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Day 1: [All over the country - Kunming - Maitreya]

🔸Experience: Play in the Oriental Rhythm Town known as "Provence" in central Yunnan, and explore the futuristic magic castle that is imaginative and unconstrained.

Day 3: [建水-红河] 🔸 体验:乘坐<爸爸去哪儿>痛苦复古小火车穿梭时光.入住梯田野奢营地,在云间梯田享星空帐篷&无边泳池. 🔸 酒店:红河康藤.红河谷帐篷营地

🔸 Service: Private car accompanying the whole journey, 1V1 follow-up by the customizer

Day 2: [Maitreya - Jianshui]

🔸Experience: Take avant-garde artistic photos in the Ant Workshop of "Southeast Yunnan Guell Park". Jianshui ancient city citywalk, taste the same Jianshui baked tofu in "A Bite of China".