Education Anxiety!

Recently, a popular educational documentary "Childhood in a Foreign Land" deeply hit the anxiety of countless parents, including me and my son's mother, as director Zhou Yijun said after filming:

"When we talk about childhood, the world is very old."

Living in the present, most parents feel extremely anxious about education. You see, everyone is practicing happy education for the whole people, and we are still working hard on the way to promote children in the whole family.

For the housing in the school district, for the sky-high tuition fees, for all kinds of tutoring, for not wanting to lose at the starting line, for the character building of the children, etc., our hearts are like wrapping the colorful flower that belongs to childhood with reinforced concrete. We usually only see the so-called "successful" road that is straight and narrow in front of us, thinking that it should be the standard road of life.

There are so many excellent educational concepts in this world, so many that I don’t know which one is the best. But I firmly believe that "reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles" in the ancient books must be the most suitable for us. In order to find the answer, we continued to embark on the journey with 4-year-old Taishan.

Coordinates: Beijing - Tianjin

Father and son shoot each other

As a "half-handed" photographer father, what I look forward to most is that one day I can take pictures with my son. And this trip is the launching ceremony of "Tarzan" photography. This is a newcomer, and the shooting level made me blush. The cute low camera position instantly captured my father's short legs into the 183 club.

The back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves, and the front waves die on the beach. Can I retire early?

New Travel Education—Go to Nature to Find Answers

Children around the age of 4 are like "walking question marks", always asking questions, maybe your explanation has created a new problem? I believe that most of the current parents can explain patiently, but it is not wise for us to provide children with the correct answer every time - if we just need to open our mouths and ask, do we still need to use our brains?

Therefore, Taishan's mother and I tried to leave the answers on the road, and took the questions together to find a reasonable explanation.

From Beijing to Tianjin, most people will choose the high-speed rail, because it is not very convenient to take a large bag with children, so I still choose the traditional car.

No, it doesn't seem to be traditional, because I rented a GAC ​​New Energy Aion S this time and experienced a green trip. This can be regarded as my new attempt. The times are developing, if you don’t keep up with the trend, it won’t be long before “Tarzan” will dislike playing the game of “100,000 why?” with me.

The growth of parents, like children, is a never-ending process, so that children can be motivated to keep making progress.

In fact, new energy vehicles are still a transitional period for most people who are slowly accepting them. The first time I saw GAC New Energy Aion S, I broke some of my confinement thinking about domestic cars: good looks, high technology, High configuration, such a three-high player really impresses me.

Before leaving the experience center, "Taishan" came with a question: "Dad, why is our license plate blue, but this car has a green license plate?"

This is not difficult for me: "Because our car is hungry and eats gas, this car is hungry to charge. You can go to the road to observe and see which cars have green plates."

"Charge it! It's hungry, let's go charge it now!"

For the impatient son, my mother and I really have a lot of troubles. We want to eat as soon as we are hungry, and we can ask for any needs. The skills of crying, making troubles and rolling around are easy to come by, and we often lose the battle. Finding a balance between flexible and tough education is also a headache for parents.

Before driving, I got acquainted with the basic operation of GAC New Energy Aion S. ECO, NORMAL, and SPORT respectively represent three driving modes. It is up to you to choose whether you want to be stable and energy-saving or aggressive. The colors displayed by the instruments in the three modes are also different, which was discovered by the keen "Tarzan".

"Dad, this looks like Rob Altman Brothers!!!"


"Because it's red for a while, and blue for a while."

"Then let's give him a name, shall we?"

"Call it the Lightning Autobot! It's Ultraman's good friend."

Since then, the Aion S that has been with us for a few days has a new name: "Lightning Autobot".

I don't know if this Autobot will save the earth in the future, but at the moment, I really admire the child's imagination. Things that are irrelevant can also be related, or is Ultraman really poisonous.

Finland, a Nordic country, is a small country with a long, dark and cold winter. So Finnish children have the longest holidays and the least homework. Such a small country like Finland, which seems to be losing at the starting line everywhere, has cultivated middle and high school students who are "the best in the world in overall performance". At first I just heard about it, but when I watched the documentary "Childhood in a Foreign Land" in Finland, I really understood part of its success.

There is a passage that is particularly impressive. In a school without a "fence", the teacher asked the students to study in the woods and get along with nature. To name a tree, you don't have to say its correct name; you can recognize nature by looking for its colors and so on.

This not only deepened their relationship with nature, cultivated the character of loving and protecting nature, but also taught them the ability to survive in the wild.

Before this trip, Taishan’s mother and I were also reflecting on our dead end in education. We took “Taishan” to many cities, played in many amusement parks, and visited many museums, but rarely let him be in nature. Immerse yourself in it. And this time, we also fan Shuimoshan, bring color cards, and look for the colors of nature.

No one loves nature more than children.

We run on the golden fallen leaves, compete with the willows, look at the little flowers that have not had time to hide in the soil in autumn, listen to the singing of the birds on the trees, and see if there will be small fish jumping out of the water...

5 kilometers close to nature, "Mount Tai" did not let us hug at all, nor did we feel tired. We sat down on the side of the road and pasted the fallen leaves on the yellow, the dead flowers that fell on the ground on the purple, and the falling willow leaves on the green... The collected "nature" vivid color cards.

"Mom and Dad, I haven't found the red and blue yet?" With his mouth puckered, "Tarzan" was a little unhappy.

In late autumn, it is really difficult to find these two colors. When we looked around hard, "I found red, look!" Taishan shouted happily.

He glued the Ultraman Taro in his hand on the red color card with double-sided tape. Mother Taishan and I looked at each other in dismay. The color of nature, does the Ultraman also count?

I was particularly touched when I was looking for "blue". I have been obsessed with searching on the ground, but to no avail. I thought it would be okay to dig out a plastic bag.

"Taishan" looked up at the sky: "Dad, the sky is blue, but how to paste it on it."

I suddenly recalled the picture book "Dig a Hole and Take a Look" that I told him every night, so I pasted the sky on it.

The result is not important, what is important is to accompany the child in the process of finding the answer together, and the heart suddenly becomes clear.

We cannot deprive children of their favorite nature! Although schools and various interest classes are the only way for every child, only in the vast world can children grow up freely. Taishan mother and I also decided to take more "Taishan" to get close to nature and observe the four seasons Changes to understand the world.


As the capital of Beijing, there are so many things to do and enjoy. "The door of my house is always open, waiting for you with open arms." Every time I go to Beijing, I always want to hum a few words of this popular song "Beijing Welcomes You". Just in the eastern suburbs, there are China Railway Museum and Song Art Museum, two high-value photo spots.

Train Museum [Dongjiao Pavilion]

When I was a child, I watched the cartoon about trains, "The Iron Man", which is still fresh in my memory. At that time, I always envied the Shinkansen high-speed train in the cartoon, because the trains we took when we were children were all green leather. With the take-off of the motherland, the high-speed rail has become a business card to the world. Therefore, for "Mount Tai" who has only taken the high-speed rail, it is also very meaningful to take a look at the history of China's railway development.

From steam, to electricity, to high-speed rail, the changes of more than 100 years, the three stages that Chinese trains have gone through, is also a history of energy evolution from coal to electricity. This is like the GAC New Energy Aion S we drove this time. It is a transformation from oil to electricity, and it is also a sublimation of consciousness. New technology can change life and the environment.

Protect the environment, start from me.

The China Railway Museum in Beijing has three exhibition halls: Zhengyangmen Hall, Dongjiao Hall, and Zhan Tianyou Memorial Hall.

We chose to go to the Dongjiao Pavilion, because it is the most suitable place for taking pictures. It is a pity to miss it on a lazy sunny day in Beijing.

You can enter the museum with a ticket of 20 yuan. The exhibition hall gathers more than a hundred locomotives and rolling stock of different periods and types in China, especially the earliest surviving "0" steam locomotive in China and the "No. 0" steam locomotive named after the revolutionary leader. "Mao Zedong" and "Zhu De" locomotives can be called "treasures" among Chinese railway cultural relics.

The wheels of Zhu De are higher than "Mount Tai".

In the museum, there are carriages that can be visited, and they are charged separately, 10 yuan per person. I am curious, why, there are bright moments in it.

After dragging "Mount Tai" into it for a moment, I realized that it really is! It turned out to be a red cultural education car, and every room in it had traces of state leaders sitting there. Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou both slept and forgot to eat and drink on the train.

After visiting the exhibition hall, the golden warm sun enveloped us forcefully, holding us back and not allowing us to leave voluntarily. "Dad, open the head of the "Lightning Autobot", I want to bask in the sun." It seems that the son has fallen in love with the new name of Aion S. The huge skylight opened slowly, and we enjoyed it greedily.

"Mount Tai" also raised the booty "captured" in nature over the top of the skylight, and said with a big laugh, "Come and bask in the sun too!"

Thanks to the design concept of Aion S "whale space", the large space in the rear row has also become a place for "Tarzan" to have fun, squatting, lying down, or even doing handstands.

The sunset is infinitely good, but it is almost dusk. The sun set on the mountain at a speed visible to the naked eye, and we were also moving forward in the blue night. "Let's play with the fallen leaves on the side of the road for a while, Dad!" I was also attracted by the autumn night in Beijing and stopped by the side of the road.

The slender eyes of the "Lightning Autobot" flicker and flicker, lighting up the night for us and injecting a little warmth.

【Song Art Museum】Chinese style blank space

Mr. Wu Guanzhong once said: "There are not many illiterates in China today, but there are many beautiful ones." Do our children have to be painters and artists? Of course not. Even so, we still place our hopes on our children, hoping that they can meet, discover, touch and possess beauty in their lives.

This is the original intention that I have always insisted on taking my children to see art galleries, because art is a beautiful carrier that can change our lives from the inside out.

The "Song Art Museum" located near the Capital Airport is a "renovation of old houses" project, transforming the horse farm into an art gallery. With a building area of ​​more than 2,000 square meters and a courtyard of 33 acres, plus 199 unique pine trees, the Pine Art Museum is quiet and unique. There are no close-knit buildings in the big courtyard, and the white buildings with simple geometric shapes look up at the blue sky and white clouds, and look down at the green grass.

Breaking into a Chinese painting in a trance, it has the highest state of Chinese painting - blank space.

When going to Song Art Museum, one aspect is to see the exhibition, and the other is to discover: the simpler and more succinct, the more tolerant it is.

The current exhibition in the museum is called "Invisibility in Color", which brings together selected works of 13 artists from different ages. Concept, pop art, calligraphy, and light are all inspirations for creation in the exhibition, which outlines the evolution of abstract painting in the past century from a subjective perspective.

These abstract arts are a bit like "Taishan" dancing on paper, with dazzling color matching and unconstrained imagination. We slow down and discuss with children bravely, openly and respectfully.

We bring our children here not for awe, but for intimacy. There are already too many standard answers and authoritative knowledge in our education. Let looking at paintings become the most basic game of senses and knowledge.

There is a "small black room" in the museum, which is very depressing. The white graphics in the exhibition make people's vision accept the twilight again, and then step into the colorful world.

"This cosmetic is much bigger than mother's? Why?" Tai Shan showed a particularly surprised expression.

"Maybe it's for giants." I gibberish.

"Giant, is it the same giant as Ultraman?"

I was a little speechless: "No, Ultraman is useless, because they don't show their faces."

On the other side of the art gallery, there is a cafe that looks like a picture scroll outside the window. When you are tired from watching the exhibition, you can order a cup of bitter water, and nestle on the sofa, forming a small world of its own.

The art museum closes at 6 pm. It gets dark early in winter in Beijing, and the sun has already sunk into the horizon at 5:30. Song Art Museum also lights up the first light strip on this green space. The blue of the sky, the warmth of the ground, and the contrast between warm and cold are a strong painting art in itself.

Leaving the art museum, we drove the "Lightning Autobot" on the road covered with gold leaves on both sides. Suddenly I braked and ran in front of the front of the car. There was a blue-orange light above my head, and the eyes of the car glowed with warm stars. Is it also a beautiful picture of cold and warm contrast?

I think of the classic quote by Auguste Rodin: "The world is not short of beauty, but a pair of eyes to discover beauty." Think about it, if you don't have aesthetics, you will miss how much beauty in this world.

Life in the vegetable market

I fell asleep and woke up naturally, ready to leave for Tianjin. Just after driving to the outskirts of Beijing, the big screen of the "Lightning Autobot" displayed the words "insufficient battery" and reminded that there was still 50km of mileage left. Then it showed the type and quantity of charging piles around the smart display, and through dynamic navigation. An efficient route has relieved a lot of burden on my brain which is not very bright.

It feels like playing a game of Pokemon Go capture, where the charging station is the Pokémon to be caught.

The "Flash Autobots" are technologically armed to the teeth. After finding the electric pile, I tried to play with the advanced fully automatic parking system, and solved all kinds of complicated parking problems of the "yellow driver" (novice) with one click. The steering wheel dialed automatically and quickly, and slipped into the parking space with a plate, and instantly felt like being in an American blockbuster. This skill made Taishan very happy, and he couldn't wait to try it.

I recalled how bad it was to move to the library when I was taking the driver's license test. If we had this technology at that time, why would we still take the test of shifting the warehouse and reversing the car! Even kids can do it.

In the past, refueling was done by staff, and charging was self-service. The curious baby "Taishan" couldn't wait to pick up the stun gun as soon as he got out of the car, and integrated the previous refueling method into a charging method.

Every subsequent charge, "Tarzan" does it by himself. The "Little Prince of Charging" was thus born.

How long does it take for GAC New Energy Aion S to charge once, and how many kilometers can it run on one charge? Before that, my understanding of new energy vehicles was still in the concept of running 200 kilometers in a few hours.

When the car is connected to the charging cable, the mobile App will display the remaining charging time, and it can reach 380 kilometers in 40 minutes. It turned out that I couldn't keep up with the ever-changing technological development, and now the new energy vehicles are so capable! Taking advantage of this time, why don't we also replenish our energy. Go to a nearby village, have lunch, and visit the local vegetable market by the way.

The vegetable market, the place closest to human fireworks, is also the most authentic face of the city. Whether you are wearing a delicate white-collar or a housewife who works hard for the family, you will automatically lose your class attributes when you come here. You can appreciate the local customs, and you can also bargain with stall owners like the locals. A sack of food, a scoop of drink, a melon and a vegetable all exude warmth to comfort you and me.

Because he and his grandmother had grown some vegetables at home, "Taishan" knew most of the vegetables and fruits in the vegetable market very well, and became famous every time he passed by one by one, although he would mistake garlic for onions, or encounter some I don't know him at all, and I'm at a loss when I ask my dad. Therefore, we humbly ask the boss for advice, which not only increases knowledge, but also exercises his interpersonal skills.

"Ding dong!" A reminder came from the mobile phone, "Lightning Autobot" has eaten and drank enough (charging is complete), and we continue to Tianjin. Without the roar of the gasoline engine when it is ignited, the start of the new energy vehicle is very quiet, and it is almost impossible to feel that the car is ready to go.

When you get on the highway, you can turn on the ADiGO automatic driving system of the "Lightning Autobot". This is the leading L2 automatic driving technology in its class. Maybe it is a bit brain-inducing to say so. To put it bluntly, you can let yourself go at high speeds. The car will automatically brake, refuel, and turn at a limited speed. You can free your hands at monotonous high speeds and eliminate driving fatigue. This is the car I have always dreamed of owning. At this moment, I feel I got into the car of the future in Will Smith's "I, Robot" in 2004, and more than 10 years later, it became a reality.

"Taishan" looked surprised: "Dad, grandma said that you must hold the steering wheel well when driving, otherwise it will be very dangerous. Why did you lose your hand!"

Go back and tell grandma: "Now the car can be driven by a "Lightning Autobot"."

The dubious Taishan didn't let go of his suspense until he saw the steering wheel of the "Lightning Autobot" turning automatically at the corner. He leaned close to my ear: "Dad, the "Lightning Autobot" can drive. Don't tell others. This is our little secret."

cute as you.

Speeding all the way smoothly, the car smelled of drowsiness. Get some music to cheer you up. "Lightning Autobot" combines voice control function. You only need to tell it the title of the song with your mouth, and it can quickly search and play it automatically.

"The flower in my heart I want to take you home

In that late night bar, don't care if it's true or not

Please swing to your heart's content and forget the one you love

You are the most charming Karma, you know?"

"Wild Wolf Disco", which is popular all over the country, is really popular, and sleepy people are chased away.

②【Tianjin】There is more than marijuana flower

"Look at Xi'an in five thousand years of China, Beijing in one thousand years of China, and Tianjin in one hundred years of China."

Regardless of the history, I think the most down-to-earth feeling of going to Tianjin is "talking to the people here, I always feel like listening to cross talk!"

This time we explored the old city and new district of Tianjin in one go:

See the world's first Ferris wheel built on a bridge,

Looking at the five avenues with red bricks and green tiles,

Sitting in the soft red Italian-style street drinking a cup of coffee,

Break into the most beautiful library in Binhai to read a favorite book,

At the National Maritime Museum will search up and down,

Also left an indissoluble bond with the aircraft carrier.

During the alternation of night and day in just two days,

Feel the city of Tianjin,

Her breathing, her movements are appropriate,

Such Tianjin.

love it.

The first lesson of national defense education【TEDA Aircraft Carrier Paradise】

Little boys are born with no resistance to airplanes, cannons, ships, and tanks. This may be a chemical reaction of some key DNA in men in the theory of evolution, and they have a strong desire to use tools to explore the world. In order to better visit the aircraft carrier paradise, I specially bought a 3D picture book related to the ship to lay a good foundation for seeing the aircraft carrier.

"Captain, let's go to sea!"

Tianjin Binhai New City is a large parent-child paradise, where Haichang Ocean World, Fantawild Theme Park, and of course the TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park we are planning to go to are gathered here. We have taken "Tarzan" to visit the Sea World and theme parks many times, but this is the first time we have set foot in a military-related park. I hope to take this opportunity to bring a study of national defense education to our whole family.

The Kyiv in Tianjin is the only Soviet aircraft carrier on display in the world, not even Russia itself, a bit arrogant.

Winter is the low season for tourism in Tianjin, and there are few vehicles on the huge parking lot. At this moment, "Tarzan" is still thinking about the fun of "Lightning Autobot" automatic parking. Automatic parking where you can park with your eyes closed? Embarrassing the "Flash Autobots".

The staff at the gate will give you a "tourist passport", and you can take an "entry photo" with your companions at the "immigration office" at the gate. This is one of the characteristics of the aircraft carrier park. Entering the Russian border at the gate of the country" play experience.

Entering the park, there is a small building in the style of Red Square. On this Russian-style street, many foreign traders gathered, rolling their tongues and selling Russian goods. "Tarzan" was particularly interested in the pronunciation of the Russian tongue and breath, and imitated it while laughing, which made the bosses laugh out loud.

Finally came to the core attraction of the aircraft carrier paradise - "Kyiv", a total of four floors, followed by five-three-two-deck, this name is a bit like the level of domestic hospitals. If you are careful, you will find out why there is no Sijia? Is there also superstition of homophonic?

"Tarzan" roared excitedly when he saw a giant ship as tall as a building. The book was very skinny, but the reality was full. It taught him a good lesson about proportion.

One of the highlights of the aircraft carrier visit is the missile. Taishan is very excited when facing the full ammunition depot, because our family watched this year's military parade. The missile "Dongfeng 17" has been compared with the torpedo, anti-ship, and air-to-air missiles in front of me.

"Father, this one is the best, and Dongfeng 17 is the best."

"Dongfeng 17!"

"What about this one?"

"It's still Dongfeng 17!"

Taishan, I want to tell you that 70 years ago, during the founding ceremony in 1949, when there were only 17 planes for the celebration, Premier Zhou left a sentence that moved China for decades: If there are not enough planes, we will fly twice. Today, 70 years later, China is already safe and sound, the country is prosperous and the people are strong, and our planes no longer need to be flown a second time. And it is also among the world's first-class powers. In today's motherland, we should stand up and say loudly: "I love you! I am proud of you!"

This is the first time I saw a round warship model, do you want to have a 360-degree surround attack?

Don't think that every day on the aircraft carrier is to face the steel giant and "face the wall and think about it". Saunas, cinemas, and small stages... are all non-wartime pastimes for the navy, and they are quite enjoyable.

Boarding the deck of the aircraft carrier, the field of vision suddenly widened. It's completely different from the enclosed smell of rust in several layers inside the ship's cabin, and the fresh sea breeze rippling flowers on our faces. Submarines and destroyers can be seen nearby, and the boundless Bohai Sea is in the distance. There are various ship-borne weapons on the deck. You must know that these aircraft, missiles, and artillery shells are all transported up by the ship's cabin through a complex transmission mechanism. The children are running in the wind to their heart's content here.

After visiting the aircraft carrier, my heart was full of ups and downs. Of course, we like to see planes, cannons, missiles and other novelties that are rarely seen on weekdays. Thinking more deeply, the peace in China today is only achieved after hundreds of years of war. With the rapid development of the economy, while people are enjoying a rich material life, their awareness of national defense is also weakening.

Be prepared for danger in times of peace, this is an experience and lesson since ancient times. "Patriotic education" is not achieved overnight. When we visit these weapons, it can be regarded as a self-growth and baptism.

National Maritime Museum

I think that the large and small aquariums have also brought "Taishan" to see a lot. For the [National Maritime Museum], which is free of charge, it is only enough to stay at the concept of the Internet celebrity check-in place. Being in it, I regretted it, because I didn't have enough time to appreciate the charm of the National Maritime Museum. This is simply a treasure with a fairy appearance, and it is a palace of science worth staying for a whole day.

Tip: Tickets are reserved by public number, so be sure to make an appointment in advance, otherwise there may be no tickets on the day.

Entering the hall, the suspended ceiling in the space gives people a feeling of squeezing the abdominal wall, as if entering the belly of a large ancient creature.

"Dad, what kind of ship is this? Is it also an aircraft carrier?" Taishan still had a fresh memory of the Kyiv aircraft carrier he had just visited.

Visiting the National Maritime Museum is a continuation of the aircraft carrier paradise. Here, we learned that this restored huge wooden ship is a blessing ship from the Song and Yuan dynasties: this is a large merchant ship that can enter the sea. It is powered by sails and steered by a rudder. once a Thief. In the prosperous city of Citong during the Song and Yuan Dynasties, which is now Quanzhou, there are busy blessing boats.

From the perspective of momentum and scale, it has several times the grand scene of Zheng He's voyages to the West.

The National Maritime Museum is the first in China's history. Its status is comparable to that of the Palace Museum, and it can be called the "Forbidden City on the Ocean". It has similarities with the Oceanographic Museum we traditionally visit, but it is more from west to east, outlining the humanistic scene of the Chinese civilization for more than 2,000 years. It’s a little hard to understand, but from the beginning of the design, the museum has considered the experience of the old, middle-aged and young people, and also set up an interesting children’s hall, which has become a place for indulgence and play that "Taishan" has been reluctant to leave.

Walking out of the museum, there is a large hydrophilic viewing platform on the first floor, and the twilight of the setting sun is lingering, which can highlight the magnificent structure. The sea breeze makes people think a lot, I walked for 1 hour, and the earth walked for 4.5 billion years. If you remember the movie "Interstellar", you must be familiar with a classic line: "The thing I fear most is time".

Time can be stretched, folded, and visualized, but it cannot go backwards. Therefore, in my opinion, the real value of the museum is a "wormhole" in the vast ocean of earth history. When we come to the museum, it is like passing through the "wormhole". Every mirror surface of billions of years is instantly connected. The exhibits look at us like white hair gazing at childhood. At this moment, our breath may be worth the lifetime of this species in the history of the earth.

As the museum closed at 6 o'clock, we walked out of the museum and came to the hydrophilic platform on one side. On the huge mosaic lake, the reflection and reality alternate perfectly, making it difficult to distinguish the boundaries. Even people who don't like photography see such beautiful scenery, and their hormones will take off.

Children are always children, and adults feel that those insignificant things will become treasures in their hands. In the hands of "Tarzan", the pebbles beside the hydrophilic platform have become the raw materials for stacking and cutting 2D houses.

I think this is the most precious talent of children. They will not only release their imagination from drawing with pen and paper, but also find answers in nature.

Museum of International Architecture

In the first two days of coming to Tianjin, "Mount Tai" learned to draw sycamore trees in art class. Most of the golden color in autumn in Chengdu comes from ginkgo and poplar trees. Mount Tai, who has never seen phoenix trees, has been clamoring to see phoenix trees. Wutong planted a seed in his little head, and we will not have time to solve the answer for him in the future.

Driving the "Lightning Autobot" slowly through the Fifth Avenue, a golden leaf fell on the front windshield, it turned out to be a sycamore leaf! The sycamore trees on both sides of the five avenues have already turned golden, and the leaves have begun to fall. When a gust of autumn wind blows, countless dead leaves are rustling and elegant, and the mother-in-law is whirling, just like the sky is raining leaves.

After parking the car, we came to Minyuan Square, the center of Five Avenues. The sycamore leaves all over the ground made "Taishan" ecstatic, and the sycamore leaves in his painting finally came into reality.

"Mom, can I gather a sycamore leaf?"

"Okay, as long as it falls on the ground."

In the process of getting along with nature, children have more or less destructive behaviors, such as stepping into the green lawn, picking delicate flowers, and trampling to death the moving ants. In fact, most of the behaviors are caused by curiosity. As long as parents are more patient and tell them carefully, they will realize the equality of life, and you will find that they are more caring than adults.

If you want to browse the Five Avenues quickly, the best way is to take a carriage in front of Minyuan Square. Outside Minyuan Square, you can hear Tianjin Mandarin yelling from a long distance: "Take a carriage, 80 yuan per person, children under 1 meter free."

When I bought the ticket, I muttered: "You will be charged if you are less than 4 years old." The conductor smiled and said: "That's good, it's a good thing for children to grow tall."

Not to mention whether I want to sell an extra ticket, this also speaks to my heart, I am not tall enough, and I always want to use my baby to make up for it.

The carriages drove slowly, and each carriage was equipped with a tour guide, who spoke not far away: "At the end of the 19th century, the artillery fire of the British imperialists opened the gate of the country that had been closed by the Qing government for a long time. After the smoke cleared, the unprecedented The unheard of the times rushed into this ancient country that has been sleeping for thousands of years. As adventurers swarmed in, the Five Avenues also experienced great changes. Big and small boundaries. That’s why the Five Avenues are also called the World Architecture Expo Garden.”

Shuttle among the five avenues, "Taishan" was dazzled by the western-style buildings one after another in front of him, but he was also attracted by their strange buildings, and kept asking: "Why is this red? Why is this red?" Is it a ceramic house? Why is this house with a steeple?" A barrage of questions came over me, and I listened to the tour guide's explanation, and translated "Mount Tai" on my mobile phone at the same time. The dark red wooden door is made of walnut, the baroque columns, and the exterior wall made of broken ceramics...It seems that it is not an easy task to become an architect.

If the buildings in Wudao Avenue have reached the protection level, there will be a white marble plaque on the wall outside the courtyard at the entrance, which will say which level of protection it belongs to and which celebrity's former residence it is. QR codes are set on many building doorplates , visitors can then continue to hear the story of the building in depth. The Five Avenues reflect the historical trajectory of the century-old changes in modern China. The ancient courtyard is still there today. Although it is no longer as thrilling as it used to be, it is still writing a new history.

After traveling around in a horse-drawn carriage, it is also a good choice to have lunch in a long-standing cultural building on Five Avenues. We chose a "Jin" restaurant with an explosive reputation outside Minyuan Square. The taste is quite suitable for families. Most of the dishes are not spicy, so we can enjoy it.

If you feel that Rome is very far away, you may wish to take a walk in the Italian-style area in Tianjin. The Italian Style Street in Tianjin is the only remaining piece of original Mediterranean buildings in Asia. At night, when the lights are on, it feels like you are in a European town. However, it is still difficult to understand the style of the Italian-style town in winter. It is more like a lonely garden, and occasionally one or two people pass by in a hurry.

Looking at the somewhat deserted western restaurants on both sides of the street, I believe that in the midsummer night, Marco Polo Square must be very lively! People gather at open-air tables to chat and laugh, drink beer and chat until dawn.

Tianjin Night

Different from the daytime, the night in Tianjin is quiet, like a delicate girl looking up at the stars in the sky alone at the bridgehead. It is also like a quietly blooming flower, dancing with the wind in the melodious music. Don't show off, don't seek favor, and show your beauty silently in this chaotic world.

We didn't look at the night specifically, and the "Lightning Autobot" was like a quiet gentleman, accompanying us for a stroll in Tianjin City, Century Clock, Jiefang Bridge, Tianjin Eye, Dagu Bridge... the beauty here is so convenient Slow down, I like it so much, so I stop, walk around, and feel it.

There are a total of 30 bridges in Tianjin, each with its own merits. The red and orange colors of Dagu Bridge at night are particularly eye-catching. "Taishan" didn't want to go back to the hotel to rest, but insisted on going to play on the bridge, so we found a parking lot nearby that could charge the "Lightning Autobot". After several days of training, the little guy is familiar with automatic parking and how to charge the car easily. This "little driver" almost drove the car away.

In the night, the eyebrow lights of the "Lightning Autobot" radiate blue light like Thor's hammer. Electricity can be connected and transmitted, and "Tarzan" also learned to infer other things from one instance, and put his Ultraman in front of the eyebrow lamp, solving the problem that each Ultraman's energy is only enough to fight for three minutes.

We came to the Dagu Bridge slowly, and the wind on the river passed through the cracks of the bridge, splitting our faces. Even so, "Tarzan" was unwilling to leave, wearing a small hat. Joyful on the bridge, whenever a car passed by, the bridge vibrated irregularly, we played and chased in the micro waves for 30 minutes, until the two fathers had clear noses on their noses and did not want to leave .

I only hope that the dream will not wake up. Only after experiencing the night in Tianjin can I say that I have a certain understanding of Tianjin. Only those who have personally experienced the night of Tianjin will find out that the night of Tianjin is so charming.

Vintage Homestay in the Old Hutong

This time I took my son to Tianjin. Instead of staying in a luxurious hotel, we stayed in a private house hidden in an old alley near Fifth Avenue.

This is the only one-story hutong left in Tianjin. Although I stayed for two days, I didn’t hear the cries of hawkers and the hutong care for each other in the early years. But when I went back to the room to pick up clothes at noon, I ran into an old man and looked at it. Our family of three with the label "Travel" on it, the first sentence we spoke was "Have you eaten!" in the familiar Tianjin dialect.

"Taishan" also answered: "Eating buns."

I was pulled back to my childhood and lived in a hostel. At that time, my childhood playmates were all children from the neighborhood. As long as I said hello, I rushed over immediately. All of this was full of life and human touch.

Such an environment will no longer be reproduced after being replaced by exquisite steel-refined concrete buildings, and "Taishan" is even more incomprehensible. Just like I can't understand that my parents have to mow grass and feed cows after school every day in the countryside. Generations of generations cannot interfere with each other. The 20-year-old son tells stories about his father and mother when they were young.

"Dad, this house is so old."

"Dad, why doesn't this house have a bathtub?"

"Dad, is there breakfast here?"

I didn't answer directly because those answers would just upset a kid who was looking forward to a hotel stay.

I just told him patiently: "Dad, Mom used to sleep on this kind of wooden bed when she was a child, and she also did her homework on this kind of wooden table. You can imagine how interesting it was when you came to the home of Mom and Dad when they were young."

In fact, needless to say, "Tarzan" himself can gradually find fun in the old house. The trampoline will creak and creak. There is a small window connecting the inner and outer rooms. The glass in the kitchen is broken, so mother can stretch out her hand to play. rock-paper-scissors……

When I left, I took a family photo. Although I don’t know if my son will like this kind of historical resting place in the future, but in front of the red brick and green door at this moment, there is a retro memory that we spent together.

The older the city, the more cultural deposits there are. This deposit has infiltrated into the bones of the villagers unconsciously, and it has become a proof that one side supports the other.

The Miracle of the New World 【Daxing Airport】

"Wow, Daxing Airport is so big!"

"Grandma, have you seen it? It's so beautiful."

For Grandma Taishan, who closely followed our movements, she turned on facetime as soon as she got off the plane, and in front of her was Taishan's endless praise.

In fact, "Taishan" has patronized both Beijing Capital Airport and Nanyuan Airport before, but this trip to Daxing activated the skill of "Smashing Thoughts" by the imaginative imagination of the airport dome and the dazzling shops. Be amazed by the first of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Under the high light of the phoenix spreading its wings, I lamented the prosperity of the motherland.

Walking into this magnificent single terminal building is like entering a white dream space. Looking up, the huge roof line is soft and capable. In the wide space, 8 C-shaped columns are like towering giant trees, supporting the curved eaves of the entire terminal building. The beautiful scenery brings more transparency to the whole airport. So one day is not enough to take pictures here.

While admiring the magnificence of Daxing Airport, I remembered some truths that have only become more and more profound in these years. "The sinker starts at a ridge of three inches and reaches a depth of ten thousand ren." National identity is not born in life, nor can it be acquired by "surprise" the day after tomorrow. I think the most important part of education is Patriotic, these are not words to the son, he will understand immediately.

Last year, we were trapped at Osaka Airport for 48 hours due to a typhoon, and it was the Chinese embassy who rescued us in the first place; today, I saw that the motherland has completed the Daxing Airport, which stands on top of the world...every experience is a small seed, I I also firmly believe that these seeds will take root and germinate as my son grows up. Because only those who truly understand patriotism and national pride will gain real happiness.

There is no standard way in life

When preparing to return at the airport, "Taishan" suddenly wanted to make an origami airplane, but we didn't have suitable materials around us. So we figured out a way together. My son suggested using mineral water to make the fuselage. I disassembled the bread box and made wings. He had a lot of fun. Finally, he fell asleep on the plane with this soil tide "new toy".

In fact, parent-child relationship is not important what to play, what is important is how to play, the most ideal state - what the child understands, we understand; what the child does not understand, we also understand, at least, we have to have an intersection with the child. This long process of seeking is not only for oneself, but also for the child. The starting point of the child is the shoulders of the parents. With that said, we overcome our anxiety, and our children will never have the same starting line.