After wandering for more than ten years, he settled in Qingdao, and finally chose such a city with mountains and seas to spend his life.

The sea has thousands of shapes, and there are four seasons in the mountains. In the city with mountains and seas as the background, life seems to be richer and more emotional. No matter how busy we are in our daily life, we still often go to see the sea and go hiking. We like the words in "The Lovely Chekhov": "There is something magical and particularly touching in nature, which compensates with its own poetry. The inconveniences of life. Every day is something new and more beautiful every day."

If you mention seaside holidays and only think of Hainan, then you must have never been to our coastal cities in Shandong, such as Qingdao, Weihai, and Yantai. In summer, there are sea breezes of more than 20 degrees to blow away the anxiety of the scorching heat, and autumn and winter are even more different. beauty. In November in Qingdao, autumn came late, with blue clouds and yellow leaves, and the autumn scenery of the city was beautiful; At dusk, it is the dream that shines into reality. Romance must be the antidote to dullness, and the clear sunshine in the three cities makes the entanglement reach a reconciliation.

I must go to the sea again,

Wander like a gypsy like a seagull,

Like a whale, where the sea wind bites

Listen to the funny stories of the joker's companions When the long prank is over, sleep peacefully, with sweet dreams

-John Masefield [English]

Day and night at Qingdao No. 3 Beach

Qingdao Shinan Wheat Island

Qingdao Guanxiang Mountain Park

Qingdao Laoshan Qingshan Fishing Village

Qingdao Laoshan Devil's Beach

Qingdao Laoshan Wharf

Weihai Torch Eighth Street

Yantai Golden Beach "Lonely Whale" sculpture

Yantai Fisherman's Wharf Whale Shark Pavilion



Day 1 Trestle Bridge Church Old Town Guangxingli Badaguan Wheat Island Shangri-La

Day 2 Qingshan Fishing Village, the most beautiful mountain-sea road in Laoshan, the venue wharf


Day 1 A Thousand Miles of Mountains and Seas Self-driving Highway Naxianghai Jinshiwan Yuehai Park Hanlefang

Day 2 Binhai Park Beishan Road Torch 8th Street

Yantai Island Diary Homestay Golden Beach Lonely Whale Sculpture Fisherman's Wharf Yangma Island


I want to say a hundred times that I love autumn in Qingdao!

"All the trees are in autumn, and the mountains and mountains are only in the sunset"

Love the clear blue sky, love the sun-soaked sea, love this just right temperature

Where should the first stop in Qingdao be? Never hesitate to vote for Old Town.

To talk about a reason to fall in love with Qingdao, it is enough to go to the old city for a walk. When the sun is sunny, it looks like Prague, and when it is cloudy, it looks like Lisbon. The most unique romantic scenery.

Looking at Qingdao's architecture is like watching the World Architecture Expo. The past and the future are intertwined, and the old buildings glow with new brilliance in the long river of time. When strolling in the old city, remember to wear a pair of comfortable shoes. The stone roads and pineapple oil on the ground are difficult to walk, and the roads have many ups and downs. Climbing Signal Hill, Guanxiang Mountain, and Guanhai Mountain requires good physical strength. In the old city, it is not wrong to follow the route, and it is also good to wander casually.

Reject anxiety and wish you a pleasant walk.

Old Town Walk

Start from the trestle → Cathedral → Guangxingli → Go to Guanhai Mountain → Longhua Road → Guanxiang Mountain → various grocery stores on Longjiang Road

→Coffee shop at the corner of Huangxian Road→Check in at the Internet celebrity wall on Daxue Road→Walk all the way to the second beach

Guangxingli, a hundred-year-old courtyard

"Your family has a handful of rice, my family has a bowl of porridge, cooking the joy of life and the emotions of the neighbors... The dream of life blooms in the courtyard..." Feng Dongping, a resident of Shibei, "The Courtyard" The courtyard, is A traditional residential building in Qingdao, formed in the 1920s and 1930s, Guangxingli is a standard courtyard building with a history of more than 120 years. Entering from No. 63 Haibo Road, the square courtyard is paved with bluestone square bricks, green doors and windows with red railings, and you can go upstairs by stepping on the bluestone stairs. The century-old bluestone is shiny with oil.

It used to be used for both commercial and residential purposes, with intertwined shops, full of the smoke and fire of city life, but now the noise and chaos of the past are no longer there. There are all kinds of trendy stalls in the city, where young people check in and take pictures. Guangxingli has become a literary and artistic street that must be checked in when traveling in Qingdao.

[Tour Guide]

Address: No. 63 Haibo Road, Shibei District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province

Transportation: The nearest subway station is Qingdao Station on Line 3, which is very close to the Catholic Church. You can walk to the famous scenic spots in the old city of Qingdao.

Taking pictures: In addition to Guangxingli, there are many old streets and old houses hidden around. Those who want to take pictures should walk carefully.

Fee: free

Golden Autumn at Badaguan

If you feel anxious, go for a walk at the Badaguan. Without looking at the map, just stride forward and walk aimlessly.

Eight beautiful streets make up the splendid autumn scenery of Badaguan. Different trees can be used to distinguish the difference of each road, such as tall sycamores, fine ginkgo biloba, strong cedar and cypress... Autumn wind blows, Qingdao Badaguan Juyongguan Road The 160 ginkgo trees turned golden yellow. I heard that the sanitation workers do not sweep the fallen leaves according to the regulations at this time. Going to Badaguan to enjoy autumn has become the most popular thing recently. If it is late, you will have to wait for a year.

It is probably because everyone has such an urgent mood. On weekends, Badaguan is crowded with people, standing on the ground, lying down, sitting and throwing fallen leaves. It is a grand photo-taking ceremony for the whole people. There are more than 200 buildings of different national styles gathered here, five steps on the first floor and ten steps on the first floor, like a large open-air museum, brushing past the vicissitudes of history. Strolling to the beach, to the second bathing beach, the waves are rolling, and someone writes romantic words with roses on the beach. The girls chased the waves and took pictures, lying on the beach, dyed golden by the afterglow of the setting sun.

Zhanqiao, the memory of a city

The smell of the sea spreads over the surface, and the trestle bridge and the blue sea merge into one. Every city has its own landmarks. Zhanqiao has always been regarded as the symbol of Qingdao since its birth in the late 19th century. Stretching into the sea, you can reach Huilan Pavilion at the end. There are iron chain guardrails and lotus street lamps on both sides of the bridge. The pavilion is covered with colored glass tiles and supported by 24 red-painted pillars.

Come to the trestle bridge this season, and you can come to the Internet celebrity No. 23 to take a traditional tourist photo. In a few days, seagulls from Siberia will fly to Qingdao for the winter.

A large number of seagulls are fluttering and flying, and their wings are shining. On the sparkling sea, in the warm white sun of winter, watching the seagulls hovering lightly, I feel transparent and peaceful physically and mentally. Since 1994, Qingdao has carried out the "Retaining Seagulls" campaign to encourage citizens to love and feed seagulls.

Twenty-six years later, the number of seagulls has changed from 2,000 to more than 100,000. Every year at the end of autumn and early winter, seagulls fly thousands of miles to Qingdao for the winter. Their arrival makes this beautiful city even more warm. Every winter, there are too many people feeding the seagulls on the trestle bridge, causing the seagulls to dismiss the steamed buns and bread they brought. The taxi driver said, you don't want to take this kind of seagulls, the seagulls have to eat fried dough sticks, people really spoil them.


The best camera position of Qingdao Cathedral

When you come to Qingdao to play, how can you miss taking a photo with the church?

St. Michael's Cathedral, the landmark building of the old city, the moment you see it, you feel like you are on the streets of Europe. No matter how you take pictures, it looks good!

The cathedral broke ground in 1932 and was designed by German designer Biloha based on Gothic and Roman architectural styles. It was completed in October 1934 and lasted for more than two and a half years. At the beginning, the church drawings were designed to be 100 meters high. Later, due to the impact of the war, St. Michael's Cathedral was finally built with a height of 56 meters. It is a church building with a typical Gothic style. It adopts a composite structure of stone and concrete, with a beautiful and concise appearance. . Share a few classic camera positions beyond the film, I hope you have fun.

The beautiful old city scenery on the dilapidated roof In a small courtyard next to the 1907 Light and Shadow Club, there is a small building full of age. The round arched windows have the beauty of the old small western-style buildings, but the whole is dilapidated, with wires overhead. The old furniture is mottled and deformed, the garbage is piled up in disorder, and when you walk to the roof, there are vegetables grown on the ground. It seems that there are still people living here. Standing on the terrace and looking around, St. Michael's Cathedral is bathed in the afternoon light. Looking at the old city from here is the scenery seen through the eyes of old Qingdao people.

[Attraction information]

📍Address: In the former site of the Sailor Club, No. 17, Hubei Road

🚇Transportation: Walk 650 meters from Exit G of Qingdao Station on Metro Line 3

👉🏻Guide: There is a small parking lot on the right side of the 1907 Light and Shadow Club,

Walk over and enter a yard, and at a glance, you can see the dark gray building inside and go upstairs.

⚠️Attention: There are still residents in the building, please be quiet and do not disturb, the terrace is dilapidated, and there are many wires entangled, you must pay attention to safety when taking pictures at the edge

Terrace of Manxin Hotel at Zhanqiao Railway Station The large terrace of the hotel is a treasure viewing spot.

Overlooking the red tiles, green trees, blue sea and blue sky, you can teleport to Prague in a second, and you can see the church from the room you live in.

Qingdao Huzhou Road A road in front of the church,

The whole church is used as the background, and the vehicles and big trees on both sides of the road create a sense of depth.

Guanxiang Mountain Park

It was really an unintentional move. I looked at the map near the church and said to go and see this Guanxiangshan Park. I have never been there.

Oh, this trip~ I met the most beautiful sunset in the old city that I have seen in the past six months.

On the way to the park, you can go up the steps and climb the slopes, and experience the life of the old Qingdao people in an immersive way. It has not changed in the past 20 or 30 years. Children are out of school, adults are cooking, and you can smell the food coming out along the way. The Guanxiangshan Park has arrived, where the local men are playing Tai Chi and chess, and there are students lying in the gazebo doing their homework. The entire solar system is painted on the ground of the park. Isn't it romantic to walk around the planet? Going up to the highest point of the park, the sunset in the old city is really beautiful to my heart.

⛰️Qingdao Guanxiang Mountain Park

📍No. 15, Guanxiang 2nd Road, Qingdao

📆Open all year round for free


Qingdao, worthy of the name, there are really too many islands in Qingdao!

In addition to Lingshan Island, Wheat Island, and Little Qingdao, there are also Rabbit Island, Niu Island, Pig Island, Donkey Island, Dagong Island... a total of about 120 islands.

If you want to say which is the most famous, many people will say the name of Maidao at the same time.

The once-declining Wheat Island accidentally became an Internet celebrity check-in place. It is said that in early 2020, a resident living nearby took a video on Wheat Island, which attracted tens of millions of views. Then, a large group of friends who love to take pictures of scenery was shocked. During the day and sunset, the videos of Wheat Island from various angles surged, and Wheat Island completely became popular.

It is such a scenic spot without any ratings, which has been promoted as an Internet celebrity by everyone. Wheat Island is blessed by traffic and is also loved by many people. In the evening, many people will come here to lie on the lawn and wait for the sunset. The afterglow of the fiery red sunset curled up, and the whole sky was dyed with brilliance, covering the island and the ocean; street artists played and sang intoxicated on the island, so romantic; the red plank road even lit up small light bulbs, creating a sense of coastal atmosphere full. Some people say that it is recommended to include Wheat Island in medical insurance, because it cured my mental internal friction.

Location: Wheat Island, South District, Qingdao

Subway: Maidao Station (20 minutes walk)

Self-driving: driving is not recommended

The most beautiful mountain-sea road and Qingshan fishing village

Early in the morning, we went to Laoshan, which is known as the "first mountain" in the sea.

Driving on the most beautiful mountain-sea road,

Perhaps those vows of eternal love that have been said have been realized since then.

If you come to Qingdao with the most beautiful highway in Laoshan, you must not miss Laoshan Mountain. Qingdao Laoshan Mountain is the highest mountain on the coastline of China. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides. It is called "the first Laoshan Mountain on the sea". One side is the sea, so you must bring your loved ones here once, as the mountains and seas are the proof, maybe the vows you once said will come true. This is also the most thrilling bus line in Qingdao. It clings to the cliffs, twists and turns, and is full of thrills. The 27-kilometer journey requires 608 turns. The station is the ultimate beauty, and the station is unrefined. Beautiful, it has contracted the entire beauty of Laoshan Mountain!

If you don't drive, you can also choose to take bus line 618, which is also the most beautiful Panshan Road bus route in Qingdao. Panshan Road is like a long dragon winding in the mountains, and it is very spectacular to overlook from a high altitude.

Walk into the traditional ancient village of Qingshan Fishing Village

Qingshan Fishing Village, an ancient village with a history of more than 600 years, backed by Laoshan Mountain, surrounded by the sea, is left behind and independent, a realistic version of paradise. Residents living here have made a living by cultivating the sea, animal husbandry, fishing, and planting tea for hundreds of years. The narration of Qingshan Village in the seventh episode of "A Bite of the Tongue 3" is as follows:

"Fishermen's work is coming to an end. The off-season fish brings people more harvests. The most plump product is Spanish mackerel. As soon as winter comes, Qingshan Village will become a world of sweet sun-dried fish. Sweet sun-dried fish is not Putting sugar and not salt, but not seasoning and air-dried, after five days, this semi-dehydrated food will also be wrapped into dumplings."

Address: Qingshan Fishing Village

Tickets: Free

Traffic Raiders: Self-driving: You can only take the North Line from 6:00-19:00 every day, and navigate to the Yangkou Ticketing Station of Laoshan Scenic Area→Qingshan Fishing Village,

Every day before 6:00 and after 19:00, you can take the south line and directly navigate Qingshan Fishing Village. If you enter the Yangkou ticketing station, you will be stopped. Contact a restaurant or homestay in advance, report the name of the restaurant, and explain your intentions before you can let it go. There are many parking spots along the way, and parking is free. You can take bus 618 along the coast to Qingshan South

Lonely wooden bridge at the pier

Before nightfall, catch a look at the wooden bridge at the pier of the venue. Hear the sound of the sea rolling in the dark. The previous autumn did not seem to be so quiet, I think, there is another kind of time here.

There is a place called Huichang Village in Laoshan, called "the meeting place". Sure enough, many companies choose this place for group building and expansion, and there are party villas on the shore for collective occupancy. The most famous thing in Huichang Village is crabs. The temperature difference between winter and summer here is small, the water temperature is suitable, and the salinity of the seawater is around 3 degrees all year round, making it the most important breeding ground for swimming crabs in the southern Shandong Peninsula.

I like this place because of this wooden bridge, with the waves beating against it in the cold wind, lonely and beautiful. A big brother on the shore was changing the water for the fish tank. He watched us shoot the bridge and asked us to sit in the house and drink tea. The villa at the head of the bridge is his home, and he also built the wooden bridge for 25 years. After the popular wedding photography base in the venue village was demolished, it became much deserted. The wooden bridge survived and was left behind. When the tide is high, people walk on it and the waves roll under their feet. Wearing a long skirt will look good when the wind blows the skirt. When the tide is low, you can go under the bridge to have a look, which is full of the imprints of the years.

Recommended food and accommodation in Qingdao

What to eat when you come to Qingdao Of course, all kinds of seafood are indispensable. In addition, there are wild wontons, pot stickers dumplings, big steamed buns and other carbohydrate bombs. Shandong cuisine is the main style, and you can also find all kinds of inclusive dishes.

Seafood Dumplings

It can be regarded as a gourmet name card of Qingdao. Thousands of tons of Qingdao seafood dumplings are sold all over the country every year. This seafood dumpling is mainly made of fresh sea fish such as mackerel, yellow croaker, cuttlefish, and shrimp, as well as various seafood. material made. The dumplings made look very delicate, with thin skin and enough fillings. Take a bite, the meat filling is full of umami, tender and fragrant.

Wild wonton

The wild wonton shop in Qingdao is actually a barbecue shop open until the early morning. Wild wontons, stewed big stick bones, and small barbecues are all must-eats!

Liuting trotters

Famous snacks, the taste is Q-bomb, sweet and salty, especially when you chew the lean meat attached to the pork bone, the soft and elastic pig skin is really delicious, worthy of being called "The best hoof in the world".

Laoshan Mushroom Stewed Chicken

Fortunately, I went to Qingshan Fishing Village to eat this time. The pine mushrooms in Laoshan are very famous. Here, the local young roosters and pine mushrooms are stewed together. The stewed chicken is tender and the soup is delicious. Drinking Tsingtao Beer and eating clams is the correct way to start a trip to Qingdao! Clams can be bought at the wharf for 15 jin, and they can be processed in a beer house or ordered at a meal, which will not be very expensive.

all kinds of weird fish

I ate rays in Qingshan Fishing Village. Isn't this the devil fish flying above the head in the aquarium? It really adds to the experience of life. The fish is very soft and thornless. tasty!

Recommended Restaurant Lu's Baked Small Seafood

Shangri-La Shang Palace Chinese Restaurant

Qingdao Qingshan Fishing Village Laoshan Xianghe Family

Accommodation Qingdao Shangri-La

If you are traveling to Qingdao for the first time and you are bringing your family with you, don't hesitate to choose Shangri-La directly. The service of the old five-star hotel is undoubted. The best thing is its good location. There are convenience stores and Vientiane City downstairs. It takes 10 minutes to walk to May Fourth Square. How convenient it is to live in the city, I forgot to bring a diaper for my child, ordered takeaway, and it was delivered within 10 minutes for free.

cute parent-child room layout

If you bring children, you can experience the joy of children exclaiming when you open the door. Our parent-child room is ocean-themed, with handwritten cards, welcome fruit plate, Bai Qiao with family photos printed, children's bathrobes, toiletries, tents, toys , Anti-collision angle, every detail is very loving.

Breakfast and dinner are five-star buffets

It is very thoughtful and equipped with baby chairs and children's tableware. At breakfast, it also specially provides baby-exclusive cartoon airplane meals ✈️.

After dinner, you can go to the swimming pool and gym to play, as well as steaming and sauna rooms

hotel info

Address: No. 9, Hong Kong Middle Road, Shangri-La, Qingdao

Transportation: Get off at Wusi Square Station of Metro Line 2

Hotel parking free

[Weihai] A poem written for winter

In the late autumn, the fragrance sea "cooled down greatly yesterday", and the former Internet celebrity check-in place was empty, and the wooden house coffee on the beach stood in the strong wind, full of lonely beauty. Not long after, a large number of swans from Siberia will come to Weihai to avoid the cold. The Xianghai Swan Lake station has a good marine environment in Rongcheng, Weihai. years.

The cruise ship stranded by the typhoon met a large cruise ship along the way. I heard that it was a foreign cruise ship, which was stranded here because of the typhoon. It's so wonderful that it appears here, like a picture you will see in a doomsday-themed movie. I want to go on an adventure on the boat to see if there is any treasure hidden in it. Address: about 200m east of the RV camp of the small fifth team

Dream Seagrass House along the way

Driving along the road, we stopped at two villages full of seaweed houses. The distinctive features along the way are the seaweed houses, the sun shines on the village, and the blue sky and white clouds look like a fairy tale world. During the aerial photography, an old man passed by and said that the seaweed (big-leaved seaweed) used to build seaweed houses is getting less and less, and people don't build such houses anymore, and all the houses they see are old.

📍Chujiabo Village Weihai Rongcheng G228 📍Chenfengzhuang Village Weihai Rongcheng Zhongwa Line

The Fairy Tale World of Jinshiwan

When we arrived at Jinshi Bay, the sun illuminated the sea surface through the clouds. The lovely thatched cottage was built on the seashore. The wind was strong, and the waves beat against the reef. We opened our arms in the wind, like opening the sails of life. Jinshiwan Art Park is located in Rongcheng, Weihai, the easternmost point of China. The coastline is about 3.5 kilometers long, covering an area of ​​more than 750 mu, with a total construction area of ​​about 450,000 square meters. It is a four-in-one comprehensive complex integrating culture, education, tourism and real estate. Sexual Culture Park, the whole park has single houses and townhouses, art hotels, art galleries, education centers, art trading centers, five-star hotels and yacht clubs.

Transportation: Take public transportation Rongcheng No. 253 and get off at Hekou (bus station), and it is recommended to drive by yourself.

Tickets: 40 yuan/person Opening hours 08:00-18:00

Check out Weihai's two internet celebrity roads

The next day, the weather turned fine. The airy seaside town is so beautiful, the sky is very blue, the sea is very blue, and the wind is very light. Walking on the road, it seems that you can listen to your inner voice, and the sunshine can hit those bright and warm in your soul.

Went to check in Weihai's two Internet celebrity roads 📍Beishan Road 📍Torch Eighth Street

The path leading to the blue sea deserves all praise, and just walking up and down a street, up and down, bright joy fills the heart.


In Weihai, there is an excellent place to deeply experience Weihai's customs and customs - Haiyuan Park. There is not only the finely crafted beauty of the park, but also the surrounding part of the coastline that maintains the most primitive style. It has the landscape of Silian Island along the seafood in the central city, as well as the Heqing Wharf and the Memorial Hall of Chinese Laborers in World War I. It has a profound cultural and historical heritage. I bought very cheap seafood here in the evening. The price in Qingdao is unmatched, 15 catties of Pipi shrimp, 30 catties of big crabs, I bought them and found a restaurant to process them. I was so happy to eat!

The fireworks in the world of Hanlefang

Hanlefang is the first Korean culture-themed business park in China. As soon as you walk into Hanlefang, you will feel the "Korean flavor" coming to your face. Walking around, the buildings and shops passing by all reveal a strong Korean architectural style, such as magpies, Xiezhi, Taiji drums, Hahoe masks, painted temples, carved buildings... clustered beech trees, shaped pine trees , hibiscus, Korean rhododendron and other Korean characteristic seedlings, all kinds of homestays are gathered together to form a pure Korean style world. Most of the passing signs and street signs are written in Chinese and Korean, and the passers-by pass by communicate in Korean from time to time, giving people the illusion of being on the streets of South Korea. Here, you can not only enjoy authentic Korean food, but also buy your favorite Korean products at low prices.



One Whale Falls, Everything Lives A lonely whale sculpture by the seaside of Yantai. I finally got to see it. I set off to the beach at five o'clock in the morning and waited. Under the dark blue sky, everything was as quiet as a dream. The dawn is slightly rising, and the wind has lightened the blue. The air on the coastline in early winter is transparent and cold, and the world is impermanent. I just hope that I can calm down and enjoy every moment. Approaching it in weak light, I feel that it is shrouded in a huge sense of loneliness. When the sun rises, the light is so bright that it warms everything, and it is dawn. Walking along the long coastline of the golden sand beach is written in the poem. Living in this precious place In this world, the sun is strong, the water waves are gentle, the world is impermanent, and I hope that I can calm down and make the most of every moment.

Name: Lonely Whale (Free)

Location: Yantai Jinshatan Seaside Park

Suggestion: There are wonderful sculptures and buildings along the long coastline, and you can spend most of the day taking pictures while walking.

Fisherman's Wharf gentle years

Leaving Golden Beach, went to have a hot breakfast, and rushed to Fisherman's Wharf. At this moment, the bright sunshine has sprinkled the earth. Fisherman's Wharf is Yantai's online celebrity check-in place. Recently, a group of European-style photos have become popular again.

It is located next to the No. 2 Bathing Beach on Binhai Middle Road, Yantai. The architectural style of the scenic spot reflects the architectural features of Victoria, George and other marine styles. It is a comprehensive resort area and has been listed as a national 4A-level scenic spot. There are Haichang Whale Shark Ocean Park, Haichang Yudaishan Hot Spring, Food Style Street, Coastal Commercial Street... I found a place when I saw a large area of ​​European-style buildings from a distance. Sea oysters, there are a few fishing boats on the sea.

Go south to the southernmost point around Fisherman's Wharf and then go all the way west until it connects with the original wooden trestle bridge of Fisherman's Wharf. The simple and natural plank road dresses up the coastline. Yuejian Haitang Coffee Bar takes a break, a coffee bar with a perfect green space, the whole green space is a high grass slope, the photo looks like Wheat Island, there are many check-in points on the green lawn, a transparent table and chairs, Looking at the sea is really beautiful! It will be more romantic when the lights are on at night.

[Attraction Guide]

Detailed address: Fisherman's Wharf, No. 45 Binhai Middle Road, Laishan District, Yantai City, Shandong Province

Traffic guidance: High-speed rail to Yantai Station, and the taxi fare from Yantai Station to Fisherman's Wharf is about 15 yuan.

Take bus No. 7, 10, 17, or 61 and get off at the "Second Bathing Beach" station. There are multiple parking lots in the terminal for free parking.

📸Fisherman's Wharf Photo Guide Walk to the sidewalk of the nearby road, with European-style buildings as the background. Take a group photo with the lovely European-style buildings, and the cartoon fountain is very cute! Take the children to feed the pigeons in the square and take super loving parent-child photos. The sea is the best background color. Walking on the wooden plank road, let the sea breeze mess up the ends of your hair. Shooting seafood stalls at night also has a sense of vacation atmosphere

At the end of the trip, we went to Yangma Island

I think sunset must be the greatest romance in the world

From dawn to dusk, a song is sung.

In Chen Li's song: Thank you for being so dazzling, for being the star in my ordinary years

It is said that Qin Shihuang raised imperial horses here during his east tour, hence the name Yangma Island.

Yangma Island is located in the Yellow Sea, 30 kilometers east of Yantai and 9 kilometers north of Muping District. The total area is 10 square kilometers. Has been built into a provincial tourist resort

Attractions for taking photos

zhang island

The long plank road extends all the way to the sea. The red plank road echoes the blue sky and blue sea. On the day I went there, the wind and waves were very strong, and the sea water beat the reefs.

Qin Fengya

Must check in, there are iconic statues, seven horses galloping and a straight wooden plank road leading to two pavilions on the sea

good wine gone

A small tavern not far from Qinfengya, which is closed during the day, features a road sign at No. 1314 Huandao Road

Island diary

A very conspicuous small white building, it is both a homestay and a coffee.

lotus sunset

You can only go in when the tide is low. The hole is very small, just a concave groove. It is recommended to shoot with a super wide angle.

Self-driving: self-driving travel is recommended, the island has a road around the island, and each scenic spot has a parking place




Recommended accommodation in Yantai

Yantai Island Diary

Breaking Dawn B&B

Complex drinking with the city, a toast to the sunset, and a toast to time.

We stayed at the Daybreak B&B of the Island Diary B&B in Yantai. The owner of this store really understands the Internet and summons all the internet celebrity elements you can think of. The place is small and you can take photos all day long.

Daybreak, which integrates guest rooms, western food, coffee, and bars, has designed a lifestyle that belongs to a century-old bungalow, awakening the comfortable life of the holiday. In spare time, I want to find a quiet place to relax.

If the window is not a noisy street, but the endless sea, that would be great. Leaning against the vast sea, this place has become a "paradise" hidden in the city. I have been to the sea tea library to drink tea and hide in a hundred-year-old villa. Strawberry bears have fallen in every corner of the small western-style building. We ordered the stove to make tea, which is very suitable for autumn. We boiled water to make tea, roasted chestnuts and roasted persimmons, too. Interesting. The overall style of the store adopts a fresh new Chinese design, without deliberate installations, and has a simple and exquisite aesthetic feeling.

You can sit by the window all day. The slogan "I miss you very much in Yantai" at the door has become a place for online celebrities to check in in Yantai.

You can also drink coffee outdoors, the camping-style cafe, drink while watching the sea, the sun is very good and it will not be very cold in winter.

🏠Address: Building 4, No. 111, Dama Road, Yantai Binhai Plaza, No. 111, Dama Road, Zhifu District, Yantai City, Shandong Province