Day 1: Fly all over the country to Kunming to stay at the hotel - 24-hour pick-up - Kunming free activities: Yunnan Provincial Museum / Dounan Flower Market / Guandu Ancient Town

Time: 12:00: Kind tips
❤ This book supports optional flights (book local round-trip flights at your own expense, free 24-hour pick-up and drop-off), it is recommended that you do not choose a flight that arrives too late, you can play in the city by yourself, and you can rest early at night to ensure that you have enough energy to play .
❤ The hotel arranges standard rooms by default throughout the whole process. For guests who have requirements such as double bed/triple room or shared bed, you need to make a note in advance when booking. We will try our best to arrange it, and the actual arrangement shall prevail.
❤ If there are no team rooms in the hotel due to special reasons such as tourist season, large conferences, government requisition, national festivals, etc., we will adjust you to a hotel that is not lower than the designated hotel standard. Sorry for the inconvenience.
❤ The tour order and time points of the whole tour are for reference only. The tour order of the attractions will be adjusted according to the actual situation of the tour (such as congestion in peak season, traffic jams and other related factors) to ensure the completeness and rationality of the itinerary. The specific tour order is based on the actual situation allow.
❤ This itinerary is with a group, if the number of people in the group is less than 10, no meals are included, the driver and guide, the fee is adjusted for the subsidized fare, please take care of yourself~ Our 24-hour customer service can recommend local specialties for you, and the driver's master meal You don't need to bear the fee~

Time: 12:00: Meal time: about 1 hour Kunming food recommendation
Recommendations for traditional Yunnan cuisine: Radiation Building, Laodian Shanzhai, Eggplant Chacha, there are many branches, you can search for a nearby one according to the time and location of your visit
Recommended traditional snacks: Crossing Bridge Rice Noodles (Yunxianlou, Xianglin Garden, Jianxin Garden)
Other recommended street snacks: fried potatoes, roasted tofu, bean noodle glutinous rice balls, small pot rice noodles, flower cakes
Amway Wild Mushroom Hot Pot in summer, Dried Mushroom Fried Rice, seasonal delicacies, you can't come by
Reminder: Everyone has different preferences. We recommend based on customer feedback and staff visits to the store. Please choose according to your taste.

Day 2: Kunming - "Little Maldives" Fuxian Lake - Gejiu Shadian Grand Mosque[Dream back to Agra, India]

Day 3: Gejiu Jiajiazhai [10,000 Mu Pear Blossom]/[Laoyin Mountain] - Honghe [Samaba Terraced Fields] - European Town on the Mountain [Yosa Caravan Ancient City]

Day 4: Honghe County - [Mojiang Twin Town] [Mojiang Tropic of Cancer Sign Park] the place where the sun turns

Day 5: 庾澄庆祖父故居[碧溪古镇-庾家故居]--普洱那柯里[茶马古道重要驿站&央视 马帮情歌 诞生地]

Day 6: Pu'er Rhino Ping Forest Park "Rub the Little Panda" - one of the protection and inheritance sites of the intangible cultural heritage Lahu creation epic "Mupa Mipa" [Old Dabao Music Town]

Day 7: Lancang - Pu'er [Jingmai Mountain] experience the sea of ​​clouds and walk in the clouds - [Wengji Ancient Village] Blang Village - [Nuogan Ancient Village]

Day 8: Pu'er [Tea Horse Ancient Road]--Enjoy hot spring bathing in Atami, Yuanjiang Red River Valley

Day 9: Yuanjiang - Yuxi Ailao Mountain [Nanen Waterfall] - [Shimenxia Scenic Area]

Day 10: Kunming drop-off - fly back to the warm home