I have always liked cities with seas, and I feel that people who live there will be more open-minded when they see such an open sea every day. This is the reason why I choose to go to Qingdao.

Because I was shocked by the castle in "The Richest Man in Xihong City", I didn't expect that the filming location was in Shandong, China. This is the reason why I chose to go to Penglai Wencheng Castle to sleep for a day.

I want to go to Qingdao, and I want to travel with the movie, so a fly-by-fly trip begins!


Because it's really just flying during the National Day, so I decided to book a ticket temporarily, and chose to stagger the most expensive October 1st and 2nd, and set off on October 4th. The price increase is relatively not that great, and the return journey is also delayed. On the 2nd, the price returned to the normal price in the past, SO
October 4 Shandong Airlines (belongs to Air China, you can earn points) 7:00-9:25 Chongqing-Qingdao ¥720/person
October 9 Shandong Airlines 20:20-23:10 ¥604/person


1 Qingdao Airport has airport buses of different routes to various points in the city. Quite convenient, 20 yuan / person

2 Qingdao Airport also has buses to various tourist destinations in Shandong. If you travel nearby, you can also start directly from the airport, which is also very convenient.

3 There are not many subways in Qingdao. I remember that there are only three lines: Line 1, Line 2, and Line 3. Most of the buses in Qingdao start at 1 yuan, and there are two tourist buses with a starting price of 5 yuan. If you take a taxi, the starting price is 10 yuan, and Qingdao has not encountered such chaotic phenomena as detours and rising prices for sitting on the ground. After all, Qingdao is also a mature tourist city, so I still feel at ease. So I basically rely on buses and taxis. There are still too few subway lines.

About Qingdao Free Travel

Arrive in Qingdao on October 4th and check in for the whole season Shopping: Olympic Sailing Center - May Fourth Square - Music Square - Vientiane City Eat: Longxi Yuan Fish Soup Buns, Song Boat Fish Dumplings
10月5日 栈桥--天主教堂--德国监狱旧址博物馆--八大关景区--大学路&鱼山路--青岛灯光秀 吃:宴小馆胖仙女
On October 6, take the bus from Yanerdaoshan Park to Penglai and stay at Penglai Wencheng Castle
On October 7th, visit Wencheng Castle in Penglai, take the bus back to Qingdao and stay at the Orange Crystal Hotel, eat: steamed seafood baked buns by Singaporean mothers
October 8, soak in Internet celebrity high-rise 25+ coffee shop Hisense Plaza - Tsingtao Beer Museum - Taitung Pedestrian Street
On October 9th, Qingdao Railway Station--Qingdao German Governor's Building Site Museum--Signal Hill Park--Internet celebrity Vanillacafa Cafe Return

关于青岛住宿之 全季酒店

I am a person who has relatively high requirements for accommodation, and I brought my mommy this time. She has invincible and serious cleanliness far beyond me. For homestays, even in Japan, she can pick a lot of faults, so she still prefers hotels with professional and standard procedures, so I still choose to book hotels. The price of accommodation in tourist cities on National Day is really increasing by 1-2 times the price. So I chose for a long time to choose this chain hotel with a more convenient location, a more acceptable price, and a more reassuring cleanliness-Jiji Hotel.

The whole style is Japanese-style minimalist, and the All Seasons Hotel is rebuilt on the basis of the old building. In fact, this building has a hotel and a restaurant, so the two doors are different individuals, which is very interesting.

This location is close to the seaside of Qingdao, very close to May Fourth Square and a 10-minute walk. I think this is a place where old and new cities alternate. The terrain is open and there are ten lanes. Compared with the old city, I still prefer the sparsely populated atmosphere here. Hey hey.

There is also tea culture in the room, but we are useless, the room is not big, but relatively clean.

The lobby is still very simple and stylish, and there is also free coffee to drink:

Because registered member. Breakfast discount, 30 yuan / person. The variety is still very rich, but the taste of the noodles is really not flattering


We stayed in this high-end series hotel that also belongs to Huazhu Club for the last 2 days in Qingdao, because we were attracted by its shiny outer wall when passing by one night. When we are old, we like BLINGBLING. Then I used the member's discount coupon, the price: ¥420/night

1 This orange crystal is the most high-end of this series in Qingdao. It is not a budget hotel but a high-end fashion sea view hotel, so the price is a little higher than others.

2 But it looks good, I like to see the bling bling purple, blue, red and yellow of the door after 19:30 every night. As soon as you enter the gate, you can't see the front desk, but use a large area of ​​modern art display space. The color matching is relatively cool, black, white, and gray. There are only 2 red horses and 1 red elephant at the gate, which are the finishing touches. , especially suitable for taking pictures, with a strong atmosphere of an art palace.

3 The elevator is also dimly lit and stylish. The murals on the walls are also very artistic.

4 As soon as you check in to the room, there will be brisk European and American music on the Bluetooth speakers, and you can also connect to your mobile phone to play your own music.
5 The location is 500 meters away from the Vientiane City, and it is very close to the Vientiane City and the May Fourth Square. It is also very close to the Olympic Sailing Center and Hisense Plaza (where big brands gather).

Qingdao attractions - May Fourth Square

Since our accommodation in Qingdao is around May Fourth Square, we went there many times. In fact, there are many five-star hotels in this circle, such as the Shangri-La Hotel and Westin, which are in the circle of Vientiane City.

The flight was too early in the morning, so I went to the May Fourth Square for a walk after arriving at the hotel to make up for an afternoon sleep. May Fourth Square got its name because Qingdao was the fuse of the great May Fourth Movement in modern Chinese history. The most famous comes from the "May Wind" sculpture. With a spiraling wind, the shape is fiery red, which embodies the anti-imperialist and anti-feudal patriotism tone and national strength of the "May 4th Movement". It has become one of the landmark landscapes of Qingdao in the new century. As the family members pass through the middle of the square along Donghai Road, May Fourth Square is divided into two areas, the north and the south. The north area is connected to the Qingdao Municipal People's Government and is the central square. The southern district is on the verge of Fushan Bay, which is the Liangxin Seaside Park in the district. Pitao Central Square, located in the north of Yuzhaomo, has a flat terrain, and in the middle of the square is a large green lawn with a flat canopy, an open and solid eyebrow. Qingdao high-quality granite is used to pave various exquisite mouth-tip patterns around the square and between the lawn, and a circular fountain is designed in the center. The east and west sides of the square are high-rise buildings.

There are a lot of tourists in May Fourth Square during the National Day, especially after dinner, a large group of people flock here to witness a prosperous world: the light show.
The light show in Qingdao is indeed very atmospheric. All 53 buildings along the coast of Fushan Bay in May Fourth Square are lit up. Various dynamic images start to change from 20:00 to 20:30 every night for the seven days of the National Day. The golden dragon flies into the screen, between the buildings. Pass through, and finally lie on the sea; layers of waves rushing in, the old buildings of Qingdao are presented one by one, and there is a picture of the river during the Qingming Festival. There are also small fireworks on the sea and changing shapes of lasers shooting into the sky. It is really well done, the atmosphere is worthy of being a mature tourist city.

Qingdao May Fourth Square Qingdao Attractions-Olympic Sailing Center

After enjoying the light show, you can walk to the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center next to the May Fourth Square and check in by the way.

Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center is Qingdao International Sailing Center. Tickets are not charged now, and you can enter and visit with your ID card. In 2008, the sailing competition of the 29th Olympic Games and the 13th Paralympic Games was held here. In order to welcome the Olympic sailing competition and create a "sailboat capital", the Qingdao Municipal Government relocated the Beihai Shipyard to Haixi Bay in Huangdao District, and built the International Sailing Center into an architectural area with unique maritime sports characteristics in Qingdao, which embodies the " Green Olympics, High-tech Olympics, People's Olympics" concept.

At first I thought why this scenic spot needs to spend 30 yuan for an electric sightseeing car, but don't look at you can see all the landmarks at a glance, it really made me doubt my life. The vast land and abundant resources are the characteristics of my Greater China. Walk about one kilometer along the beach from May Fourth Square to the Olympic Sailing Center, which is open all day and free of charge. Tickets for the Olympic Sailing Museum are 30 yuan, and the opening hours of the Olympic Sailing Museum are 9:00-17:00 (closed on Mondays in the off-season).

Lover's Dam is in the Olympic Sailing Center. After the Olympic Games, the main breakwater of the Olympic Sailing Center was planned to become a special street, Qingrenba Bar Street, which opened in the summer of 2009 and has more than 20 bars, cafes and restaurants. The main breakwater of the Olympic Sailing Stadium is 534 meters long and 47 meters wide. There is a white lighthouse at the end. Standing on the embankment at night, you can look at the sea and the city center on the other side. Bright lights are everywhere. The romantic atmosphere has also become the most popular dating place for lovers. But it is the best place to watch the light show at the lover's dam.

The harbor is full of sailing boats and private yachts with their masts upright. The sailing competition of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games was held here, and the night travel has a special taste. But there are not many sailing boats here, so I don't think they are very beautiful. I have seen too many sailing boats abroad.

The sunny seaside road during the day is also suitable for two photos:

Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center Qingdao Attractions--Zhanqiao

On the second day, we decided to start a day trip from the trestle. Qingdao Zhanqiao has a history of more than 100 years. Qingdao Zhanqiao was first built in the 18th year of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty (1892). In 1892, the Qing government sent Zhang Gaoyuan, the commander-in-chief of Dengzhou, with the officers and soldiers of the fourth battalion to station in Qingdao. In order to facilitate the transportation of military supplies for the troops, two piers were built, one of which was Zhanqiao. , completed in 1893, is 200 meters long and 10 meters wide, with a gray stone base and iron guardrails on both sides of the bridge deck.

During the National Day period, the trestle bridge was so crowded that it exploded. We took a look from a distance and saw that it was densely packed with people, so we decided to leave. The first bathing beach is also nearby (it is the beach, and the dumplings are also being served in the car). The Catholic Church is nearby and can be reached on foot.

PS: Qingdao has No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 bathing beaches, which are public beaches. In summer, everyone swims and plays in Haiti. There is also a folk museum near the trestle bridge. To be honest, I took a look at one of the scenic spots that I went to with the group tour bus. I am not very interested. I think coming to Qingdao is to see German-style architecture.


Walking less than 1,000 meters from the trestle bridge, Qingdao Catholic Church is in front of you. Qingdao used to be a German colony, so many German-style buildings are now popular among tourists, and the Catholic Church is one of them.

The original name is St. Michael's Church, which was designed by German designer Biloha according to Gothic and Romanesque architectural styles. The proposed church should be 100 meters high. When World War II broke out, Hitler strictly prohibited the outflow of German local funds. The church had to modify the drawings to build the current scale. Construction of the church began in 1932 and was completed in 1934. With a height of 56 meters, the tower was the tallest building in Shandong Province before the founding of the People's Republic of China. It is the only consecrated church in China.

There are so many wedding photos taken at the entrance of the church, and I saw at least 10 couples on a downhill road. To enter the church, you need an adult ticket of 10 yuan. I think it is enough to look at the appearance. Compared with the churches in Germany, it is more minimalist.

Adult ticket 10 yuan, student ticket 5 yuan

There are some graffiti around this downhill, as well as petty bourgeoisie cafes, which have also become the background for wedding photos and couple photos:

我觉得青岛的德式建筑适合抬头看.我去年去德国时结交的德国朋友在我朋友圈给我留言:We say "Tsingdao". It is difficult for all Germans to speak Chinese words correctly.(他们把青岛发音为"Tsingdao")又说 Qingdao is a twin city of Regensburg(青岛是雷根斯堡的双胞胎城市)ps:我去过雷根斯堡,以后有机会给大家单独呈现德国游记(目前在我以前的博客里)

In fact, as long as you look up along the way, the German architectural style is everywhere:

Qingdao Post and Telecommunications Museum: This building was built in 1901 and is the earliest existing post and telecommunications business building in Qingdao. Now there are three floors open: the first floor is the reception hall, antique telephone wall, Jiaoao 1901 courier service, and souvenir shop; the second floor is the main exhibition hall; the fourth floor is the tower building 1901, which is the only century-old wooden tower open in Qingdao. The Gothic structure of the twin towers in Hall 1901 of the Tower Building shows the architectural technology of 120 years ago. It is an important window to understand architectural art and a witness of modern history.
Tickets: Free and open to the public.

This turquoise building seems to be the office of the Qingdao Cultural Center, and it is quite beautiful:

The "fancy window" seen when looking up is very beautiful:

This is just a restaurant, but the ivy on the outside has attracted many people to take pictures:

Qingdao Attractions - German Prison Site Museum

Walking along the Catholic Church and following the navigation for less than 1,000 meters, you will find the German Prison Museum. It is a characteristic museum integrating the castle-style prison complex and the judicial brigade building. It is one of the earliest extant colonial prison sites in the country.
Tickets: 25 yuan / person.

Why do you have to come to this gloomy place where prisoners were once held? Because a spiral staircase has become an Internet celebrity attraction:

As a travel expert and a travel editor-in-chief, you must personally practice various online celebrity punch cards:

In fact, this staircase is the exit part after visiting the main building. The German Prison Site Museum is a German castle-style building with thick red brick walls and pointed towers. It is classical and mysterious, and people can't help but stop and take pictures.

Inside, you will see the internal structure of the "old castle", and learn about its history when it was used as a prison and detention center, as well as the prison environment. Enter the visiting area from here:

The German prison was built in 1900. It was a prison dedicated to detaining non-Chinese prisoners during the German occupation of Qingdao. Therefore, it was also called "European Prison". It was later used as a prison and detention center by the Japanese invaders and the Nanjing National Government. The former site of the prison is composed of five prison buildings, namely "benevolence", "righteousness", "li", "wisdom" and "faith".

Some prison cells here are equipped with video simulation windows, through which you can watch short clips of scenes played inside, which restores some of the prison scenes, and you can also hear the background sound of the north wind, which makes you feel immersive.

In the basement of the prison, there is a water prison added by the Japanese invaders. This is the most gloomy and depressing place in the whole prison. You can see many instruments of torture. The Japanese army killed many Chinese anti-Japanese fighters here. It is scary to imagine.

The interior of the former prison site is not large, mainly including prison guard duty rooms, prison cells, water prisons and other scene facilities. Wax figures of people can be seen in individual rooms, including prison guards in uniform and revolutionary martyrs who were once imprisoned. These wax figures are particularly realistic in the dark environment of the prison.



This is also the red wall net red spot that has been fired recently. In the end, I chose to take pictures directly with the red wall to get some results:

Qingdao University Road, a road in the southern district of Qingdao, is called "Qingdao No. 1 Road" because it is the earliest modern road in the history of Qingdao. Daxue Road is not considered a tourist attraction, because Ocean University of China is nearby, and it is a very petty bourgeoisie neighborhood. It is located in the old city of Qingdao, not far from the seaside, with few vehicles and a beautiful environment. There are tall French plane trees on the side of the road. , hidden in the green trees is a small German-style house with red tiles and yellow walls. There are many former residences of celebrities here, and many cafes have been opened, which is very emotional.

The Huangxian Road, the former residence of Lao She of the Daxue Road generation, is the place where the real literary and artistic youth check in. Huangxian Road is only a few meters wide and less than 600 meters long, but it has a different personality and charm. There are old houses on both sides, a combination of Chinese and Western, new and old, and there are several beautiful petty bourgeoisie shops hidden deep along the road, showing the life of old Qingdao.

I have always loved to take pictures with the graffiti background wall, here is a wave:

A very artistic Japanese food shop nearby: Asakusa Cafeteria, became our lunch:

A store embedded in the wall. Like the air-raid shelter in Chongqing, there are no scattered buildings on the outside. After entering the cave, there is a small piece of heaven and earth. It is a relatively small, fresh and artistic decoration. There are few tables and chairs, and we queued for a long time.

I don't think my bowl of fried udon is okay. The ketchup is sweet and greasy, and the udon gets greasy all at once, making it unpalatable and a bit boring. Form is greater than content. So it can't be my food recommendation in Qingdao (I will recommend Qingdao food at the end of the article)

Qingdao attractions - Badaguan

This is also one of the must-see attractions in Qingdao. Although the name is still called Badaguan, there are actually 10 roads. There are ten quiet and cool roads criss-crossing them. The main roads are named after the eight famous passes in my country, so they are collectively called Badaguan. Badaguan is the scenic spot that best embodies the characteristics of Qingdao's "red tiles, green trees, blue sea and blue sky". It is located in the north of Huiquanjiao Scenic Spot, Qingdao City, Shandong Province. It is named after the famous pass of the ancient Great Wall of China. This is a famous villa area, known as the "Museum of Architecture of All Nations".

Maybe it was the National Day when I went, and the beauty of Badaguan was overwhelmed by the flow of people. So I didn't feel particularly good about it.
There are two buildings in Badaguan that are particularly famous, one is the Huashi Building and the other is the Princess Building. There are at least 100 people in the National Day long dragon at the entrance of Huashi Building, and the design of Yuanguan Building is also very beautiful. Note: Huashi Building is a European castle-style building that combines various Western architectural styles. It has both Greek and Roman styles and Gothic architectural features.

Huashi Building is close to the second bathing beach, so it is also beautiful to watch the sunset on the beach:

Princess Building: Located at No. 10 Juyongguan Road, it is a Danish-style building. Its exterior consists of a group of irregular sloping roofs, green walls and red tiles, and pines and cypresses.

But feel the long queue at the gate during the National Day:

So I give up. Story: Qingdao Princess Tower is like Andersen's fairy tale world. In the 1920s, the Danish prince went to Qingdao, and when he passed the Badaguan Pass, he saw that the scenery here was pleasant, close to the sea, suitable for vacation and recuperation, so he asked the Danish consul in Qingdao to buy land here, and designed and built this Danish-style building. . It was originally planned to invite the Danish princess to live in Qingdao for summer vacation. Although the Danish princess has never been here, it is still called "Princess House".


This view of Haiti is indeed a niche, and watching Haiti is much better than the first, second and third baths where dumplings are served! There are few people, and Haimei doesn't need money.

It belongs to one of the ten scenic spots in Qingdao - the location of "Yan Island Autumn Tide".....

In fact, there are many cities in Qingdao to watch the construction of sea gardens, but few tourists know about it. Because I think this park was originally open to the wealthy area with sea view houses nearby. We walked nearly 2 kilometers from Hong Kong Middle Road to arrive. It is really comfortable and open and there are few people. Many nearby households bring their children to play in the sand here in the morning.

Yan'erdaoshan Park covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters, can accommodate 16,000 people, and can evacuate more than 20,000 people in an emergency. The park is equipped with ecological, landscape, cultural, fitness, and leisure functions. The environment is beautiful, and it is a good refuge It is also a good place for citizens to relax and exercise.

Yan'er Island is located in Shinan District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, at the east end of Fushan Bay. It is a promontory protruding from the sea. According to historical records, in May of the 21st year of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty (1388), Aoshan Weifushan Beiyu Qianhu Office (referred to as Fushan Office) was established. At the beginning of the opening of Qingdao, Yan'er Island was just a barren place by the sea. It was a true "island" in the Ming Dynasty. Due to sedimentation and artificial treatment, it was connected to the land to form a peninsula-like headland. It was not connected to the land until the middle of the Qing Dynasty, forming today's peninsula. The fishermen of Fushansuo built the Dragon King Temple here. Although it is called the Dragon King Temple, Tianhou is also enshrined. Since the Ming Dynasty, Tianfei Temple (Tianhou Temple, Mazu Temple) has spread all over the coast of China.

Yan'er Island Autumn Tide: Yan'er Island is washed and eroded by the sun and moon tides and the headland bay eddy all year round, so that reefs and beaches are formed here. When the big tide hits every autumn, the stormy waves beat the embankment, which is very spectacular. It is a famous tourist attraction in Qingdao. One of them is called "Yan Island Autumn Tide". The "General Situation of Qingdao" published in 1937 included it in the "Ten Scenic Spots of Qingdao" (the other nine are "Flying Pavilion Huilan", "Dome Peeping Images", "Huibin Fishing", "Qinyu Floating Lanterns", " Danqiu Chunshang", "Zhanshan Qingfan", "Dongyuan Huahai", "Huizaki Songyue", "Dengying Lixue"), and has such a description: "Yan'er Island is surrounded by Fushan Mountains in the east. , the peninsula hangs alone, flying into the sea, and the high tide in autumn is particularly impressive."

Different wooden fences highlight different coastlines, and you can have a panoramic view of the sea. It is said that this is a paradise for astronomy observers. It is a pity that since many trees have been planted in the past two years, observing celestial bodies is no longer a particularly convenient thing.

The taxi driver told me that now this is the most expensive place in Qingdao, about 80,000/square meter.

We went to this place to check in after getting up and having breakfast. After we finished, we started to pack our bags and prepare to go to the destination I was thinking about: Penglai Wencheng Castle.


Because of a movie "The Richest Man in Xihong City", Penglai Wencheng Castle is on fire! Because it is located between Yantai and Penglai, many people go there by car or with a tour group for a 1-day tour. I don't have an option for either, so solving the traffic problem is a big problem. I researched the location of Wencheng Castle. Compared with Yantai Railway Station, it is closer to Penglai Bus Station, which is about 20 kilometers away. However, there is no direct train from Qingdao to Penglai, so I chose to take a bus from Qingdao to Penglai Bus Station, and then from there. I took a taxi from Penglai Bus Station to Wencheng Castle in Penglai. I ordered all these actions through Ctrip.

Qingdao Long-distance Bus Station--Penglai Bus Station: RMB 82/person, departing at 12:10 and arriving at 16:00
Penglai Bus Station--Qingdao Long-distance Bus Station 83 yuan/person, departs at 14:10 and arrives at 18:00
Penglai Bus Station--Penglai Wencheng Castle 45-50 yuan/meter
I booked a taxi on Ctrip, which is safer and more secure. They are all metered, and there will be no extortion of the price of the seat. Praise me for what I can do!


I still booked the room on Ctrip, during the National Day: 496 yuan/night (standard room, including two breakfasts)
I wondered why the price of such a popular hotel only increased by about 100 yuan when hotel room rates were soaring during the National Day holiday. I checked many stay reviews online and almost none of them were positive. But I really want to see the true face of Lushan Mountain. Traveling with movies is the principle I silently follow, so even if it's not very good, I still go. At least I have a bottom line in my heart, and it's not as bad as I expected. Originally, I just went Look at the building itself.

When we arrived, it was already approaching evening (it gets dark earlier in the north) and quickly took this photo, and it was finally recommended by my friends in the circle of friends as one of the top ten beautiful pictures of the National Day, hahaha.

Wencheng Castle is located in Xiexi Village, Liujiagou Town, Penglai, near Majiagou. It was built with an investment of US$9 million by Mr. Li Wencheng, an overseas Chinese from Canada, and Penglai Wencheng Architectural Decoration Co., Ltd. The castle is composed of European architectural elements, mainly in Baroque style, and precious travertine-based building materials carry the essence of European architecture and decorative arts, reflecting a unique aristocratic atmosphere. Surrounded by a moat, it contains sea water. Coupled with the design of the front concave and the back convex, the castle presents unique variability no matter the front view or the rear view, whether it is flat or three-dimensional. Although it is only 4 storeys high, it has incomparable diversity and changes in other buildings, giving people unlimited imagination.

From the perspective of the building itself, it is indeed grand and spectacular, and it is particularly eye-catching. I thought I went to Europe, and the filming effect is really good.

There is a ticket purchase point at this gate. Unless you are a staying customer, you need to purchase a 55 yuan ticket to enter this door. It's already evening, and there are still many buses here to take tourists to visit, and the business is booming. The movie effects are really, really good.

Wencheng Castle now has three castles, and castles 4 and 5 are still under construction. A castle is used for hotel check in. A castle is used for occupancy. Let's first experience the interior of the occupancy castle, one of the main scenes of movie shooting:

The circular roof points directly to the blue sky, the trapezoidal and conical roofs on both sides are interspersed with each other, superimposed and staggered, and the chimneys of the fireplace are dotted in between, which fully demonstrates the unique romanticism and heroism of European technology.

The lobby is almost empty without any content, and the big movie finale picture is still hanging high:

The original intention of the hotel's design is really very good. The details show the quality:

The 20-meter-high oval-shaped hall is magnificent, making people feel as if they have entered a sacred palace. Wedding celebrations, symphony performances, international summit forum meetings, etc. can be held here.

There are many rectangular floor-to-ceiling mirrors in the corridors of each floor. I comb my hair in the corridors in the morning.

Now let me talk about the real experience of staying in, one word: bad

This is what the room actually looks like. Why do you say it is bad? Because it is operating in the form of a farmhouse.

(1) When checking in, there were 2 farmer aunts who were 40+ at the front desk, so I had an ominous premonition. Then, whether it is indoors or outdoors, the staff you see everywhere are all aunts and uncles, so this is a big and big farmhouse with nothing but appearances. It is conceivable that as a farmhouse, what good expectations can you have for your stay?
(2) The corners of the lobby are full of rickety tables, chairs and benches. Anyway, the useless space and items will never be cleaned and organized. So I really can't look at the garbage in the grass, or the ash on the ground, and I can't pay attention to the garbage and tables and chairs that don't know why they appear in that corner.
(3) The elevator will not reach the floor you want to reach anyway. We live on the 6th floor, and every time we have to sit on the 5th floor and walk up a flight of stairs to reach our floor. Then the stairwell is really a place where debris is piled up, it is so messy that it is impossible to get out. The feeling is that tourists will not go to the place to pile up the garbage that has nowhere to put it.
(4) Breakfast and dinner are in another castle, how about dinner? You can eat whatever the farmer aunt makes today. So you can only know what dishes you can order today when you go to the restaurant after 18:00. In such a big restaurant, the tables and benches are tilted here and there, and they can't be arranged neatly. Don't look at the unused space, you will find it is dirty, which is really a waste of the designer's original intention.
(The picture below shows the two dishes we ordered that day. The portion is very large. It's a farmhouse, and the quantity wins)

View of the restaurant (because the bar is not used, the chairs will not be straightened):

(5) The room is also "minimalist" with nothing. There is still a net of hair in the drain of the shower room. My mommy will take a shower after removing it so that my feet will not be clogged and flooded. I dare not use any toiletries. I don't know what is wrong.
(6) Breakfast time is as early as 7:00-8:30. Perhaps it is because the tour group starts to visit before 8 o'clock, so breakfast is really early. The breakfast variety is very rich, and it is the basic style of farmhouse.
(7) In fact, the castle where you checked in is very beautiful. The stairwell at the corner and the meeting room are very beautiful. But I also said that the unused space will definitely not be cleaned. It is a huge garbage dump, wasting the murals on the wall and the original intention of the design.
Therefore, Wencheng Castle really needs a professional hotel team to re-operate, otherwise it will be too wasteful, and there will be no cure in the end.
This is the second floor and details of the check-in that castle:

The meeting room of "The Richest Man in Xihong City" was filmed in this check-in castle

Early in the morning of the second day, after we got up, we shot a group of blockbusters around Wencheng Castle again. At that time, I wrote this in Moments: "Believe me, the most beautiful things are already in my lens." "Yes, no I don't even want to see or take pictures of the beautiful ones, for I'm afraid I'll be blinded.

This is the fifth castle under construction. It is a sunken building with red exterior walls:

After taking this group of photos, we also ended the trip to Penglai Wencheng Castle and returned to Qingdao. Just one night, don't stay too long.

Qingdao internet celebrity coffee shop (1) - 25+ cafe

After returning to the embrace of the metropolis, after getting up the next day, we went to the nearby Hisense Building to have a cup of morning coffee and have breakfast by the way. Hisense Building is just 100 meters ahead of the Orange Crystal Hotel. There is a high-altitude cafe on the 26th floor, where you can see the sea from high altitude. It was originally a Hisense Group employee cafe, but it turned into a high-altitude cafe.

Why is it called 25+? Because the elevator in Hisense Building only reaches the 25th floor, you need to walk one floor to get to this rooftop cafe. When entering the Hisense Building, first ask the front desk to tell you that you want to go to 25+cafe, and the other party will skillfully ask you to provide your ID card to register and exchange the elevator card to enter.

The Hisense Group in Qingdao is a big group. It is rich. It not only produces TVs, but also a high-end shopping center named after the Hisense Plaza just across the street, near the Olympic Sailing Center. Qingdao Hisense Electric Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Hisense Electric). Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in April 1997, it is a well-known home appliance listed company in China. Qingdao Hisense Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Qingdao City, Shandong Province. It is a well-known manufacturer of home appliances in China. The main products are television products. So it's no surprise that there are many old-fashioned TV sets at the door of this cafe:

It is said that the only three window seats are hard to grab, but we went early (around 10 o'clock) and it was the first day after returning to work on the National Day, except for the staff of Hisense Group drinking morning coffee and working on the computer here, The tourists visually judged that it was only me and my mother.

From the elevator on the 25th floor, follow this spiral staircase to the cafe.

After punching in the first internet celebrity coffee shop, my mommy and I went to one of the most important places in Qingdao: Tsingtao Beer Museum.


We took a tourist bus to the Tsingtao Beer Museum on the bus near Hisense Building. The tour bus starts at 5 yuan and covers almost all the attractions we visited in the past few days. There will be introductions to each attraction (the tourist bus is very red). The starting price of buses on other lines is only 1 yuan.

Tickets: 51.5 yuan/person; offline 60 yuan/person. It includes a ticket, a glass of raw beer, a glass of draft beer, and a bag of peanuts. It is to buy tickets online and go directly to the scene with a QR code, SMS or ID card to pass the checkpoint and enter, no need to go to the ticket redemption office to redeem (very smart)

Tsingtao Beer Museum is divided into two halls, A and B. Hall B is mainly for information display, and after shopping quickly, it is recommended to go to Hall B first, because Hall A is the exit directly after playing, we just went wrong, go to Hall A first, and then give it to the staff after going out Said that we did not visit Hall B, so let us in again. It takes only 10 minutes to look at the information in Hall B, which is far behind Hall A, which has a lot of interactions and is very interesting.

Hall B: historical and cultural area. Learn about the origin of beer, Tsingtao Brewery's long history, honors, Tsingtao International Beer Festival, and important figures from home and abroad visiting Tsingtao Brewery through graphic materials. It shows many cultural relics, pictures, materials collected from Europe and the whole country, as well as the physical objects of Tsingtao Beer in various stages. The cultural relics and historical materials specially donated by some German and Japanese friends whose ancestors worked in Tsingtao Brewery make this exhibition area even more fascinating.

I have a particularly good impression of the Tsingtao Beer Museum. This kind of form of tourism is formed because the enterprise develops to a certain stage and becomes a cultural industry. I have been to this type, and there are three people with a deep impression: 1 German Audi 2 studio tour in Universal Studios USA 3 This is it Tsingtao Beer Museum. Well, very good. Line A is the Tsingtao Beer Museum. Relying on a century-old building, it integrates ancient buildings, precious collections and modern exhibition area design. With an investment of more than 10 million yuan, a special tourist corridor has been established to ensure that production and visits do not affect each other.

Tsingtao Beer Museum is the only beer museum in China built by Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd. with an investment of 28 million yuan, with an exhibition area of ​​more than 6,000 square meters. The museum is set up in the old factory building and old equipment of Tsingtao Brewery a hundred years ago. Taking Tsingtao Brewery's century-old history and technological process as the main line, it condenses the development history of China's beer industry and Tsingtao Beer, integrating cultural history, production process, beer entertainment and so on. It has the characteristics of knowledge, entertainment, and participation in tourism, and embodies the cultural concept of world vision, national characteristics, penetrating history, and integrating life.
(1) Can see the production and processing technology:

(2) Drunk hut: The ground inside the house is actually a slope of about 30 degrees, but the surrounding walls that are perpendicular to the ramp give us the illusion that this is a flat ground. When you see a slope, your muscles adjust to the slope as you walk on it. But after entering the drunken hut, although you are walking on the slope, our feet are still operating in the same way as walking on flat ground due to the illusion. Naturally, we cannot adapt to the slope, so we feel unstable. The direction of the built-in camera in the room is also kept at the right angle to the ramp, so from the live TV outside the cabin, it looks like everyone is stumbling when they walk.

This is very fun. My mommy was watching the video outside. I was staggering in the hut. As soon as I entered, I started to feel dizzy. I couldn't stand stably. Everyone came out with a smile on their faces. Feel the intense vertigo of being drunk and highly interactive.

(3) Spinning bike: This is a bit like the "racing car" in the video game room. The main road of Qingdao is on the screen. I can make the picture move by pedaling hard on the bike. This is for tourists to learn about other tourism resources in Qingdao while visiting, and they are careful.

(4) Tsingtao Brewery has a history of 100 years, and you can see all the changes in bottle design from 100 years ago to the present:

The previous design won my heart.

(5) Directly into the vat of wine:

(6) Halfway through the visit to Hall A, receive 1 cup of puree beer + 1 bag of peanuts:

There is a special bar area for you to enjoy this glass of puree beer

(7) In order to reproduce the original historical appearance, the museum set up a sculpture model of workers' production labor in the old fermentation tank of the old saccharification workshop, and at the same time copied the scene of the old laboratory and the scene of workers turning malt. All are 3D effects (1:1 according to life size), which is very good. I won't spoil it here, just feel it yourself.

(8) The staff is frying the wheat now, and even grabbed a handful for me to taste, um, it is very fragrant.

(9) The touch-type automatic electronic display screens set up in many places in the museum allow visitors to inquire about the documents they are interested in at any time.

(10) The two wine tasting areas can accommodate more than 100 tourists, where tourists can enjoy a variety of fresh Tsingtao beer of different qualities, and there is also a shopping center where they can buy various souvenirs. I bought a bottle opener fridge magnet.

(11) The exit is a huge bar, where you can receive the last glass of draft beer, which is also open to the public as a bar.

And you can also see Tsingtao Beer's beverage bar at Qingdao Airport, there is one within 500 meters. This corporate culture is really pervasive and well done 👍

Tsingtao Beer Museum is located on Tsingtao Beer Street. Now there are about 50 stores of various types, including more than 20 hotels, beer bars and restaurants. When we went, there was a crew filming at one of the food stalls here, and the roads were closed. But I don't know any of those actors.

Qingdao attractions - Taitung Pedestrian Street

From the Tsingtao Beer Museum, walk up to 1000 meters and walk to Taitung Pedestrian Street. This place is famous for the Taitung Night Market. It should belong to the old shopping pedestrian street in the old city. The only good shopping malls are Wanda and Wal-Mart. u know, Wanda Plaza has taken the low-end route in recent years, so to be honest, I don't like this street, it is very noisy, old and messy. Yes, there are many snacks, but they are all street fried food like fried skewers, which I don't like.

On this long pedestrian street, only the old buildings on both sides are dressed in graffiti clothes, which is a bit novel, but the graffiti is very simple and rough. After walking around, we decided to take a taxi back to Vientiane City for dinner.

Qingdao Attractions--Qingdao Railway Station

Although we don't take the train, Qingdao Railway Station looks good! The railway station was designed by Germans Weierle and Gedeltz and constructed by Shandong Railway Company. At that time, the railway station was mainly composed of two parts: the clock tower and the waiting hall, and the first-floor office building in the north. The building had the architectural style of the German Renaissance. The waiting hall highlights the main entrance facing the urban area with tall decorative gables and three large coupon doors. At the south corner of the building rises a beautiful pointed bell tower, which is located on the axis of Guangxi Road and Lanshan Road, and becomes the opposite view of Lanshan Road. . The railway station becomes the terminus of the Jiaoji Railway and one of the landscape buildings in Qingdao.

After seeing the building at Qingdao Railway Station, take the subway directly to another scenic spot - Qingdao German Governor's Building Former Site Museum


In fact, if you just visit the outside of the main building, you don't need money, but you only need a ticket to enter the main building: 10 yuan.

Qingdao German Governor's Building Former Site Museum (Guest House) is a historical site museum, which was first built in 1905 and completed in 1907, with a construction area of ​​4083 square meters. It is an architectural art style combining the neo-Roman style of the William era in Germany and the Juvenile Style School. It also incorporates various architectural elements such as classicism, Rococo, castle style, and Chinese style; it is inclusive, harmonious and commemorative in architectural art. It is exemplary.

It was opened to the public as a museum in 1999. Simply put, it is actually the place where the former governor and his family lived.
It's still worth seeing inside, but you can't take pictures. The building is located on the hillside of Signal Hill, with superior geographical location and elegant environment. The architectural designer is Rachalowitz from Germany, and the construction director is Strasser. The cost of the project is 450,000 gold marks. The construction area is more than 4,000 square meters, and the main body is more than 30 meters high. Part of the exterior wall is decorated with granite, and the stone processing is simple. Beige tube tiles, blue scale tiles and green ox tongue tiles pave the roof, making the building more exquisite and unique. The corridor has the only lamp made of emeralds in the world.

Sneaked a photo of Emerald Lamp. I think it's beautiful and precious.

Qingdao attractions - Signal Hill Park

Signal Hill Park is next to the former site museum of the German Governor's Building in Qingdao. It is free before 7:00 am + after 18:00 pm. At other times, tickets: 5 yuan/person. If you want to enter the signal tower, 10 yuan / person.

The main reason to come here is to see the panorama of Qingdao: all the unified houses with red roofs are still very beautiful. They are very similar to Germany, which also has unified red roofs, but this is a copycat version with a bit of a copycat atmosphere.

The source of the signal mountain: After the German occupation of Qingdao, in order to command the ships entering and leaving Jiaozhou Bay, a signal release platform was built on the top of the mountain, and various signal signs, weather and wind signs were hung every day, named "Waltzmark Mountain", and the citizens said "Hanging Flag Mountain" or "Qitai Mountain".

In 1923, the Jiaoao Commercial Port Supervision Office corrected it to "Signal Hill" when sorting out the divisions and place names of Qingdao. Flowers and green trees are planted all over the mountain. When the mist floats, the greenery is about to drip. On the hillside, graceful pavilions, platforms, buildings, and pavilions are dotted in yellow and white; stone steps and paths twist and turn, winding under the shade of trees. There are also 3 red mushroom buildings on the top of the mountain, like 3 torches, standing among the green daisy all over the mountain, very eye-catching. This park, planned and built in European style, got its name from the mountain.

Shopping in Qingdao--Mixc

Maybe the place where I spend the most time in Qingdao is the MIXC, because we have been living near here, and almost all dinners are settled inside or nearby. The MIXC in Qingdao is probably the most shopping mall in Qingdao that can satisfy all consumer groups. , Hisense City by the sea is relatively high-end, and there are too many choices for eating, drinking, playing and shopping in Vientiane City. Inside, I like cupcakes, the frightening boat song fish dumplings, the bookstore in Sky City, and Nth Power (a small shopping mall for sports and personal independent brands), and Singaporean mother baked bread for me. They are all checked in. The structures of MixCs all over the country are similar, rectangular and very long, but the brands are different. Qingdao still has many restaurants and fashion shopping stores that can only be found in Qingdao. Both have Ole.

Qingdao internet celebrity coffee shop (2) - Vanilla

The coffee shop is by the sea, which takes advantage of the location. The price of desserts and coffee is a little expensive. I ordered Napoleon and Tiramisu, and a cup of coffee + a cup of scented tea = about 220 yuan!

Because it is close to the seaside, it is really nice to take pictures. I really came here to check in for taking pictures.

The interior decoration is also very small and fresh, with many decorations, especially literary and artistic, and the photos are very beautiful.

There is also an open-air second floor, which has become a holy place for taking pictures.

In fact, there are many unique coffee shops in Qingdao. I have selected two of the most popular ones. I hope you like them.


When you come to Qingdao, you must eat seafood. Here I eat all the Qingdao Internet celebrity restaurants that need to queue up, please accept it.
(1) Longxi Yuan Fish Soup Buns: The first meal in Qingdao is so "sour" and appetizing.

The northern skin is really thin and strong, and it is not easy to bite off easily. Steamed stuffed buns are really delicious. Various fillings and various colors (how did you do it in black!?)

The vinegar on the buns is sour, the sour cabbage vermicelli is sweet and sour, and the okra and scallops are also cold and vinegary. Hahahaha, I can't put it off, this meal is all sour. So appetizing.

(2) Fat Fairy
The fat fairy Chongqing from the United States has just settled in one.

The pink color, mainly cupcakes reminds me of "Bankrupt Girls". The teapots and cups for tea and coffee are really beautiful, I like it very much, and pink is also my favorite color, so I'm so hard I took some good photos, and the milk tea is so mellow and delicious, and the freshly squeezed juice is full of fruit in one sip, which is full of nutrition. In short, I am satisfied. I will try other cupcakes next time.

(3) Singapore Mama Baked Buns
I went for the ranking list. I took a look at it and thought that this bread should be similar to Paparotti. Sure enough, it smells and tastes the same, and it is a store.

There are only two small seats. I thought that the taste of coffee and bread should be similar to that of Paparotti, so I chose a different signature-cheese bread, which is a mixed flavor of ice cream.

Not as amazing as imagined, but normal at best.
(4) Song Boat Fish Dumplings
You have to wait in a long line to eat it, you must order a bottle of Laoshan Coke

This brand is one of the must-see online celebrity shops in Qingdao, because of this plate of squid ink dumplings:

(5) Banquet Restaurant
This store can also be regarded as an online celebrity store and has to queue up. It looks like that from the outside, but it's so big inside. This time I ordered it very successfully. In fact, many seafood restaurants in Qingdao are very fresh and very cheap, but the method is different. When the online celebrity shop is late, some dishes are gone.

This lobster soup rice is also delicious, even the kale is finished

The signature dish must be the foie gras bun, it's delicious

Honey sweet potato is also delicious

(6) Daqianhai Steam Seafood Hot Pot
It turns out that Qingdao people eat seafood like this! It doesn't need to be too complicated at all, just steam the most original seafood taste.

It only takes 3 minutes in the big pot, and all the seafood in a pot will be fine. It can be mixed with seasonings, and the original seafood is delicious.

We are a two-person seafood pot. We thought we couldn't get enough to eat, but we couldn't finish the porridge. Finally, we had a big seafood meal in the seaside city. Ps: I am not used to eating starfish. They are so beautiful that I can't bear it.

And put fresh rice under the steamer to make a pot of porridge by the way. There is nothing more cost-effective than this, and it kills two birds with one stone.

I think I really played Qingdao thoroughly, and absolutely traveled all over.

(I didn't go to Polar Ocean World, because I have been to aquariums in too many countries and cities, and they are all similar)
I hope it will be helpful for you to travel freely in Qingdao.