The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is adjacent to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. Here you can not only enjoy the unique freshwater and marine life from all over the world, but also interesting animal performances. The four undersea tunnels in the museum are even more popular. When you step into them, you can see sharks and sea turtles cruising overhead, and you can have a panoramic view of the magical underwater world.

In addition to strange-looking fish such as Australian archerfish, African multi-finned fish, white ax shark in Southeast Asia, electric eel and arapaima in South America, there are precious animals such as spotted seal, Antarctic penguin, salamander, and alligator in the aquarium. , as well as the lovely seahorse, the treasure of the town hall - the grass sea dragon, and the ribbon sea dragon.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is also the only aquarium in the world that has an independent Chinese exhibition area to display China's unique aquatic organisms, including many nationally protected animals, including Chinese sturgeon, mullet, alligator, and salamander.

In addition, there are popular science exhibitions on species in the "Special Exhibition Area", so that everyone can learn more about marine life and strengthen their awareness of marine protection. In particular, young people can also learn about various marine scientific and educational knowledge in the "Ocean Classroom".

opening hours

09:00-18:00 throughout the year (stop ticket sales at 17:30, last admission to the park at 17:30); National Day 09:00-21:00 (stop ticket sales at 20:30, last admission to the park at 20:30), Spring Festival 09:00-21:00 (last admission 20:30); please pay attention to the official website and on-site announcements for business hours on special event days

Preferential treatment policy

child:Height below 1 meter (not included), free of charge; children 1.0 meters (inclusive) to 1.4 meters (inclusive), discounted
elder:Seniors over 60 years old (included) can enjoy discounts with their ID cards or old age certificates
the disabled:Disabled people with a valid ID card, preferential
soldier:Active military personnel with valid identity certificates, discounts
Retired veteran cadres:Retired veteran cadres with valid identity documents, discounts

Service Facilities

PARKING LOT:[Shanghai Ocean Aquarium Parking Lot] Reference price: ¥10/hour; Address: Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, No. 1388, Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai (near the Oriental Pearl Tower); Location: 500
WiFi:Full coverage; Account: shanghaihaiyangshuziuguan-freewifi; Password: Verify login; Scope: Full coverage
luggage storage:Reference price: Free; Address: Visitor Center
stroller rental:Reference price: free without deposit; address: at the main entrance
bathroom:Distributed at the corners of the main roads in the scenic area.
FOOD:There is a large fast food restaurant in the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, which is located at the north entrance on the first floor of the aquarium.
Souvenir gift shop:There is an ocean memory gift shop in the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, which is located at the exit of the exhibition area.
vending machine:Located in the Visitor Center

must see tips

1. The ocean aquarium has three floors above ground and two floors underground. To visit the aquarium, you usually go to the third floor after checking the ticket on the first floor, starting from the Chinese area, and then going down layer by layer. Underground is the subsea tunnel.
2. There is a shopping store on the first floor of the aquarium, which sells plush toys and accessories, you can go and have a look. There is also a fast food restaurant on the first floor, and there are many restaurants outside the museum, so you don't have to worry about eating.
3. The aquarium provides collective science popularization activities suitable for students such as "overnight in the aquarium" and "aquarium exploration tour". Generally, they need to be organized by the school and apply to the aquarium. For details, please visit the official website for details and reservations.
4. After visiting the aquarium, you can also visit the Oriental Pearl Tower next to it, or take a walk on Binjiang Avenue (about 200 meters away).