Autumn's tail and a friend's family planned to go to Gubei Water Town, but found a small literary B&B in the style of Mogan Mountain nearby. I have always wanted to go to Mogan Mountain to experience the white houses in the valleys and streams, but I don’t have the energy to bring a baby. This time it’s a dream come true. It just happened to catch up with the Halloween carnival in the resort, and there are a lot of activities for the children. Every two days Late is plenty.

Day1: Jingmi Expressway — Stay in Wuling Mountain Residence — Pick hawthorns, make candied haws — Climb the beacon tower on the forest trail — Watch the stars at night

I have been to Gubei Water Town before. There are fewer cars on the Jingmi Expressway than other routes. After getting off the expressway, there are forests on both sides. It is the red leaves and autumn season. The scenery along the way is very beautiful. I passed an orchard and bought some apples.

We set off from Wangjing and went to Wuling Mountain Resort for two hours. This is the junction of Miyun and Chengde, outside the west gate of Wuling Mountain, the resort is on the side of the road, and there are many farmhouses along the valley. Perhaps because of the unique architectural style, this hotel is particularly conspicuous and relatively high-end.

With two children, I booked a parent-child room with tatami mats, and my friends lived in balcony and courtyard rooms with a view. The tatami room also has special small tents, checkers carpets, drawing boards, etc., which are more suitable for bringing children. The lower floors all have private gardens facing the Andamu River.

Relatively speaking, I feel that my friend’s viewing balcony room has a better view, because it is near the stream and lake, and the scenery is more open. When the weather is good, you can read, write, drink tea and chat on the terrace. Every room can see the mountains and hear the water. There is no TV in the room. It is understandable. You should enjoy the natural beauty and focus on the people around you.

Before I came here, I saw that the villa was specially built by a B&B designer from Moganshan. The small building with white walls and gray tiles is located under the mountains in the suburbs of Beijing, and it has a fresh feeling of Jiangnan. The altitude here is 600 meters, there is no smog, and the surrounding mountains are full of forests. The aunt is cleaning the fallen leaves, and the changes of the seasons are very clear.

The details in the room are well done, and the furniture has anti-collision corners for children. This is very considerate, and those with children have a deep understanding. There is underfloor heating, the toilet is intelligently heated, and the washing and care users are also very environmentally friendly, and they can be taken away if they are not used up. My friend saw the bar and said that the child has a place to do homework...

The big bed room has a bathtub, and my big baby likes to bathe in the bathtub and play with water.

There are restaurants in the park. The fish and various soups taste better than those in the city. The water quality may be better. The fish in the spring water are all caught face to face. The steamed sturgeon is very fresh. The soup is especially recommended for West Lake mutton soup, cabbage tofu soup, and scallion pancakes. A must for children. The marinated tofu has no beany smell, and people who don't like tofu feel very tender.

We played a lot, there were fish in the river, and the boss caught two small ones. In the afternoon, I participated in the Halloween handicraft activities of the resort, and followed the activity teacher to pick hawthorns, make candied haws, and carve pumpkins.

The second child is not very good at carving pumpkins, and is more interested in stone-ground soybean milk. Scoop a ladle of mountain spring water, grab a handful of soaked soybeans, push the graphite with your hand to grind it repeatedly, and thick soybean milk will flow out from the cracks in the graphite. If you want to drink it, you can ask the housekeeper to boil it. The stone-milled one is more mellow than the squeezed juice. .

The large open-air lawn is especially suitable for children's outdoor activities. It is sunny during the day and there are guardrails around it. In fact, you can set up a small football field, or put more for expansion.

An oxygen trail in the park is my favorite, with a total length of 1.5 kilometers. In late autumn, the trails are full of fallen leaves, and the surrounding red leaves are thick. This is the Wuling Mountain Nature Reserve, so the forest plants are very lush. There are rare birch forests, maple trees, and Mongolian oaks. If you climb higher, there will be spruce trees. .

The end point is the Wild Great Wall Beacon Tower at an altitude of 900 meters. There is also a large hawthorn grove on the road, which has fallen all over the ground. The hawthorn here is better than other places, and it is noodles.

It took more than an hour to go back and forth on the forest trail, and it was already evening when we returned. When we were walking by the stream, we saw the sunset. The buildings with white walls and gray tiles were reflected in the water, like an ink painting.

The night sky here is particularly bright, and the viewing platform at the end of the boardwalk can watch the stars, because the altitude is relatively high, there is no smog and light pollution, and the night is full of stars. But you still have to wear a thick coat to see the stars.

Day2: Buffet breakfast - feeding deer, catching fish - playing Lego, painting stone paintings - Yaoqiaoyu Castle

Breakfast is a buffet, with more than a dozen dishes such as sauced beef, pork knuckle, vermicelli baby dishes, broccoli, fried eggs, etc., which are very rich. There are also staple foods such as sweet potatoes, corn, pumpkin, flower rolls, and fried rice. Corn porridge is even better. Baby vegetables, salted duck eggs, and pickled kelp are very delicious, as well as bread and coffee Western breakfast.

The water here is really beautiful, with layers and layers, it is very clear, and there are small fish in it. The water is mountain spring water flowing down from Wuling Mountain, the source of water in Beijing, flowing into Andamu River, and finally flows to Miyun Reservoir.

There is a small zoo in the Deer Park, which has 16 sika deer, rabbits and dogs. Sika deer are not afraid of people, they may be used to being surrounded by people, and they will come to sniff you and let you touch their noses. I took some branches from the deer breeder, and the little deer ran over, and the child didn't want to leave when it came.

At around 10:30, there is a handicraft class at the carnival. The indoor activity room is quite large. Children can play with Lego toys, picture books are free, and there are also handicraft classes such as painting stones and pasting plants.

Indoor activity room, there are treadmills, and a place to practice yoga. There is also a large meeting room next door, where you can watch movies and karaoke songs for free, just as a company is having a meeting.

Now that autumn is just right, Mr.'s company also chose the Wuling Mountain Resort for team building in early November. They chose a Chinese-style courtyard house, which is independent and secret. It is said that it is the former private house of the owner of the resort, and there is only one set.

There are also several bubble house B&Bs on the mountainside, which are very dreamy, but they were closed when we went, and we plan to come and stay next year.

Back to Beijing, I passed a place called "Yaoqiao Castle". It is a well-preserved Ming Dynasty castle. There is a parking lot at the gate of the castle.

I went to a lot of restaurants and inns. I didn’t go shopping carefully because I was in a hurry to go back to Beijing. I found a farm restaurant that seemed to have a lot of people. This restaurant serves stove fish. A big fish weighing 4 or 5 catties can’t be eaten by a person. , our family of four ordered all vegetarian farm dishes. Go home after eating!

This resort is considered a hotel complex, which is very suitable for families with children. There seems to be discounts on Double Eleven. What is different from other B&Bs in Beijing is the strong Jiangnan style architecture. The rooms are simple and bright. The log-colored furniture and large blank spaces make people feel comfortable and relaxed. The green plants are decorations, so you don’t need too much, because the mountains are outside the window. There are also a lot of recreational items. It is at the foot of Wuling Mountain. There is a lot of snow in winter and there will be rime. I am looking forward to it.