Day 1: Arriving in Kunming with a crowd of distinguished guests (airport pick-up/station) - returning to nature after a long time in the cage (free activities)

Day 2: [First encounter with Jianshui scenery] Kunming - Jianshui - Jianshui Ancient City - Zhujia Garden - Ximen Gujing Tofu Square - Seventeen Arch Bridge - Zitao Street (free activities) - check in hotel

Day 3: [红河梯田赏日落&滇越小火车]建水小火车主题公园(乘坐复古小火车)-异龙湖-绿格梯田-他撒梯田日落

Day 4: [Full-day in-depth photography of the secret terraces] Samaba terraces sunrise - Yangliu terraces - Guidong terraces - Mabang ancient city - Yuanyang terraces to enjoy the sunset

Day 5: [Travel by private car, master and guide, enjoy the time as you please | Enjoy the sunrise over the sea of ​​clouds, world heritage landscape] Yuanyang Hani Terraces-Duoyishu Terraces-Bada Scenic Area-Azheke Terraces-Azheke Mushroom House (Terraces touch rice flower fish)

Day 6: Yuanyang - 340KM - Puzhehei - Xianrendong Village - Caihuaqing - Qinglong Mountain - Puzhehei Lake (including cruise ships)

Day 7: Hotel breakfast→Qinglong Mountain→Lover Bridge→Puzhehei Original Ecological Village→Shooting location of "Three Lives III Ten Miles of Peach Blossom"→Return to Kunming→Kunming arrange airport drop-off (scheduled return flight after 17:00)