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This is not the first time I have set foot on the Shandong Peninsula.
In the same sea, more than 4,000 days passed like this.
Revisiting these cities ten years later is more like searching for lost memories for me.
It is bright, transparent, and healing.
Driving around the island in a rented car on Binhai Middle Road,
And then happily go the wrong way,
Almost to the end of the city...

By the beach, the waves roll in,
It was covered by the back wave again.
A toddler playing with the sand is a childhood that every child has been looking forward to.
I have always had a strange feeling about the sea in the north, so I never thought it would be so beautiful.
Especially in autumn when there are not so many tourists, against the backdrop of the blue sky, there is a unique sense of luxury,
The waves are so gentle, and the sculptures on the beach have always been so avant-garde,
With a bit of saltiness in the sea breeze, colorful houses can always be found in the city...
Those fantasies about the sea seem to be found here!

Speaking of the hottest coastal cities this year,
Qingdao, Yantai, and Weihai are definitely the TOP3 doing their part, and they are also hot items on major social platforms.
The three cities are located in the Jiaozhou Bay Economic Circle on the Shandong Peninsula, not far apart.
The 1-hour distance of the high-speed rail allows us to spend 5 days checking in the three cities one by one.
Next, it's time for dry goods, let everyone take the strategy and set off.


When writing the strategy of Qingdao, I was actually hesitant
Because this city is suitable for leisurely strolls,
Yellow houses and white houses with red tile roofs are in a class of their own.
The nearby Qingdao cypress trees are full of vitality and swaying, and the sea surface in the distance is sparkling, and every bit of it is a scene.
When you are tired, find a coffee shop by the sea and sit down.
Entering a lazy state, overlooking the blue waves and blue sky outside the window, the body is charging, the head is emptying, and the thoughts start to wander...
But in the end I decided to write such a guide, because not everyone has such a leisurely heart.


Qingdao is a city loved by nature, with mountains and seas connected, one step at a time, and a variety of types, basically it will not disappoint tourists.
In order to facilitate your visit, we have compiled five most unmissable beautiful landscapes and seats.
1⃣️The first stop [Zhanqiao]: The symbol of Qingdao, the vast bay, feeding seagulls on the embankment, taking pictures, walking, watching the sunrise, the sea in the morning is the most charming.
📷Air seat recommendation: Aerial photography and overhead photography.

As a landmark of Qingdao, the trestle bridge has been a place for tourists to take pictures for a hundred years. It is located on the seashore of Shinan District. Passing by Taiping Road, it is difficult to miss this classical building on the sea, so it is also used as a This is our first stop in Qingdao.

⭐️2⃣️The second stop [Catholic Church]: Walk 200 meters north from the trestle bridge to the old city in Shinan District of Qingdao. The beautiful St. Michael's Cathedral is in the center of the old city.
📷Recommended seat: There are two excellent photo spots, one is the large slope in front of the church, and the other is the three-story building behind the 1907 Light and Shadow Club.

Autumn in the old town is always something to look forward to. The blue sky, with a few clouds floating.
The towering trees are still green, which complements these centuries-old buildings.

Walking on the streets of Qingdao on a bright autumn day, you will have the illusion of coming to Prague. There are many recommended "pretending to be abroad" check-in spots on the Internet, but the beauty of Qingdao really doesn't need to be searched for. Xiaoyushan, hold up the camera, there are beautiful scenery at your fingertips.

Walking along Longshan Road where the Christian Church is located, near the Light and Shadow 1902 Museum, there is a slightly dilapidated old house with several barbecue tables in the courtyard. From its position, it seems that there will be a special perspective.

St. Michael's Cathedral is the Catholic Church in the mouth of old Qingdao. It is built on a hillside and goes straight to the sea along Zhejiang Road.
This towering Gothic building guards the sea calmly.

Regarding the Catholic Church, I remember Shen Congwen once wrote, "A person walked to the door of the church on the high ground in Qingdao, sat on the stone steps, looked at the clouds, the sea, and Xue Luo on the stone wall of the church. He heard something nearby. There's a sound of a piano..." It's really beautiful.

These buildings, which have a history of more than 100 years, still stand in the old city of Qingdao, exuding a unique brilliance.

I just like to wander aimlessly in the old city of Qingdao. I like those old buildings, all kinds of European-style streets made of large stones, and there will be unexpected surprises walking down any alley.

............................................. ............................................. ......................................................
⭐️3⃣️The third stop [Wheat Island]: You can take a taxi from the Catholic Church for 22 yuan, and you will leave it to Wheat Island in the afternoon. Take a lazy walk on the lawn, look at Qingdao from another angle, or sit on the reef by the sea Listen to the tide.
📷Air seat recommendation: Go along the plank road with the left hand behind the island on Wheat Island; go to the pine trees at the end of the left-hand plank road; go along the ring road.

Fifteen years ago, when I first came to Qingdao, Wheat Island was still like an old woman who was not good at dressing up. From a distance, it was just some dilapidated reefs, which did not attract much attention.

Surprisingly, the current wheat island is not what it used to be. In an instant, it has changed from a vicissitudes of life to a graceful lady, elegant and generous, standing at the forefront of the tide.

Every frame in Wheat Island is like a movie screen.
The simplest combination of grassland, pines and cypresses, and the sea can also hit people's hearts.
Fortunately, it is autumn, there are not many tourists on the island, it is quiet and pleasant.
Came to the slope covered with grass, sat on the ground with friends, let the sea breeze continue to blow, ripples appeared on the sea surface, and looked at the endless blue. Looking directly at its beauty, lamenting that it is all-inclusive, gentle and powerful, nature brings us endless surprises.

4⃣️The fourth stop [Qinyu Road]: Qinyu Road at sunset is the most beautiful, and the reef next to the trail is the best place to enjoy the sunset.
📷 Seat recommendation: On the reef beside the Internet celebrity road.

In the evening, it is suitable to meet the sunset on Qinyu Road. The tide rises and falls, and the sky slowly turns from warm to cold. I can't help but take off my shoes and socks with my friends, and walk into the sea slowly. The soft sand passes through the fingers. distinct.

............................................. ............................................. ......................................................
⭐️5⃣️The fifth stop [The Third Bathing Beach]: To see the night view of Qingdao, you don't have to climb Fushan Mountain. You can take a taxi from Qinyu Road for 15 yuan to the Third Beach. The most prosperous seaside scenery in Qingdao is on the opposite side Enjoy the night view while eating dinner, don't be too cozy.
📷 Seat recommendation: Bathing beaches, beaches and trails.

Going to the third beach at night is for the most unbelievable night view of Qingdao, like a dream city on the sea, dotted with stars, with a Manhattan-like skyline, and there are some taverns by the beach. You can drink with this million night view, people Must be more drunk.

When the lights along the coast are on, Qingdao's CBD becomes a colorful ribbon. Strolling along the embankment, blowing the salty sea breeze, watching the streamer reflected in the sea... Atmospheric and gorgeous!

Qingdao food recommendation

I recommend a small seafood restaurant that I will eat every time I go to Qingdao. The name is [Lu's Baked Xiaoxian]. It's okay. The recommended must-order dishes are braised tendon with eel and chestnut, crispy large intestine with barbecued pork bun, and baked clam with egg yolk. It is a fusion of various cuisines, and the per capita consumption is around 100.

PS: Parking at the entrance is not very easy, you can look for nearby parking lots on the navigation in advance.
PSS: The surrounding attractions are Badaguan and Wheat Island, you can go to play after eating.

The stewed eel and tendons are very soft and glutinous. It is amazing when you first eat it, but it will be a little greasy if you eat too much. It is recommended that you order a small portion.

More greasy spicy crispy lotus root duck feet

Baked clams with egg yolk, the egg yolk tastes very strong, this kind of combination is difficult to eat in other places in Qingdao.
In addition to this restaurant, the seafood dumplings of Qingdao [Chuange Fish Dumplings] and the Cantonese seafood of Shangri-La Hotel's Shang Palace Restaurant are also highly recommended.


With the arrival of November, the off-season of travel in Qingdao will also follow.
You can also choose a better hotel. Shangri-La in the center of Shinan District is a good choice.
2000+ rooms in peak season are now only 600+, highly recommended.
🚗[Location]: Located next to May Fourth Square, only 50 meters walk to the subway station, close to Vientiane City, the most prosperous area in Qingdao.
🚗[Surrounding Attractions]: Fushan Bay, Third Beach, Olympic Sailing Center, Zhanqiao, Catholic Church.
🚗[Room and Service]: Shangri-La's service will never disappoint, it is always so caring, living in Shengshige in the second phase, the room is spacious, and it is also very user-friendly. The most thoughtful thing is that the hotel also provides nucleic acid service every morning, so there is less running around.
🚗[Hotel Catering]: The breakfast fits the characteristics of Qingdao. In addition to the regular buffet, there are also seafood porridge, wild wontons, mochi, etc. If you come to Qingdao, you have to eat seafood. If you are worried about the quality and price outside, I recommend the hotel. Shang Palace, Cantonese cuisine with various seafood, brings the ingredients to the extreme.

Shangri-La is located in the downtown CBD


Qingdao is a coastal city with a long coastline,
If you only focus your trip on the city center, you're likely to leave with regrets.
Here, I recommend a Qingdao self-driving route that can rival the Turquoise Coast of Turkey.
🚗 Self-driving route shooting points:
Jushi Beach, Huangshan Fishing Village, Qingshan Fishing Village, Laoshan Seaview Highway, Conference Village

1⃣️Depart from downtown Qingdao, navigate [Yangkou Ticketing Station of Laoshan Scenic Area] (45 minutes by car), enter Laoshan Scenic Area from the northern line (free of charge, if you ask at the gate, just say to live in a homestay), and arrive at the first stop [Jushi Beach] ]The parking lot, this is a clean beach with few people and secluded. The sand is very fine, which is very suitable for barefoot walking. There are several boulders on one side of the beach, which is very good for taking pictures.

2⃣️ Continue to drive for 5 kilometers, and you will arrive at [Huangshan Fishing Village]. The large red houses are particularly dazzling on the coastline. You don't need to stop, and there are more beautiful ones behind.

3⃣️[Huangshan Fishing Village] is next to [Qingshan Fishing Village], the village is larger, there is a tea garden at the entrance of the village, and the sea is behind the village. The feeling of the coast of Antalya, Turkey is completely unreal.

Qingshan Fishing Village is such a peaceful and poetic place. Red tiles and green trees, clear water and blue sky, in my eyes, this leisurely and pure seaside town is a different business card of Qingdao.

This seemingly western village actually has a history of 600 years

The entrance of the village is the core production area of ​​Laoshan green tea, which adds a bit of tea fragrance to the small fishing village.

4⃣️After four o'clock in the afternoon, the [Taiqing Ticket Station] next to Qingshan Fishing Village can allow self-driving cars to enter. At this time, you can drive to the south and enter the most beautiful seaside self-driving road in Qingdao. On one side is the majestic Laoshan Mountain. On one side is the blue sea, and the sun is setting, which will definitely make your trip worthwhile.

The car winds all the way, driving between mountains and seas.
This road around the sea has cliffs on one side, Laoshan Mountain, known as the first fairy mountain on the sea, and the endless blue and green sea on the other side, which is absolutely enjoyable.

5⃣️ After watching the scenery, turn back to [Yangkou Ticketing Station of Laoshan Scenic Area] and navigate [Wharf of Meeting Field Village]. There is a trestle bridge that walks into the sea. It is very artistic to shoot in the low light of sunset.

Many people know Huichang Village because they know that there are very few but extremely delicious [Venice Crabs] here, but the charm of this village does not just stop at appetite.
This iconic wooden trestle bridge is the representative of the beautiful tidal flat in the venue. Without personal experience, it is almost impossible to appreciate the tranquility and beauty of the venue village.

Yantai, giving you the highest sense of loneliness

"I am a blue whale incarnated into an isolated island,
With the greatest figure,
Fish and shrimp walk by the side,
There are also birds that stop on their backs. "
-- "The Whale Who Incarnates on an Island"
In Yantai, a giant whale fell into the beach,
It has become the eternal scenery on this beach.


🚗 Attraction introduction:
Yantai is surrounded by the sea on three sides, the coastline is very long, and there are many scenic spots. We can check in one by one from west to east to take pictures with a sense of luxury.
Don't miss the first stop [Golden Beach], there are many check-in points distributed on the 5-kilometer beach, absolutely perfect for taking pictures, and all of them are free, very conscientious, allowing us to spend a whole morning.
At the second stop, you can slow down the pace a little bit. From Golden Beach to the east, find a cafe on Binhai Middle Road, drink coffee, drink white tea, and watch the waves caress the embankment.
The third stop is the very popular Fisherman's Wharf in Yantai. The red roof like Prague will definitely make you reluctant to leave.
The fourth stop is Yangma Island in the east. The plank roads and reefs by the sea are very suitable for watching a magnificent sunset on the island.

1⃣️Let's talk about this [Net Red Whale] first:
Navigate ⭐️City Exhibition Center, you can see this beautiful whale on the beach after getting off the car, the best camera position is on the steps, the model goes down to the beach, and takes a panoramic view with a wide angle; the second camera position is the head of the whale.
🚗Self-driving: If you start from Yantai City, it is recommended to play 4⃣️ first, then 3⃣️2⃣️1⃣️, from east to west, there are free parking lots next to the attractions or across the road.
🚌Public transportation: There are many buses in this section, there are 210, You 6 and Laoyantai Dangdang bus (tickets are more expensive, 15 per person), but the bus station is a certain distance from the above attractions, if you don't want to take so many roads , Some scenic spots can choose to take a taxi.

The loneliest whale in the world is named Alice.
Go to the golden sands and you can find this lonely whale. It is stranded on the shore, huge but lonely, adding a bit of sadness when there is no one there.

It seemed to jump up on the beach, but most of its body was buried by the sand.
Behind the whale is the endless ocean. The blue of the sea is not deep, but it has a special charm.
Set off against the beach, it is quiet and healing.

Come to Yantai, Shandong, and feel the loneliness of being stranded on the shore.

2⃣️[Lifeguard platform and embankment leading to the sea]
Continue to the east, about 2.4 kilometers away from the net red whale, navigate ⭐️Golden Beach Seaside Park, after getting off the car, you can see several high lifesaving platforms on the beach, and a dam leading to the sea.

3⃣️[Glass Church]
Continue to the east, 1.7 kilometers away from the embankment leading to the sea. Navigate ⭐️ Jinshahui Business District Love Yantai Auditorium, a very beautiful glass church on the beach, it will be bright at night, more beautiful.

4⃣️[The covered bridge floating on the sea]
Continue to the east, 1 km away from the Glass Church, navigate to Housha Square, where there are slides for children to play with sand, and a covered bridge that looks like it is suspended in the air.

Housha Square is divided into three functional areas: cantilevered walkway, Mong Kok covered bridge and children's playground. Among them, the most popular Mongkok Covered Bridge has a full 20-meter straight line protruding into the sea, which is beautiful.

5⃣️[Afternoon leisure time]
After shooting for a whole morning, we can relax a bit, and sit in a cafe on Binhai Middle Road after lunch

Between the blue sea and the blue sky in Yantai, there is a clear white called Island Diary. The small building is amazingly located at the place closest to the sea on Binhai Middle Road. There are cafes and tea rooms here, and it is also a beautiful homestay. It is very suitable for afternoon time, sitting by the sea and listening to the waves lapping on the beach.

You can bring a cup of coffee and watch the sea in front of the reeds. The cool sea breeze pours into your chest. Just like the song sings, you can feel the "gentle and lazy sea breeze blowing to the high peaks", and you will not feel tired at all.

There is also a very popular way of drinking tea in Island Diary, which is called "making tea around the stove", which is called the sense of ritual in autumn. Young people who usually drink milk tea and coffee now meet in a new Chinese-style teahouse. They are busy making fire, making tea, and roasting persimmons, just to create the "atmosphere" of autumn.

In fact, this is not a new thing. Brewing tea is one of the traditional arts in China. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, when Chinese civilization was at its peak, Chinese people drank tea by boiling it. "It's early to start a fire in the stove, and it's late to wrap your head in a cold mirror. Melt snow and fry fragrant tea, and make crispy and boiled curd." Bai Juyi wrote in "Late Rise".

In the popular TV series "Menghualu" broadcast this summer, Zhao Paner's skillful and graceful tea ordering skills feasted the audience's eyes, and set off a wave of tea ceremony aesthetics in the Song Dynasty. Stove to make tea" banner.

In addition to the coffee shop and tea room, their family also has a B&B called "Break Dawn", which is located behind the cafe in a small two-story bungalow with a sense of history. It used to be the old city of Yantai, and now it is called Hongkou 1920 History and Culture The neighborhood, the room decoration is very retro, elegant and unique, only 100 meters away from the sea, so the price of more than 400 in the off-season is hard to refuse.

The room is retro, but most of the functional facilities are very smart and easy to use
................................................... ................................................... ................................................... ...

5⃣️[Middle Binhai Road Fisherman's Wharf]
After punching in several scenic spots on the Golden Beach, walk west along the coastline of Yantai. The Fisherman's Wharf located on Binhai Middle Road will definitely give you a bright feeling, as if you have crossed the Mediterranean Sea in an instant. The red roof on the coastline is So conspicuous, no matter how you shoot it, it looks foreign.

It is located on a natural land-connected island, surrounded by the sea on three sides. Here, there are row upon row of European-style buildings with bright colors and different shapes. Walking among them, you feel as if you are in a European fairy tale town, allowing you to shoot blockbuster films full of exotic customs in Yantai.

Pass through these exquisite buildings, stroll along the wooden plank road by the sea, listen to the whispering of seagulls, feel the gentle sea breeze blowing in your face, and watch the fishing boats returning to the port in the distance float gently on the sea surface, blending with the buildings behind you An incomparable landscape painting...all of these make people carefree and at ease.

In addition to being beautiful, Fisherman's Wharf also gathers aquariums, playgrounds, hotels, restaurants and other facilities, which can be regarded as a large-scale entertainment complex.

Because of the natural U-shaped bay, Fisherman's Wharf is also a good choice for catching the sea.

7⃣️[Go to Yangma Island to watch the sunset]
Going west from Fisherman's Wharf, let's find a good place to watch the sunset. Yangma Island should be the best choice. A bridge connects the island and the mainland. No tickets are required. It is a good choice to drive around the island with a lot of time. , You can play while walking, and if you have less time, don't miss the essential scenic spots such as [Zhangdao Scenic Spot], [Sun Moon Terrace], [Qinma Square], [Lotus Sunset] and so on.

Yangma Island is named after Qin Shihuang raised horses here. The scenic spot has not been fully developed and the facilities are not perfect, but the advantage is that the sea water is very clear, neither crowded nor noisy. Many people may find it boring, but it's just what I want.

Driving along the road around the island, the sea breaks into our eyes through the treetops from time to time, and there are always some fresh scenery that tempts us to stop. We had fun at the beach, carefully took pictures in concave shapes on the reefs of Zhangdao Island, and picked up small crabs on Qinfengya...
Slowly, it was sunset time.

On Yangma Island, the place to watch the sunset was marked on the map early, and the name is "Lotus Sunset", because there is a cave in the shape of a lotus flower, and through the entrance of the cave, you can take pictures of beautiful sunset silhouettes. This description makes people It's hard to resist the urge to go out and see, so here we are.

The sea breeze is so comfortable that you won't get tired of blowing it all day. When the sun went down, we sat on the reef by the sea, without slippers, and we were happy even if our shoes got wet. Of course, if you are too happy, it will be a little cold, and Yantai at night is still so cool.

Recommended food in Yantai

[Mong Kok Small Fishing Village]
This is the hottest restaurant in Yantai. It is famous for a sea sausage dish. I have eaten there four or five times, and I have never stepped on a thunderstorm. The only downside is that there may be queues for meals, and it is not easy to park. Yantai has a total of There are three branches, you can choose the one that is closer to you.
Per capita consumption: 100-150 yuan
Must-order dishes: sea sausage with rice, charcoal-grilled peach blossom octopus, clam lump soup, scallion oil bird shell

The delicious sea sausage recommended to everyone is also a sea sausage that is difficult to eat in other places. The classic way is to eat sea sausage with rice.
Sea sausage, individual hypertrophy, delicious meat, nutritional value is not inferior to sea cucumber.
Although ugly and a bit "scary", it is definitely a delicious special dish. The rice is covered with fresh and tender sea sausage. Only the most crispy part of the leek is used in the middle. It is covered with rice, and it flies up and down, wishing that every grain of rice has that umami taste. The most enjoyable thing at this time is to have a big spoon, and the moment the umami taste bursts in the mouth is simply refreshing.

For those who want to eat rice, you can have soup, and I recommend "clam soup". This method combines Huaiyang cuisine, Shandong cuisine, and Northeast cuisine. The taste is very rich, and you are guaranteed to enjoy it.

Another special ingredient that is rarely seen in other places is called bird shell. It tastes extremely delicious, not inferior to its Nordic cousin arctic shell. It's also very simple, just sauté the scallion oil until fragrant.

Weihai, my background is the sea

The autumn progress bar is constantly loading,
Autumn is crisp and clear, and there are busy scenes everywhere.
Hanlefang Night Market, the most smoky place in the world, Beishan Road with the sea as the background,
You are amazed by the surging waves of the "Thousands of Mountains and Seas Self-Driving Highway", and you linger in the quiet and simple mountains and fields.
However, there are still so many movie-like pictures in the corners of this city, waiting to be discovered, waiting to be stopped...


During the trip, there are always surprises.
Weihai's newly promoted online celebrity check-in spots are listed one by one for everyone
Find a sunny day, put on a simple and elegant long skirt, and walk~

When the streets of a city can become a landscape, it will definitely move every tourist;
Weihai is such a city, because it is backed by mountains and facing the sea, so there are always a few beautiful streets extending along the mountain to the sea, and the colorful huts on the roadside are the best embellishments.
Here I will sort out the two best-looking streets in Weihai for everyone.
1⃣️[Sidewalk where you can see the mountains and the sea]:
🚗Navigation address: Weihai Wanghaishan Mansion Marketing Center, when you arrive, you will see an arc-shaped road extending to the sea.
🅿️Parking lot: Parking is available at the entrance of the marketing center
📷Shooting location: [Bus stop at the entrance of the marketing center], [The sidewalk 100 meters down]
📷Shooting skills: You need to use a focal length of 120-200, telephoto to compress the sea and people in the background.

In fact, in Weihai, which is surrounded by the sea on three sides, it is not surprising that sea elements abound, but there are very few charming seaside streets. Beishan Street has a stunning visual effect because of its high south and north low terrain. On the sidewalk, you must come and check in.

That's great, Weihai is naturally suitable for romance, letting go of feelings, and keeping ideals. A simple street can also extend countless good things about life. This is Beishan Street.

2⃣️[Colorful houses by the sea]:
🚗Navigation address: Huoju Eighth Street, when you arrive, you will see a cafe on one side and a colorful house on the other side
🅿️Parking location: There are temporary parking spaces on the seaside road perpendicular to Huoju Eighth Street
📷Shooting camera positions: [guardrail on the side of the colored house], [street sign on the side of the cafe]

It is said that the ramp of more than 20 meters is the place with the highest flow of people in Weihai in summer, because it is like in the movie,
somewhere in Japan. Many boys and girls occupy the road, just for a photo with the sea.

The clean sea in the distance is like a blue curtain higher than the roof, with clumps and row upon row of colorful bungalows on both sides. As you go downhill, the curtain falls slowly, and the endless sea spreads out in front of you, like walking on the road. An "easter egg" was opened at the end of the book.

3⃣️[Weihai beautiful seaside park]
If you have plenty of time, I recommend you to visit several parks in the urban area of ​​Weihai, such as [Lighthouse in Yuehai Park], [Picture-in-Picture Sculpture in Weihai Park], [Happiness Gate in Happiness Park]

As a coastal livable city, Weihai has a variety of parks, large or small, new or old, which constitute Weihai's beautiful coastline, and each park has its own unique landmark.

Yuehai Park is a lighthouse standing by the sea. Under the lighthouse is a very distinctive building in the Weihai area - the seaweed house. If you can't take pictures of the seaweed house, you can also take pictures here.

The landmark of Weihai Park is a photo frame framing the sea

Weihai food recommendation

Haiyuan Park is a sailing ship returning at sunset and a monument, but the beauty is second, and more importantly, there are the freshest seafood here.

The biggest difference from other parks is that there is a small market in Haiyuan Park that sells seafood. Fishermen returning from a long voyage bring their catches ashore in the evening. Because there are no middlemen to make the difference, you can basically buy them here. The cheapest seafood in Weihai is 18 per catty of shrimp and 30 per catty of crab, which are really low prices that inland people are super envious of.

There are a lot of marine life on the stall that I have never seen

Opposite Haiyuan Park, there is a small shop that can provide seafood processing. The same dish costs 10 yuan. Because it is fresh, simple steaming can also make seafood extra delicious.

If you are not full of seafood, you can consider going to Hanlefang in the city center for supper at night. A dozen Rushan oysters or Korean barbecue here are quite satisfying.

There are also some very cheap Korean supermarkets in Hanlefang. You can buy a bunch of them for 200 yuan and you will have gifts for your relatives and friends.


This is a route that is beautiful in all seasons.
This is a route facing the sea on three sides,
This route includes "China's Cape of Good Hope", "Little New Zealand" and "China's Eight Most Beautiful Coasts".
On this beautiful mountain-sea road, there are azure blue seas, steep reefs, white clouds, soft sandy beaches, ancient fishing villages, isolated islands, patches of figs, and loyal windmills.
This thousand-mile Weihai self-driving route has a total length of 1001 kilometers, and the mountains and seas surround Weihai for a week. We can choose the best part for a one-day trip.

Personally, I think the most quintessential section is the section from the downtown area of ​​Weihai to Jinshiwan. It gathers the scenic spots of Xianghai, Jiming Island, Lonely Boat, and Jinshiwan. Along the way, the sea and windmills are accompanied. If the weather is fine, Especially magnificent at sunset!

Naxianghai is located on Rongcheng West Ring Road, with a long 16 kilometers of natural beach.
The sea of ​​fragrance is blue, clean, deep and open-minded;
The air is filled with the coolness of autumn and the fresh smell of the sea;
One after another, what comes from my ears are the singing of gulls, the sound of the wind, and the sound of the sea;

Walking on the beach, as far as the eye can see, blue sea, white waves, fine sand, windmills, travelers;
Every step is a flowing scenery.
Running on the wooden plank road, let the wind lift the ends of your hair; the feeling of freedom and comfort at that moment makes you unconsciously relax physically and mentally, and you can't help but stop, bow your head, and print your own footprints on the smooth sandy beach like a child.

I like the name Naxianghai very much. Maybe it comes from the Sanskrit word "Alunaxiang". This is very suitable for the city of Weihai. This self-driving route of thousands of miles of mountains and seas is intended to create such a beautiful, fresh, vibrant, and full of infinite hope for cultural tourism routes.

10 kilometers away from the Xianghai beach, there is a big ship from Panama, maybe it was blown here by the typhoon, and it has been stranded on the coastline of the Xianghai, becoming a new scenery on the vast coastline.

There are a bunch of reefs stretching out on the coast, and taking a photo with the big ship makes me feel very lonely. It is said that this big ship from the ocean will be towed away next year. I still feel a little bit reluctant in my heart. If the weather is fine, this is definitely Perfect for watching the sunset.

The end of today's self-driving is Jinshiwan. The seaweed house on the coastline has a sense of Hayao Miyazaki's comics, and it is also a place where girls' hearts can overflow

The seagrass house is a characteristic of Weihai. It uses stone as the wall and seagrass as the roof. It sleeps with the sea and the breeze is in your arms. Seagulls wandered on the reef at will, the setting sun spread behind us, and the quaint seaweed house stood quietly in the afterglow of the setting sun...


In five days, I went to many places, but I also left a lot of regrets.
I also know that as a tourist, it is always impossible to find out the whole picture of a city,
You can only perceive one or two in a short time, and then leave with this memory.
Not even sure if I'll be back in the future.
Therefore, try to keep the waves and soft wind as much as possible,
Keep the sunset and sunset glow.
On the plane, my mind kept spinning, remembering.
I'm finally going home, the plane cuts the distance very short,
It is so short that it blurs a southerner's expectation of a northern seaside city.
It can take me anywhere, and it can bring me home quickly.
After all, I still can't bear the sea!