The second time I came to Qingdao,
But every time I come, the time is quite tight, and there are only two days each time.
The last time I came, I mainly stayed in the old city, strolled around the old buildings from the colonial period, and watched the people playing by the sea.
This time, I made up for the regret of the last time, and went to the northernmost Laoshan and the southernmost Huangdao District.
These two places are actually quite far from the main city, and public transportation is indeed a waste of time.
Therefore, if you want to play my route, you really need to rent a car and drive yourself.


D1 Yangkou Scenic Area--Mohai--Taiqing Palace
D2 Binhai College World Animal Museum--Golden Beach--Starlight Island--Mangrove Resort World


Yangkou - Mohai - Taiqing Palace, the first line is located in the Laoshan Scenic Area of ​​Qingdao.
Laoshan Scenic Area is actually a very large scenic spot (as shown in the picture below). Yangkou is located in the northwest, and then a few kilometers below is Mohai, and Taiqing Palace is in the south. The road on this line was actually connected before. You need to enter in different visitor centers for Taiqing Palace and Taiqing Palace.

It is worth mentioning that all scenic spots in Laoshan are now free of tickets, and you only need to buy a sightseeing ticket of 60 yuan.
For Yangkou Scenic Area, you can get there without taking a sightseeing car. When you drive to the parking lot of Yangkou Scenic Area, the scenic spot is opposite, and the parking lots of all scenic spots in Laoshan are also free. This is worth learning from other scenic spots in the country.

Although the ticket fee is free, you still need to make an appointment to register your ID card on the official website of Laoshan in advance, then arrive at the scenic spot, and you can enter the scenic spot by swiping your ID card directly.

After entering the scenic spot, the entrance to the Yangkou Cableway is on the left.
The one-way ticket for the cableway is 35, and it runs for about 20 minutes.
In fact, it is quite cost-effective. If you climb by yourself, this day is really hot and tiring.
And at the cableway mountain station, there is still a way to climb down the mountain.
The suggestion is to take the cableway up and then walk down, so that the scenery along the way will not be missed.

This is the road on the mountain, the slope is not particularly steep, and it is still very easy to walk, but the weather is too hot.

In the middle of the cableway, I met people who were carrying things up the mountain. No wonder the mineral water on the mountain is more expensive. It all depends on this kind of manpower to resist.

On one side are climbers who are trying to climb up
On one side are leisurely tourists sitting on the cable car.

In about 10 minutes, you can clearly see the coastline outside.
For me who grew up in Sichuan, every time I see the sea, I feel shocked, atmospheric and vast.

On the big stone beside the stone steps are the four big characters "Hua Gai welcomes guests". Hua Gai refers to Liu Ruozhuo, the real person of Hua Gai. He is a very famous Taoist priest in the history of Laoshan.

Continuing to walk up the mountain, it is the Taoist temple "Taiping Palace" of Huagai Zhenren. Among the existing temples in Laoshan, Taiping Palace is the oldest Taoist temple with historical data.

According to the inscriptions on the reconstruction of the Taiping Palace in the 45th year of Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty (1566) and the 10th year of Shunzhi in the Qing Dynasty (1653),
Taiping Palace is the dojo built by Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin (960-976) for Huagai real Liu Ruozhuo.
Because it was completed in the period of Taiping Xingguo, it was first named Taiping Xingguo Academy, and later renamed Taiping Palace.

Inside the Taiping Palace, old trees are luxuriant with new leaves, nourished by the sun in summer. We turned left and right into the inner courtyard, and we saw a "juniper" with a strange growth and a body full of protrusions. It really lived up to its name. In this Taoist temple full of incense, its pimples and the surrounding environment seem to complement each other and have a unique beauty.
Below the tree is the Temple of the God of Wealth.

The main hall is dedicated to Mazu.

The side hall on the left is Wenchang Hall.

Cross the path on the right side of the Taiping Palace and continue to walk up the mountain, which is another scene.
Large and small stones have also become animals here.

There is also an observation deck overlooking the entire coastline.
The view from here is the most beautiful, even more beautiful than the high places.

On one side is the sea and on the other side is the mountain.
This is what Qingdao attracts me the most.
Some people say that if you can't say Laoshan, it means you haven't been to Qingdao.
So, I have to come here to punch a card.

lion peak

In fact, it's nice not to take the cable car.
You can measure Laoshan step by step from the foot of the mountain, and then explore the unknown scenery step by step along the way.
This feeling is completely different from the feeling you get to the top all of a sudden, after seeing the peaks of the mountains, and then going down the mountain to see the scenery along the way.
When I saw the huge "Shou" on the mountain after watching the mountains and seas, I felt different again.

Then look back at the road you just walked, and the beautiful beach.

The beach opposite Yangkou Scenic Area is a public beach.
Although the weather is very hot, the parking lot is still full of cars, and most people go to this beach to play.
If I have more time, I also want to lie on the beach and have a rest.


Coming out of the Yangkou Scenic Area, I continued to drive along the coastal road, and arrived at the B&B in Mohai in 10 minutes.

This homestay called Mohai MOMER has become a landmark of Mohai.
The four-storey villa with green roof and red tiles has a strong Qingdao style. On the basis of retaining the structure of the villa, Mohai makes the most of the cliff and sea view. In the room, this quiet place between the mountains and the sea has the most beautiful scenery of Laoshan.

I really like the feeling of this seaside cliff, opposite the sea and the village.
Sitting on the edge of the cliff with friends, drinking a cup of coffee and blowing the sea breeze, how pleasant it is.

The B&B also has an infinity pool by the cliff, which is also a place where Internet celebrities check in locally.
When the weather is good, it must be very beautiful.

All rooms facing the sea in the B&B have large floor-to-ceiling windows. In good weather, the sun shines in with sparkling eyes. The large white sandy beach makes you desperately want to go for a run. In the evening, you can watch the sunset turn red In the mountains and seas, you can see the stars all over the night sky at night, and you can also see shooting stars in the lucky season.


Another must-see place in the Laoshan Scenic Area is the Taiqing Palace.
It should be noted here that after visiting the Yangkou Scenic Area, if you want to go to the Taiqing Palace, you need to go to the "Dahedong Tourist Service Center" to take a sightseeing bus.

The sightseeing bus to Taiqing Palace is also a pass, you can go to all places in the Laoshan scenic spot, but you need to go to different visitor centers.
The sightseeing bus will be closed at 5:30 pm, every 20 minutes, don't miss the last bus back.

The road to Taiqing Palace Square is a very beautiful seaside cliff road, so you must sit on the right side.
It's a pity that there is no viewing platform along the way to stop and take pictures.

The terminal is the famous Taiqing Palace in Laoshan.
Taiqing Palace is also the oldest and largest Taoist temple in Qingdao, with a history of more than 2,100 years.

Laoshan has a radius of hundreds of miles and is dotted with palaces and temples. There is a saying of "nine palaces, eight temples and seventy-two temples", among which the Taiqing Palace is the most famous.
According to records, in the Han Dynasty, Zhang Lianfu, the prefecture of Ruizhou in Jiangxi, abandoned his official position and came to Laoshan to practice Taoism.
In the first year of Tang Tianyou (904 A.D.), Taoist priest Li Zhexuan came here to build a temple to enshrine the statues of the Three Emperors, named "Sanhuang Temple", and later called "Taiqing Palace".
During the reign of Jin Zhangzong and Mingchang, Quanzhen Taoist priests Qiu Chuji and Liu Changsheng once expounded Quanzhen Taoism here.
Liu Changsheng founded the Quanzhen Suishan School here, and there are many believers. Taiqing Palace has become the ancestral home of the Quanzhen Suishan School of Taoism.

Among the many Taoist temples, Taiqing Palace is the earliest recorded Taoist ancestral home in Laoshan. It has been repaired in almost every dynasty and generation. So far, its architectural style still retains the typical style of Song Dynasty architecture. Among them, it is also very rare.

Tired of shopping, there is a Westernized KFC opposite Taiqing Palace for everyone to rest.


When I came to Qingdao, I discovered that there is actually a 4A scenic spot in the school of Qingdao Binhai College, and it is a museum.
Time reference: 1 to 2 hours
Tickets: 80 (adult tickets)
Mode of transportation: self-driving
(It is necessary to make an appointment on the official account of the museum in advance to enter. If you need to enter the license plate number when you make an appointment, you can drive directly to the campus the next day)

Qingdao Binhai College World Animal Natural Ecology Museum opened in March 2005, with an area of ​​more than 14,000 square meters and tens of thousands of collections. It is a comprehensive exhibition hall integrating natural ecology, animals, geology, oil paintings and other collections.

The museum consists of two buildings, and the order of visits is divided into three parts: the universe evolution exhibition area, the natural ecology exhibition area and the oil painting exhibition area.

Among them, the universe evolution exhibition area is composed of the Milky Way, the solar system, and the earth-moon system. This exhibition area makes full use of high-tech means such as sound, light, and electricity to display the mysteries of the universe and pursue the origin of life. The science and education films played in the three audio-visual rooms on our left show us What I want is some knowledge about the universe, animals and plants.

Ocean exhibition area

It is full of specimens of marine animals.

human origin

Africa Pavilion
The specimens of their respective African animals can be observed at zero distance here.

Entering the Africa exhibition area, there is also a cave area.

The specimens here are all lifelike, and you can observe them very closely.
It is very suitable for bringing children to give them popular science and natural knowledge.

Most animals are very rare to see in the African grasslands, but they can be easily seen here.

There is also a giraffe from Africa, he is the tallest animal here.

Elephants from Africa should be the largest animals here.

And our national treasure giant panda can also be seen here.

There are also other small animals in the forest.

In addition, there are many precious animal fossils, which can also be seen here.

Oil painting area:
The oil painting exhibition area is mainly composed of a collection of famous Chinese and foreign paintings, original masterpieces of foreign oil paintings, and a collection of oil paintings based on the campus culture of Qingdao Binhai College. There are nearly a thousand pieces of famous paintings by famous Chinese and foreign artists.

The oil painting exhibition area mainly provides students with art appreciation, professional painting skills training, etc. Oil painting allows visitors to appreciate the masterpieces of foreign oil painting masters without going abroad, and to learn and observe their different styles and characteristics at close range. At the same time, it also cultivated sentiment.

Oil paintings with revolutionary themes mainly allow visitors to strengthen patriotic education while appreciating the paintings. The creation of campus-themed oil paintings is something we have only explored in recent years. This will also be the development direction of oil paintings in the museum in the future, mainly to show visitors the style and style of our school's campus.


Qingdao Starlight Island, the Oriental movie capital, is a small island known as the ninth wonder of the world. In 2001, the dream of the crown prince of Dubai came into reality, and an island empire called the eighth wonder of the world-Palm Island was born in the vast desert. Relying on advanced planning and extreme luxury, Palm Island has attracted celebrities and rich people from all over the world to come to worship .
In 2015, China's cultural and tourism giant Wanda Group made a huge investment of 50 billion yuan, and recreated the ninth wonder of the world in Qingdao, the city of dreams in the East. This is a description of Xingguang Island by the local media. Although it is a bit suspicious, this island is indeed very beautiful. Those who have not been there can take the time to visit it.

Entering Starlight Island is a unique shell bridge, which has become a "net red bridge".

The Yinluo Theater and the Jinluo Show are two landmark buildings on the island.

The bar street has also been repaired, and many bars are also open for business.
A row of European-style buildings, many people come here to take wedding photos.


The last stop in Qingdao: Mangrove Tree Resort World.
Mangrove Tree Resort World is a one-stop vacation destination in northern China. It is a large-scale comprehensive coastal leisure and vacation destination integrating fashion and art, rest and vacation, cultural creativity, international conferences, film and television locations, shopping and entertainment.
It means that if you come to Qingdao, if you don't know where to go, you can stay in the mangrove forest for two days.

Coral Hotel, Coconut Grove Hotel
2 minutes walk to the beach
Every corner can feel the closeness of the sea

Large bathtub in hotel sea view room

Children's Adventure Kingdom
This is a child's paradise, and parents can even completely entrust their children here.

4000㎡ Children's Paradise
Have a world-renowned children's play equipment brand
David Taylor complete set of imported equipment

There is also the Devil's Big Slide, which is the children's favorite.

mangrove spring,
The large open-air hot spring area allows you to soak in the hot spring while watching the sea.

Facing the sea and enjoying the first-line sea view of Lingshan Bay

Collection of hot springs, spa, Japanese cuisine, children's playground, KTV, etc.
Leisure and entertainment in one.

germany town square
This is very similar to the central station in Europe, and it is also the location of many newcomers' wedding dresses.

In the coffee shop next to the town square, order a cup of coffee, sit down and enjoy the afternoon tea leisurely.

I especially recommend their 3D printed coffee. You only need to send a photo to the owner, and your image can be printed on the coffee.

Mangrove Food Court,
Here is a collection of snacks from all over the country,
From pasta and Qingdao local seafood, everything can be satisfied here.


Finally, before the heavy rain came, I went to Golden Beach.
Next to it is the Beer Square, and it is said that the main venue of the Tsingtao Beer Festival is also here.
Although there is a typhoon warning, the beach has been closed and tourists are not allowed to go to the sea.
But there are still many people playing on the beach.
The parking lot also has a steady stream of cars coming in, probably because of the Qixi Festival. Although the weather is bad, I feel that there are a lot of people.

Golden Beach is one of the finest, largest and most beautiful beaches in China, known as "the first beach in Asia".
This is also a scenic spot developed to the public free of charge, and parking is also very cheap, and you can park for a long time for 5 yuan.

It's just that when I came, the typhoon was coming soon, and the waves were so big that we were not allowed to go into the sea.
The staff is also busy cleaning up the entertainment facilities on the shore,
Merchants renting tents on the beach are already busy packing the tents, covering them with tape, and then covering them with a thick layer of sand.

It began to rain slowly on the beach, and the sky gradually darkened.
And my trip to Qingdao is coming to an end.
This time I went to places where I failed to check in last time.
I am also looking forward to my next trip to Qingdao,
Where should we go next time?