Tibet - Lhasa - Potala Palace Square - Potala Palace

Tibet - Gongbu Jiangda - Basongcuo

Tibet - Nyingchi - Lulang

Tibet-Linzhi-Niyang River Scenery

Tibet-Tingri-Mount Everest National Park-Mount Everest

Tibet-Tingri-Everest National Park-Everest Base Camp

Tibet - Damxung - Namtso

Qinghai-Menyuan-Rapeseed Flower Sea

Experience the ultimate plateau of "people and car life" Feel the beauty of the heaven of spiritual baptism 2018 June and July 2018 West Sichuan, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau self-driving travel strategy (1)

The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is a land of holiness and harmony, where man and nature are one. Walking into the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau seems to mean going from modern to primitive, from civilization to mystery, from impetuous to calm. This is not only the roof of the world, but also a sacred place that countless people yearn for.

Although I have been to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau more than once, I have always dreamed of traveling there by car. In order to turn this dream into reality, a lot of basic preparations such as material and physical aspects have been done in recent years. Since the beginning of this year, after a lot of intense planning and preparation, the trip finally took place in early June, starting a self-driving tour of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau of "Sichuan in and Qing out". By July 12, the self-driving tour that lasted 39 days and traveled 12,900 kilometers came to an end and returned smoothly.

This journey starts from Shantou, Guangdong, and passes through 10 provinces including Guangxi, Guizhou, Sichuan, Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Shaanxi, Hubei, Jiangxi and Guangdong. Although the time is only 39 days, it has experienced a year of climate change in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The temperature ranges from the cold winter of around zero to the scorching heat of 38 degrees above zero. The whole journey is 12,900 kilometers, and the average daily driving is about 330 kilometers.

During this journey, I spent nearly a month walking and playing in these high-altitude places such as western Sichuan and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. There are more than 20 high mountains with an altitude of more than 4000 meters, of which there are as many as 8 mountains with an altitude of more than 5000 meters. The place with the highest altitude and the longest stay is Mount Everest Base Camp, with an altitude of 5,200 meters; the place with the highest altitude for overnight accommodation is Anduo County, with an altitude of 4,800 meters.

This journey not only fulfilled the dream, but also experienced the Chinese landscape and landscape avenue at 30 degrees north latitude and National Highway 318. Travel across the vast grasslands, climb over the majestic mountains, appreciate the picturesque Tibetan villages, and feel the poetry and songs of the distance. Go all the way and gain a lot. Exclaim at its danger, marvel at its beauty. It is a rare temper and experience in life, and at the same time, it also writes beautiful memories of life.

Tibet-Gongbu Jiangda-Scenery along the way

Tibet - Gongbu Jiangda - Basongcuo

Tibet-Gongbu Jiangda-Scenery along the way

Tibet-Lhasa-Potala Palace night view

Tibet - Damxung - Namtso

Tibet-Tingri-Mount Everest National Park

Gansu-Qilian-Zoer Mountain Scenic Area

Gansu-Zhangye-Colorful Danxia Scenic Area

The specific itinerary is as follows:

D1 June 4th (Monday) Shantou - Pingle (780 km)

Accommodation: Vienna Hotel (Pingle Bus Station Branch), No. 1 Tongle Avenue, Pingle Town, Pingle County

D2 June 5th (Tuesday) Pingle - Zunyi (690 kilometers)

Accommodation: Zunyi Famous City Fangzhou Hotel, Tianyu Building Materials Market, Outer Ring Road, Honghuagang District, Zunyi City

D3 June 6 (Wednesday) Zunyi-Luzhou (290 kilometers)

Tour: Zunyi Conference Site, Luzhou Laojiao National Treasure Cellar Pool

Accommodation: Luzhou Weiyi Hotel, next to Sichuan Police College, No. 36 Jiangyang West Road, Dashanping, Jiangyang District, Luzhou City

D4 June 7th (Thursday) Luzhou-Kangding (450 kilometers)

Tour: Kangding Ancient City, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Museum

Accommodation: Kangding Segedimi Hotel, Building 6, District 1, Alpine Style Town, No. 1 Gongga Road, Xincheng, Kangding County (2560 meters above sea level)

D5 June 8th (Friday) Kangding - Mugecuo (Kangding) - Xinduqiao (Kangding) (25+95 total 120 kilometers)

Tour: Kangding Love Song Scenic Area (also known as Mugecuo Scenic Area), Zheduo Mountain Pass (4298 meters above sea level), overlooking Gongga Mountain, Xindu Bridge

Accommodation: Xinduqiao Meiyu Hotel, Xinyi Village, Xinduqiao Town, Kangding (3630 meters above sea level)

D6 June 9th (Sat) Xinduqiao (Kangding) - Yajiang - Litang - Batang (65+135+170 total 370 kilometers)

Tour: Jianziwan Pass (4,659 meters above sea level), Xiongzongka (4,281 meters above sea level), Kazila Pass (4,718 meters above sea level), the world’s highest city—Litang (4,014 meters above sea level), the alpine grassland in western Sichuan (Litang Grassland, Maoya Prairie, Cuopu Grassland), Haizi Mountain Pass (4625 meters above sea level), Sister Lake

Residence: Batang Grand Hyatt Hotel, No. 121, Dujiaolong Village, Batang County (2580 meters above sea level)

D7 June 10 (Sun) Batang-Mangkang-Zuogong (105+160 total 265 kilometers)

Tour: Three Rivers (Jinsha River, Lancang River, Nu River) valley scenery, Zongbala Mountain Pass (4150 meters above sea level), Lawu Mountain Pass (4376 meters above sea level), Dongda Mountain Pass (5130 meters above sea level)

Accommodation: Zuogong Yuexi Resort Hotel, Zuogong County Wanda Town New District (3816 meters above sea level)

D8 June 11 (Monday) Zuogong - Basu - Ranwu Lake (Basu) (200+100 total 300 kilometers)

Tour: Bangda Grassland, Yela Mountain Pass (4658 meters above sea level), 72 turns of Nujiang River (also known as Sichuan-Tibet 99 bends), Nujiang Grand Canyon, Anjiula Mountain Pass (4475 meters above sea level), Ranwu Lake

Accommodation: Basu Ranwu International Self-Driving RV Camping Camp, Waba Village, Ranwu Town, Basu County (3960 meters above sea level)

D9 June 12th (Tuesday) Ranwu Lake (Basu) - Laigu Glacier (Basu) - Ranwu Lake (Basu) (35+35 total 70 kilometers)

Tour: Laigu Glacier, Ranwu Lake

live: ditto

D10 June 13 (Wednesday) Ranwu Lake (Basu) - Midui Glacier (Bomi) - Bomi - 52K Forestry Workstation (Medog) - Bomi (30+95+30+30 total 185 kilometers)

Tour: Palong Zangbo River, Midui Glacier Scenic Spot, Midui Village, Galongla Mountain (Galongla Tunnel)

Accommodation: Bomi Huating Hotel, No. 1 Deqing Road, Bomi County (2725 meters above sea level)

Sichuan-Luzhou-Luzhou Laojiao National Treasure Cellar Pool

Sichuan - Litang - Kazila Mountain Pass - Alpine Meadow

Sichuan - Batang - scenery along the way

Tibet-Basu-Nu River 72 turns

Tibet-Basu-Anjiula Mountain Pass

Tibet - Basu - Palong Zangbo River

D11 June 14th (Thursday) Bomi-Lulang (Linzhi) (190km)

Tour: Bomigang Township Nature Reserve (Ganoderma lucidum and spruce forest in Bomigang Township), Tongmai Bridge, Lulang Huahai Ranch, Lulang Town

Accommodation: Lulang Pearl River International Hotel, South District, Lulang International Town, Bayi District, Nyingchi (3285 meters above sea level)

D12 June 15th (Friday) Lulang (Linzhi) - Linzhi (80km)

Tour: Lulang Forest Sea, Sejila Mountain Pass (4728 meters above sea level), Bayi Town

Accommodation: Linzhi Merrill Lynch International Hotel, Textile New Street, Bayi Town, Linzhi City (2930 meters above sea level)

D13 June 16th (Sat) Nyingchi - Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon Scenic Area (Milin) ​​- Nyingchi (85+85 total 190 kilometers)

Tour: Niyang River Scenery, Yani National Wetland Park, Brahmaputra Grand Canyon Scenic Spot, Nanga Bawa Peak Observation Deck

live: ditto

D14 June 17 (Sun) Nyingchi-Basong Co (Gongbu Jiangda) (125 km)

Tour: Basong Co Scenic Area, Jieba Village

Accommodation: Linzhi Gongbujiang Dacangyang B&B, No. 4784, Gongbujiang Daba Songcuo Jieba Village (in the Ba Songcuo Scenic Area) (3722 meters above sea level)

D15 June 18 (Monday) Basong Co (Gongbu Jiangda) - Mainstay (Gongbu Jiangda) - Lhasa (110+260 total 370 kilometers)

Tour: Mainstay, Mila Pass (5013 meters above sea level), Lhasa River, Potala Palace Yaowang Mountain Observation Deck

Accommodation: Vienna Hotel (Lhasa Potala Palace Park Branch) No. 25, Linkuo North Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa (next to the Forestry Office) (3650 meters above sea level)

D16 June 19 (Tue) Lhasa (30km)

Tour: Potala Palace, Norbulingka, Sera Monastery, Drepung Monastery

Vehicle maintenance: Lhasa Kangda Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd. No. 3, Jinzhu West Road, Lhasa

live: ditto

D17 June 20 (Wednesday) Lhasa

Tour: Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Potala Palace Square, night view of Potala Palace Square

live: ditto

D18 June 21 (Thursday) Lhasa - Yamdrok Yumco (Langkazi) - Gyantse - Shigatse (80+200+90 total 370 kilometers)

Tour: Zongjiao Lukang Park (also known as Longwangtan Park), Yarlung Zangbo River, Gangbala Pass (5030 meters above sea level), Yamdrok Yumco, Karola Glacier, Manla Reservoir Observation Deck

Lodging: Vienna International Hotel (Jilin South Road, Zabulunbu Temple, Shigatse) Legang Industry, Jilin South Road, Sangzhuzi District, Shigatse City (3836 meters above sea level)

D19 June 22 (Fri) Shigatse - Tingri (240 km)

Tour: Zhabulunbu Monastery, Gyatso La Pass (also known as Dingrijie, 5220 meters above sea level, the pass of Mount Everest National Nature Reserve)

Accommodation: Tingri Sovereign Hotel, Baiba, Tingri County, PetroChina, 200 meters in the direction of Mount Everest (4400 meters above sea level)

D20 June 23rd (Sat) Tingri - Everest Base Camp (Tingri) - Tingri (110+110 total 220 kilometers)

Tour: Mount Everest National Park, Uzila Mountain Pass Observation Deck (5210 meters above sea level, you can overlook 4 snow-capped mountains above 8000 meters including Mount Everest, Cho Oyu, Lhotse and Makalu) , Rongbuk Monastery, Mount Everest Base Camp (5200 meters above sea level), Mount Everest Observation Deck, Everest Elevation Measurement Monument, Rongbuk Glacier

live: ditto

Tibet-Linzhi-Lulang-Lulang Linhai

Tibet - Gongbu Jiangda - Basongcuo

Tibet - Lhasa - Potala Palace

Tibet - Lhasa - Jokhang Temple

Tibet-Langkazi-Yamdrok Yumco

Tibet - Shigatse - Zaburunpo Monastery

Tibet-Tingri-Everest National Park-Everest Base Camp-Altitude Monument

Tibet - Tingri - Mount Everest National Park - Panshan Highway

D21 June 24th (Sunday) Tingri—Dangxiong (580 kilometers)

Tour: Yangbajing Geothermal Area

Accommodation: Damxung Holy Lake Tourist Hotel, No. 186, East Road, Damxung County (4200 meters above sea level)

D22 June 25th (Monday) Damxung - Namtso (Dangxiong) - Nagqu - Amdo (65+170+145 total 380 kilometers)

Tour: Nagenla Mountain Pass (5190 meters above sea level), Namtso-Nyainqentanglha Mountain National Scenic Area, Nagqu Alpine Grassland (Qiangtang Grassland)

Accommodation: Tianci Business Hotel, Anduo Naqu, diagonally opposite Sanjiangyuan Hotel, National Highway 109, Anduo County (4,800 meters above sea level)

D23 June 26 (Tuesday) Anduo-Golmud (690 kilometers)

Tour: Huofeng Mountain Pass (5010 meters above sea level), Tanggula Mountain Pass (5231 meters above sea level), Hoh Xil National Nature Reserve (Kokeh Xil Antelope Observation Deck, Hoh Xil Snow Mountain Observation Deck), Tuotuo River, Kunlun Mountain Pass (4780 meters above sea level), Overlooking Mount Yuzhu

Accommodation: Golmud Xinglong Building Hotel, No. 46 Bayi East Road, Golmud City (2850 meters above sea level)

D24 June 27th (Wednesday) Golmud

Travel: rest, go shopping

live: ditto

D25 June 28th (Thursday) Golmud - Xiaochaidan (Delingha) - Wusute Water Yardang Geopark (Golmud) - Dachaidan (Delingha) (160+165+215 total 540 kilometers)

Tour: Qaidam Basin (Chaerhan Salt Lake National Mine Park, Salt Lake Museum, Salt Lake Potash Fertilizer Company, Chaerhan Salt Lake, Wanzhang Salt Bridge, Wusute Water Yardang Geological Park)

Accommodation: Dachaidan Wanhe Xinyue Hotel, at the junction of Innovation Street and Tuanjie Road, Dachaidan Town (3176 meters above sea level)

D26 June 29th (Friday) Dachaidan (Delingha) - Delingha (240km)

Tour: Lover's Lake (freshwater Crook Lake and saltwater Tosu Lake)

Accommodation: Oriental Hyatt Hotel Delingha, at the intersection of Kunlun Road and Tianjun West Road, Delingha City (2980 meters above sea level)

D27 June 30th (Sat) Delingha - Chaka Salt Lake (Ulan) - Heima River (Republic) (200+90 total 290 kilometers)

Tour: Chaka Salt Lake Scenic Spot, Qinghai Lake

Accommodation: Qinghai Lake Resort Hotel Heimahe Township, Qinghai Lakeside, Gonghe County (2880 meters above sea level)

D28 July 1st (Sunday) Heima River (Gonghe) - Around Qinghai Lake - Heima River (Gonghe) - Xining (360+210 total 570 kilometers)

Tour: around Qinghai Lake, Sand Island, Jinyintan Grassland, Atomic City Scenic Area

Accommodation: Vienna Hotel (Xining Delingha Road Branch) Newly built Haosen Apartment complex, No. 56, Delingha Road, Chengdong District, Xining City (2250 meters above sea level)

D29 July 2 (Monday) Xining (20km)

Tour: Mojia Street, Dongguan Grand Mosque, rest

Vehicle maintenance: Qinghai Saiyan Huasen Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd. No. 22, Kunlun East Road, Xining City

live: ditto

D30 July 3rd (Tuesday) Xining-Huangheqing Bridge (Guide)-Kambula National Forest Park (Jianzha)-Xining (85+30+110 total 225 kilometers)

Tour: Yellow River Qing Bridge, Cambula National Forest Park

live: ditto

Tibet - Damxung - Namtso

Tibet - Damxung - Namtso

Tibet - Damxung - Scenery along the way

Tibet - Nagqu - Nagqu Alpine Grassland

Qinghai - Yushu - Hoh Xil - scenery along the way

Qinghai-Yushu-Hoh Xil National Nature Reserve

Qinghai-Golmud-Wusut Water Yardang Geopark

D31 July 4th (Wed) Xining - Qingshizui Town (Menyuan) - Qilian (140+160 total 300 kilometers)

Tour: Daban Mountain Observation Deck, Baili Rapeseed Blossom Scenic Area (Yuanshan Viewing Platform), Qilian Mountain Grassland (Summer Tara Grassland)

Residence: Qilian Niuxinshan Farmhouse Villa, east of the intersection of Binggou Village, Dongsuo Road, Babao Town, Qilian County (2,810 meters above sea level)

D32 July 5th (Thursday) Qilian (50km)

Tour: Binggou Forest Sea, Zhuoer Mountain Scenic Area, Niuxin Mountain

live: ditto

D33 July 6th (Friday) Qilian-Biandukou Tourist Area (Folk Music)-Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park (Linze) (110+140 total 250 kilometers)

Tour: Biandukou Tourist Area, Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park (Zhangye Colorful Danxia Scenic Area)

Accommodation: Linze Danxia Really Different Hotel Linze County Danxia Scenic Area North Entrance Liyuan New Village Villa Group Center

D34 July 7th (Sat) Linze—Zhangye Great Buddha Temple (Zhangye)—Leitai Park (Wuwei)—Lanzhou (40+240+275 total 555 kilometers)

Tour: Zhangye Great Buddha Temple, Leitai Park

Accommodation: Vienna International Hotel (Lanzhou Wanda Plaza) No. 329 Tianshui North Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City

D35 July 8 (Sun) Lanzhou (20km)

Tour: Gansu Provincial Museum, Yellow River Mother Sculpture, Lanzhou Waterwheel Park, Yellow River Iron Bridge (Zhongshan Bridge), Dazhong Lane, Zhangye Pedestrian Street

live: ditto

D36 July 9th (Monday) Lanzhou-Maijishan (Tianshui) (370 km)

Tour: Maiji Mountain Scenic Area (Maiji Mountain Grottoes)

Residence: Maiji Mountain Heshun Manor, Tianshui City, Sigou Village, Maiji District, Tianshui City (inside the Maiji Mountain Grottoes Scenic Area)

D37 July 10 (Tuesday) Tianshui-Xiangyang (790 kilometers)

Accommodation: Vienna Hotel (Xiangyang Diamond Avenue Branch) Diagonally opposite Times Paradise Street, No. 88, Jiaotong Road, Xiangzhou District, Xiangyang City

D38 July 11 (Wednesday) Xiangyang-Jian (810 kilometers)

Accommodation: Vienna Hotel (Ji'an Railway Station Branch) No. 3 Wen Tianxiang Avenue, Qingyuan District, Ji'an City

D39 July 12th (Thursday) Ji'an - Shantou (640 km)

Qinghai-Menyuan-Baili Rapeseed Blossom Scenic Area

Qinghai-Qilian-Zoer Mountain Scenic Area

Qinghai-Qilian-Zoer Mountain Scenic Area

Qinghai-Qilian-Zoer Mountain Scenic Area

Gansu-Folk Music-Scenery along the way

Gansu-Zhangye-Colorful Danxia Scenic Area

Gansu-Lanzhou-Yellow River First Bridge

Gansu-Lanzhou-Gansu Provincial Museum

Appendix: "China's World Cultural Heritage", "Chinese National Geographic" "China's Most Beautiful Places List" and "Chinese Historical and Cultural Cities" catalog visited during the itinerary

1. China's world heritage

1. Potala Palace (Jokhang Temple, Norbulingka)

2. Hoh Xil

2. "China's Most Beautiful Places Ranking List" by National Geographic of China

1. One of the ten most beautiful mountains in China: Nanga Bawa Peak

2. The second of the ten most beautiful mountains in China: Mount Gongga

3. The third of the ten most beautiful mountains in China: Mount Everest

4. One of the most beautiful five great lakes in China: Qinghai Lake

5. The third of the five most beautiful lakes in China: Nam Co

6. The sixth of the seven most beautiful Danxia in China: Zhangye Danxia Landform

7. One of the ten most beautiful canyons in China: Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon

8. One of the six most beautiful glaciers in China: Rongbuk Glacier

9. The fourth of the six most beautiful glaciers in China: Midui Glacier

10. The fifth of the ten most beautiful forests in China: Ganoderma lucidum and spruce forest in Bomigang Township

11. The fourth of the six most beautiful grasslands in China: the alpine grassland in western Sichuan

12. The fifth of the six most beautiful grasslands in China: Naqu Alpine Grassland

13. The sixth of the six most beautiful grasslands in China: Qilian Mountain grassland

3. Famous historical and cultural cities in China

Zunyi, Luzhou, Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse, Zhangye, Wuwei, Tianshui, Xiangyang

Tibet--Bomi-Gang Township Nature Reserve

Tibet - Gongbu Jiangda - Basongcuo

Tibet-Langkazi-Yamdrok Yumco

Tibet-Tingri-Mount Everest National Nature Reserve

Tibet-Tingri-Everest National Park-Everest Base Camp

Qinghai-Golmud-315 National Highway

Qinghai-Yushu-109 National Highway Traffic Jam Section