At the end of October 2018, the daughter of my classmate and good friend in Singapore just went to Beijing for exchange and study. Their whole family will stay in Beijing for about 10 days. Although my classmates and I have been to Beijing, they are all in summer. I haven't been there with my daughter yet, and we have always yearned for Beijing in late autumn. We booked air tickets, hotels, and arranged the itinerary at the beginning of August. We decided to invite our classmates and friends from Tianjin to Beijing to have a good get-together, enjoy the autumn scenery of Beijing, and taste authentic local snacks.

At 7:50 on October 25, I took Tianjin Airlines GS7906 from Chongqing T3 Terminal and arrived in Tianjin at 10:20 (700 yuan).

Take Metro Line 2 at the airport and go directly to Dongnanjiao Subway Station. I met my friend in Tianjin. After packing up my luggage, I wanted to eat authentic Goubuli steamed stuffed buns. First, I went to Nanshi Food Street near her company. Most of the group's non-locals, the locals will not eat here. We decisively decided to go to the Goubuli main store in Quanyechang for lunch.

The price of Goubuli steamed buns is indeed expensive. There are 8 steamed buns in the 150 yuan package, but they are really delicious. There is also a meal for two at 88 yuan, which is not like a steamed bun.

After lunch, we took the subway to Tianjin Station, and took the bullet train to Beijing South Railway Station at 2:41 (54.5 yuan/person). I received a message on the train that the good couple who departed from Singapore at 8:30 had arrived in Beijing. They took the airport subway line and transferred directly to the Overseas Chinese Building at No. 2 Wangfujing Street (Note: we compared it when we booked the hotel in August. , we booked 2 rooms for 7 nights in China for 9,500 yuan, and they booked 2 rooms for 7 nights in Singapore for 7,500 yuan, which is cheaper for foreign guests than domestic tourists).

After we arrived at Beijing South Railway Station, we first applied for three Municipal Transportation Cards at the station, and charged 100 yuan in each card, which is convenient for taking buses and subways. My friend in Tianjin and I first went to her mother’s residence in Beijing, and then the three of us went to Overseas Chinese Building together.

Finally everyone gathered. After settling in, we came to Donglaishun at the nearby Dongsi Station subway station.

There are too many people eating at this point, and the equal sign is far away. Too hungry to wait. We went to eat at You Yi Fu Roast Duck Restaurant across the road. It was the first time for Singaporean guests to eat roast duck, and they thought it was quite novel how to wrap and eat it. The price of this roast duck restaurant is close to the people, and it costs 258 yuan to eat.

After dinner, the three of us separated from our Tianjin friends, mother and daughter, and made an appointment with five of us to meet at the gate of the High School Affiliated to Peking University the next day, pick up our Singapore friend’s daughter, and then go to Donglaishun in Zhongguancun for dinner.

We took the bus to Wangfujing Snack Street. The buses in Beijing are very cheap. Most of them are priced at 2 yuan. If you have a card, you can swipe it at the back door when you get off the bus, and you will only be deducted 1 yuan. There is a uniformed safety officer on every bus, and they usually sit near the front door. During the few days in Beijing, there was overwhelming news about a Chongqing bus falling into the Yangtze River. We were all sighing, if There are also safety officers on Chongqing buses, so there will be no such big losses.

Before 6 o'clock, the sky in Beijing was basically completely dark. It’s nearly 9 o’clock in the evening, and I’m still dressed in Chongqing. It’s extremely cold outside, and I’m walking around Wangfujing Snack Street with a cold war. The taste of Beijing is heavy, live scorpions are fried and eaten, and there are pupae, we are afraid of it. I walked the whole street without buying anything, so I just wanted to go back to the hotel to avoid the wind.

On October 26th (Friday), I opened the curtains, and I was in a good mood. The sun came out, and today is a beautiful day. I looked out of the window and realized that the location of the Overseas Chinese Building is really good. The National Art Museum of China is diagonally opposite. , and looking obliquely, you will see the Wanchun Pavilion in Jingshan and the White Pagoda in Beihai.

We came out of the hotel and walked along Wusi Avenue towards Jingshan, passing by the Red House of Peking University.

Across the road is Qingfeng Baozipu North Beach Street Store. We have breakfast here. We have never eaten skin jelly in the south. In Beijing, we must order skin jelly when we go to Qingfeng Baozipu. It is fried liver once eaten. Haven't ordered it again, we thought it tasted weird.

Originally, we could walk to Jingshan Park along the road in front of the Forbidden City, but we walked out of Qingfeng Steamed Bun Shop and walked to the left, passing through a small alley, which seems to be called Zhonglao Hutong. Walking in such an old alley, we were very curious. When we encountered a large courtyard with an open door, we counted the electric meters at the concierge. There were 11 electric meters in the upper and lower rows, and two electric meters with the same name and surname belonged to two households. It is really surprising that there are only 9 families living in this small courtyard. Walk along the alley to the main road, opposite to the east gate of Jingshan Park. Now, parks of all sizes in Beijing can scan the QR code to buy tickets, and they are all at a conscientious price. The ticket price of Jingshan Park is only 2 yuan per person. Enter the park and go left, there is a famous crooked neck tree, where Chongzhen hanged himself. Go up the mountain along the side path, pass two pavilions, and arrive at the Wanchun Pavilion on the peak, which can be said to be the commanding height of old Beijing. From here, you can see the panoramic view of the Forbidden City to the south, and the mysterious Zhongnanhai and Beihai Park to the west. , looking north is the Shouhuangdian complex.

The autumn sky in Beijing is so beautiful, the blue is so intoxicating that people can't stand it. The only thing I can't stand is that the wind is too strong. No matter where I stand, I feel like I am standing on the wind. The red flags are flying in the Great Hall of the People in the distance. This day just happened to be the day when Abe came to China for a visit. Standing on the Jingshan Mountain, I was still wondering if the welcome ceremony for Abe was being held in the Great Hall of the People at this time.

Coming down from Jingshan Mountain, we were attracted by the persimmon trees in the park. We usually see and eat small persimmons. We have also seen big persimmons, but we don’t often eat them. This is the first time we have seen such big persimmons. I was very happy to see the knot on the tree.

There are many old trees in Jingshan Park. My friend’s husband is a local from Singapore. His grandparents came to Nanyang from Fujian. He saw these decades-old trees and 100-year-old trees. Lingqi, we looked at him from a distance, thinking that this tree is only 100 years old, and there are too many ancient trees in Beijing that are hundreds of years old, and we can't hug them all. Later, we saw seven thousand-year-old cypresses in Zhongshan Park, and he was even more shocked. He didn't want to leave after seeing them, but each tree was protected by a fence, so he couldn't hug the tree.

We come out from the west gate of Jingshan Park, cross the road and go forward to Beihai Park, the ticket is 10 yuan/person. Enter Beihai Park and walk left again. There are many willow trees thicker than the waist planted beside the Beihai Lake. The willow branches sway with the wind. The sound of the wind and the swinging willow branches are very loud. Such a scene would be a little scary.

Walking before staying, it is the symbol of Beihai Park, the white Lama Tower, green trees, archways, arch bridges, and lakes.

Here, we took a lot of photos, the hair was randomly messed up in the wind, each one felt that the people in the photos were abnormal, and there was a feeling that people were crazy. Walking past the archway, Beihai Park held a chrysanthemum exhibition, and many elderly photographers took wild shots of chrysanthemums.

Along the lake, we walked all the way to the place near the north gate of Beihai Park, where there are many mandarin ducks.

Going forward, you will come to the archway of Xitian Brahma Realm. After passing the shopping store, you will go out to the Nine Dragon Wall. This is the only double-sided Nine Dragon Wall in China. My friend took a photo in front of this Nine Dragon Wall when he was 14 years old. This year, he is 41 years old. How memorable it is to take pictures here.

Going in the direction of the North Gate of Beihai, there is a Jingxinzhai, which is free to visit. It was built by Qianlong in imitation of Suzhou gardens, with pavilions, pavilions, winding paths and secluded paths. The garden is small, but every small place is painstakingly built. There is a promenade built on a slope, one side is full of windows, this promenade seems to have appeared in many film and television dramas.

Going out of the north gate of Beihai Park, we went to the right direction, met the traffic light, crossed the road to the left, and arrived at Di'anmenwai Street, and after a few steps, we arrived at Xincheng Old Beijing Fried Noodles. This is a very inconspicuous We walked past the facade without even noticing it, but we found it when we walked back again. It was next to a pharmacy. Xincheng Old Beijing Zhajiang Noodles is very famous. It is a state-run restaurant. We ordered two sliced ​​noodles, one Zhajiang Noodles, and one Liangpi for a total of 93.9 yuan. It may be that I walked too much in the morning and was very hungry. I felt very delicious even after a bite , all cleaned up, so delicious.

Come out of Xincheng Old Beijing Zhajiang Noodles, turn right, but there is no traffic light, turn right, there is also a kite-making folk workshop on this old street, but the door is not open. We passed by a store that specializes in old Shanghai products, and went in to buy a hand cream and soap. Then we arrived at Shichahai, where there was a lotus market archway, and there were many people gathered at once, most of them were from travel agencies. Following the flow of people, we walked all the way to Prince Gong's Mansion, and the ticket was 40 yuan per person. The back garden of Prince Gong’s Mansion is very beautiful. We lined up to touch the blessing characters written by Qianlong, but now they are installed with glass, because the stones on which the characters are carved have been touched very thin. Going out from the Western Gate, the two-story building is the most representative building of Prince Kung’s Mansion. The flower windows on the second floor are of different styles, which are the room signs for He Kun to distinguish different collections. We had to arrive at the High School Affiliated to Peking University before four o’clock, so after leaving Prince Kung’s Mansion, we went directly to Beihai North Subway Station and took the subway to Haidian Huangzhuang Subway Station.

After picking up a friend’s daughter and meeting up with a good friend in Tianjin, we walked to Donglaishun in Zhongguancun for dinner, and in the evening we went to Carrefour in Zhongguancun to buy specialty products. The family of a good friend in Singapore is going to send their daughter back to school, so my friend in Tianjin and I went back to the hotel first. There are many flat roads in Beijing, which are not far away on the map, but if you want to walk to death, you have walked more than 36,000 steps in one day. I don’t want to take the subway when I go back to the hotel, and I don’t want to stand back and take the bus directly. Beijing's public transport is really good, much cheaper than the subway, and there are seats at night, and I feel my legs are bleeding again when I sit down. We watched famous universities all the way, enjoyed the night view, and returned to the hotel.

On October 27th (Saturday), we came out of the hotel, crossed the road to Dongchang Hutong, and there was a YTO Express on the left after crossing the alley. I sent the special products I bought yesterday back to Chongqing. On the opposite side of the road is Huangchenggen Ruins Park. We went to the Qingfeng Steamed Bun Shop where we visited yesterday to have breakfast. After eating, we parted from our friends in Tianjin at the bus station in front of the Red House of Peking University. The three of us took the bus to the zoo and planned to transfer to Xiangshan Park. But this day is Saturday, and it is estimated that the locals in Beijing also choose to go to Xiangshan to see the red leaves on weekends, and there are traffic jams everywhere. We got off halfway to take the subway. When we arrived at Bagou Subway Station, we found out that the entire Xijiao Subway Line was not in operation until we got out of the station. The Old Summer Palace is the closest to Bagou, so we temporarily changed to the Old Summer Palace. Tickets to Yuanmingyuan are 23 yuan per person. The regular tour guide we found at the gate cost 200 yuan. There were already 5 people waiting for someone to join us. 3 of us joined, and 8 people paid 200 yuan, 25 yuan per person.

Walking in the garden, one can glimpse the beauty of the past from such incomplete buildings. Every brick, every tile, every plant and every tree reminds us all the time that if we fall behind, we will be beaten. The Old Summer Palace is a garden of thousands of gardens. How sad it was to be looted and burned by the British and French allied forces.

In the Old Summer Palace, our impression of Beijing's golden autumn was further deepened. The scenery is so beautiful that just taking a photo is a beautiful picture.

We didn't go back, walked out from the Hugo statue, saw the miniature landscape, and marveled at the size of the Old Summer Palace. After we came out, we passed by a pier by boat. The boat ride here is 15 yuan/person, which not only saves the energy to go back, but also enjoys a different view of the lake. The middle-aged man who sold the ticket stood on the steps and told us that thanks to our purchase of the boat ticket, otherwise no one would have told us that at the three-fork intersection, we could take a sightseeing bus for free to see the panoramic view of the Old Summer Palace. We immediately decided to take the boat Just go for a free ride.

After disembarking, we passed the restaurant in the garden and ate corn and roasted sweet potatoes. If you wish, scan the QR code at Sanchakou and follow the official account to get a free ticket, and take a bus to visit the Old Summer Palace. After walking around for a long time, all I saw was empty land. Only after listening to the radio on the car did I know where it was and what it was used for.

The Old Summer Palace is also holding a chrysanthemum exhibition. By this time, I had already walked close to 30,000 steps just to visit the Old Summer Palace. After traveling yesterday and today, my feet could no longer bear it. I have to go to the Great Wall tomorrow. I must buy a pair of old Beijing cloth shoes today, otherwise my feet will be too tight. It's time to go shopping. We decided to take the subway directly to Xidan shopping mall. The ankle-length cloth shoes are only 98 yuan. They are very light and warm to wear. Immediately, I feel that walking is easy and full of energy. We also bought a lot of special products from Daoxiang Village in Xidan Shopping Mall. Back at the hotel, I ate Northeast Stovefish in the alley near the hotel. There were three corn paste pancakes on the pot, a total of 124 yuan. In the evening, my friend from Tianjin also returned to the hotel from her mother.

On October 28 (Sunday), my friends in Tianjin packed their bags early in the morning and prepared to return to Tianjin today. We went to the McDonald's across the road from Dongsi Subway Station for breakfast. We parted at the subway station and made an appointment to meet again in Tianjin next week. The three of us took Line 6 and transferred to Line 2 to Dongzhimen, and took express bus 916 at the bus hub. This express train is high-speed, but the line is long, and it took more than an hour to sit. Get off at Huairou North Street Station, take the h23 bus across the road, and after more than half an hour, you finally arrive at the Mutianyu Great Wall. Tickets and battery cars are 60 yuan per person, and scanning the QR code to enter the ID number is 48 yuan. From the place where you buy tickets to the station where you take the battery car, there are many shops selling cultural and creative products of the Great Wall. My friend’s husband went to buy a hooded and fleece sweater that said “I’ve climbed the Great Wall” and paid 75 yuan. We went to I walked forward and casually asked another family. This one can be sold for 60 yuan, and I bought another one myself.

There are five eye-catching white characters on the mountain in the distance: "Loyal to Chairman Mao". These words were engraved during the Cultural Revolution, and they have a history of more than 40 years. It takes about 5 minutes to take the shuttle bus. After getting off the bus, you need to walk 300 meters on the slope road and enter from the south ticket gate. There is a long stone ladder. I ate two sausages on the way up the mountain. I asked the boss and walked towards Building 4. The view is the best. We finally arrived at the end of the stone ladder, where a national flag hangs, which is the exit of No. 6 Great Wall enemy building. We can see the big turret on the top of the slope from a distance, which is the No. 1 enemy tower, and the distance from No. 6 to No. 1 is the most dangerous part of the Great Wall.

Some stone steps are probably 70 degrees. The Mutianyu Great Wall is steeper than the Badaling Great Wall. It is not as crowded as Badaling. Badaling is a place where domestic tourists gather. Foreign tourists prefer to explore, and the most foreign tourists go to the Mutianyu Great Wall.

On the way, we replenished our energy while walking. The beef jerky we bought yesterday at Xidan Market was very popular. We walked all the way to Dajiaolou, and there was no way to go. From a window of Dajiaolou, we found that we could go down to the Wild Great Wall. My friend’s husband immediately went to appreciate the style of Wild Great Wall. The wind was still strong, and after sitting on the window for a while, the snot flowed out. Fortunately, Youye Great Wall came back soon.

Let's go back and return to No. 6 enemy building from the original road of Dajiaolou.

We discussed here whether to continue to take the cable car or walk down the mountain to No. 14 watchtower, or go to No. 23 watchtower to walk the entire distance. Everyone still thinks that No. 6 to No. 1 is the most essential part of the Great Wall. No regrets, you can go down the mountain after walking two more enemy towers. Going forward to No. 8 enemy building, seeing the national flag, knowing that this is the exit, we went down the mountain. I found out afterwards that there are two iconic landscapes at the No. 14 watchtower. Landscape 1: Loyalty to Chairman Mao; Landscape 2: The Mutianyu stele that must be photographed.

It takes less time to go down the mountain than to go up the mountain, and I feel that I will arrive at the ferry point in a while. After getting off the ferry, the small vendors were very enthusiastic and let us taste it for free without paying any money. But if we really reached out to eat it, we still had to buy some. Small persimmons and peach kernels are delicious. We ate on the bench at the ticket gate of the Mutianyu Great Wall before leaving. The bus on the opposite side of the road is still the same route as when we came here, but there are many people going back. On the 916 express, we had no seats, and we encountered traffic jams on the highway, so we stood all the time. Today’s legs and feet suffered again. a feeling of. It was already dark when we arrived at Dongzhimen, and we had dinner on the snack street here at the Dongzhimen hub. There are three different orders for three people, claypot rice, set meal, and rice noodles.

After eating, we bought some skewers and went back to the hotel to drink and drink some beer to relieve fatigue.

On October 29 (Monday), we came out of the hotel and went to Qingfeng Steamed Bun Shop for breakfast.

After eating, take bus 111 to the zoo at the bus station in front of the Red Building of Peking University, and then transfer to bus 563 to Xiangshan Park. 111 is okay, there are seats, and there are more people in 563. It is estimated that Xiangshan Park is a popular attraction these days. I took a seat, and my friend and his wife stood until the terminal. There were too many people on the bus, and people were crowded while standing. Scanning the QR code to buy tickets is a combination ticket. In fact, just buying tickets is enough. We didn’t go to that temple at all, but walked a big circle along the wall on Xiangshan. We followed the guidance of the security guard to climb the mountain from the left side at the place where we entered the mountain. Indeed, only this side can see the red leaves.

The temple is like sitting in the arms of Xiangshan. It can be seen from a distance. We have been walking around it from a distance. The closer we get, the better Fengshui it is. It faces the lake at the foot of the mountain and backs Xiangshan. The building in the temple is made into a ring shape, and the view is very good.

On the way, there was a maple leaf bookmark for sale in a yard, which was better in quality and more colorful than those sold by individuals outside. My friend bought a few here. Continue to move forward, and see the building on the top of the mountain from the pavilion in the middle of the mountain—Xianglu Peak. It feels so far away, but our goal is there, and we can only climb up all the way.

For a while, I was so discouraged, I checked on Baidu, it turned out that there was a place called Guijianshou, it was really Guijianshou, after climbing for a long time, I still felt far away when I turned around the wall. The more you worry, the more you feel that there is no end. Halfway through, the three of us bought three cucumbers to eat, which was too thirst-quenching. We were too tired, so we agreed to go to 1 o'clock and stop no matter where we went, to replenish our energy, don't stop before 1 o'clock, and go all out. Gritting our teeth again, we finally arrived at the restaurant on Fragrant Hills at around 1:10. There were benches, and I didn’t want to move as soon as I sat down. Together, we lined up and bought three bowls of beef rice noodles, which were sold on the mountain for 20 yuan/bowl. When I was eating, I was still thinking that this was a really good price. It took me a long time to find such a high place. It was only when I went to the road behind the fence that I discovered that the ingredients in the restaurant were brought up by car instead of manual transportation.

After taking a break, I checked on Baidu again. The cableway in Xiangshan is 90 yuan per side. We think we should just take the cableway down the mountain. This is also a motivation, and the last section of the stone ladder to the top is relatively easy. Finally standing on the top of Fragrant Hills and seeing the panorama of Beijing, I immediately felt that today's hard work was worth it.

But we saw that the ticket price at the cableway ticket office was 150 yuan per person, and we felt that the cost-effectiveness was not high. We have walked down the Great Wall, and Xiangshan can also walk down. It only takes 1 hour to walk down the mountain on the Baidu map. We are decisive. Decided to walk down the mountain, and joked to himself that he had earned another 150 yuan today. So, today we walked around the entire wall on Xiangshan Mountain. But going down the mountain was more difficult than going up the mountain, and my legs were twitching. I took a few breaks halfway, and finally realized that the walking time on Baidu Maps is calculated at the usual walking speed. We actually spent 2 hours going down the mountain.

This tower was seen on the way down the mountain. Fragrant Hill and the Summer Palace were also places that were robbed by the Eight-Power Allied Forces. The current tower is a copy, and it was also burned down by the robbers at that time.

When going out of the mountain, there are many people, and most of them are taking pictures of maple leaves in the garden, because there are really not many maple leaves on the mountain.

Come out from the east gate, take the bus directly, and get off at the North Palace Gate of the Summer Palace. Tickets for the Summer Palace are 30 yuan per person. It was almost 5 o'clock when we entered the park, and the electronic guides were not rented. There happened to be a wild tour guide who said that 100 yuan would take us around. The Summer Palace under the sunset has a unique flavor, and I have experienced a different scenery.

The wild tour guide was very enthusiastic to let us see the cloisonné enamel. There were very few explanations about the real scenic spots, and even many scenic spots did not take us there. The 100 yuan was not worth paying. But being able to see the beautiful scenery of the sunset and the west mountain still didn't affect our mood.

We saw the sky turn black, and it got dark so fast that we couldn't see our fingers. At this time, domestic travel agencies are still bringing a group to visit. It is estimated that this group does not buy many things in the store during the day, and the tour guide deliberately arranges to come to the Summer Palace so late. We left quickly and went directly to Xiabuxiabu near Xiyuan subway station to eat hot pot, a total of 150 yuan. After eating, I took the subway back to the hotel and passed by Huangzhuang. My friend and his wife got off the car to see their daughter.

On October 30 (Tuesday), I left the hotel and went to YTO Express to send the things my friends brought from Singapore and the clothes bought by the Great Wall back to their respective homes in Chongqing. It took more than 20 minutes to send the courier. During this time, my friend's husband was delighted to find that a small yellow car was unlocked, so he rode it back and forth. Then we walked through the Huangchenggen Ruins Park, went to the bus station across the road and took the No. 60 bus to Fahua Temple. In fact, you can see the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest in the Temple of Heaven when you get off the bus. Let’s have breakfast at the Qingfeng Steamed Bun Shop on the opposite side road. The breakfast here is much more varied than the one on Wusi Road.

After eating, we went in directly from the east gate of the Temple of Heaven, and the ticket was 34 yuan per person. The weather was so good that it looked like a painting from anywhere.

The Temple of Heaven is very big. After we finished watching the scenic spots, we walked through the woods next to it. The trees here are all old trees. Some people sing and practice in it, which is very ancient. We went out from the east gate, and there was a subway station nearby. We were going to Lama Temple and Guozijian. On the subway, my friend and husband didn't want to go, so they went shopping by themselves. In 2015, my son and I went to Lama Temple. At that time, he was facing the high school entrance examination. My wish was that he could pass the entrance examination smoothly. This year he is in his third year of high school, and I come again, one is to fulfill his wish, and the other is to hope that he can be admitted to his favorite school in the college entrance examination next year. My friend's daughter is studying in the best school in Singapore, and the pressure of competition is also very high. She also needs to pray for her.

After coming out of Lama Temple, cross the road and walk a few steps, we went to buy Donkey Daroll and Aiwowo. I really like the rich soybean powder aroma on the donkey rolling noodles, and Aiwowo is okay, but I don’t think it is as delicious as donkey rolling. Tickets for Confucian Temple and Guozijian are 30 yuan per person. They are places where imperial examinations were held in ancient times. Emperors would come to Confucian Temple to worship Confucius.

After four o'clock, we took the bus to Nanluo Ancient Alley, and we were going to eat while shopping. First of all, we ordered a fried belly. There are many former residences in Nanluo Ancient Alley, and Chinese opera is also in the alley.

We walked all the way, and as we walked, it was getting dark. Although we ate a lot of snacks, we still felt that there was something missing. We had to have a proper meal anyway. Looking at the map, it turned out that this place is very close to Di’anmenwai Street. , crossed a small road, came to the street, and crossed the road to the Xincheng Old Beijing Zhajiang Noodle Restaurant that we ate on the first day. In addition to the sliced ​​​​noodles, we will order new dishes to eat today. I have been losing weight for a long time, and I have not eaten sweets and pork. I have consumed too much these days, and I can't imitate eating a little. In the end, I was amazed by the almond tofu. It was so delicious that I felt happy after taking a bite. Had another delicious meal today.

I went back to the hotel and took a shower. My friend and husband said that there was a pedicure and foot wash at the art gallery for only 58 yuan. We immediately decided to go for a repair. The legs and feet are too tired these days, so we need to relax. My friend's husband returned to the hotel after taking the road. He didn't want to wash his feet. The technique of the masters here is very good. We went back to the hotel, and my friend strongly recommended her husband to try the authentic pedicure technique.

In short, I fell asleep quickly that day, partly because I was tired from walking a lot every day, and partly because I relaxed after washing my feet.

On October 31 (Wednesday), we got out of the hotel, took bus No. 128 at the art museum bus stop, and got off at Taijichang Intersection East Station. We went to Weijia Liangpi near New World Department Store for breakfast and ordered Roujiamo and soybean milk. Walk on Qianmen East Street, and then cross Zhengyi Road, wanting to go directly to Tiananmen Square. Near Zhengyi Road is the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Beijing Municipal Government, and the Ministry of Public Security of China. There are so many policemen here that you can walk two steps to a policeman. We are still thinking, are there any foreign leaders here today? On Chang'an Avenue, the police asked us for our ID cards and passports, and we were allowed to pass after inspection. Going forward is the security check, where you have to swipe your ID card. Sure enough, the Chinese flag and a foreign flag were really planted on the streetlights in front of Tiananmen Square, but I didn’t recognize this flag. It was obvious that there were foreign leaders visiting that day, and the motorcade was passing by on Chang’an Avenue.

Our destination today is the Forbidden City. We didn’t want to waste time in Tiananmen Square, so we looked across the road at Tiananmen Square, the Monument to the People’s Heroes, the Great Hall of the People, and Chairman Mao Memorial Hall. Then we walked directly through the underground passage to Tiananmen Square. My friend's husband didn't know what Huabiao was at first, but this time I introduced him on the spot.

The Jinshui Bridge under the Tiananmen Gate was full of people, people from tour groups crowded there. They wanted to enter the Forbidden City from here. We avoided the crowds and entered from Zhongshan Park on the left to the Meridian Gate. Tickets for Zhongshan Park are 3 yuan per person.

The five-color soil in the middle gate of the Sheji Altar comes from the soil in the southeast and northwest of the country. The Zhongshan Hall at the back is under renovation.

Looking from the moat, you can see the turret faintly.

Come out of Zhongshan Park and come to the Meridian Gate. Tickets for the Forbidden City are bought online, 60 yuan per person, and you can enter by swiping your ID card. Tickets for the Clock and Watch Museum and the Treasure Museum are bought by scanning the QR code after entering, and each is 10 yuan per person. The Forbidden City still rents an electronic guide device, 20 yuan/person. I felt very shocked in the square, the three halls are too mighty. Against such a blue sky, the golden dome is even more dazzling.

After visiting the three halls, I scanned the QR code in the Forbidden City with my mobile phone, and there is a one-day tour route. From then on, we will start to visit in the order of the route. Housandian, East Sixth Palace, West Sixth Palace, Compassionate Palace, Watches Hall, Treasures Hall.

This is the top of a pavilion in the Royal Garden. Although it is a bit old, it cannot conceal the exquisite craftsmanship. The carving of dragons and phoenixes is really beautiful.

This is the Palace of Yanxi Palace. Unfortunately, after two fires, it was planned to be changed into the Crystal Palace in the late Qing Dynasty, but it was abandoned halfway due to lack of funds.

The high palace walls on both sides and the blue sky seen by Dantou are so artistic.

This water tank is from the Jiajing period and is a real cultural relic.

Even the roof of the watch hall is unique.

The Nine Dragon Wall, Yangxing Hall, Changyin Pavilion, and Zhenfei Well all have to buy tickets for the Treasure Hall. The Nine-Dragon Wall in the Forbidden City is single-sided. I only found out after reading "New, Forbidden City" that there is a piece of wood under the white dragon inside.

It was already sunset after coming out of the Shenwu Gate of the Forbidden City, and this turret is also a classic scene.

We started visiting the Forbidden City from ten o'clock in the morning until five o'clock in the afternoon. We didn't go to the Hall of Mental Cultivation because it was being repaired, and we almost walked all over the Forbidden City. Both my friend and his wife have good leg strength, but they couldn't get up today. In the end, I wanted to go up to the tower of Shenwumen, but they both waved their hands and said they didn't want to go, maybe they had reached their limit.

The cultural and creative products in the Forbidden City are very attractive to us, very delicate and full of meaning. I bought bookmarks for my two children that they must pass every exam and jump over the dragon's gate.

It is very close from the moat to the Qingfeng Baozi Shop on Wusi Road where we usually eat, so we had dinner at Qingfeng. Our trip to Beijing started with breakfast here and ended with dinner here. , very fate. After eating, resting for a while, I regained my strength. My friends and I took bus 111 to the subway to visit our daughter in Huangzhuang, and I took bus 103 to Dashilan.

There is a lot of food in Dashilan, and I couldn't hold back. I ate the new almond tofu, which was so delicious.

Take the No. 82 bus at the front door to go back to the hotel.

On November 1st (Thursday), in the morning we ate the bread they bought in the supermarket when they visited their daughter yesterday in the hotel. After checking out, we left our luggage at the hotel and headed to Tianjin with our backpacks. Depart from Beijing South at 11:19, transfer to the subway at Tianjin Station to Dongshiyijing Road, turn right after crossing the bridge, and arrive at Tianjin No. 1 Hotel. When we first arrived in Tianjin, we obviously felt that the sky in Tianjin was not as transparent as the blue sky in Beijing, and it felt a bit foggy.

This is a hotel built in 1938, and there is an old elevator, 303 yuan/night, including breakfast.

Putting down our backpacks, we took the bus to Quanyechang to eat Haidilao hot pot. Haidilao is expensive in Singapore, but hot pots are everywhere in Chongqing, and we usually eat old hot pots. In this itinerary, we specially listed one item that must eat Haidilao once. The three of us ate for 257 yuan, and the taste and service were very good.

Coming out of Quanyechang, there is a porcelain house not far away. There are many people taking pictures outside, but the ticket price is 60 yuan. Many people didn’t go in, and we didn’t think it was necessary to go in. Going forward, there is the Marshal's Mansion, which is the former residence of Zhang Xueliang in Tianjin. The ticket is 50 yuan, and we didn't go in.

On the way, we passed a vegetable store. There was a pot of cucumbers that had not grown well and were not well developed. They were very thin and had yellow flower cores. Two elderly people were picking them. We are very surprised, why this is also a vegetable, isn't it growing well? People explained that this is the raw material of the pickled cucumber dish in the north. This time it is an increase in knowledge.

After a few roads, there is Jingyuan, which is the former residence of Puyi in Tianjin. The ticket price is 20 yuan. The three of us bought tickets to visit. In the past, it was used by dozens of ordinary people as private houses, and it was renovated later as a scenic spot. We saw the comparison pictures before and after, and we felt that the world had changed.

In the evening, we went to the Maji Restaurant on the Drum Tower to wait for our Tianjin friend, and she invited us to dinner. Coming out of the Drum Tower is the ear-eye fried cake. She also explained to us how to do it.

In the evening, our friend from Tianjin drove us back to the hotel. The Tianjin specialties she brought made us feel full of hospitality.

On November 2 (Friday), in the morning, we walked out of the hotel for more than 20 minutes to send the courier to Yuantong. There were bungalows along the way, which were the old sites of the bank at that time. We passed a park on the way and heard the sound of Erhu and some people were singing Peking Opera. , very pleasantly surprised, this is not heard in other cities. Then, we took the bus to Five Avenues, and the first stop was Prince Qing's Mansion. This used to be Xiao De Zhang's residence, but it was later sold to Prince Qing.

After coming out of Prince Qing's Mansion, we walked along the road to the Republic of China Stadium to have a look. There was a carriage to take when we came out, but we were not interested. I observed that Tianjin's scenic spots are not as rich in historical sense as Beijing's scenic spots. I am willing to visit Beijing for as long as I want, but Tianjin is not so attractive. My friend's husband went back to the hotel alone, and we decided to go shopping and eat at Quanyechang again. When you come to Tianjin, you must eat pancakes and ears and eyes.

In the evening, a family of three friends from Tianjin invited us to eat Tianjin seafood. This is a seaside city, and the seafood is very fresh. We must try it. No. 8 steam seafood, they are too kind, they ordered a lot of dishes, and this meal was the most filling meal we had.

Another friend from Tianjin drove us back. By the way, we drove past many scenic spots and enjoyed the scenery on both sides of the Haihe River in Tianjin.

On November 3rd (Saturday), my friend from Tianjin came to pick us up in the morning and went to the train station. I bought two pancakes near my house, and I planned to take them home for my son to try. This pancake is half cheaper than the one bought in Quanyechang yesterday, and it still has two eggs. We left Tianjin by train at 10:22, went to Beijing South Railway Station and transferred to the subway to Dongsi Station. They left me to watch my bags in the subway, and the husband and wife went to Huaqiao Building to pick up our luggage. After we got together, we took the subway to the T3 terminal of the airport. The balance of the 100 yuan card that was recharged on the first day was not enough to take the airport express, so we recharged 25 yuan each. Everyone had lunch at the airport. After 2:00, we parted ways. They went to take Singapore Airlines departing at 16:00 and arrived in Singapore at about 22:00. I went to take Sichuan Airlines 3U8832 which departed at 16:50 and arrived in Chongqing at about 19:50.

The whole itinerary, including food, lodging and transportation, costs less than 5,000 yuan per capita (including the price of the restaurant that was invited to eat), but there are many places to visit, and the food is very authentic. They are all famous local snacks, and the price is very high. It is worth recommending .