This product is a private customized travel, the page defaults to the single price for a group of 4 people, and the price for more than 4 people is lower~

[About traffic]

1. The price on the page already includes a one-way air ticket of 1,000 yuan per person from all over the country to Kunming. If you purchase an outbound air ticket by yourself and select "Kunming" as the departure point, the system will directly deduct the air ticket fee;


[About Reservation]

1. This product is a theme-customized private group. Professional customizers will provide you with 24*7+1-to-1 services. You can adjust the number of days of the itinerary, hotel combination, scenic spot activities, etc. according to your actual needs;

2. If any custom adjustments are involved, the itinerary needs to be confirmed by both parties twice. Before placing an order, we need to verify the price before payment can be made.

[Refer to the group price for 2 people]

Starting from 9580 yuan/person (departing from Kunming, excluding air tickets)

[Refer to the group price for 4 people]

Starting from 8380 yuan/person (departing from Kunming, excluding air tickets)


Day 1: "All over the country-Kunming-Fuxian Lake" professional tailors will serve you one-on-one, arrange suitable flights for you according to your departure city, and stay in the Italian-style manor by Fuxian Lake

Day 2: "Fuxian Lake-Ant Workshop-Jianshui Ancient City" explore the secret place of glazed pink, visit the art space Ant Workshop, and take the "Where Are We Going, Dad" meter-gauge train to travel back to the old days

Day 3: "Immersive exploration of the cover of "China National Geographic"" Kangteng infinity swimming pool to watch terraced fields, light hike in Samaba, taste Hani dinner, enjoy starry sky tent courtyard soaking pool

Day 4: "Red River-Puzhehei" aerial photography of terraced fields sunrise, rafting Puzhehei intoxicated with sinking cave gentle sunset, night visit Xianrendong to experience Yi nationality bonfire party

Day 5: "Puzhehei-Dongfengyun Art Town" Climb to the top of Qinglong Mountain to watch the sunrise, take a hot air balloon to overlook the karst wonders at 360°, and walk slowly in the Xihuang Wetland

Day 6: "Maitreya - Kunming - all over the country" Dongfeng Rhyme around the lake for light hiking, wine tasting at red wineries, Kunming special car to the airport