eat snacks in the streets.

You can also take a cruise at night, the price is 60 yuan per person for a one-way trip at a single station, and 100 yuan per person for a round trip at a single station. Sitting on the awning boat, looking at the scenery in front of you, it seems that you are in a certain ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River at this time.

I got up early the next morning and took advantage of the breakfast break to visit the ancient city again, and found that what I visited last night was really only a small part of the entire scenic spot.

Under the warm sun of early winter, the ancient city of Taierzhuang is quiet and beautiful, it is extremely beautiful.

In the early morning, Taierzhuang presents a completely different style, with all kinds of Internet celebrity buildings and check-in spots everywhere. If it is not for the season of freezing and snowing, it may be difficult to see the beautiful scenery in front of you, which has a different kind of quiet beauty.

Today's Taierzhuang ancient city has eight architectural styles: northern courtyard, Hui style architecture, water town architecture, southern Fujian architecture, European architecture, religious architecture, Lingnan architecture, and Lunan folk houses.

When you come to Taierzhuang, these attractions are must-see places, including Zhizun Bridge, General Administration Hall and Mosque. The Zhizun Bridge was rebuilt on the basis of an old bridge. Standing on this bridge, you can not only see the surrounding bridges, but also the beauty of the surrounding ancient city. The General's Office was built in the middle of the Qing Dynasty. It was the official residence of the generals of the Qing Dynasty before, but now its interior preserves the memory of Taierzhuang's reconstruction.

Ancient city tour recommendation
Ancient City West Gate~Taiwan Street~Jiandao Street~Chuanxing Street~Yuehe Street~Tingzi Street~Shunhe Street~Cheda Road~East Section of Dayamen Street~East Gate of Ancient City~Hou Street~Antique Calligraphy Street~Jiandao Street~Dayamen The middle and west sections of the street ~ the west gate of the ancient city.

Play Tips:
1. Tickets for scenic spots can be used repeatedly in and out within three days. The annual ticket only costs 200 yuan, which is quite cost-effective.
2. The accommodation and catering in the scenic area are quite rich, so there is no need to worry.
3. Most of the roads in the scenic area are stone roads and stone bridges. If you can move in as lightly as possible, it will be difficult to drag boxes in and out.
4. There are cultural performances in the scenic area every holiday, so pay attention to the announcements on the official website and the tourist center of the scenic area.
5. There is a super large parking lot next to the entrance of the scenic spot, 10 yuan/car, unlimited time.

The fourth stop Qufu

Qufu is a slow cultural city. In the hurried life of modern people, Qufu, a holy city in the east, still insists on its own rhythm of life. The bricks and tiles of the ancient years in the alleys fully show the thick back of an old city, a city that can slow you down.


Address: No. 9, Shengxiang Road, Nishan Town, Qufu City
Ticket price: 120 yuan / person

"Nishan Holy Land" is definitely a place where you want to go again after visiting once, and it is a place where people can experience Confucianism and worship.

Qufu is not far from Zaozhuang, but the scale of the Nishan Holy Land is beyond everyone's imagination. Although I heard that it belongs to the same management and architectural model as the Lingshan Scenic Area, I only found out when I arrived at the scenic spot. It does take a lot of time to walk around the panoramic area.

The main scenic area covers an area of ​​more than 2,000 mu, with a wide field of vision, and the mountains and rivers complement each other, perfectly presenting the cultural landscape of "one mountain, one water, and one sage".

The internal architecture of the core building "University Hall" is extremely shocking. The carved beams and painted buildings are majestic, and the five halls of "benevolence", "righteousness", "propriety", "wisdom" and "faith" are full of Confucianism, which vividly displays the ancient culture of Confucianism.

At present, there is a Hanfu special experience event in the scenic spot. You can experience Hanfu and tickets for free for 2 hours for only 99 yuan. Is it quite a deal? Putting on your favorite Hanfu and taking pictures anywhere in the scenic area feels no sense of disobedience.

The unique performance of "Jin Sheng Yu Zhen" in the scenic area uses high-tech sound and light to interpret the brilliant life of Confucius, which is as shocking as the cultural treasures left by him.

The one-hour performance of "Sound of Gold and Jade Vibration" combines classical Chinese art forms such as poetry, music, and dance with cutting-edge contemporary art stage installations, large-scale machinery, and holographic images. The main axis is the important ceremony, showing the process of saints and gentlemen from mortals to saints, which is impressive.

It may be difficult to truly appreciate the grandeur and shock of the scene just from the visual sense of the pictures. If you have time to visit the holy land of Nishan, you must not miss this exquisite performance.

After enjoying the performance, you can return to the original road and continue to visit some outdoor attractions.

The outdoor statue of Confucius is 72 meters high, which is equivalent to the height of a 24-storey building.

If you have time, you can continue to visit Nishan Confucian Temple, Nishan Academy, Guanchuan Pavilion and other scenic spots.

Play Tips:
1. There are paid tour buses in the scenic area to pick up and drop off various scenic spots.
2. You need to wear shoe covers to enter the core scenic spot, University Hall, and you can enter directly with cloth shoes in Hanfu.
3. All areas in the scenic spot are free to take pictures without restrictions.
4. The performance of "Jin Sheng Yu Zhen" has a fixed number of performances every day, and the first row is the best to watch. If you want to take pictures, you can choose the seats in the back.
5. There is a full-time tour guide service in the scenic area.

It was almost evening when we left the holy land of Nishan, so we chose to stay in the All Seasons Hotel (Qufu Sankong Scenic Spot), which is close to Sankong Scenic Area. It is very convenient for dining and parking.

Dinner is at the wine and meat gate in the tourist center area. This restaurant is very unique in both the dining environment and the dishes. It is mainly seafood style in the past few days. The main noodles and sauce bones have brought me back to Shandong noodles. The main impression is that it restores the original style of Shandong cuisine. Of course, the price is also very high. The main ingredient of a deep-fried ice cream is real ice cream, which is really childlike and quite affordable.

Sankong Scenic Area

Scenic spot address: Banbi Street, Qufu City, Jining City (near Shen Road)
Ticket price: 80 yuan/person, 140 yuan/person for three-hole joint ticket

The hometown of Confucius is known as the "Oriental Holy City" and "Oriental Jerusalem". The Confucius Temple, Confucius Mansion, and Confucius Forest located in Qufu, Shandong are collectively called the Three Confucius. holy place.

As the most representative architectural complex of Confucius, the Confucius Temple is also the core exhibition area of ​​Confucianism. The progressive buildings here also display the achievements and awards of Confucius' life one by one before the eyes of future generations. Most of the existing buildings were completed in the Ming and Qing dynasties. They are grand in scale and majestic. They were praised by the architect Mr. Liang Sicheng as "an isolated example in the history of world architecture".

Lingxing Gate is the gate of Confucius Temple. According to ancient legends, Lingxing is a literary star in the sky. The name implies that the country has a large number of talented people. Therefore, when ancient emperors sacrificed to the sky, they first sacrificed to the Lingxing star. The specifications of offering sacrifices to Confucius are also similar to offering sacrifices to the sky.

The Hall of Sacred Relics, the Pavilion of Thirteen Steles, and the east and west sides of Dacheng Hall in the Confucius Temple display a large number of steles and stone inscriptions, especially the Han steles preserved here are the largest in the country. It is the second forest of steles in Xi'an, so it is known as the second forest of steles in my country.

Along the central axis, you can see the Dacheng Hall all the way forward. It is the main hall and the core of the Confucian Temple. In the Tang Dynasty, it was called the Wenxuan King Hall. In the third year of Song Chongning, Emperor Huizong Zhao Ji took the meaning of "Confucius said that he collected great achievements" from "Mencius", and issued an edict to change its name to "Dacheng Hall". It is the tallest building in the temple and one of the three ancient halls in China.

The ten stone pillars under the front porch are carved in deep relief to form a pair of dragons dancing in pairs, lined with clouds, rocks and waves, with beautiful and vivid shapes.

The special architectural form in front of the Dacheng Hall is also called the source of "intrigue" by later generations. Is it very vivid?

The origin of the words "Wan Shi Shi Biao" is not simple, and the Confucian Temple is honored as the Xianshi Temple. It is said that when Kangxi arrived at Kuiwen Pavilion, he lowered his imperial chariot and walked to Dacheng Hall. Facing the statue of Confucius, he knelt down three times and kowtowed nine times, and presented imperial blessings. , Establish the etiquette model of a hundred kings." In front of the Dacheng Hall, Kangxi solemnly took out the written imperial letter: Master of all ages. He ordered the academicians to read out his decree, which stated: Confucius's most holy virtue is as brilliant and vast as the heavens, earth, sun and moon, and it is indescribable. I have always studied the meaning of scriptures, pondered the Tao, and wanted to add praises, but could not find the language. The special book "Teacher of All Ages" is hung on the forehead in the hall, which is used to expound the holy religion and show the future. "Teacher of all ages", he explained: the most holy way, parallel with the sun and the moon, and the same luck with the heaven and the earth, the emperors and salties of all ages have learned from it.

From the exit of the Confucian Temple, continue to the left for about 100 meters. The Confucian Temple and Confucian Mansion are only separated by a wall, which is the entrance of the Confucian Mansion. A second ticket check is required here.

The Confucian Mansion is the largest family mansion in the feudal history of China, and it is a representative of the typical buildings that integrate government offices and inner houses in my country's feudal society today. Known as "the first in the world".

Before entering the mansion, you can see a small, exquisite and unique screen door. This door was built in the 16th year of Hongzhi in the Ming Dynasty. The door is mainly made of wood. The hall door is also a completely independent screen door that is relatively rare among many ancient buildings.

Compared with the Confucian Temple, the Confucian Mansion is not large in scale. It is basically a courtyard structure. The most impressive one is Ge Laodeng, which is also the source of what we often say is a "cold bench". The red lacquered wooden bench in front of me is said to be the "cold bench" that Yan Song once sat on.

You can leave the Confucian Mansion by going out from the back garden exit. A mural in the back garden is said to be painted by a maid. The magic is that no matter from any angle, the road in the painting is always facing the observer, regardless of the painter. Whether it is true or not, the work in front of me has to be said to be a bit amazing.

You can choose to take a local horse-drawn carriage as a special means of transportation between the three hole scenic spots. Tourists can also try this unique means of transportation in Qufu.

Play Tips:
1. The Sankong scenic spots are not far from each other, you can choose to walk or take a local carriage to and from.
2. The scenic area is basically based on the combination of ancient buildings and plaques. It is recommended to combine tour guides with introductions.
3. Every day at eleven o'clock in the morning, in front of the Dacheng Hall of the Confucian Temple, there is a performance of worshiping Confucius, which is worth watching.
4. If you drive by yourself, you can choose the high-speed Qufu South or Qufu Dongxia Expressway, about 10-15 minutes to the scenic spot. It is not recommended to get off the expressway from Qufu North, which is too far away from the scenic spot for about 30 minutes. Get off the expressway and go directly to the scenic spot to find a parking lot. Note that it is near the scenic spot. The general parking lot charges 10-20 yuan.

The fifth stop Taian Taishan Scenic Area

Tai'an is named after Mount Tai. "When Mount Tai is safe, the world is safe", which means the country is safe and the people are safe. Mount Tai in the territory is a national key scenic spot, and has the reputation of "the first of the five mountains" and "the first mountain in the world". Tai'an is one of the central cities in Central Shandong and a national historical and cultural city.


Address of attractions: Hongmen Road, Taishan District, Taian City
Ticket price: 115 yuan / person

Ashamed to say, Mount Tai has always enjoyed a great reputation as the only one of the five sacred mountains. Most of the friends in the same company are visiting for the first time, so everyone feels extremely excited when the car arrives at the foot of the mountain, and even forgets the cold of winter.

More than 2,500 years ago, Confucius "climbed Mount Tai and made the world small". The magnificence and grandeur of Mount Tai have attracted literati and celebrities of all dynasties to come here for sightseeing, reciting poems and composing Fu, leaving behind a large number of masterpieces handed down from generation to generation. Li Bai's "a long roar at the gate of heaven, and a cool breeze from thousands of miles" is chic and heroic; Du Fu's "will be the top of the mountain, and look at all the small mountains" is heroic and ambitious. It is not difficult to see from these poems that the high praise of the ancients for the majestic Mount Tai is the unique charm of the majestic Mount Tai.

Generally speaking, there are four routes to climb Mount Tai: Hongmen, Taohuayu, Tianwai Village, and Tianzhufeng. The scenery of each place is different. We chose the most convenient entrance to Tianwai Village for this trip, because here we can directly take the scenic tour bus and mountaineering cable car, which saves energy and time.

Now the hardware conditions for visiting the scenic spots are quite mature. After purchasing the tickets, you can go to the service area to take a rest for free. The sightseeing bus departs every half an hour or when it is full.

The tour bus can take tourists to the middle of the mountain. Here, you can choose to walk to Nantianmen or take the cable car up and down. It costs 100 yuan for a single trip, and there is no additional discount for a round trip. It feels that tourists are encouraged to walk down the mountain. Of course, due to time and physical strength, we still do what we can. .

Taking the cable car not only saves time, but also allows you to enjoy the scenery or sea of ​​clouds that cannot be seen by hiking. Of course, whether you can really see the sea of ​​clouds depends on luck and timing.

It is very close to Nantianmen and Tianjie on foot from the Nantianmen cable car station, about 10 minutes away.

If you choose to climb the mountain on foot, almost most of the plank roads are at an angle of more than 60 degrees. If you have enough time, you can try to climb the mountain from the halfway up the mountain at the sightseeing station. Of course, although the distance here is not long, it is relatively difficult. Of course, the scenery along the way is also the same. You can't enjoy it by taking the cable car, after all, you can't have both fish and bear's paw.

The altitude of walking from Nantianmen to Yuhuangding is about a few hundred meters, and the actual walking time is about 1-2 hours. It is not too difficult for photographers or mountaineering enthusiasts, and the weather is good. Under this condition, everyone can climb to the top smoothly.

From Nantianmen to the east, the Bixia Temple is the first place to pass. Mount Tai is also one of the few resorts where Taoism and Buddhism go hand in hand, so there are also many tourists and believers who visit.

Yuhuangding, Riguan Peak, and Zhanlu Terrace are very close to each other. Generally speaking, Riguan Peak is the best place to watch the sunrise.

The cliff carvings of Mount Tai are also more famous than Mount Huangshan. The precious quatrains left by many literati are one of the witnesses that make Mount Tai famous all over the world.

Mount Tai, the head of the Five Sacred Mountains, is located in the central part of Shandong Province. The main peak, Yuhuangding, is 1,545 meters above sea level. It is particularly abrupt, volleying high and straight into Xiaohan, presenting the posture of peaks and arches, which constitutes the broad and profound visual experience and psychological experience of Mount Tai, so there are various metaphors of "stable as Mount Tai" and "heavy as Mount Tai".


Mount Tai's ability to become the top of the Five Sacred Mountains has a lot to do with the history of gods and kings who like to go to Mount Tai to offer sacrifices to Zen. In ancient times, people always regarded Mount Tai as a paradise "directly connected to the throne of the emperor", and became a sacred mountain worshiped by the people and worshiped by the emperor. There is a saying that "when Mount Tai is safe, the world is safe".

On the day I went there, I enjoyed the sunset without seeing the beautiful scenery of the sea of ​​clouds. I feel a little regretful, and I feel that I will save it for the next visit.

Play Tips:

1. If you want to really go all the way, it is recommended to reserve at least two days to visit Mount Tai.
On the first day, we visited Dai Temple in the morning and started to prepare to climb Mount Tai in the afternoon! Climb to the summit in the evening, then stay at Mount Tai, get up the next day to watch the sunrise, visit Zhanlu Terrace, Yuhuangding and other places, and then go down the mountain by another route!

first day:

Dai Temple-Red Gate-Doumu Palace-Alpine Flowing Pavilion-Jingshiyu-Hutian Pavilion-Zhongtian Gate-Yunbu Bridge-Wudafu Pine-Eighteen Plates-Shengxianfang-Nantian Gate-Tianjie-Bixia Temple- Yuhuangding

the next day:

Zhanlu Terrace-Tianjie-Peach Blossom Spring-A Line of Sky-Caishixi-Yuanjun Temple-Peach Blossom Yu

Or Zhanlu Terrace-Tianjie-Houshiwu-Tianzhu Peak-Wangtian Gate-Shanmen

2. The tour bus and cable car in the scenic area need to purchase additional tickets separately.

3. The accommodation and catering in Nantianmen are very rich. If you really want to watch the sunrise on the mountain, it is recommended to stay overnight.

The sixth stop Jinan

The beauty of Jinan comes from nature, with mountains in the south and lakes in the north. There are mountains and waters in Jinan, under the Thousand Buddha Mountain, beside Daming Lake, and there are 72 famous springs such as Baotu Spring and Heihu Spring. Water has become the soul of this city, and it is also the purest temperament and inner quality. Even on a snowy winter day, the rhythm of the spring water is the same as before, making this cold winter day full of warmth.

In order not to leave behind the temptation of Shandong cuisine, we still put the final stop in Jinan. In the core area, we obviously felt a lot of pressure no matter whether it was accommodation or parking. Our friend recommended Feiman Hotel (Jinan Quancheng Road Hang Lung Plaza) which is close to Hang Lung, which also gave us a lot of surprises during this trip.

The hotel can not only park for free, but also go shopping and eat. It is a real golden location in Jinan. It was also newly opened last year, and the overall style is also very fashionable. The rooms are simple and trendy, quite in line with the needs of young people, and the bathroom and toiletries are excellent. Looking at our group from east to west, the ladies at the front desk enthusiastically helped us all upgrade the room types for free. The enthusiasm of Shandong people once again warmed the hearts of all of us.

Baishi Spring, Black Tiger Spring, Quancheng Square

Now that I have arrived in Quancheng, it is absolutely necessary to check in at the major springs. I originally wanted to go to Jiefang Pavilion to climb the mountain, but I had to give up because it was closed on Monday. I stopped by to see the popular local Baishi Spring and Heihu Spring.

For the locals, fetching water here every morning is also a major sight in Jinan, and the real proximity to water comes first.

Those who have never been here only know that Jinan is like Jiangnan. Those who have been here will feel that the springs in Jinan not only have the soft beauty of the south of the Yangtze River, but also the quiet and elegant beauty of the north. In summer, the spring water is clear, and in winter, the mist curls up, making it beautiful from season to season.

Spring City Square is one of the symbols of Jinan. Spring is the soul of Jinan. Naturally, it has become the best place for Jinan citizens to relax after dinner.


Scenic spot address: No. 1 Baotuquan South Road, Lixia District, Jinan City
Ticket price: 40 yuan / person

Crossing Quancheng Square is the famous Baotu Spring. This elementary school Chinese text that almost all Chinese people have come into contact with first makes Baotu Spring the title of the best spring in the world.

Although it is the No. 1 spring in the world, there are actually many well-known springs in the scenic area. Near Baotu Spring, there are Jinxian Spring, Shuyu Spring, Xibo Spring, Liuxu Spring, Huanghua Spring, Dukang Spring, Bailong Spring, etc. More than 30 famous springs constitute the Baotu Spring Group.

The buildings in the park are antique and fragrant, complementing the continuous spring water that gushes every day. Of course, the most attractive thing is Baotu Spring, which is located in the core of the scenic spot.


The so-called "Baotu" means jumping and rushing, which reflects the characteristics of the three caves of Baotu Spring that burst out and spout endlessly. "Baotu" is not only elegant in literal, but also in sound and meaning. Not only "Baotu" is used to describe the "jumping" shape of the spring water and the endless spouting momentum; at the same time, "Baotu" is used to imitate the sound of "budu" and "budu" when the spring water gushes, which is wonderful.

In the park, there is the Song Dynasty building "Luoyuan Hall" in the north, and the Ming Dynasty building "Guanlan Pavilion" in the southwest. A stone tablet stands in the water in front of the pavilion, with the words "Baotu Spring" written on it, and weeping willows that are common in Jinan are decorated beside the spring water, showing It is like the beautiful scenery of the south of the Yangtze River.

The double royal stele with the inscription of Kangxi and Qianlong is relatively rare in China, because there are very few emperors who inscribe on the same stele. Now this stele is placed in the three main halls on the north side of Baotu Spring. If you have time, you can go and see.

As famous as Baotu Spring is the Memorial Hall of Li Qingzhao in the scenic area. Although the design is quite elegant, it is also quite in line with her own integrity.

Li Qingzhao was an outstanding poetess in the Southern Song Dynasty of my country, named Yi An Jushi, from Jinan. His father, Li Gefei, was a civil servant who was born as a Jinshi. He was a well-known historian and was knowledgeable. Influenced by her parents since she was a child, coupled with her natural intelligence and love of reading, she eventually became an outstanding writer at that time.

The "Shu Yuquan" in front of the commemorative ancestral hall can be regarded as a kind of memory for the poet, but there are indeed several different theories about the origin of the word "Shu Yuquan". One way of saying is that in ancient times, people often called women's teeth "jade", and Li Qing, a female poet, got her name here as usual; ; There is another saying that is transformed from the idiom "Shu Shi Zhen Liu", which is like rushing spring water brushing jade.

If you have the patience to walk a few more times in the garden, you can basically hear the history and culture of Li Qingzhao and Baotu Spring from the mouths of different batches of tour guides, which will definitely make your trip worthwhile.

Except for the scenic spot, I was a little entangled in the choice of the last meal, but fortunately, I finally agreed to taste the authentic Shandong cuisine.

Yan Mansion.Private Kitchen Cuisine

Located in Plaza 66, Yan's House, as a representative restaurant of Shandong cuisine that has been passed down for 40 years, has many unique and famous dishes.

Perhaps for many people in Jinan, there must be a lot of creative dishes and chain restaurants, but Yanfu still occupies a place in Shandong cuisine, and the craftsmanship and taste that have been passed down for 40 years continue to write the legend of Shandong cuisine to this day.

The signature nine-turn large intestine definitely catches the eyes of diners, and the kidney here is also a must. If this is done in other cities, it is unthinkable. The exquisite knife skills and excellent fire control make these extremely difficult to cook. The ingredients even have a little taste of Yangzhou cuisine.


After dinner, walk directly along Furong Street to Daming Lake. When you come to Jinan, you must also want to see the "Xia Yuhe" in Daming Lake. Of course, the attraction of Daming Lake itself is not only the lotus in summer, but also the lotus of this scale. The Lake Garden in the City can be regarded as one of the best. Walking along the banks on both sides, even in winter, it is still quite charming. Watching the cruise ships on the lake brings back my memories of many film and television dramas.

Daming Lake, just like Jinan people, is introverted and low-key, plain and kind, and people are as light as chrysanthemums. It is like a pot of frozen top oolong that is resistant to foaming. Only when you taste it carefully can you experience its mellow fragrance.

Looking at Qianfo Mountain from a distance, the grass is covered with a thin layer of white, and the lake in the middle is filled with water vapor.

Mirror-like water, withered willows and remnants of lotus, plus a few pavilions of Zhuliang painted buildings, it has its own style. Although there are no blue waves in Daming Lake in winter, it looks extraordinarily clear and clean.

Take a boat and wander slowly among them. There are many pavilions, terraces and pavilions, and there are many beautiful scenery. The Lixia Pavilion, Tiegong Temple, Xiaocanglang, Beiji Pavilion, etc., all echo the poems chanted by the literati of the past dynasties, and the echoes are long.

As the commanding height of Daming Lake Scenic Area, the Chaoran Building is majestic and majestic. The historical relics and sculptures in the building show the beautiful scenery and historical culture of the spring city. It not only reflects Jinan's politics, etiquette and culture, but also shows Jinan people and this The harmony of water and soil in the square portrays the city life in old Jinan.

On both sides of the elevator from the third floor to the sixth floor, the works of contemporary painters "Eight Views of Minghu Lake" are displayed.
There is an art tea room on the third floor, which is painted with a large mural - the sun and the moon shine together.
On the fourth floor are exhibits of Mount Tai jade carvings.
The fifth floor is an exhibition of strange stones, where extremely rare genuine fossils are exhibited.
The sixth floor is a platform mainly for sightseeing. There is also a tea house on this floor, where you can drink tea and enjoy the scenery, which is full of comfort.

Standing on the roof platform, looking far and near, the lake is sparkling, the lake is like a mirror, the willows are lingering, the shadows of the trees are dancing, and the bridge is picturesque. Against the background of the residual lotus, in the layers of sunlight and shadows, it shows the unique charm of winter.

The soft sunshine adds a bit of brilliance to the winter scenery of Daming Lake. Occasionally, a few birdsong and tourists strolling in the garden pass by. The time is clear and the years are quiet.


For me, Shandong has completely different impressions every time I travel, and Shandong in winter gives people a more gentle and romantic feeling. If you have the opportunity, welcome everyone to have the opportunity to take a look together, a different kind of meditation trip in winter.

Every time we meet, it's like seeing each other for the first time.

I am @上海冷AIR, and I am very glad to have the opportunity to share my winter trip in Shandong with you. If I have the opportunity, I hope to meet you in the next trip.