Day 1: All over the country (big transportation at your own expense) - pick up/high-speed rail - check in hotel - free activities

Day 2: Kunming-Honghe (Dongmen Caravan Ancient City/Tasa Terraced Fields/Yangliu Terraced Fields)

Day 3: Samaba terraced fields - Nimei terraced fields - Guidong terraced fields - Yuanyang terraced fields (Qingkou terraced fields/Dayutang folk village/Quanfuzhuang/Mali village/Bada terraced fields)

Day 4: Yuanyang Terraces (Duoyishu Terraces/Aichunlan Terraces/Azheke Village)-Kunming

Day 5: Kunming - all over the country (big transportation) - drop off / high-speed rail - the end of the trip