The Oriental Pearl Tower stands in Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai, across the river from the Bund. It is a landmark building in Shanghai. Take the fully transparent sightseeing elevator to board the 351-meter-high space capsule sightseeing layer, you can have a panoramic view of the scenery on both sides of the Huangpu River, and you can also interact with the "astronauts". If you enjoy the night view of Shanghai while enjoying delicious food in the 267-meter-high revolving restaurant in the sky, it will be an extraordinary experience.

The Oriental Pearl Tower is 468 meters high and is composed of 11 spheres of different sizes connected in series. This design comes from the wonderful artistic conception of "big pearls and small pearls falling on a jade plate". Boarding the three main spheres, you can enjoy the city scenery on both sides of the Pujiang River from different heights, especially standing on the fully transparent sightseeing corridor at a height of 259 meters, and enjoy the panoramic view of Shanghai in a unique way of "walking in the sky". It is an unforgettable enjoyment to go to the sightseeing floor at night to experience the splendor of the "city that never sleeps" under the night.

The Pearl of the Orient is also a small world of entertainment, food, exhibitions and shopping. You can learn about the changes of Shanghai's modern history in the Shanghai Urban History Development Exhibition Hall in the tower; scream and fly together in the 95-meter-high "VR roller coaster" in the Oriental Pearl Tower; when you are tired from playing, you can go to the revolving restaurant to taste food from all over the world and enjoy live production with cooking show. At the end of the journey, you can go to the special product floor to buy souvenirs, or buy a postcard, stamp it with the postmark of the air post office, and send it to yourself or your relatives and friends who want to wish you well.

opening hours

09:00-21:00 all year round (last admission 20:00)

Preferential treatment policy

child:Below 1 meter (not included), free of charge; between 1 meter (included) and 1.4 meters (included), discounted
Elderly/Disabled:Elderly and disabled people over 70 years old (not included) can buy tickets with valid certificates, three-ball joint tickets, two-ball joint tickets, single-ball tickets, exhibition hall tickets, discounts (except restaurant tickets)
special population:Active soldiers, military disabled certificates, retired cadres, and martyr certificates: with valid certificates, enjoy (two-ball joint ticket), free of charge

Service Facilities

luggage storage:Address: Visitor Center
bathroom:There are multiple toilets in the scenic area, and there are eye-catching signs in the scenic area.
FOOD:There are many restaurants in the Oriental Pearl Tower, which are located on different sightseeing floors and marked with eye-catching signs.
Souvenir gift shop:There are many souvenir shops in the Oriental Pearl Tower, and there are eye-catching signs near the 0-meter hall.