2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. This is the Year of the Gengzi. The old man said that the Year of the Gengzi is not easy. Earth-shattering events have happened in the Year of the Gengzi in my memory. An epidemic in 2020 broke all our lives. People's normal life, many jobs have stagnated, and our tourism work is even more horrible. I ended my work in Dubai in January, and I have been staying at home for half a year from February to now. My work has stagnated and my income is zero. , do not know what to do in the future. However, the days are still going on, the time passes quickly, and the summer vacation is here. No, to be precise, the winter vacation is put into the summer vacation, and the children are carefree and very happy. Finally, I can walk around the surrounding area. Everyone is suffocated. Let's play in the surrounding area for safety. The seaside is a must. In addition to the nearby city of Lion City - Cangzhou, I choose Cangzhou to see the Iron Lion that I have always been thinking about. , It is said that one glance is missing. As a person who likes history, how can I let it go.


[About the itinerary]

D1: Beijing to Laoting by car. Lunch: another restaurant. Swim at the beach in the afternoon. Dinner: Seafood Big Cafe

D2: Cinda Trading. Lunch: An appointment with the ocean. Swim at the beach in the afternoon. Dinner; an appointment with the ocean.

D3: Leting County. Lunch; Yuantong fried dumplings. Take the boat in the afternoon. Dinner: pack.
D4: Leting Cangzhou. Lunch: service area. Dinner: Little Cattle

D5: Lion City Park, Celebrity Botanical Garden. Lunch: 0317 Hot Pot Chicken. Afternoon Iron Lion, Cangzhou Zoo. Dinner: Cangzhou old taste.

D6: Cangzhou-Tianjin Cultural Street. Lunch: pancakes. Return to Beijing in the afternoon.

About self-driving]

There are many detailed routes on the Internet. In fact, it seems that it is very convenient to go out and follow the navigation. The bridge toll for the whole journey is 300 yuan, and 2 tanks of fuel are added for 500 yuan.

[About attractions]

Laoting: Li Dazhao Memorial Hall, Yuetuo Island, Bodhi Island, Jinsha Island, Laoting Repulse Bay Bathing Beach Repulse Bay Bathing Beach, Laoting Youth Square, Bihai Bathing Beach, Ancient Luan River Ecological Park,

Cangzhou; Dongguang Iron Buddha Temple, Wuqiao Acrobatics World, Qiantong Temple, Botou Bolian Temple, Cangzhou Iron Lion, Hejian Fuya, Cangzhou Guanyin Temple, Cangzhou City Museum, Lion City Park, Celebrity Botanical Garden.

[About food]

Laoting seaside is a tourist area, and all restaurants are quite satisfactory.

Cangzhou; sheep intestines, hot pot chicken.

[About the hotel]

Dingleting Zhongnan Bay Seaside 2-Bedroom Apartment on Ctrip: 180 yuan per night

Cangzhou Rongsheng Xiangti 2-bedroom apartment: 190 yuan - night.

About the author--

The screen name is Happy Pet. Known as Sister Big Tang, she started working as a tour guide in 1997 and speaks Bahasa Indonesia. Another sister owns a pet shop. Love making healthy treats for pets. Live in Beijing for a long time, love food, travel, animals, and sharing.

Terima Kasih, let me have a job of tourism, I can travel all over the world, and I can share the sadness and happiness of my work. There will still be people who read my travelogues, listen to my stories, and like my crappy photos

Terima Kasih, a natural pet character, can't do without fur kids in my life, and is willing to make healthy pet snacks for them. Every time I read the replies, some people say that if you read my words carefully, you will feel the same because of the emotions in the text.

Terima Kasih, my family friend, made me travel - an expression of my love for my family. Warm even if only for a short time. Always look at the replies. It will motivate me to keep working hard.

The feature film begins, the film begins--

D1: Beijing to Laoting by car. Lunch: another restaurant. Swim at the beach in the afternoon. Dinner: Seafood Big Cafe

Driving route from Beijing to Laoting: The whole journey is about 255.1 kilometers. There are too many roads from Beijing to Tangshan Laoting. Generally speaking, take the Beijing-Harbin Expressway (formerly known as the Beijing-Shenyang Expressway) from Beijing Happy Valley to Shenyang, and drive for more than 2 hours. Turn to Tangjin Expressway, and then transfer to Tanggang Expressway after more than ten minutes, about 4 hours. The most important thing is to ask the hotel for the hotel location in advance. It's so convenient now, there's something called navigation.

Although Laoting County is a small county in Haiyu, it has a long history. According to historical records and unearthed cultural relics, thousands of years ago, human beings lived, nourished, and created social civilization. Especially in recent years, Laoting Beach has also been loved by everyone. It is close to Beijing, cost-effective, and pets are allowed.

Zhongnanwan is not the owner, and the car cannot be driven in the community. It has to be parked in the opposite parking lot. Even so, it is very convenient. There is also a carport, the car will not be too hot, and the most important thing is that it is free.

It took 4 hours to arrive at Zhongnanwan Apartment on time, contact the housekeeper, and enter the community. I remember that we saw this community in 2016. It was not well built at that time. Now this community is well built and the environment is very good. Now many people choose to live here. First, there is a food street nearby. Second, it is close to the sea, 10 minutes' walk away. Third, parking is free and safe.

The housekeeper specially prepared a car to pick us up. The service is very warm. We like to live in an apartment. One is that there are no restrictions on bringing pets, and the other is that the two-bedroom house for a family is very lively and convenient. The apartment is located in Building 14, which is a little far from the entrance of the community. It takes 7 or 8 minutes to walk to the door.

There are two bedrooms in the room, each with a 1, 5 large bed, each with free space, and the WIFI is very smooth. The room was very clean. There is a kitchen and a refrigerator, but you can't cook.

One of the rooms can see the sea in the distance, the air is fresh, and the mood immediately cheers up.

Put your luggage away, take pictures in the beautiful neighborhood, and the children's slide is very good, go looking for food, there is a food street next to Zhongnan Bay, although it is not big, it is by the sea, but the price is still acceptable. It's very lively here especially at night.

This is the only supermarket in the food street. I thought the price was outrageous, but I didn't expect that the iced mineral water was only 1 yuan.

As soon as you enter the food street, there is a children's transportation center, which is free and free, and children can learn some transportation knowledge while playing.

There are probably more than 10 restaurants in the food street, each with its own characteristics, and it is difficult to adjust the taste. Of course, the level must be high or low. Some of them taste really good and the price is not expensive. You can read online reviews in advance to make a decision.

Because the strategy was prepared in advance, I locked in the first meal at a friend's house, with an average of 50 yuan per person. It's quite satisfactory, nothing amazing, remember, you must tell the restaurant to put less salt in advance, put less salt! ! !

Duck blood sausage - it is said to be the signature dish of this restaurant. Small Cumin Potatoes - loved by children, crunchy.

Da Ge Zha - I haven't eaten this before, but it is suitable for the elderly. It seems to be tofu for dinner.

A total of 126 yuan, cost-effective, taste 3 stars. The service is not good, but don't underestimate this restaurant. It's the only restaurant here that serves breakfast. We eat breakfast here these days, especially the crispy beef biscuits, which cost 6 yuan each. You can try the local specialties.

Eat Paofan, although the beach is close to Chichi, but after a morning of driving fatigue, I still go back to rest, I can walk 10 minutes back to my residence, and I can take a small car like Zhongnanwan to the gate of the community for free.

Rest until 15:00 in the afternoon, and go to the beach. Looking at the sea, our hearts seem to have become more open. In this state, it makes people feel refreshed and refreshed. The sea tide is high, and the waves in the sea are rushing towards the shore one after another. Some rose up, like rolling hills; some hit the reefs by the sea, splashing waves several meters high, making a wonderful sound of rushing!

As soon as I turned around, I saw KIMI's little friend, Wen Wen, we are all good boys if we don't fight.

Grandpa rented an umbrella, and it is more reasonable to rent an umbrella here. It is 50 yuan after 16:00, and it was 100 yuan before.

I don't want to rent an umbrella. There is such a small thatched roof on the shore for free, but there are no chairs.

KIMI is forced to swim and cannot go ashore.

After playing for 2 hours at a stretch, the child still doesn't want to go ashore, and KIMI doesn't want to swim anymore. Go ashore and take a rest, watching KIMI look at the sea in the distance, I am very happy, I will pet my pet, and give you the best and happiest Life.

Look, the kitten is only 3 months old, brought by a beautiful woman, this kitten is really a newborn calf, not afraid of tigers, not afraid of water, swimming very happily, very brave.

After swimming for a full 3 hours, I walked back to the hotel to take a shower and change my clothes. As night fell and the breeze was blowing, the food street became lively and we went to have dinner. The butler has his own restaurant, Seafood Café, which is also in the food street. On the first day, he went there to save face. The taste is average. The service is enthusiastic. I don't want to comment on the taste of the dishes.

Kung Pao Chicken - I'm drunk too, the color is too dark for Beijingers.

50 yuan per person, a total of 130 yuan. Watermelon is given away for free.

Full of wine and food, I went back to rest, traveled all day, and swam in the afternoon, thinking that I must sleep soundly tonight.

D2: Cinda Trading. buy seafood. Lunch: An appointment with the ocean. Swim at the beach in the afternoon. Dinner; an appointment with the ocean.

There are not many tourist attractions in Laoting. If it is by the sea, there are three islands, Bodhi Island, Yuetuo Island, and Jinsha Island, which are called "Laoting Three Islands". Jinsha Island is very small and currently not open. The other two islands have to take a boat from Sanbei Wharf. The original Bodhi Island does not need to take a boat. You can drive to the ticket office at the entrance and only buy 30 tickets. By boat, 110 yuan for the boat plus 30 yuan for the ticket, 140 yuan for one person, the key island is not fun, you can go to the island for the first time to have a look, as we have been to Laoting many times, let's forget it. Originally, I wanted to go to the Golden Beach to see the seaside, but the epidemic was not open, so I had to come to Xinda to buy seafood directly.

20 minutes drive from the beach to Cinda Trading, it is still the same, the first floor sells seafood and seafood, online said that the price of seafood is messy, I don't feel it, I come here almost every day to buy seafood every year, just when you buy it Just keep an eye on it.

Crabs start at 25 yuan, razor clams are 25 yuan per catty, and pippi shrimp are 20 yuan per catty. Seafood prices are still reasonable.

After buying seafood, I headed home. According to the restaurant with high online reviews, I had lunch directly in the food street. It was opened by a Beijinger, and the service was very friendly. The owner's surname was Che, a former director. I came to Leting for food and beverages with my children. The environment is clean. The chef is good. The chef is handsome, a shy handsome guy. Recommended.

If you bring your own seafood, you will be charged a unified price for the manual fee, 10 yuan for steaming, and 20 yuan for frying. quite reasonable

Jiaoliu meatballs - the meat is solid and solid.

3 dishes plus seafood with handwork costs 178. 60 yuan per person, it is recommended to try.

After a full meal, go back and take a nap, and come to the beach at 15:00 to continue swimming.

People say Samoyed is the angel of WeChat, really, look, KIMI is smiling.

The beach is very NINE, and pets can come here at will, so I met many good friends.

Remember the bridge at the back, I will tell you what it is used for tomorrow.

Dad wanted to eat fish, so he inquired about it at noon, and the service of the restaurant of Ocean Covenant was too enthusiastic, and the hospitality was hard to turn down, so he was having a meal in the evening. The signature dish - yellow croaker, is delicious, but it is not enough, it may be too delicious. 78 yuan is a bit expensive.

This cost-effective, potato shreds - only 20 yuan. Dinner.

After a full meal, walk back to the hotel for 10 minutes. We are looking forward to tomorrow.

D3: Leting County. Lunch; Yuantong fried dumplings. Take the boat in the afternoon. Dinner: pack.

I have been to Leting so many times, but I have never been to the county seat. My father lived in the county seat last year and said that there is a market and a restaurant with pot stickers that tastes good. Well, let's drive 30 minutes to the county seat to have a look. I originally wanted to go to the Li Dazhao Memorial Hall, but it was not opened due to the epidemic. Watch it next time you have a chance.

The largest seafood market in the local county, locals also come here to buy seafood.

The price of seafood is about the same as that of the seaside. The crabs are not as fresh as the seaside ones, but the conch is a bit expensive. Not recommended to buy.

If you want to buy something good, don't drive, walk out of the seafood market for 10 minutes, and you can get a famous Liu Mei Roasted Chicken.

There are many kinds of roast chicken. Generally speaking, there is a fresh one for 48 yuan, but it is not easy to carry. There is also a kind of 38 yuan that you can buy when you have time.

I bought the roast chicken and drove for 10 minutes. Dad's favorite restaurant in Laoting in the past is actually an ordinary restaurant in the county. Because the seaside restaurant is too commercial and the price is not cheap, I plan to have a good meal at noon. After all, the restaurant in the county is not Open for tourists.

A local golden loofah was very crunchy when it was first served, but it was not tasty when we packed it and went back to eat at night, it was soft.

Here comes the important point, a local fish - scorpion fish, scientific name big head fish. This meal is very filling, 7 dishes are only 150 yuan, and there is no charge for seafood processing.

After a full meal, take a rest at the hotel. Today is a bit cloudy, and the water is a bit cold, so according to what you inquired yesterday, you can take a boat for 1 hour to look at Bodhi Island and Jinsha Island. The location is the pontoon bridge behind the photo of grandpa yesterday.

Waiting for the boat, grandpa beautiful shot.

You can also do motor boats here.

The boat is coming, and there is a winding river in front of my brother. In fact, the boat is a boat contracted by the local people. It is not expensive at 50 yuan. If the requirements are not high, you can take a ride. Children are free. The happiest thing is that pets can be on board.

It was the first time for KIMI to take a boat, she was so happy, she was laughing all the time, she was a little scared at first, but then she looked around.

The boat can accommodate more than 10 people, and we almost booked the place.

There was also a family of 4 on the boat with us, and it cost 500 yuan to catch fish with the boat, which felt a bit worthless.

The boat tour lasted more than 1 hour, the time was just right, I took a walk to see the scenery, and then went back to the hotel. I didn't want to eat out today, so I packed it and went back to the room to eat. Go to bed early and go on a long journey tomorrow morning to the Lion City - Cangzhou.

D4: Leting Cangzhou. Lunch: service area, dinner: small cattle herding. Attraction night view: Qingfeng Tower.

Woke up early in the morning, it was raining a little bit, could it be that Lao Ting was reluctant for us to leave, haha. I rushed to Cangzhou non-stop, and the navigation along the way went very smoothly, but it rained heavily all the way. I wanted to have lunch in Cangzhou, but it was too late, so I had to eat something simple in the service area. It took 4 hours to arrive directly at the accommodation - Rongsheng Xiangti two-bedroom apartment, In fact, I wouldn't choose this apartment if I didn't bring my pets with me. The service staff controls it remotely, and I don't even see anyone. I clean the room by myself. It is arranged in Building 28, the innermost part of the community, and it takes 10 minutes to walk from the community to the place where I live every day.

Cangzhou is a prefecture-level city in Hebei Province. It is located in the southeast of Hebei Province, facing the Bohai Sea in the east and Tianjin in the north. It faces Shandong Peninsula and Liaodong Peninsula across the sea. It is 200 kilometers away from Beijing and 100 kilometers away from Tianjin. history. In ancient times, it was the land of Youzhou and Yanzhou. During the Southern and Northern Dynasties, it belonged to Yingzhou and Jizhou in the Northern Wei Dynasty. Cangzhou was established in the second year of Emperor Xiaoming Xiping in the Northern Wei Dynasty (517), and it governed the three counties of Fuyang, Ande and Leling. In the Ming Dynasty, it belonged to Hejian Prefecture in the capital, in the Qing Dynasty it belonged to Hejian Prefecture and Tianjin Prefecture, and in the period of the Republic of China, it belonged to Bohai Road in Zhili Province. Because Cangzhou has an iron lion named "Zhenhai Roar" cast in the Later Zhou Dynasty, it is named "Lion City". Because Cangzhou people have the custom of practicing martial arts since ancient times, it is also called "the hometown of martial arts".

The top ten "Cangzhou Business Cards" are Oil City, Pipeline Capital, Huanghua Port, Iron Lion, Grand Canal (Cangzhou Section), Cangzhou Martial Arts, Wuqiao Acrobatics, Golden Silk Dates, Inheritance of the Book of Songs, and famous person Ji Xiaolan. At the gate of the community, the car is parked in the parking lot at the gate, 15 yuan a day. This is the south gate, the entrance is very lively, there are fruit stands, restaurants and supermarkets. Building 28 is very close to the north gate, but it is not open.

The environment of the community is still very good. After walking for a long time, I saw this pool finally arrived. I locked the elevator with the door and it was on the 26th floor. Because the floors are too high and there are too many residents, there are only 2 elevators, so it takes a long time to wait for the elevator every time.

The room is still very clean. In fact, the residents are doing apartments. There are 2 rooms. There is no space in the small room. However, the hall is empty for a while, and the big house is empty for a while, and it is not very hot yet.

There is a kitchen, which seems to be able to cook, but for the sake of hygiene, the kitchen is still not used. Just used the kettle.

Take a break, let's arrange dinner in the afternoon, the little herding cattle, it is said that it is Haidilao in cooking.

Take a taxi to the 7th floor of the Huabei Commercial Building. You have to come early, and you have to queue for a long time every day. Wait for 5 numbers, it will be there in a while.

Let me talk about the service first, I was shocked, it was so enthusiastic, all the waiters bowed at 90. Warm greetings, and water to drink while waiting.

There are many signature dishes, the fairy chicken must be ordered on every table. There is also an hourglass when the food is ordered, and it will be free if the sand is leaked and the food is not served. During the waiting period, there is also a watermelon gift.

Guzha meatballs - delicious, praise.

The beef biscuit was hot when it was served, and it tasted good. It doesn't taste good when it's cold.

Every table must order, fairy chicken, the chicken is very tender, recommended.

Eggplant is 25 yuan, meatballs are 24 yuan, half fairy chicken is 32 yuan, roast lamb is 48 yuan, and fried fresh milk is 32 yuan. The total is 181 yuan, and the taste is generally very good. It is worth tasting.

After a full meal, follow the navigation and walk for 15 minutes to Cangzhou Night View - Qingfeng Tower. The first thing that catches the eye is the Grand Canal. The Grand Canal in Cangzhou is very calm. At night, the locals like to come here in twos and threes to take a walk and watch the night scene. There are singing and dancing, which is very lively.

Cangzhou Qingfeng Building is located on the bank of the canal, on the west bank of the South Lake. According to legend, it was built in the Jin Dynasty. An ancient poem says: "The prosperous place in the Jin Dynasty now has this building. Dusk clouds connect Haidai, and the bright moon is full of Cangzhou. Returning birds pass by like clouds, and flying stars blow over tiles. Autumn is coming to the south of the city, and a lonely lotus boat is picked." But the ancient breeze The building has long since disappeared. Today's Qingfeng Building was rebuilt in 2008. Although it is a modern building, it is also majestic and magnificent. The building is five stories high, 2.3. The turrets have similarities.

Qingfeng Building has a total height of 30 meters and has five floors. The bottom floor has four sides and four corners, each side is 15 meters long, the second, third, and fourth floors have twenty sides and twelve corners, and the fifth floor still has four corners and four sides echoing the bottom layer. The back of the treasure roof is arched with buckets, which has the magnificent and vigorous style of ancient northern buildings. Viewed from the outside, the roof, ridge, and double eaves of Qingfeng Tower are all made of specially made glass tiles, kiss heads, five spines and six animals reserved by Fujian Province, all of which are orange-yellow. People feel resplendent and resplendent. On the west and north sides of the Qingfeng Building, two classical-style annex buildings were built respectively, forming a complete antique building complex.

The three characters "Qingfenglou" on the plaque under the double eaves on the east side of the fifth floor are inscribed by the famous calligrapher Qi Gong. Indeed, the night view of Qingfeng Tower is very beautiful.

Optimistic about taking a taxi directly and resting early, you will see a lot of things tomorrow.

D5: Lion City Park, Celebrity Botanical Garden. Lunch: 0317 Hot Pot Chicken. Afternoon Iron Lion, Cangzhou Zoo. Dinner: Cangzhou old taste.

In the morning, I ordered takeaway in the room and had breakfast. The first stop I took a taxi was Lion City Park, a free park. Why is it called Lion City Park? Cangzhou is called the Lion City because there is an iron lion with the earliest surviving age in my country and a large scale in Cangxian County. And the iron lion was rebuilt here, so it is called Lion City Park. In fact, it is a park. In fact, I think it should be called "Lion City Square". Lion City Park is a landmark building in the new city planning of Cangzhou City.

Walking into the Lion City Park, there are dense trees on the left and right sides, small bridges and flowing water. Since we came very early, there are basically no people in the park, so it is rare to find a quiet place in the middle of the noise. According to the introduction, the total area of ​​Lion City Park is 182,000 square meters, with ecology and humanities as the leading concept of design, and the main design features are concise and lively spatial layout and magnificent momentum, which highlights the meaning of open space in modern urban green space. According to functions, it is divided into waterfront landscape area, civic activity center landscape area, lawn leisure area, pigeon viewing area, waterfowl viewing area, wood-plastic bridge landscape area, south entrance parking area, etc. The total green area is 126,000 square meters, the water system has been renovated and constructed to extend 1,100 meters, 13 landscape bridges have been built, 18 landscape lights with a height of 16 meters have been installed, and 1,200 square pigeons have been introduced.

不远处铁狮子就引入眼帘了,2009年,沧州市政府决定重铸铁狮子.并在铸造之乡泊头完成新沧州铁狮的铸造工作.新沧州铁狮采用一次性浇铸成型的铸造方式铸成,身长约8.5米,体宽 约4.18米,通高约6.9米,而且补齐了原铁狮子缺失的尾巴和下巴.新铁狮重约120吨,体积是原铁狮的1.32倍,设计"寿命"为2000年.

At 8:08 am on March 25, 2011, the new Cangzhou iron lion officially departed from Wanjiazhai Village, Haocun Town, Botou City, where it was cast. After 5 hours of transportation, the journey was 80 kilometers, and it arrived at 1:00 pm Cangzhou Lion City Park is located in the west of Cangzhou City. Starting from the afternoon of March 25th, four heavy-duty cranes with a lifting capacity of 200-300 tons worked together to put the new Cangzhou Iron Lion on the base specially built for the new Cangzhou Iron Lion in Cangzhou Lion City Park. on the basis of the second layer. At 7:17 a.m. on March 26, the final hoisting operation of the new Cangzhou iron lion began. It took less than an hour to put it firmly on the base, and the new Cangzhou iron lion stood upright in a mighty posture. In the center of Cangzhou Lion City Park.

There are exquisite patterns carved under the stone seat.

It recorded in detail the process of rebuilding the Iron Lion in 2009. I really thank the relevant government for allowing us to feel the momentum of the Iron Lion back then. If you come to Cangzhou and can't see the real Iron Lion, you must come to Lion City Park to witness it for yourself. Take a look at the style of the reconstructed Iron Lion.

远处是国际会展中心, 举办过多届沧州车展,沧州房展等大型展览展会,另举办过特色展会沧州钢管展,沧州城 乡规划展,另外也是市政府召开重要会议的主要场所.2010年10月10日 "第八届中国沧州国际武术节"回归沧州,在狮城公园隆重开幕,成龙,李连杰,甄子丹,任贤齐,那英,吴克群,沙宝亮,吴樾,王蓉,大张伟,常石磊,陈国坤,凤凰传奇,王蓉,毛阿敏,孙悦,韩磊, 屠洪纲,青鸟飞鱼,朱瑶瑶,海政文工团,王丽等众多明星前来助阵.

Take a good look at the Iron Lion. There are street parks on the left and right. If you are not tired, you can walk there. I think I still want to see Pigeon Square, so I went to the left and followed the forest path. The scent of flowers is tangy, and it feels cool to walk under the shady tree.

Walk along the path for 10 minutes to the Pigeon Square. The pigeons here are not afraid of people. Many children bring their own food to feed them. There are about 30 pigeons, and there are small sparrows flying to compete with them. The children are having a good time

Not far ahead, the park is very humane, and a pigeon coop was built here.

Pigeon Nest continues to move forward, the scenery is very artistic, the willows are drooping, and the river is clear. There is a scene in the south of the Yangtze River.

At the other entrance of the park, the square in front is called Tension Film Square. The Lion City Park is not big, and 1 hour is enough. Take the exit and take a taxi directly to the Celebrity Botanical Garden.

Attracted by the majestic shape of the Han Dynasty city gate at the main entrance. The whole gate is 13.9 meters high and consists of the base, the body, the tower and the roof. Queji is pasted with large pieces of rubble, giving people a sense of stability. The body of the que is also a small flat stone. The que tower is a multi-layer Chuan Dou wood structure. Below the first floor are stacked squares intersecting vertically and horizontally. On the front of the second floor, dragons and tigers representing the rank of the royal city are carved around them. The top of the que is in the Si'a style, carved with four-corner ridges, tile ridges, tiles, eaves, eaves, etc.


At the end of the Avenue of Celebrities is the Garden District. Because the weather was too hot, we didn't go inside. There is a Cangzhou Morality Museum at the end. Let's visit it by the way. It records the good people and good deeds in Cangzhou in recent years.

After roughly browsing, go back the same way and take a taxi back to the place where you live. There is a must-eat food in Cangzhou near the accommodation-hot pot chicken.

Cangzhou hot pot chicken is a famous traditional dish with complete color, flavor and taste, which belongs to Hebei cuisine. This dish originated in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province. Made with vegetable chicken, tomato, bean paste, garlic, aniseed, and chili. The chicken on the hot pot is the main representative. It tastes spicy and delicious. When eating, it is served with auxiliary ingredients such as vinegar, garlic and sesame sauce.

There are about 3 kinds of snacks for free self-collection, 5 kinds of seasonings for free self-collection, and green vegetables as a gift. The taste is great, it is worth tasting, like it.

After lunch, I drove to the most important scenic spot in Cangzhou - the Iron Lion Scenic Spot. I heard that the former Iron Lion Scenic Spot was very dilapidated. It was just repaired this year. I am looking forward to it. It takes about 30 minutes to drive. It seems that the bus is not very Convenient, tickets are 30 yuan. It takes 1 and a half hours. The iron lion parking lot is very large and convenient, facing the ticket office, it is very user-friendly to enter, and there is a rest area.

When you come to Cangzhou, you must see the iron lion. The iron lion is the symbol of Cangzhou and the origin of the name "Lion City".
铁狮子坐落在沧州市东南20公里沧州旧城开元寺前,东关村西0.5公里处.是全国重点文物保护单位.也是我国现存年代最早规模较大的铸铁艺术品之一,具有很大的历史,科学和艺术价值. 县志记载, 据<沧县志>记载:"铁狮子在旧州城内开元寺前,高一仗七尺,长一仗六尺,背负巨盆.头顶及项下各有'狮子王'字,右项及牙边皆有'大周广顺三年铸'七字,左肋有'山东李云造'五字,腹内,牙内外字迹甚多,然漫漶不全,后有识者谓是金刚经文.头内有'窦田,郭宝玉'字,曾见拓本,意系冶者姓名,字体为古隶.相传周世宗北征契丹罚罪人铸此,以镇州城.后有考据家辩云,罚罪人之说不足信,周世宗素不信佛,狮在开元寺前,且背负巨盆,当即寺中物或李云捐造以壮寺观者,是说较近情理.清嘉庆八年三月,大风倒地,口吻腹尾残缺.据郡人张岩<幞沧杂记>又有相传康熙初年,怪风自东北来,风过狮仆一说,然其它所记较前为详.光绪十九年暑州事宫昱遣圬者(泥瓦匠)扶起,以砖石补其残,然已失原状态矣".又民间流传旧沧州一带滨临渤海,经常发生海啸,洪水浩劫,民不聊生,当地劳动人民为消除水患,自动捐钱,请名师李云铸此狮,以镇海啸,名曰"镇海吼".从狮身外面铸有农民捐钱姓名和具体数字来看,即可证实这一说法.

About myths and legends - It is said that a long time ago, Cangzhou was a land of fish and rice with beautiful scenery and fertile land. It faces the sea, so looking from a distance, the sea is blue and blue. Coupled with the mild climate and hardworking people, every family's life is so beautiful. So even birds and beasts are willing to settle here.
One year, when the millet was yellow and the sticks were pale, a black phoenix suddenly blew up on the sea, rolled up the waves, and roared like a tiger howling and a wolf howling, and rushed straight to Cangzhou City. Seeing the ship's mast capsized, the house collapsed, and the good crops full of depressions were swallowed up by the sea. The black phoenix wave came in such a hurry that the common people had no time to hide, and many people drowned. That scene is really miserable!
Why did this black wind and storm come so violently all of a sudden? It turned out to be an evil dragon playing tricks on the monster. It saw that Cangzhou was a good place, so it wanted to monopolize this place and make it its Dragon Palace. Just when the evil dragon was making monsters and harming the Li people, people suddenly heard a roar like a landslide. I saw a red-yellow male lion jumping up from the sea, like an eagle catching a rabbit, rushing towards the sea with a swish, and going straight to the dragon. Immediately on the sea, the water column soared into the sky, the wind was strong, the dragon soared and the lion leaped, and the lion and the evil dragon fought from dark to dawn. As it ran, it thought: "I can't occupy this place, so it won't be a good place." So it ran and spit out bitter and alkaline white foam. The lion chased after it until it reached the depths of the East China Sea, forcing the dragon to take back the seawater that submerged Cangzhou, and then gave up. The dragon left a deep ditch in its way of escape. According to legend, this deep ditch is the current Heilonggang River. Now in Cangzhou, especially Liucheng, Heilonggang, the white salt and alkali are said to be the white foam spit out by the evil dragon.
The evil dragon ran away and the sea receded. Only then did the people in Cangzhou avoid a greater disaster and live and work in peace and contentment again. In order to thank the lion for killing the people, people invited a famous blacksmith named Li Yun to lead ninety-nine and eighty-one highly skilled apprentices, and used ninety-nine and eighty-one tons of steel to cast the nine-nine-eighth After eleven days, this vivid and majestic iron lion was finally cast at the place where the lion jumped up.
Although the evil dragon did not die, when it saw the iron lion, its whole body became weak and its paws became numb, and it did not dare to play monsters anymore. Therefore, people later called this iron lion Zhenhaihou.

In the distance is the Kaiyuan Temple-Kaiyuan Temple was originally a large temple built by the imperial court during the Kaiyuan period of the Tang Dynasty. There is one temple in each state, and it is named uniformly. According to the "Tang Huiyao" records, Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty granted the imperial court to decree the two capitals and the states of the world to build a Dayun Temple every day. In the 26th year of Kaiyuan, it was changed to Kaiyuan Temple. Today there is a well-preserved Kaiyuan Temple in Quanzhou, Fujian, and Kaiyuan Temple ruins in Xingtai and Zhengding, Hebei. When Kaiyuan Temple in Cangzhou was first built and when it was destroyed has not been verified.

The scenic area is full of lions,

After passing this scenery, we arrived at the museum area. The museum introduced some history of Cangzhou, but there is no space in the museum. The surface temperature of the day was about 40 degrees.

沧州铁狮子,又被称作"镇海吼",铸造于后周广顺三年(953年).关于其来历有多种说法:一说是后周世宗柴荣北伐契丹时,为镇沧州城而铸造;另一说则认为铁狮位于沧州开元寺前,腹内有经文且背负莲花宝座,故应为文殊菩萨的坐骑;还有人根据铁狮的别名"镇海吼",推测是当地居民为镇海啸而建造的异兽 .


Seeing this, I can't help feeling a little sad, nearly 1,000 years of historical changes, the merciless attack of the weather, the iron lion is already scarred,

According to historical records, before the 19th century A.D., Cangzhou Iron Lions stood on mud. The Cangzhou Iron Lion was blown down by the strong wind. By the nineteenth year of Guangxu (1893), the Cangzhou iron lion was erected again, and its jaw, abdomen and tail had been severely damaged. In the 1950s, the summer rains flooded the belly of the lion, and the lion's legs were soaked in the rain for several months. In 1956, at the suggestion of Soviet experts, the Cangzhou Cultural Protection Institute built an octagonal pavilion on top of the Cangzhou Iron Lion. The octagonal pavilion tightly covers the lion below. Cangzhou Iron Lion is located in a low-lying area, and the stagnant water cannot evaporate and spread quickly. As a result, the Bajiao Pavilion formed a humid and high-temperature microclimate, which aggravated the corrosion of the Cangzhou Iron Lion. In 1975, the Octagonal Pavilion was demolished. In 1984, a 2-meter-high water-proof pedestal was built 8 meters north of Cangzhou Iron Lion because the feet of Cangzhou Iron Lion had been stuck in the soil for a long time. On November 22, two 30-ton cranes hoisted simultaneously to move the Cangzhou Iron Lion to the newly built pedestal. Problems left over from hoisting: chin, tail, left hind foot, and right fore foot are completely missing, with 42 damages in total. The largest hole is the floor of the abdominal cavity. As early as the 1950s, there was a hole in the bottom of the abdominal cavity, and the area of ​​the hole was not recorded at first. In 1977 it was 5.8 square meters and in 1984 it was 7 square meters. In addition, the sulfur anchoring mixture that was poured to prevent the legs from being squeezed during hoisting was not removed in time. The sulfur mixture cooled and solidified, and the volume expanded, which accelerated the breakage of the legs. In 1994, after discussion by experts, it was proposed to use iron pipes as brackets to fix the Cangzhou Iron Lion. In 1995, sixteen ocher-red iron pipes with a diameter of 15 cm were used to support between the base of the platform and the body of the Cangzhou Iron Lion. In order to strengthen the four lion legs, maintenance personnel poured slag, sand, lime and other mixed materials with an expansion coefficient smaller than that of sulfur mixture. The mixed material swelled in the rain, and the cracks on the lion's legs worsened again, and dozens of cracks and residual holes appeared. In 2000, the mixture of slag and sand was cleaned out. During the 50 years from the 1950s to 2000, the Cangzhou Iron Lion underwent four repairs. Under the immature historical conditions, the degree of damage to the Iron Lion has been exacerbated.


After finishing the last museum, I haven't seen the Iron Lion yet. To be precise, I don't know where it is, and there is no obvious sign. Fortunately, I asked the locals. There is a forest path on the right hand side of the last museum. Follow this to get to the Iron Lion. The lion is gone.

Turning around the grove, suddenly a huge behemoth broke into my eyes. According to records, the lion is 3.8 meters tall, with a head height of 1.5 meters, a total height of 5.48 meters, a total length of 6.5 meters, and a body width of 3.17 meters. It is said that the total weight of the iron lion is about 40 tons. After accurate weighing, the total weight of the iron lion is 29.30 tons. Cangzhou Iron Lion is the largest cast iron cultural relic in my country.

I looked up at the iron lion with mixed feelings and a surging heart. I was deeply shocked by the wisdom of the ancient working people. And it has stood still until now. At the same time, I also want to cry. After 1,000 years of ups and downs, I have felt the pain of Iron Lion countless times. This kind of pain cannot be expressed in words or expressed in words.

The iron lion has become the city emblem of Cangzhou. The three characters "Lion King" are cast on the top and under the head of the iron lion, and the characters "Dou Tian and Guo Baoyu" are cast inside the head. There are five characters "Shandong Li Yunzao" on the left rib. The abdomen of the iron lion is filled with texts of the "Diamond Sutra". However, due to the long history, many handwritings are incomplete. On the right side of the iron lion and on the side of the teeth are the words "Casted in the third year of Guangshun in the Great Zhou Dynasty". It can be concluded that it was cast in the third year of Guangshun in Zhou Dynasty after the Five Dynasties, that is, in 953 A.D., which has a history of more than 1,000 years. Iron Lion's exquisite casting technology is indeed a great treasure of my country's casting technology. But how was this iron lion with a total weight of 30,000 kilograms cast? According to research, it was made by the ancients using a special "mud fanming casting method" and was cast in sections. The inside of the iron lion's belly is smooth, and the outside is assembled with mold blocks with a length and width of 30 to 40 centimeters. They are built layer by layer and poured layer by layer. A total of 544 mold blocks are cast together. With the manual casting technology of more than 1,000 years ago, such a huge object can be cast, which shows that its molding, smelting, and casting techniques are quite high, which shows that the working people of our country have mastered such exquisite shaping art very early.

According to the inscription on the lion, the Cangzhou iron lion was cast in the third year of Guangshun in the Later Zhou Dynasty (953). Its casting is seven or eight hundred years earlier than the ironmaking technique in the United States and France, so the iron lion is a milestone in the history of metallurgy in the world. In the history of metallurgy in the world, there is the Cangzhou Iron Lion, because the Cangzhou Iron Lion has high scientific research and history. It is a very important concrete material for the study of ancient casting technology, sculpture art, social productivity development level and the history of Buddhist capitals in my country.

According to legend, Manjusri Bodhisattva sits in a lotus position with a huge basin on his back. The lion's body faces south, its head faces southwest, its left feet are in front, and its right feet are behind, showing a forward shape. The bottom diameter of the iron lion lotus pot is 1 meter, the diameter of the upper opening is 2 meters, and the overall height is 0.7 meters, which can be disassembled. The lion body hair is wavy or curly, hanging down to the neck, with belts floating on the chest and buttocks, and the ends of the belts hang down on the shoulders and crotch.

I stayed here for 20 minutes. Due to the hot weather and the epidemic, there was no one here. I foolishly whispered to the iron lion for a long time, asking if it hurts, and at the same time telling it that it exists The greatness of the iron lion, I regard the iron lion as my best friend, I don't know when we will meet again today, maybe it will be a lifetime. I hope you will decay a little slower and let more friends see your demeanor.

Don't pass the iron lion, it's still early, the child is going to the zoo, I saw the zoo was highly rated in the comments before, so let's go and have a look, in fact, I didn't expect a good zoo in Cangzhou, it must be very broken, But after I went there, I was surprised. It's worth going. I strongly recommend you to visit it when you have time. The zoo is very large and takes 2 hours. There are not only animals but also a large playground. The distribution of the whole park is very clear and the environment is beautiful. clean.

Such a beautiful place, how much is the ticket, 10 yuan, yes, you heard it right, it is really cheap. Recommended again, especially if you have children.

On the left hand side of the park is the recreation area, the Ferris wheel has been turning, but unfortunately the weather is too hot, we did not go there because of the time.

Go in and follow the right hand, the signs along the way are very clear, you don't have to go back, what I like is that there is a sculpture in front of each animal area that clearly tells you what animals are on display inside.

First up is the bird area.

The weather is too hot, the elephants are not outside, and you can see elephants and hippos through the windows when you enter the venue.

What did you think of when you saw this? By the way, Xiong Xiong is here. The cutest thing in the park is Xiong Xiong. You can buy a feed and let Xiong Xiong make belly laughing movements to feed it.

The most ferocious animal - Liger Mountain, the Lion Tiger Mountain is so vivid that it seems that a tiger really descends from the mountain.

The reptile hall, the only place that charges separately is 20 yuan.

I don't look at the fees, there are no fees, and they are still national treasures. There are 2 pandas in the Cangzhou Zoo Panda House.

Cangzhou Zoo is so fun, we haven't played enough for more than 2 hours.

The time was just right, I took a taxi from the zoo and went straight to the Internet celebrity restaurant, Cangzhou Old Taste-Halal Hall, 60 per capita. The place is not big, and the taste is praised. Especially my father said that the noodles are so delicious.

Sweet and sour pork tenderloin - made of beef, very tender, I ate a lot even if I don't like sweet.

There are many kinds of noodle seasonings, you can put them as you like. A total of 158. Cost-effective, all dishes are delicious, and none of them is a surprise. recommend

After dinner, don't be in a hurry to go out and turn left to taste the mutton intestine soup. Cangzhou mutton intestine soup is a more elegant name now. In the past, it was called mutton intestines.
Sheep intestine soup can become a special product in Cangzhou, which is related to the large number of Muslims in Cangzhou. Hui people mainly eat beef and mutton, and consume all mutton and offal. etc. are unclean, Hui people themselves only eat haggis soup, that is, soup made with internal organs such as heart, liver, lung and stomach. It is precisely because the Hui people do not eat it themselves, so the first sheep intestines were filled with pig blood. It is said that when Muslims in some places in southern my country slaughter animals in mosques, leftovers such as rectal embryos, lymph nodes, etc. are thrown out like garbage, and no one eats them. It's just that in Cangzhou, these leftovers were picked up by someone at some point, cooked and sold to the poor as meals, and over time it developed into a famous Cangzhou delicacy.
In Cangzhou, people who have eaten sheep intestines have such a feeling, that is: the first time to eat with eyes closed-fear of smell; the second time to eat with squinted eyes-taste; the third time to eat with eyes open- -Satisfying hunger. The more you eat, the more you become addicted, the more you eat, the more you love it. Many Cangzhou people like to eat sheep intestines, thinking that it is hot in nature and has the effect of dispelling asthma and stomach cold. There are many varieties of mutton soup, each with its own characteristics. Tianhua (sheep brain) soup has the function of strengthening the brain and improving eyesight. It is not only low in fat, but also detoxifies and beautifies the skin. Kou Tiao soup has the ability to strengthen the body and nourish blood, and is most suitable for those who recover from illness to eat regularly; tripe soup is fat and thin; And so on, as many as 72 kinds.

There are not only sheep intestines in sheep intestine soup, but also sheep tripe, gluten, lamb, sheep eggs, etc. You can add extra money if you like. At first I thought it would be very mutton, but it didn't taste like mutton at all, but it was delicious. No wonder the sheep intestine soup is very popular in Cangzhou. There are many restaurants that make sheep intestine soup, each with its own characteristics. The one we ate is open 24 hours a day.

After eating sheep intestine soup, there is a small night market next to it. By the way, the things sold are similar. If you don't have time, don't come here.

I finished shopping in less than 10 minutes, and took a taxi to go home. Today is really non-stop, and I am really tired.

D6: Cangzhou-Tianjin Cultural Street. Lunch: pancakes. Return to Beijing in the afternoon.

I'm going home today. I could go back to Beijing directly, but my father went to Tianjin Wenhua Street to buy mahua, so I had to go around and go straight to Tianjin Wenhua Street. Tianjin, I have been here countless times, and every time I bring a Malaysian group, I must come to Tianjin Wenhua Street Food Street, so Tianjin is still very familiar, and I don't want to go shopping in Tianjin, so just walk around and have a look.

Pets are not allowed in Tianjin Cultural Street. After we came out, KUMI barked for a long time, maybe scolding me.

Time passed quickly, and 6 days passed quickly. In this special year of this year, we can still go out for a walk. It is not easy. I also brought my dad. Dad is doing well. Everything went smoothly, nothing went wrong, and I took my two-legged child and four-legged fur child KIMI, they had a great time, and finally hope that this year will pass sooner, so that I can resume my work as a tour guide. , I hope all is well in this special year.