Reminder: During the epidemic period, the reception of Kangteng was affected by the policy and the reception was unstable. It is recommended to consult the reception policy before placing an order


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[Notes for Kangteng Camp]:
1. Camp policy: Children aged 7-12 must have an extra bed, and an extra bed fee is required
2. In addition, a tent in Kangteng camp can accommodate up to 3 people (including children), please know~

Day 1: Pick up in Kunming→Assemble and proceed to Maitreya→Stay in Maitreya MGallery

Day 2: [Maitreya - Jianshui] Free activities in the morning of Maitreya East Charm - Jianshui Small Train (one way) - Jianshui Seventeen-Arch Bridge - Xianghui Bridge Station - Free activities in Jianshui Ancient City

Day 3: [Jianshui → Honghe County] Jianshui citywalk (Jianshui presenter will take you into the ancient city and alleys, search for Jianshui cultural symbols, and touch historical sites) → Kangteng.Red River Valley Tented Camp

Day 4: [Kangteng.Red River Valley Tented Camp] Free tour of the World Heritage Site Samaba Terraced Fields - free activities in the camp

Day 5: [Red River → Fuxian Lake] Sunrise at the campsite-you can make an appointment in advance for early morning hikes around the campsite-free activities in Fuxian Lake-check in Fuxian Lake Hotel-you can choose Fuxian Lake sailing experience at your own expense

Day 6: [Fuxian Lake→Kunming] Fuxian Lake-Kunming City/Kunming Changshui Airport (recommended return traffic after 14:00)