In the past two years, primary school students have watched the first, second and third seasons of "The Forbidden City" and their interest in the Forbidden City has increased day by day. Interest is a good thing, and parents will try their best to satisfy it, so the Forbidden City is one of the focuses of this study tour. Then come to "Forbidden City, I'm Coming", please enjoy!

Life needs a pair of eyes to discover beauty. When you stand in front of the Forbidden City and walk into the Forbidden City to learn about history, you will be attracted by various things, such as the charm of the architecture, the beauty of the treasures, the beauty is overwhelming, dizzying, lingering, especially lucky is Tiangong Zuomei, take a quick shot to record my steps and state of mind.

In half a day, following the explanation of the tour guide, the historical allusions and the origin of the cultural relics are clear to the heart. I traveled all over the Forbidden City and took more than 700 photos. Sometimes, in order to get a satisfactory result, I need to wait for the crowd to disperse under the scorching sun. In order to show the national treasure uniquely, I have to wait politely for the elderly and children who are visiting to finish appreciating it. No matter how quick the eye is, hehe, I also understand why professional photographers have to be fully armed and have dark skin; the guy from Jiangsu that I ran into at the Red Wall didn’t have time to take pictures of the Golden Dragon spectacle with you. This period of work is busy, and it is rare to have time to calm down and organize it. Don't be hasty and perfunctory, without leaving any regrets. Today's editor's review is vivid and vivid, and it is a worthwhile trip.

The above highlights the beauty of the palace architecture,

In the future, we will focus on the exquisite jewels in the Treasure Hall.

After that, there are all kinds of lifelike jade carvings and exquisite porcelain.

They are all close-ups that I took the opportunity to shoot alone. Many tourists are deeply attracted, and they are nostalgic.

There is always a treasure that will keep your eyes on you, the more you look at it, the more you like it, and you will be deeply attracted.

Afterwards, a series of exquisite timepieces with different shapes and exquisite workmanship were displayed.

While admiring the exquisiteness, let us cherish the time, cherish the beauty, and cherish it while doing it.

Walk into the imperial garden and appreciate the leisure style of the palace

Take the bus, ride a bicycle, and walk into Prince Gong's Mansion together.

The bustling commercial streets are crowded with people, and the bustling ancient alleys and alleys are endless. The young people's nightlife has just begun, and we have to go back to the hotel to recharge our batteries. Don’t even think about getting a seat on Beijing’s buses and subways, just squeeze and stand firmly, and you will be there in 6 stops. Use Alipay to scan the code to get on the bus (inbound) and scan the code to get off (outbound). You only need to bring your mobile phone and yourself. Let’s go, turn on the network and positioning, and Ctrip and AutoNavi will take you around the capital as you like.

All the way in a hurry, while shooting non-stop, the summer diary of elementary school students also has vivid and unforgettable materials, (I have photographed it for you in such detail, you can read it at any time to regain memories). Slowly you will understand why I left the tour guides and flew solo, why I took so many steps and got so tanned, and why there were so many discoveries and gains. If you want to gain something, you have to read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles, use one eye, one foot, and the same heart. Reading and experience complement each other, and theory is connected with practice. You need to accumulate and think now when you are young, and be a caring person. .

I would also like to thank all the friends who are watching the official. If you can persist until the end, it means that you are patient and may attract you. You must express your respect and gratitude, and please don’t hesitate to enlighten me, so that the communication can be improved!

The life of modern people is very busy and impetuous. I have completely forgotten the prose skills of the past. I should read more and study more, or I will run out of travel notes in the future and I will not be able to write.

"First Impressions of the Forbidden City" comes to an end first, and the next episode will be sorted out carefully when I have time.