I fell in love with Tibet three years ago; during this time, I couldn't stop waiting. In April of the previous year, I went to Wugong Mountain. In January last year, I went to Mount Siguniang. In July last year, I went to Shangri-La and Yubeng. In October last year, I went to Mount Wutai. I have no reason for these heavenly sights. Not in love with them.

This time, after my senior high school entrance examination, I came to the long-awaited snow-covered plateau—Tibet!

"Everything has its reason" ("Book of Changes"). That's right, the big bang at the singularity created the stars and even the world—the earth, and the earth's activities caused the continents to drift to form various geographical environments, all creatures and even human beings, and the geographical environments created different folk cultures. Therefore, this time I am going to take a natural and cultural trip to Tibet.

I, a train fan, never believed in the concept of "trains enter Tibet, planes leave Tibet", so I chose the round-trip train; due to the tight preparation tasks of the new senior one, my schedule was very fast. In Tibet, I visited 3 Area: Nyingchi (lowest altitude in 2 days) → Lhasa (medium altitude in 1 day) → Shigatse (higher altitude in 1 day) → Naqu (highest altitude in 1 day).

Here is a brief itinerary of the natural and cultural Tibet tour:

Day 0 Beijing-Xining (T175 train)

Day 0 - Xining - Lhasa (T175 to Z6801)

Day 0 - Lhasa - Nyingchi (Z6801 train to car)

Day 1 Nyingchi - Brahmaputra Grand Canyon - Nyingchi

The second day Nyingchi-Basongcuo-Nyingchi

Day 3 Nyingchi-Lhasa, Lhasa

Day 4 Lhasa - Shigatse - Lhasa 【Pure Cultural Tour】

Day 5 Lhasa - Namtso - Lhasa 【Pure Natural Walking Tour】

Day 6 Lhasa, Lhasa-Shanghai (Z166 train)

Day 0 On the train (Z166 train)

Day 0 Arrive in Shanghai

*Strategy: If you are not sure that you can withstand high altitude, it is recommended to fly to Nyingchi first, and take a shuttle bus from Nyingchi to a higher altitude area. (Before the opening of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway,) it is not recommended to take the Qinghai-Tibet train to Lhasa and then transfer to a car Going to Linzhi, because taking the Qinghai-Tibet train will cross many mountain passes above 4,900 meters above sea level. If you must take the Qinghai-Tibet train, it is best not to stay too long when you first arrive in Lhasa. It is best to go to Linzhi, Shannan and other low-altitude areas immediately.

Next is the specific itinerary:

Day 0 Departure on 2019-08-09

Since the direct train ticket is unavailable, it is necessary to transfer from Xining


Beautiful scenery of Shanxi Mountains after the rain

beautiful scenery of gansu morning sunrise


Yellow River


Finally the ticket was checked, and I stepped on the train to Tibet

luxury train to Tibet

beautiful scenery of qinghai qinghai lake grassland gobi sunset

Qinghai Lake



#Interesting facts: When I woke up from sleep on the train to Tibet, I

Listening to the whirring sound of the air conditioner, I thought I was in an ambulance. When I found myself still on the train, I was suddenly relieved, "Oh, it was a false alarm!"

"Isn't this the train to Tibet?" I suddenly realized, "Yeah! I finally went to Tibet!" I was very excited, and the next step was the beginning of my "dream"!

The beautiful scenery of Nagqu, Tibet, Cuona Lake, grassland, sunrise, rain scene

The highest freshwater lake in the world and the source of the Nujiang River - Cuona Lake - a dazzling pearl on the plateau!

prairie sunrise

Nagqu Station

Northern Tibet Prairie

rain scene

Day 0 2019-08-11 Arrive in Lhasa, transfer to Linzhi Bayi Town

11:21 (arrive in Lhasa,) Hello, Lhasa!

11:30 Take Didi to Dongjiao Passenger Station ¥45/car

12:35 Take a bus from Dongjiao Passenger Station to Bayi Town (bus)

*Strategy: It is best to take the bus from Lhasa to Nyingchi (before the opening of the Lalin Railway), the air circulation of the bus is good, the time is 5 hours, the fare is ¥155, the air is blocked by the small business car, the time is 4.5 hours, the fare is ¥185 In addition, from Lhasa to Nyingchi and Damxiong, you need to take a bus from "Lhasa Eastern Suburb Bus Station", and to Ali, you need to take a bus from "Lhasa North Suburb Bus Station". Different arrival locations are different.

17:55 Arrive in Nyingchi and start a natural and cultural Tibet tour

19:00: Dinner - Lulang Matsutake Chicken in Stone Pot

The first day 2019-08-12 Bayi Town - Brahmaputra Grand Canyon - Bayi Town


"Some people say that it is almost impossible to see Namjagbarwa during the rainy season"

——It is estimated that we will not be able to see the South Peak this time, so let’s wait for the next dry season.

8:30 Departure to Pai Town (small business car)


The car is passing through the dense forest, passing through...

Suddenly, after a turn, the car walked out of the forest. A tall, white thing came into view and I thought it was a cloud, but...


"Wow! Namjagbarwa! I finally saw Namjagbarwa! The scenery is so spectacular!" I almost dropped my jaw in shock and thought excitedly. That day was "avoid going out". I thought that Nanga Bawa Peak would definitely not be seen, but I didn't expect the fact to be completely opposite to what I thought. At this moment, I experienced a surprise that I had never had before!

11:00 Tour the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon by car

I have a great relationship with Namjagbarwa. As soon as I get on the bus, the mountain is "covered with a veil", and when I get off the car, the mountain reveals its beautiful body again.

12:10&13:30 Watching Namjagbarwa Peak from different angles

(Looking up from a low place,) The sharp glaciers are "carved" on the top of Namjagbarwa Peak, which looks extremely tall, majestic and unattainable, as if there is a huge gap between us. I was so in awe.

(Looking up from a high place,) At this time, the feeling is completely different, I have a sense of intimacy, she has become very gentle, and the snow on the hillside is extremely beautiful. It's as if you want to embrace the whole world in your arms.


Swinging beside Nanga Bawa Peak, I feel very comfortable...

(Swinging) It is really interesting to look backwards at Namjagbarwa Peak.

14:30 Visit the Tibetan Cultural Folk Village

According to the tour guide,

"In April 2018, when the output of Cordyceps sinensis was more abundant than in previous years, the Tibetans in Jiala village did not follow the traditional rules to collect caterpillar fungus in order to make money; finally, in May, a serious incident occurred in Jiala village. Big avalanche, only one survivor!"

Although there may not be a scientific connection between the two, if there is a connection, then we must not be insatiable as human beings, but must abide by the rules. In this regard, I can only be a warning.

Looking at the Nanga Bawa Peak accompanying me in the distance, I am more in awe of nature...

15:30 Take the shuttle bus back to Bayi Town

Those two drivers were so ruthless, they drove me frightened when they came, and made me sick when they returned. From Nyingchi Bayi Town to Pai Town (at the entrance of the Grand Canyon), half is a highway and the other half is a mountain road; friends, you must be mentally prepared for the mountain road!

Day two 2019-08-13 Basongcuo one-day tour

Since the body was not very comfortable that day, I only want to show you the pictures of Basongcuo, and take the through train back and forth. I will not introduce the scenic spots in detail. I am really sorry!

10:00 Take a boat tour to Basongcuo

12:50 Go to the viewing platform to shoot Basongcuo

15:50 Kadinggou Tianfo Waterfall

The third day 2019-08-14 Return to Lhasa, visit Jokhang Temple and Yaowang Mountain in the afternoon

8:00 Take the shuttle bus to Lhasa (departure at 7:00 at the earliest, did not catch up)

Route: Luckily, it didn’t rain when we visited Nyingchi, but it rained when we left Nyingchi

13:30 Arrive at Lhasa Eastern Suburb Passenger Station

*Strategy: In Lhasa, it is best to download a "Didi Taxi" app, because the taxis in Lhasa are not metered, and the price is a rip-off, while "Didi Taxi" has a transparent price and charges by meter, which is suitable for people on the road; The bus is very cheap, you can take it casually for ¥1, but the waiting time for the bus is long, suitable for those who have plenty of time

14:00 Tour the Jokhang Temple

Jokhang Temple, a magical temple - a product of piety and compassion. Whether it is a silent worshiper for the future, a merciful person who sacrificed himself to help the people, or a tireless preacher, I am deeply moved by their spirit. I want to learn from them and use my meager strength to contribute to society as much as possible , Serve the people.

(You can't take pictures in the temple, sorry)

Jokhang Temple

Jokhang Temple

18:10 Visit Yaowang Mountain.

It faces the Potala Palace, which used to be the shooting location of the back view of the "50 Yuan" RMB. This time I'm here!

Potala Palace

lovely figure of my father

19:55 (on the top floor of the hotel) Shoot the sunset and night view of the Potala Palace.

Looking at the illuminated Potala Palace from a distance, the magnificence adds a mysterious color.

The brightly lit Jokhang Temple is very attractive!

Day 4 2019-08-15 Shigatse Train Day Tour [Pure Cultural Tour]

8:30 Take the train to Shigatse Station

Raj railway scenery

11:25 Transfer to bus to Tashilhunpo Monastery (Bus No. 8)

12:45 Taste Tibetan food (grilled beef tongue)

This is the best meal I have ever eaten. The Tibetan food in Shigatse is really authentic, which is very different from the commercial Tibetan food in Lhasa or even the Tibetan food in the mainland.

13:55 Visit Tashilhunpo Monastery【Learn about culture】

Different from the Jokhang Temple, its characteristic is that it is quiet. The 1st to 13th Panchen Lamas studied here; in addition, those who built temples and cultivated virtues were buried in the holy tower after their death; Gold, silver and precious stones all exude the light of faith!

Tashilhunpo Monastery

Tashilhunpo Monastery Shigatse city view

16:10~17:00 Turn the prayer wheel along the temple [experience culture]

Although it was very, very tiring to complete a round of torment, when I finished turning all the prayer wheels, I felt a kind of unspeakable joy in my heart, which made me forget all distracting thoughts.

——"Quantitative change leads to qualitative change". Therefore, as long as it is correct, never give up doing one thing, otherwise the good results will leave us...

17:15 Taste Tibetan sweet tea

18:40 The train departs and returns to Lhasa

This time the seat was in the opposite direction from when we came, so I took some pictures of the evening scenery of the Raj Railway

Rapeseed field

21:33 Arrive at Lhasa Station

Day 5 2019-08-16 Namtso Day Tour


I remember the explanatory article "Why Namtso is getting bigger and bigger" in the Shanghai Ermo Chinese language. I am full of yearning for the magical Namtso. So, regardless of my physical weakness, I directly ordered a direct train from Lhasa to Namtso!

6:55 Depart from Lhasa White Tower, take a through train to Namtso

Fortunately, I also grabbed a viewing seat.

9:00 Watch the Nyainqentanglha Peak

Looking at the majestic mountain peaks, beautiful grasslands, clear pools and blue sky, I thought of the song "Plateau Blue". Looking at "Amei's clothes and eyes", I burst into tears...

"Yeah, I'm attached; I'm ah, Iye"

"The plateau is beautiful, the plateau is blue, I miss those clear eyes under the blue sky"

"The sky is blue, the ground is blue, and my heart is sweet when I think of my sister"

11:00 Visit Nalagan Pass

The altitude here is 5100, and the mountains are all reddish-brown. Looking down through the prayer flags, the beautiful Namtso comes into view. Take out the telescope and see the small waves, which have a layer of mystery...

12:30 Arrive at Namtso and start hiking

Look at the beautiful Namtso: quiet mountain + moving water = extremely attractive; if we compare the quiet mountain and moving water to two types of people, perhaps these two types of people are indispensable in society. If this is the case, then respect and solidarity among people are especially important.

Tashi Peninsula rocks

The lake of Namtso facing away from the sun is like a large piece of blue gem, which is quite different from the lake facing the sun.

I walked to the lake to touch the waves, and the waves splashed on my pants like an angry fairy, and I immediately avoided it; yes, the lake in Namtso is gradually rising and getting bigger and bigger, the root cause is climate change The melting of glaciers and permafrost caused by warming and the reduction of lake evaporation. It seems that we really want to treat the environment as we treat life!

*Strategy: Tashi Peninsula can be hiked, a total of 4 kilometers, but it must be guaranteed for 2.5 hours. At that time, the driver only gave us 2 hours of tour time, so I ran wildly in the latter part of the journey. I was in a hurry. In the end, I went crazy Ugh, it's extremely painful. (But the beauty of the scenery is far better than these little sad ones)

14:59 Rush to the parking lot and close the door

15:00 depart on time and return to Lhasa

Due to the overworked running, I had a headache and suffered 5.5 hours to Lhasa. So, donkey friends, I would like to add: When hiking on the plateau, you must plan well and leave a spare time, otherwise strenuous running on the plateau will cause great harm to people.

20:30 Finally arrived in Lhasa

Day 6 2019-08-17 Lhasa, Lhasa~Shanghai (train Z166)

7:40 Taste the special Tibetan breakfast - Tibetan noodles, sweet tea, steamed buns with milk dregs

8:10~9:30 Visit Bajiao Street (Bajiao Street)

I saw many pilgrims on Bajiao Street in the morning, and one of them left a deep impression on me: he only had one leg, but he slid forward with all his strength, instead of taking three steps. Yes, no matter how difficult it is, how pious he is!

10:15 Take bus No. 10 to Lhasa Station

11:00 Check in and get on the train

I have left Tibet, although I still have a little bit of reluctance in my heart, but I believe that this parting is the next beautiful meeting.

Fortunately, when buying tickets: no tickets for hard seats, no tickets for hard sleepers, and the last soft sleeper.

This is the first time I have taken a train ticket with a four-digit fare. Such a luxurious soft sleeper has greatly increased the happiness index of me, a train fan!


Nagqu Afternoon Nyainqentanglha Mountain Glacier

Afternoon view of Cuona Lake

Two-color Cuona Lake

Tanggula Mountain Pass brown soil glacier

Jingshan + ground breaking

rare river

Panorama of Mount Tanggula

Tanggula Mountains

Tanggula Mountains

wind volcano lightning

beautiful scenery in gansu

beautiful scenery of shaanxi

On the train, I met a like-minded little brother who shared my love for travel. He was about to enter his third year of high school and would go to Guangdong to serve as a soldier. I admired his courage very much, and at the same time, I was also worried about him. "Come on, brother! You are the most handsome!"

It's so fun to eat in the "view restaurant" (dining car) with that little brother!

The food in the train dining car is as good as the taste of high-end restaurants

The ancient capital of thirteen dynasties passing by in a hurry - Xi'an

Chuzhou Chaojing Morning Fog

pastoral scenery

Day 0 2019-08-19

The train arrived at the terminal station, Shanghai Station, and the natural and cultural Tibet tour came to a perfect end!


Some scientists believe that the world may be four-dimensional, and the fourth dimension may be time; for creatures, I think their world is five-dimensional, and the fourth dimension is the same as their ideas, while the fifth dimension is "feeling and Cognition"! Changes in time and space affect changes in "feeling and cognition".

This natural and cultural trip to Tibet not only gave me an extraordinary experience, but also broadened my understanding of the world and broadened my horizons.

"There are no two identical leaves in the world", so everyone's suitable travel method is different. I am suitable for the type of "suffering + suffering = the most beautiful scenery". No matter what, the one that suits you is the best...

Thanks for reading!

——Endless Railroad



Recommended hotels:

Lhasa: James Joyce Coffetel (Jokhang Temple)

Nyingchi: Royal Jiangnan Hotel

Traffic in and out of Tibet:


1. If there is a ticket, far inland - (direct) → Lhasa (sleeper tickets are more difficult to buy)

2. If there is no ticket, far inland → Xining → Lhasa (sleeper tickets are relatively easy to buy)

3. The train from Lhasa to Shigatse has been opened to traffic, one-day round-trip is very affordable, and hard-seat tickets are easy to buy

4. There will be a train connection between Lhasa and Nyingchi

⑵ aircraft:

1. Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Chongqing, Chengdu, Kunming, Lhasa, and Xining all have direct flights to Nyingchi, and the air tickets fluctuate greatly, so travel friends can open the air ticket price reduction reminder mode (with Ctrip) to buy tickets

2. Except for Beijing, flights from other inland areas to Lhasa have to stop or even transit

⑶ Self-driving/car:

It is recommended to take National Highway 318 instead of National Highway 109

Tibet Raiders:

1. Natural scenery

Forest + Snow Mountain = Nyingchi (Nanga Bawa Peak/Jala Bailei Peak)

Grassland + Snow Mountain = Damxung (Nyainqentanglha Mountain)

Wilderness + Snow Mountain = Shigatse/Ngari (Mount Everest/Mount Shishapangma/Mount Kailash)

2. Cultural scenery

Lhasa - Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery

Shigatse - Tashilhunpo Monastery

3. High oxygen areas

1. Nyingchi (Medog)

2. Shannan (Yadong)

3. Lingzhi (Bomi)

I wish all comrades a happy life!