The scenery of Gubei Water Town makes people linger and forget to leave, but what makes them more reluctant to part is the hotels they have stayed in. Each of them has a different decoration style and has its own theme. Or elegant, or warm, or simple fashion, or carmine makeup.

Carmine Makeup-Thirteen Sisters Women's Theme Hot Spring Hotel
My best friend and I are staying here this time!
First of all, let me introduce from the location of the place. The hotel is close to Wangjing Street Snack Street, which is really a boon for those who love delicious food. In addition, it is also very close to the music fountain, so the performance and food are both good.

Although it is a women's themed hotel, it is now acceptable for all people to book. The overall decoration style is mainly warm yellow, which gives people a feeling of spring and flowers blooming, or it symbolizes the beauty of beautiful women who can smile and smile, The touching feelings of Sanxiao's heart.

The most distinctive feature is the hot spring in his home. There is a sauna room in the deluxe double room and a hot spring pool outside, and the privacy is excellent. After a day of sightseeing, soak your tired body in the hot spring water, pair it with a cup of sweet tea, and chat with your closest people about life philosophy or poetry, haha, it’s not a wonderful thing. After soaking in the hot spring and then sleeping until you wake up naturally, it is another day full of energy.
Tips: The price is around 1500-3000 yuan/night

The layout of the room is still warm yellow. There is a long couch in front of the window, which is very comfortable to lie on. If you come with girlfriends, you must stay in this hotel. It is also a joy to chat on the couch at night with candles thing.

Simple and Elegant - Huotang Hotel
hotel lobby

The decorative features in the room mainly highlight the word "ancient", and it permeates every detail. The large bed on stilts, the copper washbasin, and the large copper bathtub all reveal the ancient flavor from the whole to the details. Antique elegance.

Very charming room, ethnic elements are a major feature.

The design of the hotel corridor is also very characteristic!

The earthen building in the middle of the fire pond also has a unique charm. The whole building is in the shape of a patio. It is divided into four floors. Each floor is a circular corridor. There are seats for guests beside the corridor. You can also chat with three or five friends, which is very pleasant.

From the corridor on the fourth floor, you can see the magnificence of the Simatai Great Wall. At night, you can look up at the vast starry sky. You can also go down to the first floor and light a bonfire. Everyone sits around the bonfire and enjoys the golden warmth of late autumn.

The public part of the entire hotel skillfully uses Tibetan culture as the background, from the door to the fireplace, from the walls to the utensils, all revealing the etiquette of pure white hada. If you have not been to Tibet, you may wish to stay in this hotel and enjoy its influence in advance.
Tips: The room price is around 2000 yuan/night

Warm little corner-Huotang Tent Camp
There is a small terrace outside the Huotang Hotel, which is used as a tent camp. The area of ​​each tent is not too large. There are wooden reclining chairs, warm beds, and hangers inside. It is warm and comfortable, and it is airtight, and you can get closer close to nature.

Compared with traditional accommodation, I think this form should be preferred by urban young people.
Tips: The price is around 500 yuan/night

The view in the public area is very pleasant.

Simple and Modern - Niancheng Hotel
The color tone of the whole hotel is mainly white, with warm interior decoration, giving you a fashionable and peaceful feeling. The round lampshade on the roof is very distinctive, turning on the lights at night is like shining pearls.

The mural at the head of the bed is also very tasteful. It should be a hunting scene. The galloping horses and hunting shooters are all vividly depicted. The entire room is very large. If you bring a baby, it is recommended to stay here, where you can play to your heart's content.

The overall wardrobe design has more space.

The word exquisite is also reflected everywhere in the bathroom.

The location of the hotel is located in the mountains. If you are outdoors in the morning or evening, you can hear various birdsong, which makes people feel comfortable. There is a small stream in the middle of the hotel complex, which is continuous and crystal clear.

The design of the spacious living room and floor-to-ceiling windows allows you to become one with nature
Tips: The room price is 1700-2000 yuan/night

The hotel also has its own restaurant, this is a Korean restaurant, it is said that there are many repeat customers!