The city of Beijing is constantly busy with every day, everyone, and every minute.

How many people slapped their tired and boring eyes on the slightly bright mobile phone screen, as if their will, thought, and emotion were a little numb.

Where is the life you yearn for? When you are extremely tired, don't hold on, give yourself a vacation!

Try to jump out of this hustle and bustle of the world, looking for a leisurely and secluded utopia, empty your brain, inhale oxygen and recharge, and enjoy life...

Today I recommend a good place for everyone! If you want to experience Japanese-style homestays, you don’t need to fly to Japan. Some people have already moved the Japanese-style courtyards in Japanese dramas to Beijing.

A healing homestay has appeared around Beijing, with a Japanese style, its own independent courtyard, and exquisite private hot spring baths. It's the cold winter now, enjoy a private soup and fried chicken comfortably!

The style of this Beijing Japanese-style homestay is what Little Pumpkin likes very much. It is a systematic Japanese-style courtyard building with a typical Japanese-style + natural architectural beauty.

Little Pumpkin has invited many friends to come here, and they all praised it for its good looks and beautiful scenery. It is the most suitable Japanese-style courtyard around Beijing.

As for how high is the face value? For those who are interested, just look down!

Japanese-style homestay | Courtyard

Here, you will see small bridges, flowing water, small courtyards, and people's homes... It seems that you are in a picture scroll, where you can see green mountains and green waters in spring and summer, listen to insects and birds, enjoy the colorful fallen flowers in autumn and winter, and taste the fragrance of snow and wine.

Walking closer, there are row upon row of courtyard houses. Standing among them, it seems that you are really in a "paradise".

There are seven independent courtyards here, each with a different view, house furnishings, and lake-view bathtubs.

Open a wooden courtyard door casually, stretch your head to explore the scenery in the courtyard, and you can find that this is a Japanese-style dry landscape structure full of Zen.

Looking across the sands and stones, one moment, surprises filled the heart, and the next moment the heart was instantly calmed. This is the greatest gift given by nature and this Zen building.

At this moment, we thought: the most ideal life should be spent here.

The dry landscape style and texture of Japanese-style homestay courtyards are often reflected in the details.

The warm wooden building is integrated with the trees in the courtyard. Flowers, trees, stones and water, one sculpture and one sculpture, you can feel the rhythm of nature and the mood of the craftsman everywhere.

Going further in, you will find this private soup spring, where the soup pool is integrated with the surrounding houses.

The length is just enough to sit in it and straighten your legs. In addition, the stones are very smooth, and the hot springs are rich in minerals. When you are in it, the slippery warm stones and hot springs wrap your body and feel warm.

You can also drink tea and sake while soaking in hot springs. It’s so relaxing~

The friends who came to the small Japanese-style courtyard lamented how beautiful it was. After enjoying it, they couldn't help but pick up their cameras and take pictures!

What's even more pleasing is that this small courtyard also witnessed the whole process of my colleague's sister being proposed.

This summer, we are here to give a big surprise to sister Ying in the company.

Sister Ying's boyfriend wanted to propose marriage, and the company's friends immediately provided support from all directions: setting up the venue in advance, preparing lighting and photography, creating a romantic atmosphere... After a busy week, there was finally a grand and surprising marriage proposal.

Accompanied by the breeze and music, the moment when the heroine accepts the marriage proposal and promise of the heroine seems to be forever.

Quietly say: Those who have plans to propose marriage come here quickly, and I will give you a thoughtful suggestion for you!

Japanese-style homestay | Interior

This small courtyard has a total of seven independent courtyards, and each room in it has a nice name, Changxia, Juyue, Yanlai, Chunxi, Meijian, Mutsuki, Izumo... Actually, this is based on Japanese The name of the twelve months.

The interior of the room is also high-value, spacious and bright inside, large-area log design, Japanese-style door rails, and the strong Japanese wind from the windows, making people feel that this is Kyoto.

The wall paintings, illustrations, coffee tables, cups, and various decorations in the room are exquisitely designed, and they are used as props and backgrounds, which are necessary for proper photo taking.

The Japanese retro elements are cute, the colors are suitable, and the photos are very photogenic. There are also retro tables and chairs and a full set of tea sets. Drinking tea in such a Japanese-style homestay is very emotional~

In traditional Japanese architectural design, it inherits oriental design aesthetics and advocates integration with nature.

The design of the floor-to-ceiling sliding door is a very important feature in Japanese design. When you open the door, you will see a landscape of Japanese landscape courtyards. Those who come here can freely enjoy the original natural atmosphere of Japan.

Going further inside is the private area of ​​the occupants. There are three types of bedrooms here, either tough, romantic or peaceful, each with its own characteristics.

But all of them are spacious, furnished with simple atmosphere, but without losing the elegant charm.

There is also a bathtub in the room. If you don't want to soak in the hot tub, you can also choose a more luxurious bathroom. The bathroom has a unique wall design, and when you turn on the music, you can create the ultimate experience of 3D surround.

After nightfall, the warm lights reflect another artistic conception.

Nature, Zen, delicacy, comfort, privacy... It can be said that this is the whole heart of this Japanese-style courtyard!

Whether you are here to hide from the world by yourself, or bring your family to enjoy, bring friends to play cards and drink tea, bring your lover to romance, bring colleagues to team building... This Japanese-style soup pool courtyard can meet your requirements.

This small Japanese-style homestay is located in the Wen'an Luneng Ecological District in the suburbs of Beijing. It takes less than 1.5 hours to drive from the city.

In addition to this independent Japanese-style courtyard, Wen'an Luneng Ecological District also has ten thousand acres of European-style manors, lakes, castles, horse farms, Hilton Hotels, swimming pools, and various leisure and entertainment activities... Whatever you want, you can find it here you!

If you are excited now, the warm protagonist of 2019 winter is you!